Inspector Gadget (2015) s03e12 Episode Script

Gadg-ED - See You Later, Super Gator

1 Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget, Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go! Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget! Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget! Inspector Gadget Wowzers, have I ever got a case of the Mondays.
Luckily, it's a case I can crack with justice! Agent certification invalid.
Access denied.
- Huh.
- Uh, want me to try, Uncle Gadget? No need, Penny.
Go Go Gadget, Proof I'm Really Me! Security threat recognized.
See? Recognized.
Bad Brain.
How many times have I told you not to jump up on people? Gadget! Hello, Chief.
You're looking daisy fresh.
Mind if I borrow your Agent Identifying Retina? I seem to have misplaced mine.
Why not take this instead? My, Chief, what big eyeballs you have.
Greetings, Gadget.
HQ believes you need to be recertified after coming out of retirement.
Until then, your access to everything HQ will be suspended.
You're to report to HQ's testing facility in Barcelona, Spain.
But be warned, the instructor, José Noé, is notoriously difficult.
He's taken out more HQ agents than MAD.
This message will self-destruct.
If getting recertified's half the fun as getting certified, then I won't just joice, I'll rejoice.
Did someone say testing? Does that mean I can try for my senior junior agent certification? Sorry, Penny.
Full agent recerts are only for agents who have already been, uh, certed.
Don't worry, Penny.
Just watching me take the tests will make you practically certifiable.
- Whew.
- Security threat recognized.
Ooh, yes! Today has the makings to be the most perfect day ever.
You're trading MAD Cat in for a dog? No, it's the day Gadget gets recertified as an inspector.
What? Yeah, we might have different definitions of "perfect," and possibly "day.
" Fool! It's our chance to infiltrate HQ's testing facility, and make sure Gadget fails at surviving it.
And with Gadget out of the way you'll finally be able to Uh, swim with the dolphins? They're the evil masterminds of the sea! I mean Just get going! The test site should be around here somewhere.
Let's park and look around.
Ten minutes of online Spanish lessons.
This'll never work.
A-ha! Found it.
Hola, amigo! I am José No.
It's nice to meet you, sir, but I thought your name was pronounced "Noé".
You have passed the first of the tests.
Congratumundo! That test was far too easy.
I demand you pull no punches.
Really try to destroy me out there, okay? No problemo, Señor Gadget.
I guess I'll just be over there, then.
With Brain.
Cheering you on.
El gaspo! The Penny of the Junior Agenting is not doing los test? But she is so how you say, nerdy, and dweeby, and know-it-all-y! Come, you shall be joining us.
For reals? For real reals? Wait, this isn't a test, is it? Si, it is a test, to see if you are el serioso about becoming a senior junior agent.
Woo-hoo! I mean, uh Si! Perfecto! Brain! It's rude to growl, unless you're growling at a MAD agent in disguise.
You don't have bacon in your pocket, do you? That's the other reason he growls.
Uh si, I do.
But los doggies are forbidden during los testos.
Don't ruin this for me, Brain.
I need to get my senior juniors.
Eh, no worriosos, we have the place perfectomundo for los doggos.
Can it, fleabag.
There's a hundred MAD agents and a thousand feet of concrete between you and your family.
You'll never warn them in time.
Hola, amigo.
It is I, the real José Noé.
It is good to have the company, for I have been here so longo.
You may be just el doggo, but I see you have the heart of a lion.
Together, maybe we can do the escaperino, si? We begin-o with MAD Marksmanship! Target practice? We got this.
Now, now, Penny.
I'm sure Mr.
Noé has something up his sleeve.
No, I am wanting you to how you say, go to town on it.
While it goes to town on you.
Holo-Room level set to destroy.
Stay alert, Penny.
The MAD targets could be anyone or anything.
Or they could all be those MAD agents.
This is gonna be a blast? Uncle Gadget, they're everywhere! That's just what Mr.
Noé wants us to think, which is why he's distracting us with this colorful laser show.
Go Go Gadget, Concentration Helper! Nice try, Mr.
To el live-o, you must play el dead-o.
We are clear, yes? I am needing the help! The dog, he lies on the ground.
Not another one.
We are so bad at this Talon! My fingers are itching to cross Gadget off my list.
Do you know how annoying that is with a metal claw for a hand? Well, you can quit your itchin', 'cause we're about to start the most dangerous trial of all, the written test.
