Inspector Gadget (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

MAD Money - Baking Bad

1 Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget, Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget You can't evade the long arm of the law.
Inspector Gadget is always on duty.
The next mummy you'll see is your own when she visits you in jail.
- Eh.
- Congratulations, Gadget.
You saved the world again.
All in a day's work, Chief.
I must say, you are an odd little man.
I'm right here.
Oh, not your best disguise, Chief.
Yes, well, HQ had to cut back on some expenses to pay for what happened to the Sphinx.
And for the other, um incidents that have occurred on some earlier missions.
Well, you can't put a price on saving the world, right? Apparently, you can.
And it's bankrupting HQ.
I'm sorry, Gadget, but until HQ can come up with more funds, you are officially sidelined.
No! Not to worry, Chief.
I'll raise the money and be back at work before you can say, "Go, go, Gadget, G-portal.
" HQ had to turn off the quantum flux array to pay for the Sphinx.
The G-portal won't work anymore.
No problem.
We'll just take the long way home.
Go, go, Gadget, alternate mode of transportation.
Oh! My plan would have succeeded if it weren't for our money troubles.
I mean, how can I see what's going on with all this cash in the way? Ugh, I know! It's like how sleeping on huge piles of money sounds good in theory, but, ugh, it's killer on the back! If only we could destroy HQ and make room in the treasure vault at the same time.
But how to kill two illegally-imported exotic birds with one semi-precious stone? Well, I have been meaning to level Metro City with a giant robot.
- This isn't a low-rent operation, Talon.
- They literally cost billions of dollars.
The only way they could cost more is if they were made of solid gold.
Solid gold, eh? I'm listening.
I have just the thing to get me back on the job in no time.
Ta-da! You know the old saying.
"When life tells you you've caused too much collateral damage, make lemonade.
Um, are you sure that's gonna be enough, Uncle Gadget? Of course I am, Penny.
No one can resist a cold glass of lemonade.
Especially when it's made with my secret ingredient, a cluster bomb of extra lemons! Someone's destroying Metro City.
And it's not Uncle Gadget! Brain, stay and help with the fundraising.
I'm gonna check it out.
Needs more zip.
Talon? Don't be jelly of my MAD money-bot, Pen, just 'cause it's the ultimate in comfort and destruction.
The cockpit's lined with endangered teak, the outside's made of smelted gold artifacts, and the whole thing runs on priceless paintings.
Ugh, your taste in robots is almost as tacky as you are.
Thanks! Hey, word is HQ's broke, so I thought I'd give it a cash injection with my coin cannons! I've always thought this city could use some change.
Change! Lemonade! Get your fresh lemonade! Made from all natural lemons and experimental chemicals I found in Professor Von Slickstein's fridge! Hmm, no one's buying because we don't have a mascot.
We'll need one that's cute, lovable, and friendly but still strong and courageous.
You're perfect! is what I'll say to that mascot when I see it.
Lemonade! Get your fresh lemonade! Hmm.
That mascot must be from a rival chicken-ade stand.
We can't compete with emulsified poultry beverages.
Get off my turf, you turkey.
Go, go, Gadget, chicken coop! Brain, while you were off being lazy, I took care of the competition.
The customers should roll in now.
Sweet mercy, Gadget! Please, find something else to do before this lemonade stand breaks HQ.
No problem, Chief.
Seems a shame to let all this lemonade go to waste, though.
Want the rest? Hmm.
Outta change.
Hey, Penny, can you break a billion before it breaks you? Ha! You'd think, with all that money, you could afford better jokes! Whoa! Aha! The money-bot's wiring is pure platinum, which is super gaudy, but comes with a weakness to ion pulses.
Ha! Professor, I need your help.
And I'd love to Penny.
Just one teeny problem.
I work for MAD now.
- Wha? - Yeah.
HQ couldn't pay me anymore.
On the bright side, purple totally brings out my eyes.
Oh, BT-dubs, I just gave your location to Talon.
So, how 'bout it, Pen? Wanna stop living in spy squalor and join MAD? We could be partners.
I'll pass.
That was a poor decision.
Get it? Ha! Poor! Think you can hide from me, Penny? That's rich! Unlike you.
Snap! Delivering pizza is a great way to raise some cash for HQ.
Oops, we're running late.
Go, go, Gadget, race car.
Wowzers! There sure are a lot of bad drivers on the road.
Maybe we should try a shortcut.
Got here just in time.
