Inspector Gadget (2015) s04e11 Episode Script

The Missionball Ball - Tell Me What Sphinx

1 [wails.]
Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget - [upbeat music plays.]
- [Talon chuckles.]
Whoa! This sound system is almost as amped as I am! What's that? You want some of my sweet scratchity-scratch action? Well, if you insist.
- [record scratches.]
- [Dr.
Talon, stop touching that or I'll get MADcat to give you some sweet scratchity-scratch action.
That's right, put your hands in the air and wave them like you're really, really angry about something! [laughs.]
Hey, does this button pump up the jams? - [beeps.]
- [Dr.
No! [Dr.
Claw groans.]
Talon! I told you not to touch it! These beats are super freaky.
But not as freaky as that.
[MADcat whimpers.]
[music stops.]
[MADcat and Dr.
Claw groan.]
What you just witnessed was caused by my latest weapon of mass obstruction, The Puppet Pulser! So it's a weapon that forces people to dance? Lame! I want you to infiltrate HQ's annual Missionball Ball and use the Puppet Pulser to make the agents dance until their feet fall off.
So, what I'm hearing is you want me to be a DJ! Sweet! [gasps.]
What's my perfect DJ name? DJ Great Hair? DJ Spin Cycle? DJ Hard Abs? You're DJ T'd-Off, now, get out.
So, P, wanna spill why you've been avoiding me like an awkward friend request? Don't say it's 'cause you don't wanna go to the Missionball Ball.
OK, I won't.
Pen! The Missionball Ball is only the biggest HQ event of the year and you totes bail every time! [blows a raspberry.]
Look, I'm just not that into dancing, OK? Oh, you're totally into dancing, you're just terrible at it.
[audience laugh.]
Like cray-cray te-te at it.
But big d, it's not like anyone will be judging you and your moves.
- [door opens.]
- [Gadget.]
Who's ready for all of HQ to judge you and your moves? With cold, judgey eyes, while you compete for the Missionball Ball's Golden Shoe Dance Prize? - I know I am! - [groans.]
- [whimpers.]
- [Inspector Gadget.]
Twitching? Squirming? - Wriggling? - [squeals.]
Looks like Brain's got fleas again.
- Go, go, Gadget, dog delouser.
- [yaps.]
[Chief Quimby giggles.]
Uh, thanks for the giggles, Gadget, but But you're afraid MAD's next plan is no laughing matter? Sorry, K, we've got a real mission ball to deal with.
- We believe MAD - [upbeat music plays.]
fun times are ahead at the Missionball Ball! The only mystery is who will win this year's Golden Shoe Dance Prize.
Your mission: have a ball tonight.
This message will self-destruct in excitement! - [beeps.]
- [groans.]
This is my most important mission yet, Chief! Don't worry, I'll make sure everyone has a ball tonight - by being on security duty! - [siren wails.]
- [stammers.]
- And I'll help! Pen! The mission was to La la la, not listening.
Too busy keeping people safe! Come on, Uncle Gadget.
Save a dance for me, Chief.
Whoa! - [groans.]
- You're on fire! For realsies! Hashtag rolypolybossfire.
[Chief Quimby groans.]
[disco music plays.]
Nothing suspicious here.
I'll go check the somewhere else.
Check it out, P, you're practically dancing already.
You can't go yet.
Junior Agent Not-you is right, Penny, we can't leave until we've investigated every non-HQ guest here.
Starting with that guy! [man gasps, screams.]
I'm sorry, my good man but I have to verify your identity for the record.
- [groans.]
- Loud clothes, bad facial hair, sunglasses inside, winter hat in the wrong season.
Wowzers, you're obviously [gasps.]
a DJ! Cool bro.
- All clear! Let's check upstairs.
- Yes! Sorry, duty calls.
[disc scratches.]
- Yeah! [laughs.]
- [microphone feedback.]
Welcome to the party It's time to get starty DJ T'd-Off on the mic Tell me who is feeling psyched - [discs scratch.]