With exploding pencils! Just make sure Gadget gets an "E" for effort and explosive elimination.
Your next test is having us do paperwork? Very devious, Mr.
No, no, no! This is just the tiniest of the tests.
I am hoping you do not how you say Bomb! I see your handy, and raise you a Dog? Deal with it! You got this, Penny.
Tests are totally your thing.
And what's the worst that can happen? Failing and getting kicked out of HQ? I gotta pass this! A-ha! I'm on to you, Mr.
- These aren't 2B pencils, they're C-4s! - No! Hmm.
No wonder they insist on 2B.
Look, he's taking his siesta.
I can't wait for your next test, Mr.
They're so much fun! If you are liking those ones, then you will be loving of your final.
A giant robotic MAD henchman? What's the twist? You will be the twist, when it is finito-el stomping on you.
You do not want to el fail! - Do you? - I don't.
- I can totally do this if I use my - Brain! Bad dog! You know you're not allowed here.
I'm very disappointed in you and your dog walker.
Go Go Gadget, Newspaper! Come back here! That's José Noé? Then who's? Uh Of course! I didn't fail those tests.
You rigged them, Talon! You know what they say, "Those who can't do, teach.
" Would someone who can't do turn the robot's power to 11? Okay, maybe not the best decision I've made all day.
Huh? No weaknesses? How were we supposed to pass this test? You weren't! Adiós, amigo.
Brain, you're ruining my recertification test, and you really need to apologize to Mr.
Go Go Gadget, Dog-pology! Whoa! Go Go Gadget, Rocket Skates! Whoa! Oof! So, is José Noé ready to put my rage to the test? José Noé says, "No way, José!" Ha! Congratulations, Gadget.
You foiled MAD, but did you get recertified? Si, for I am never wanting him here again Ever! For serioso! Does that mean I passed too? No, you will be coming back, for the tests, they were too easy.
But you! You should take the agenting test, amigo.
The only test Brain's going to take is an obedience test.
By the way, Chief, I saved you a souvenir.
It's a pencil Mr.
Noé left behind.
Your latest failure has inspired me, Talon, to make a Kick the Bucket List! Guess who's on top? Next time, Gadget, next time! After all these years, I've finally devised the perfect plot to take MAD to the next level.
- Oh, you're dropping the deadweight? - Yes.
With my MAD rebranding plan! MAD Cat, fire up the Presentatron 3,000! Just turn on the monitor.
Step one, give my henchmen a generous severance package.
Emphasis on "sever".
Step two, replace the henchmen with super intelligent animals, so the new Claw army has actual claws.
Where you gonna find all these brilliant beasts? Before I "axed" my MAD Scientists, they created a device that can boost the intellect of any animal it's placed on.
And I want you to do the placing on an army of alligators.
One, why me? Two, why gators? Because rebranding, Talon.
First the gators, then the bears, then the tigers, then more bears, then the world! Coming up next on Who Wants to be an Apex Predator Shark vs.
Both are highly evolved, but only one can be crowned Miss Apex.
If they're so evolved, why are they on reality TV? Pow, Darwinian burn! Now, now, Penny, we shouldn't underestimate animals.
They're usually much smarter than we think.
- Mm-hm.
- Except for old Brain here.
Silly puppy, books aren't chew toys, but you can pretend this chew toy's a book.
Wowzers, Chief, you're cozier than I remember.
There's no time to sit down on the job.
You have a mission.
We believe MAD plans to use Intelli-Hancers to build an army of super smart animals.
We could be facing brainiac bears, talented tigers, or even genius gators.
Your mission, stop MAD before this plot gets out of hand, paw, and claw! This message will self-destruct.
Intelligent alligators? Wowzers! If we can reason with them, who knows what amazing things our species could share with each other.
Like how I'm going to share this with you, Chief.
Another perfect landing.
I didn't think "the snappiest place on Earth" would be so deserted.
Precisely, Penny.
There are no gators here to greet us.
I guess manners and intelligence don't go hand-in-claw.
The horror! Save me! Ah, that's better.
This must be the gator leader.
Go Go Gadget, Gator Greeter.
Why me? Wait, Mr.
Gator Leader, we come in peace.
Hmm, looks like I'll have to show him we're not a threat.
