Insomnia (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Emma] I'm not sleeping,
and it's getting worse.
I saw this in your car.
The only explanation I can
come up with
is making me
want to fucking vomit.
I fell in love
and that's normal,
but you would have
no idea what normal is
because half your life
is a fucking lie!
[Robert] Em, it's me.
Is there anything else
that you need to tell us?
I had a bad dream.
[Robert] Is that where this
scary lady comes from?
[Will] I only see her at night.
Will, you don't need
to be scared.
You're the one that
he's been drawing.
You're the one that
he's scared of, Em.
[ominous music]
[gravel crunching]
[knocking on door]
Have you got five minutes?
Uh, yeah, but I've--
I've got an appointment.
[door closes]
What was wrong with her?
What was her diagnosis?
Do you know?
I don't know.
Nobody ever told us.
Don't you want to know?
I mean, what if it's hereditary?
Come on, it's not hereditary.
We're all right.
Well, I hope so because
it's my birthday tomorrow.
And I can't stop
thinking about it.
I can't sleep.
Phoebe, we never got told
where she was sent.
We don't know where she's been
all these years.
We're now being told
she's been murdered.
-You look like shit, Em.
So do you.
What's up?
What are you doing
here so early?
Me and Rob had a fight,
a big one.
So I'm gonna go and get a hotel
for a few days.
Don't be stupid.
Just stay here with me.
Oh, no, it's fine.
I don't want to get in the way.
It's cool,
but you're definitely
on the couch, all right?
I'll be fine.
After my birthday,
I'll be fine.
You gotta start
with this bullshit?
The bad blood
Stop thinking about it, please.
You're gonna drive yourself mad.
Look, just chill out, yeah.
Rest, try and get some sleep.
-That's a good idea.
-[Phoebe] See you later.
She was in a secure unit.
A place called Helmswood.
[door closes]
[Man] Good morning.
Hi, I've got an appointment
with Jane Zimba.
It's Emma Averill.
[Man] Okay.
One moment, please.
I'm gonna need your bag
and anything in your pockets,
Just go through the arch
to your right, please.
Arms up, please.
[buzzer buzzes]
[knock on door]
[Emma] I want to know
in case anything
in her diagnosis was genetic.
I've got kids.
According to what
I can see here,
prior to conviction,
Patricia had seen
her GP twice,
concerned about a history of
mental illness in the family.
So it is hereditary?
It may have been a facet
of her paranoia.
She complained
of some insomnia.
She was treated for burns
on her fingers,
an accident while sleepwalking.
-What did the doctor say?
-[Jane] Not a lot.
No referral.
Sent her away and told her
to come back if things
didn't get better.
What was her actual diagnosis
while she was here?
[Jane] It was difficult
to make anything conclusive.
We considered
paranoid schizophrenia.
Patricia was effectively mute
while she was here.
Effectively mute?
What does that mean?
It was unusual.
Selective mutism is something
primarily seen in children.
So what we concluded
was mainly guesswork.
And this might sound odd,
but I do remember her
reciting a sequence of numbers,
always the same numbers
in the same order.
Is there any record
of her doing that?
Like I said, she never spoke
while she was here.
Would it be okay to see
where she stayed?
It's in a separate block
where they have even more
restricted facilities.
Your mother was originally
treated there,
but moved to a low-secure wing
15 years ago.
[woman screaming]
[Jane] Emma?
When your brain turns
against you,
it's a very frightening thing.
[buzzer buzzing]
This was Patricia's room.
Did she ever hurt anyone
when she was here?
[Jane] No, only herself.
And only that once.
We do art therapy here.
[eerie music]
[loud banging]
[Jane] Are you all right?
I guess I never thought
of her as a person before.
These are gonna go in the bin,
so you should take a few.
Your sister took some.
Phoebe was here?
[Jane] Yeah, she came quite
regularly until last month,
when visits had to stop.
[Dr. Khan]
I'm really sorry.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'll be fine.
[Dr. Khan] We'll monitor you
for the next couple of weeks,
but it doesn't look to me
that you'll need a D&C.
And if you do,
it's a little unpleasant,
but not complicated,
a day procedure.
So how long will it be
before I can try again?
Well, look, your--
Your body needs to recover
first, at least one cycle.
But at your age,
I have to remind you that
the chances of another round
of IVF being successful,
you know, are remote.
Why is it so easy
for some people?
[children laughing]
[phone ringing]
-[Emma] Hi.
