Inside The Expanse s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

We would it mean if we had an asteroid that suddenly was able to shift and move? Well, it would raise a lot of eyebrows, let's put it that way.
What the hell just happened? The Nauvoo just missed! And then probably send people screaming and running for the hills.
The Nauvoo didn't move.
Eros did.
If you think about this entire series, there's there's no magic in The Expanse, it's a very realistic universe.
So for these four very seasoned and scientifically experienced people, to look at a screen and watch a massive rock suddenly just, almost, transport sideways while a giant ship just whooshes by and misses it It's such a bizarre thing, because scientifically the asteroid moving never made sense.
Just all of that stuff was crazy on the page.
Figuring out a way to do this, that we got that sense of power and speed and how devastating the Nauvoo's gonna be when it does slam into this rock.
And still leave it up there long enough, that we can tell what's happening.
Realistically, if that actually happened it would have gone by too quickly, no one would ever see it till after the fact.
But finding a way to really dramatize that, and let Tom play against it, because of course Thomas has this really powerful, emotional arc that he's in, and we want to see his face, we want to see him reacting to what's happening, and his confusion at what's going on.
Giving him a moment in which to play that, so that moment doesn't go by so quickly Figuring out a way to do that was not easy.
As does the Moroni.
The whole ship, in a heartbeat.
I just think we like to do "What the ----" moments here.
What the ---- I think Naomi becomes Miller's guiding light because they've connected, and she's made the effort to connect with him on a human level.
Miller, answer me.
Are you all right? Naomi is the voice in Miller's ears, like that She's the one that's looking out for him, he's always on her mind.
You know, I have never been better.
It's really an interesting thing, because as we were writing, you know, as we were developing season two and writing the scripts, we had initially conceived of Well, this is gonna be a great bond between Miller and Holden, and As we started writing the episodes, what we were finding was that the warmest and most personal moments were actually occurring between Miller and Naomi.
I think that it was very much pinned in the beginning, for him and Holden to have a very close relationship by this point.
It just so happen that as the scenes played out, it ended up being Naomi and Miller that ended up getting really close, and They're very intimate moments, that you see Miller having, but with her.
And it was just an absolute joy for me, I think he's wonderful.
Good luck, kopeng mi.
Ya, oso to.
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