Go Go Gadget, Trust Earners.
Come back, Mr.
Gator Leader! Brain, you make sure Uncle Gadget doesn't get snapped up.
I'm gonna figure out what scared that mascot.
One for Snappy, one for Bitey, and one for Creepy! Whoa, with an apron on, you'd look just like Nana Claw.
Talon? Of course.
All done here.
Time to free 'em, and move on to the next pen.
That Pen's already here.
Gators, attack Penny! We've lost him.
Who knew gators were so timid? We have so much to learn about their culture, Brain.
Maybe breaking bread will help break the ice.
Go Go Gadget, Gator Food.
Bad dog.
That steak isn't for you.
It's for our gator friends.
Look how much they appreciate our meaty peace offering.
Don't just stand there.
I said, attack! Come on! Bitey? Snappy? Creepy? Chompy? Mr.
Valentine? Are you even listening to me? Attack Penny! Duh, what a Penny is? Wow, Talon, now you and the gators can be IQ twins.
They're only slow 'cause the Intelli-Hancers are set to their lowest level.
Now, attack Penny! Again! Not me, you scaly simpletons! What's wrong with you? Bad gators! Down! Attack Penny! The blonde goody-two-shoes over there? We are quite cognizant of who Penny is, old chap.
But you see, it is far more advantageous for us to remove control of the Intelli-hancer from you, posthaste.
Let me guess, you were too thick to bring a second remote? Not thick, just Uh Then it's up to the smartest animal here to get us out of this mess.
Whoa! What? Since when do the Intelli-Hancers have lasers? Since my colleague, Bitey, over there made a few snappy modifications.
The concentrated beam is all the better to heat you with, my dear.
We'd hate to have a cold meal.
Then how about some fast food? Really fast food! You're right, Brain, they do look like they have a sweet tooth.
Go Go Gadget, Dessert Tray.
I think we're going to get along famously.
Come on, new friend! Really.
Thanks for the distraction, Pen.
Drop me a line from their digestive tract.
Ah, a primitive propulsion system.
Does it have a bypass duct? Uh-oh.
I thought not.
So you could outwit a slimy snake, but let's see you take on a tiger.
Tiger style? How quaint.
But I'm afraid our Gator Style is much more advanced.
Observe! Whoa! I think he just broke your ego.
But he didn't break this! Huh? Oh, did I deactivate that? There's no need to answer, that was rhetorical.
You do know what rhetorical means, do you not? It means we're about to be lunch? No, 'cause that means they didn't jam the signal in time! Ha! Now you're coming with me.
And going to jail! Jail sounds fine.
Autopilot, find Uncle Gadget.
Gadget Tracking initiated.
Gadget found.
Foolish humans and their crude technologies.
There is no escape.
Don't worry, everyone, there are plenty of handshakes to go around.
Go Go Gadget, Group Handshake.
Hiya, Penny, Penny's friend.
Meet one of our gator allies, Susan.
Uh, nice to meet you? Autopilot, take us out! Dreadfully sorry, Penny dear, but we have control of your vehicle.
Do you prefer to be shaken or stirred? Again, rhetorical! This was inevitable, of course.
But I suppose you just weren't bright enough to see it.
It is so satisfying to see the brainy Penny outsmarted by a crocodile.
They're alligators.
And who got us into this mess? Hmm, maybe we should eat the adult instead.
These ones are too disagreeable.
Capital idea! You're going to eat us? That's no way to start a relationship, Mr.
What would your leader say? I am the leader.
Nice try, but you can't fool Inspector Gadget.
Especially when your leader is right there.
- No! - Mr.
Gator Leader! I believe we're entering a new era where gators and humans can live in harmony.
- Wouldn't you agree? - If I say yes, will you let me go? We have agreed to let the humans go, lest we catch numbskullery from eating them.
Moreover, Snappy has finished the hyperdrive.
The time has come to start our own colony! In space! Pip, pip, and away! Whoa! Later, Alliga! Ow! Well done, Gadget.
You truly are the world's greatest investi-gator.
I'm just happy I improved human-gator relations, chief.
Here come some of our new friends now! Since you failed to get me my on-brand Claw Army, Talon, you'll have to serve as their replacement.
Now, let's see those claws.
MAD Cat, show him how it's done.
She'll get you some time, Talon.
Some time!