Hiya, Chief! Did you order a pizza? Okay, HQ's cost cuts mean I may not have access to their weapons, but I can still beat this bot.
I just gotta get up there.
Finally hit rock bottom, Penny? Access denied? Payment overdue? What we have here is an embarrassment of riches, in that you've got the embarrassment, and I've got the riches.
I really hope Uncle Gadget's close to getting all the cash he needs.
Hey, diddle, diddle The cat and the fiddle The dish ran away with the spoon And was promptly brought to justice Boo! Ah, busking.
It puts the "fun" in "fundraising.
" Sing along, everybody! - Gadget.
- Hiya, Chief! Great disguise! It's not a disguise, Gadget.
I'm broke.
This is my last quarter.
Wowzers! We better protect it, then.
Go, go, Gadget, piggy bank.
That was my bus fare home.
That's a great title for a song, Chief.
That was my bus fare home Take me home Ha! Hope you have fire insurance! And I hope you've got robot insurance 'cause I'm gonna hack that bot with my old computer book.
Ha! You guys must really be broke if you're using that old tech.
Oh, this'll work just fine as soon as I connect to the Internet.
Well, Pen, before you're flat broke, here's a quarter.
Buy yourself something nice! We have a fan? I'd better make sure this performance is worth it.
Go, go, Gadget, amp that goes to 11.
What's happening? I'm too rich to fail! I knew we shouldn't have used Ming vases to hold the joints together.
Congratulations, Gadget! You stopped the MAD money-bot! Well, that does sound like something I would do.
And, because of its MAD-money weaponry and solid gold structure, we have enough to reopen HQ.
Welcome back, Gadget.
Happy to help, Chief.
But, since my fundraising was such a success, why stop here? Let's have a bake sale.
Go, go, Gadget, convection oven.
Hey, Uncle Claw.
How 'bout sending the MAD plane to give me a lift? Ooh, sorry.
After your failure with the money-bot, we're gonna need to tighten our belts.
What? We're broke? No, I'm just cutting you off.
Do you accept million-dollar bills or rubies? Exact change only.
Rich weirdos.
Hey, Professor.
Is it HQ inventory day? Do you need help? Yes and no, Penny.
It is inventory day, but instead of counting all of these obsolete but still spectacularly dangerous weapons, I've been using my invisibility spray.
It disappears unwanted clutter.
Now, I can get rid of this de-commissioned warhead Huh? This electro-taser this ice blaster and this old catapult.
Yeah, watch the invisible bear trap.
Wowzers! Bad dog, Brain.
You're always in the way.
Hi, Uncle Gadget.
Wanna help Professor Von Slick clean up? Inspector Gadget is always here to help.
Let me get a mop.
Hiya, Chief.
I'm sorry to interrupt your bath, but we need this bucket.
No, Gadget, there's no time for cleaning.
You've got a mission.
HQ needs you to take my cousin's Sweetie Scout troupe on a tour.
Be warned, they're dangerously adorable.
This message will self-destruct.
Chief, it just so happens I'm a registered Sweetie Scoutmaster.
Remember the camping trip I took your old troupe on, Penny? How about a campfire song? Go, go, Gadget, bagpipes! The screams still haunt me.
So, when does the tour start? Actually, Penny, Professor Von Slickstein needs you for a top secret mission.
Really? Phew! Not that I don't wanna go on one of your amazing tours, but I can't wait to give those scouts a tour they'll never forget, Chief.
Oops! Just about forgot this.
A Sweetie Scout always puts things back in their proper place.
Talon! - Whoa! - Get your hands off my Sweetie Scout cookies.
Can't I have one? You've eaten, like, a billion of them.
Look at this place.
You can have one cookie after you get your hands on HQ's new invisibility spray.
Invisibility spray? Think of what I could do.
- Mess with Penny, destroy Penny.
- Silence! Invisibility will be the ultimate advantage against HQ.
And it will hide my lair from those infernal Sweetie Scouts and their irresistible cookies.
Oh, I mustn't succumb to their oatmeal raisins of deliciousness! Stay strong, Claw! You know you could just not buy the cookies, right? You obviously don't know what "irresistible" means.
Now, get me that spray! Fine, just let me grab my spy gear.
No need.
I found a way to infiltrate HQ even you can't mess up.
There's no way this is going to work.
Hello, Sweetie Scouts.
Chief Quimby was right.
You are dangerously adorable.
You must be here for the tour.
Follow me.