I've just been to Helmswood.
They said you've been several
times this year.
Is that true?
They shouldn't have told
you that.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because it was private, Em.
Between me and Mum.
Making my peace.
You lied to me, Phoebe.
You told me you hadn't seen her.
Well, you didn't give me
a choice.
[Emma] What's that supposed
to mean?
Oh, come on, Emma!
What would have happened
if I'd have told you?
You'd have acted
as if I'd betrayed you
and then you would have made my
life hell until I stopped going
just because it was better
for you.
Which is no good for me.
So yeah, I lied.
For my own sake.
You know, not everything is
about you, Emma!
[door closes]
-[Robert] Oh.
Good save.
Hey, hey.
I wasn't expecting you.
Yeah. Will invited me.
I didn't want to miss
my opportunity to see England's
next goalie in action.
Maybe substitute goalie.
Emma's at mine.
She said you two had a fight.
Uh, yeah, you could
put it that way, I guess
How is she?
She'll be all right.
She always is.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe he's got
the bollocks to show up here
-after last night.
-What do you mean?
-Oh, shit.
Phoebe, fucking what?
I'm not following.
What's Julian got to do
with Chloe?
[kids talking and laughing]
You're fucking joking.
You're joking, right?
I'm really sorry.
-[Phoebe] Rob!
My daughter
My teenage fucking daughter!
-Whoa, Rob--
-You've known her.
You've known her
since she was a child.
Rob, Rob, listen--
Please, stop.
Stop it!
You're all right.
Don't worry.
I can explain.
I can explain.
-I can explain.
-I should fucking kill you!
You stay the fuck away
from my family.
What? What?
Will, Will, come on.
We're gonna go home.
Come on.
It's okay. Sorry, sorry.
Come on.
Let's go.
I just need to know one thing.
No, I didn't say
you could come in.
I need to make sure you're okay.
I'm fine.
-Did he take advantage of you?
-What? No, Dad.
I'm not talking
to you about this.
We are absolutely
talking about this.
-Did he take advantage of you?
And if you must know,
I came on to him.
-Fucking hell!
-Why are you overreacting?
Chloe, how do you
want me to react?
You punched him in the face.
I don't wanna talk about him.
I wanna talk about you.
How could you be so stupid?
It's not stupid.
And it's none of your business.
What about Michelle?
What about Ben?
I mean, did you think?
Do you have any idea how much
damage you've caused?
You sound exactly like Mum.
Um, what do you mean
I sound exactly like Mum?
Does your mum know about this?
Is that why she slapped you?
Chlo, where are you going?
Oh, fuck.
[phone ringing]
-Hi, Rob.
-[Robert] So which part of
"Is there anything else
you need to tell me?"
didn't include our
teenage daughter
sleeping with
one of our friends?
I've only just found out.
She begged me not
to say anything.
Oh, my God. She begged you?
Of course she begged you.
I'm her father.
I deserve to know.
I know, but with everything
that's going on,
I thought it was for the best.
Chloe stormed out.
Let me know if you hear
from her.
-That didn't sound great.
She's just trying
to protect Chloe.
I know.
It's just, um,
with everything else going on,
too much.
What do you mean,
everything else going on?
[Robert] She's been
sleepwalking, I guess.
I didn't know she put these
cameras up around the house.
She's obviously scared
about what she was gonna do.
She could have burned our
fucking house down.
But uh, this is the one.
-Oh, God.
-Are you okay?
[Phoebe crying]
Oh, my--
Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.
-I can't breathe.
Okay. Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
I can't breathe.
Okay, okay.
You can breathe.
-Let go of me.
-Look at me. Look at me.
Phoebe, I'm sorry.
I was not thinking.
Hey, buddy.
Add texture there.
[indistinct chatter]
You came.
I didn't think you would.
Well, you wanted us to cool off.
I didn't, I--
I just panicked.
I'm sorry.
Honestly, I'm so glad
you're here.
Me, too.
Do you need some ice
on that one? God.
He really got you, didn't he?
[Woman on TV] taking care of
her precious charge.
Her calf will live
exclusively on
Although the first
six or seven months
are the most dangerous,
as they can fall prey
to both
[clock ticking]
[Woman] Mother and calf
will be together
for the full two years
[phone vibrating]
-Hi, Caroline.
-[Caroline] Hi.
I wondered if I could
take you up on that offer
if you're free
some time this week?