- [mimics discs scratching.]
No way, this is my jam! [hums.]
Bad Brain! Only people cut rugs.
Silly dogs like you just soil them.
[mimics discs scratching.]
It's the rhythm of the night And it's time to rock it right All the girls and all the boys Wave your hands and make some noise [mimics discs scratching.]
- [sings in a deep voice.]
- [agent.]
That DJ's a bigger threat to good times than MAD.
Maybe he just needs some encouragement? Play a good one! We've searched HQ top to bottom and there's no sign of MAD malfeasance.
But a good inspector knows when to keep looking and now is not one of those times.
- Back to the ball! - What? So soon? There's gotta be somewhere we haven't looked.
Nope, we've checked everywhere.
Even the Chief's private septic system.
Besides, we need to get back in time for the Golden Shoe.
Of course! If I were a fiend bent on sabotage, that award would be the perfect target.
We have to make sure it's safe.
Go, go, Gadget, golden footwear protector! [drill whirs.]
Brain, you follow Uncle Gadget.
I'll, uh, keep patrolling? - [Penny sniggers.]
- [scoffs.]
Yes! Another year, another successful dodge of the ball.
- [discs scratch.]
- [mimics discs scratching.]
- [beeps.]
- [Dr.
Talon! Why is no one dancing? Activate the Puppet Pulser or are you too incompetent to press a big red button? [groans.]
DJ T'd-Off rock this place You can't keep up with the pace Hit the dance floor round the room Shake your booty 'cause you're doomed [mimics discs scratching.]
[mimics clucking, chortles.]
[yelps, grumbles.]
Your beats are still totally basic! But I can't stop dancing.
DJ T'd-Off energize You'll dance until your own demise - [laughs.]
- [crash.]
- What the? - [barks.]
- [yelps.]
- [Gadget.]
Good thinking, Brain! The best way to make sure the Golden Shoe is safe, is to win it ourselves.
Loosen up.
It's the secret to the perfect dip.
- [spine cracks.]
- [whimpers.]
[cats meowing.]
This is so much better than dancing.
But maybe I should check on the ball.
Looks like the best Mission Ball ever.
Wait a sec.
Why does everyone look as thrilled to be dancing as I'd be? And why does that DJ look so familiar? Talon! I should have known.
The music's forcing them to dance! You mean there was a MAD plot tonight? [chuckles.]
I can't wait to see the look on Kayla's face when she - Oh, right.
- [beeps.]
Time to turn the tables on Talon's turntables.
- [hip-hop music.]
- What! What! What! Wowzers, these guys are serious competitors.
We'll have to up our game if we're going to win.
Go, go, Gadget, in it to win it! [yelps, crashes.]
Nice form, Brain, but I think your landing will cost us points.
[Brain groans.]
OK, Talon, let's dance.
Pen, I'm so glad you made it! Even if your moves are as weak as my legs.
You go, girl! [groans.]
Yeesh, Pen, you're supposed to bust a move, not move like you're busted! Sorry, can't hear you, my fists are too loud! [gasps.]
How are you immune to the Puppet Pulser? - [screams.]
- [disc scratches.]
I give you ten minutes before you collapse from those ugmo moves.
No! Not like this! [groans.]
It's like watching a car crash, it makes me laugh.
- [Talon laughs.]
- [Penny groans.]
Can't stop popping and locking.
- Whoa.
- Nice moves, Penny.
With everyone else keeling over, blacking out and collapsing around us.
It looks like you're my main competition for the Golden Shoe Dance Prize.
No, Uncle Gadget, we're running out of time.
We've gotta fight.
Fight? That's it! - I challenge you to a dance battle.
- I accept! But I should warn you, when it comes to these battles, I'm the warlord of the dance! Go, go, Gadget, dances of the world.
The North Guatamazil Cha-Cha.
The Toronto Two-Step.
No! And my big finish, The Metro City Mambo! No, [screams.]
no! [groans.]