So, you need me to test your new invisibility spray? Sweet! Is that the top secret mission Chief told me about? Better! Your amazing mission, which I cannot oversell enough is Drumroll, please! baking for the HQ bake sale.
Yay! Baking? Don't you think you should use my super talents for something cool slash secret agent related? Sure.
What about a top secret agent related day of baking? Ugh, fine.
How hard can it be for Agent Awesome At Everything She Does? That's my code name.
Penny, you know we don't get to pick our own code names.
Right this way, scouts.
We're deep inside the bowels of HQ, which opened in 1983.
- It was designed - Listen.
First, we get rid of Gadget.
Then, we get the invisibility spray.
Follow me, scouts.
Welcome to the HQ lunchroom, Sweetie Scouts.
Entering HQ Weapons Depot.
Who wants ice cream? Mm.
This ice cream machine's on the fritz.
No matter.
Go, go, Gadget, small appliance repair kit.
I see you've wasted no time earning your ice sculpture badge.
Excellent job and very realistic.
Now, on with the tour, troupe.
That pie is bewitching! Okay, sure, that's pretty good for a dog.
- But what about mine? - Uh You're speechless? Wow.
You're embarrassing me.
The only thing embarrassing you is that ugmo you call a pie.
Okay, sure.
But it's, um, what's on the inside that counts, right? HQ may be a workplace, but it's also a fun place.
That's why we have this playground.
Go ahead, scouts, enjoy.
Ah, the heartwarming sound of children playing.
Onwards, troupe.
There's still a lot of ground to cover.
Go, go, Gadget, spring shoes.
No! Okay, I admit it's taking me longer to master baking than most things but I've totally nailed these.
We might actually be able to bring these to the bake sale.
Cheer up! At least, we won't be able to see your big pile of failure anymore.
Welcome to the HQ training simulator! Uh, weren't there more of you? I guess being a Sweetie Scout isn't for everyone.
I know what every Sweetie Scout loves.
- Fishing! - Say what now? Computer, run fishing simulation number four.
Running fishing simulation four.
Danger level extreme.
Ah, the joys of a relaxing day at the ol' fishing hole.
Go, go, Gadget, something to sit on.
I've finally mastered this baking thing.
Feast your eyes on this! I'm usually good at everything.
Why is this so hard? You know, I've been asking myself the same thing.
Why is this pie so hard? Come on, Sweetie Scout.
There's still so much more to see.
Talon! What's the holdup? Uncle Claw, his isn't as easy as it looks.
- Give me a break! - What? I can't hear you over the Sweetie Scouts at the door.
Stop dilly-dallying and get my invisibility spray! Okay.
Get the spray and get out.
You can do this.
- Do what? - Uh do do Doo-doo? Of course! A good Sweetie Scout always answers when nature calls.
The bathroom's that way.
Brain! You look terrible! And you smell even worse.
You need a bath.
And who better to give it to you than a Sweetie Scout who needs to earn her Canine Cleaner Badge? Help me catch him, scout.
Go, go, Gadget, dog net.
I hate this! Sorry, Brain, I Wait, MAD's here? Wowzers! Hiya, Penny.
Would you help this Sweetie Scout give Brain a bath? You look adorable! No, I look amazing.
Which is more than I can say for your baking.
I wouldn't feed that to my worst enemy, which is you! Ha! No, but I would.
Food fight! Penny, is that any way to treat a fellow scout? I might have to revoke your Courtesy Badge.
And I'm going to revoke your Consciousness Badge! Oh, I haven't heard of that badge.
Oh! - Chew on this, Talon! - Huh? Hi-yah! Whoa! No, thanks.
I'm gluten-free.
- Ow! - That's the de-commissioned warhead.
That's the electro-taser.
That's the ice blaster.
Whoa! Whoa! And that's the old catapult.
I win! With this invisibility spray, you'll never see MAD coming.
Hey! Bug spray? Good thinking, scout.
You can never be too careful.
Not me! How am I going to admire myself in the mirror now? What is the point of me if I can't see me? No! That's the last we'll see of Talon.
Penny, what did you do to make this pie? Say what now? It's the hardest material ever created! Who needs a bake sale when you've stumbled onto the building material of tomorrow? Oh, you really are amazing at everything you do! Congratulations, Gadget.
You've foiled MAD's plans once again.
I have no idea what you're talking about, Chief, but a Sweetie Scoutmaster always knows when to take a compliment.
So, thank you.
Talon failed again.
Why do I keep that fool around? I'm invisible and I can hear you! I know.
Next time, Gadget.
Next time!