That is,
if the offer still stands?
Yeah, actually, I'm free tonight
if that works for you?
[Caroline] Oh, brilliant.
Shall we say 8:00?
Yeah, great.
[Caroline] I really
appreciate this.
Send me your address.
He's down.
Oh, Phoebes,
you don't have to do that.
It's all right.
Do you wanna stay
for some dinner?
I'm gonna order takeaway
because I cannot be fucked
to cook.
-In that case, definitely.
-[Robert] Good.
[doorbell rings]
[dog barking]
-Hi. Come in.
I'm just getting Mum sorted
for the night, but go through.
Make yourself at home.
I'll be 10 minutes max.
Yeah, take as long as you need.
[Caroline] There you go.
All nice and clean
in your favourite night things.
I'm so tired of being a burden.
You're not a burden.
You have never been a burden.
[Mrs. Mitchell] You should have
just let me die.
[Caroline] We're not gonna have
that conversation today, okay?
There's your sippy cup.
Try and sleep.
[door closes]
[Caroline clears throat]
Oh, the frogs.
They're awful.
I know.
-Mum collects them.
-Bless her.
Well, that was
Absolutely disgusting.
And now I think
I'm gonna have a beer.
You can grab me a beer, too.
I lost the baby.
Fuck, I'm sorry, Phoebes.
It's all right.
It's fine.
It happens.
It was always a risk.
Do you wanna talk about it?
I absolutely fucking do not
wanna talk about it.
I'll get you a fucking beer.
Is this a council property?
Yeah. Dad's life insurance
went towards Mum's care.
-And he died?
-1989. It was a car accident.
Mum broke her spine and she's
been in a wheelchair since.
Oh, God, that's awful.
And now, she's got Parkinson's
on top of everything.
It's hit her mental health.
It's been hard.
She's actually just
got out of hospital
after a suicide attempt.
So I have to make sure that
she's got nothing she can use
Well, it's--
It's stressful.
I'm so sorry.
Life's life.
You just crack on.
Um, okay, we're pretty much done
with this.
Your mother will need
to sign it.
I can't thank you enough
for this, truly.
No problem.
We should probably
finish the bottle.
Okay, that's me getting
a taxi home tonight.
Ba-ba! I thought it might
cheer us up a bit.
[Phoebe] Where'd you get that?
Yeah, if I said
my teenage daughter,
would you judge me?
I mean, life goes so fast.
I had so much stuff
I wanted to do.
And I don't resent Mum.
It's just time just disappears.
And I realised that a year out
backpacking around Thailand
was never gonna be part
of my lived experience.
The years vanish, don't they?
I mean, I often regret
concentrating so hard
on my career
when Chloe was little.
And then I realised I'm doing
exactly the same thing
with Will all these years later.
You know,
it's my birthday tomorrow.
And I can't wait
for it to be over.
Now, that merits
something special.
What have you got in mind?
[clears throat]
This is your mum's prescription.
It's just her Levo.
It doesn't trip you out
or anything like that.
Just sharpens the mind.
It's basically speed.
Are you all right?
Oh, I haven't done anything
like this for ages.
It's like riding a bike.
[Emma] Oh, thanks.
Oh, fuck!
Fucking hell!
I forgot to mention
it might sting.
Yeah, a bit.
[Phoebe] I see you're going to
have to get me the number
of Chloe's dealer.
It's much better than
the shit that I get.
Oh. You know, do you remember
when it used to be us
making questionable
life choices?
-[Robert] Yep.
Oh, when did we get so old?
I've gotten so depressed.
I'm sorry.
I just had a memory.
Phoebe, do you remember
when you decided
to live off-grid
in your VW camper van?
[both laughing]
-How long did you last for?
-[Phoebe] I don't know.
-Maybe it was 18 days.
-[Robert] Yeah, I think it was.
I think it was 18 days.
In my defence,
it felt like it was longer.
Yeah, it smelt like longer.
Listen, I was in a fucking
car park in Wordsworth.
In Wordsworth.
So what about you?
Is your dad a lawyer?
No, I don't know what he was.
He um, he ran off
before I was even born.
It's hard growing up
without a dad.
I didn't really
have a mum either.
So what happened?
You don't, you don't
need to talk about it.
No, it's fine.
Um, okay, long story short,
my mother had a breakdown
and me and my sister
ended up in care.
-Fuck, that's rough.
-[Emma] Yeah.
I always thought
she was just a monster.