Looks like it's time for the last dance, The Running Man! Congratulations, Gadget.
You cut the rug out from under MAD, and won the Golden Shoe doing it.
Thanks, Chief.
But I couldn't have done it without my amazing dance partner.
The music.
Speaking of music, you can stop dancing now, P.
- For reals.
- You know, I would.
But there's a dance party alert! [disco music plays.]
You failed me again, Talon! And I believe the punishment should fit the crime.
Now, dance! - [yells.]
- Dance, dance, Gadget.
Dance, dance.
Talon! I've discovered the most evil super weapon ever! Is it MADcat when she's got gas? No! But cat toots aren't a bad idea.
The weapon I'm talking about is The Great Sphinx of Giza.
The ancient Egyptian monument is rumored to have the power to turn people to stone.
Once we figure out how to activate it, we can Turn Penny, uh, I mean, turn Gadget to stone? Yes! Go to Egypt and activate the Sphinx! In the meantime, I'm going to experiment with this cat gas weapon.
MADcat, you've got a lot of bean eating to do.
"I'm in a round box with no lid, inside a golden treasure's hid.
What am I?" [scoffs.]
Aside from the easiest riddle ever? An egg.
Actually, Penny, the answer's Chief Quimby.
He's round, has no lid and has a heart of gold.
Don't feel bad.
Not everyone can be a riddle master like me.
[Chief Quimby.]
Psst, Gadget! Can you see me? Another riddle? I know where the Chief is.
He's hiding in Brain's stomach.
Go, go, doggy surgical kit.
- [screams.]
- [Chief.]
Gadget! Stop! That's not the Brain you need to search.
[both sigh.]
MAD's been spotted in Egypt.
We believe they're trying to harness the petrifying power of the Sphinx If they succeed, MAD will be able to turn everyone in the entire world to stone.
Your mission: solve the puzzle of how to stop MAD.
This message will self-destruct.
You picked the perfect agent for the job, Chief.
Now, why don't you solve this circular puzzle while I use circular logic to stop MAD! - [bomb ticks.]
- [whimpers.]
Here we are, gang, Giza.
The city pointy geometry lovers can't get enough of.
Uncle Gadget, wait! You're right, Penny, what kind of hero would I be if I left the dog in the car? - Come on, Brain! - [whimpers, yelps.]
[Inspector Gadget.]
No time to play in the sand, Brain, we have riddles to solve! - [gasps.]
- [car beeps.]
OK, Sphinxy, what you got for me? "To wake me, solve this riddle.
" Groan, riddles are for total dweebs! And speaking of dweebs.
There it is! And look, a riddle! "To wake me, solve this riddle: I can't walk but I run.
Where I go, thought follows close behind.
What am I?" Ha! I knows, it's a nose! See what I did there? A nose is too on the nose, Penny.
The answer is clearly a robot designed to run while being chased by floating brains.
Riddle solved.
Go, go, Gadget, triumphant fist pump.
Who dares seek my power? [gasp.]
Me! Dibs on ancient evil power! Talon? You don't need the Sphinx's power, you're already a rockhead.
Silence! [squawks.]
No mortal can control the awesome power of the Learned Lord of Limestone, without proving their worth in a game of riddles! Three real answers lie in far-off lands.
If you want my powers in your hands, these answers you must bring to me.
But if you fail, stone you shall be.
[Talon and Penny scream.]
So, you're a master riddler, eh? You don't seem very riddly to me.
You doubt my power? [laughs.]
Then prepare for a battle of wits.
If you lose, you shall be turned to stone.
Well, I've never met a rock, pebble, stone or boulder that could outwit me.
You're on, Mr.
- ["Rule, Britannia!" playing.]
- [car honks.]
What would the Sphinx want in London? - [stone bird tweets.]
- [Sphinx.]
Here is your first riddle.
It wants us to wait for it to tell us our first riddle.
I'm a genius.
I have a ring, but no fingers.
What am I? So, tell me your lame guess and I'll tell you how far off you are.
Well, it could be a Hey, I'm not gonna fall for that.
Whatevs, I'll just get Uncle Claw Hey! Phoning a friend's cheating! Wait! What has a ring but has no fingers? - It's a - It's a phone! [both.]
I said it first! [groans.]
It's not over yet! I have to confiscate that phone for official saving the world business.
Thank you.
The answer's a phone! You gonna give that back, love? I am The Wondrous Whetstone of Wit.
Here's your first puzzle, can you solve it? What is black and white and read all over? [whimpers.]
What's black and white? An old TV! What else? Zebras.
Zebras have four legs.
What would you see on TV that has a bunch of legs? A soccer game.
Where the ball is also black and white.
Aha! The answer is a soccer ball - smothered in strawberry jam.
- [groans.]
Seriously? It's a newspaper! And evidently, a soccer ball smothered in strawberry jam too.
Next riddle! [screams.]
Without fingers, I point, without arms, I strike, without feet, I run.
What am I? [groans.]
This is so lame.
Later, loser! Hey, where are you going? [groans.]
At least MAD won't get the Sphinx's power now.
Talon is too dense to figure it out.
Dense? Then how do I already know the answer? Sneak up on Penny and steal her answer! Genius.
Without fingers, I point, without arms, I strike, without feet, I run.
I need more time.
Time! Of course! It's a clock! [chuckles.]
Quit stealing my answers.
Quit talking to yourself so loud.
Another clock! [chuckles.]
Two for one! [screams.]
Your answers aren't right, they're just not technically wrong! But I have one more riddle that's sure to be your last.
What goes around the world and stays in a corner? What travels around the world? The International Space Station.
And what's always in a corner at the ISS? Oh! It's that decorative fern.
- Wrong! [laughs manically.]
- [whimpers.]
Wrong? Then I'll just have to prove it to you.
Brain, stay with Mr.
[stone bird tweets.]
Your final riddle.
A poor man has me, a rich man needs me, you'll expire if you eat me.
What am I? Whatever it is, I'm keeping it to myself this time.
Come on, Pen.
- [groans.]
- Sharing is caring.
Don't shoot! The answer's a handful of moist, stinky garbage.
Thanks, Pen, handfuls of moist, stinky garbage coming up.
Ew, gross! But, ha, worth it.
Having the power to turn you to stone is gonna rock.
Ha! Get it? I see you have finally returned.
Tell me, what answers have you learned? Please, I could've figured out these riddles in my sleep.
A phone, a clock and a handful of garbage.
True, true and false.
What? But Penny said [screams.]
And you, girl? Tell me.
Are you ready to challenge The Riddle King? What clever answers do you bring? Um, a phone, a clock, but for that last one? I've got nothing.
Correct! A poor man has me, a rich man needs me, you'll expire if you eat me The answer is "nothing"! It is? I mean, of course it is! But you were totally guessing.
Humanity is no smarter than stone.
I will turn them all to pebble and - [Inspector Gadget.]
Wowzers! - [screams.]
No! Not him again! See? It's that decorative fern! [eagle squawks.]
Now, here's a riddle for you.
An animal crawls on four legs, has teeth in its nose, and makes cheese soup.
Also, it's afraid of cucumbers, and can count to eight, but not seven.
Five of it's three feet are sausages.
What am I? [whimpers, chuckles.]
I don't know! It's easy! The answer is, the imaginary animal in this riddle.
What? I've never heard such a terrible riddle in my life.
Oh, [stammers.]
I can't go on like this! [screams.]
The only part of me that's still rock hard are my abs.
Later, Pen! Congratulations, Gadget.
You've solved the riddle of the Sphinx and this case.
It was a snap, Chief.
- [rock crumbles.]
- [scream.]
Here's a riddle.
What did the failure nephew say to the chamber full of cat flatulence, hmm? I dunno, what? - [fart noise.]
- [yells.]
My nostrils are burning! [Talon groans.]
Claw coughs.]
MADcat, wow.