And then, strangely today, I
realised that maybe she wasn't,
not always.
Anyway, it's complicated.
So who brought you up?
[Emma] I had amazing
foster parents.
They were in their 60's
when they took me in.
Umthey're dead now,
but yeah, I love them to bits.
My sister, Phoebe,
she wasn't so lucky.
She moved around a lot.
Do you think that
Phoebe resents you?
I mean, I probably would
given how you've turned out.
I don't know.
We're very different people.
My parents wanted another child.
But I never wanted a sister.
-Still sting?
-Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
[Robert] Oh, Jesus, come on.
Have some confidence.
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.
[Robert] Phoebe has put on--
She's put on a record!
Is it as good?
[Robert] I haven't listened
to that in about 20 years.
Life is hard ♪
And so am I ♪
You better give me something ♪
So I don't die ♪
Novocaine ♪
For the soul ♪
I dance like a dad now, Phoebe.
You do!
[Robert] What has happened to
my body?
So she's got a poker up her ass.
You know, she resents the fact
that I-I-I-I like to banter
with the residents, you know?
I like to have a laugh
with them.
And she's like,
"Come on, Caroline.
Have you filled out
the paperwork
for Mr. Carter's enema?
Caroline, you haven't--
You haven't locked the
supply cupboard again."
Or, "I'll tell you what,
Caroline, why don't you--
"Why don't you put a bedpan
on your head and like,
just do a little dance for me?"
You know, this is the most
normal I've felt all week.
What's so shit about
your week then?
-Oh, you don't want to know.
-How bad can it be?
Okay, you asked for it.
So I haven't slept for days.
My 18-year-old daughter
is sleeping with
our married friend.
I'm being questioned for
the murder of my own mother.
And last night,
I was sleepwalking
and I picked up a pillow
and held it over my son's head.
So yeah, it's been a week.
Yeah, okay.
Well, that's--that's a lot.
It's a lot.
It's a lot.
I better go check on Mum.
What I just said sounds worse
than what it is.
There was a pillow.
It must've fallen off his bed.
And I--
It wasn't--
-One for the road.
-I wish.
I start nights again tomorrow.
If I have any more,
I won't sleep at all.
Of course.
I'll leave you to it.
Look, why don't you--
Why don't you take the rest?
I get a new prescription
tomorrow anyway.
Think of it as an early
birthday present.
[Emma] Thank you.
Ah, thanks.
Um, let me grab my stuff.
They were really good times.
Loads of possibility.
The future, my friend,
was laid out before us.
Where did all that disappear to?
You know, I really thought
I had all the time in the world.
Why did I leave it so long?
It's all of this bullshit.
Have kids,
get a fucking husband.
You can still have all that.
You're in your 40's.
You're not dead, are ya?
And listen to me, okay?
And I mean this,
I really mean it.
Any man would be
lucky to have you.
You're a catch.
I mean,
you're slightly unhinged,
but you're a catch.
Thank you.
You always make me
feel like my best self.
Hey, Phoebes.
I'm gonna clean up.
[bottles clinking]
[cabinets closing]
[dog barking]
[keys jingling]
Get in line ♪
Till your time ♪
Ticking clock ♪
Happy birthday
Happy birthday ♪
Happy birthday
Happy birthday ♪
Happy birthday
Happy birthday ♪
happy birthday in a hot bath ♪
To those nice,
nice nights ♪
I remember always,
always I got such a fright ♪
Seeing them
in my dark cupboard ♪
With my great big cake ♪
If they were me
If they were me ♪
And I was you
And I was you ♪
If they were me
and I was you ♪
Would you've liked
a present too? ♪
Happy, happy birthday
in a hot bath ♪
To those nice, nice ♪
Happy birthday
Happy birthday ♪
[loud splash]
[breathing heavy]
One, zero, two, two, nine, two,
three, three, one, zero, one,
one, one, three, one, two,
three, one, five, five, two,
one, zero, two, two, nine, two,
three, three, one, zero, one,
one, one, three, one, two,
three, one, five, five, two.
[ominous music]
[Man on TV] She'll spend the
next two years to prepare
for her precious charge.
Her calf will be--
[clock ticking]
[phone vibrating]
Hi, Faisal.
[Faisal] Yeah, um,
you should know
the police are at the office.
They're asking questions
about you.
What kind of questions?
[Faisal] What kind of mood
you've been in,
what was your state of mind
last Monday?
They've had Rosemary in
going through your movements.
What's going on?
It's my mother.
[Faisal] Your mum?
What about her?
She died last week.
The police are saying
that she was murdered.
I had nothing to do with it.
Listen, um, call me if you
need anything, all right?
-I've gotta go .
-Thanks. Bye.
[Caroline] Do you think
Phoebe resents you?
[Phoebe] One, one, one.
[Woman] My God.
Phoebe, what have you done?
You're coming with me.
[Emma] Seven, two, two,
nine, two, three, three,
one, seven, one, one, one,
three, one, two, three, one,
five, five, two, one, zero, two,
two, nine, two, three, four,
one, zero, one, one.
Oh, my God.
I'm struggling this morning.
I feel like, um,
I've got a mouth full of sand.
Me, too.
Emma's birthday today.
It feels so weird
that she's not here.
I think I'm gonna, um--
I think I'm gonna call her
and check in.
I need to tell you
something about Emma, Robert.
I didn't mention it yesterday.
When we were kids and they
put us in the children's home,
Emma seemed fine
most of the time.
It was almost as if
what happened with our mum
hadn't really touched her.
But then she would act out.
And she would do
really weird things.
It was almost like it was
coming up from her subconscious,
-like she wasn't aware of it.
-What kind of things?
I woke up one morning in the
dorm that we shared at the home
and Em was there.
She had a pen in her hand.
She was scrawling these numbers.
Repeating them on the wall.
It was like she was in a trance.
She didn't know
she was doing it.
The thing is,
it's what our mum used to do.
The thing with the numbers.
And Emma's been doing it again.
And after you showed me
the video, the candles,
the bath, the door
She's doing everything
our mum used to do.
Do you think that she's capable
of going further than that?
Like your mum did?
She's not sleeping.
And her obsession
with what's happening,
it could make it real.
And I think it's possible
that she could have done
something to our mum
and she doesn't remember it.
[phone ringing]
[Jane] Dr. Zimba speaking.
Hi, it's Emma Averill.
We met the other day.
[Jane] Yes.
What can I do for you?
Um, I jus--
I just want to ask you a
Um, you said
about my sister's visit,
you said, "Until last month,
when they had to stop."
What did you mean?
[Jane] Look, visits can be a
very highly emotional time.
Yeah, no.
I understand that.
But I just need to understand
what that means.
What happened?
[Jane] She hit her.
-Patricia got agitated and--
-She hit her?
When--when did she hit her?
[Jane] I can't go into that.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
No, I--
I can't imagine it.
I feel like you're talking
about a different person.
I don't think Emma
should come home.
I think that if she was
in her right mind,
she would say the same thing.
I can stay as long as you need
to help out with the kids.
[phone ringing]
Hi, happy birthday.
How are you doing?
When are you coming back?
We need to talk.
Did you get any sleep?
Auntie Pheebs,
Dad's making pancakes.
[Phoebe] Em.
[gravel crunching]
[knocking on door]
[doorbell ringing]
[Emma] Phoebe!
[banging on door]
Phoebe, come out here!
I need to talk to you!
[banging on door]
[Robert] Mommy just wants
to speak to Phoebe.
That's all.
Come on, up you go.
-Up you go.
-[Emma] Phoebe!
All right, play with some toys.
[banging on door]
I'll be up in a couple
of minutes.
We can't just
lock her out.
-I'll speak to her.
-[Emma] Phoebe!
I should go and talk to her.
[door opens]
What the fuck are you doing
in my house with my family?
They needed me to be here.
[Emma] What do they
need you for?
You come and go as you please!
I don't know what's going on
with you at the moment,
but I found Mum's paintings
that you've ripped up.
I found out that
you attacked her.
I know what happened to you
was really fucked up.
If you have done something
in the heat of the moment,
you need to tell me!
I need to know!
Did you kill her?
Will you just listen to
-Did you?
-You're not sleeping, Em!
You don't know what you're doing
half the time!
You can't come in.
I've seen the video.
-I know what you've been doing.
-Get out of my way!
This is my house!
[indistinct arguing]
Em, enough! Enough!
[sirens whoop]
What is going on?
Emma Averill, I am arresting you
on suspicion of the murder
of Patricia Bournett
at 10:27 on Tuesday
the 3rd of October, 2023.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention
when questioned
something which you later
rely on in court.
You're wrong.
This is wrong.
[Robert] I'll call Faisal.
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