Instant Star (2004) s01e12 Episode Script

Train In Vain

I'm the smoke from your fire I'm that lie you can trust I'm the chord on your guitar I'm the blood you might need The last days of recording an album are like the last days of summer camp: everyone's high on a dangerous cocktail of loopiness and exhaustion.
The counselors are restless, everyone's sick of the food, more than a little smelly, and generally, way past ready to get on the bus for home.
I can't believe it.
We're mixing our last song together.
That's right.
36 hours, and I'm on a plane to New York, final mix in hand.
Then it's one last day of mastering and that's it.
Album's done.
End of an era, girl.
Or the start of a new one.
I've already started writing songs for our next album.
It's your album.
I'm just a wingman.
Are you kidding me? Tommy, you're my producer, you're my co-writer, you're my partner.
I couldn't do this without you! You might have to, Jude.
I don't know if I wanna produce your next record.
I think need a break.
Why? It's hard to explain.
I just I just know something's missing.
So you're dumping me.
Come here.
Just go home, get some sleep.
But be warned, Quincy.
You can't get rid of me that easy.
And then you realize, leaving camp means saying goodbye.
And some people you can't imagine saying goodbye to ever.
Thank you.
Sip? Oh, no.
Just the idea makes me nauseous.
Almost as nauseous as my physics paper.
Oh, Kat, what if I told you I found someone who could help you ace it? - A physics genie? - Yup.
I'd ask you how many lattes you've had.
Ooh, five-ish.
I gotta get through one last night of mixing.
But this guy, he's great.
He's tall-ish, he book-ish, - he's opinionated-ish.
- Sounds perfect.
Except for the part where he sounds suspiciously like my ex.
You remember him-- dorky mcbreak-my-heart? Jerky McAssface? That's Mr.
Jerky McAssface to you.
That's my cue.
Guys, I'll see you at the studio tonight.
Jamie, good luck.
Speak of the dork.
What makes you think I'd even accept help from you? Because you hate summer school.
And because you know I'm your only ticket out of here.
Oh, Jude.
Dad, this is really not cool.
Look, you won't return my calls, pages, mails.
What am I supposed to do? I mean, I miss you.
You look thin.
Are you eating? Dad, it's a little late for father-of-the-year award.
- I gotta get to the studio.
- Just wait! I got my hands on a pair of killer tickets to Tom Waits tonight.
I thought maybe we could go together.
I can't go.
I'm mixing all night.
The record's due tomorrow.
Whoa! Wow.
I had no idea.
That's so exciting.
Well, I you know, I won't take up any more of your time.
Good luck, okay? - Dad? - Yeah? People are going to be stopping by the studio tonight.
It'll be late, but if you want to come you're welcome.
What, are you kidding? Yeah, I'll come after the concert.
- I'll get you a t-shirt! - Okay! Okay, dad.
These are for you.
Oh, thanks.
Unlike your album, roses don't come in platinum.
It's not really platinum.
It's whatever 12 hours-away-from-being-done is.
On the down-low, a little birdie slipped me a little rough copy.
Trust me, it's platinum.
Jude, you're on the verge of something big.
I'm talking major arena tours, major corporate sponsorships.
The sky's the limit! With the right management.
- You want to manage me? - Yeah.
But what about Georgia? I'm signed to G Records.
Listen, so what? G handles your records, I handle your career.
We'd work hand-in-glove.
Tom! Just wanted to congratulate you and your girl on finishing the album.
- Thank you, Darius.
- Yeah.
Jude, can you give me just one minute with Darius? Yeah.
You sign her over my dead body.
Think what's best for her.
I made you a star.
You made me do taco commercials.
And you ain't going to do the same thing to her.
Clear? Shouldn't you be mixing, Tom? This album leaves this building at 6:00 a.
m Sadie.
Hey, what are you doing here? I'm interviewing Tom for a media project: Tom Quincy: Boyz Attack and beyond.
Guaranteed A.
Right, so what's your focus here? The type of hair gel he uses? Well, let's see.
There's his sudden rise to fame, his failed marriage, and then there's "Frozen", his aborted solo record.
So crushing for him.
But I guess you already knew about that, right? Yeah.
I know all about it.
What is "Frozen"? That's a blast from the past.
How'd you hear about that? Don't ask.
What's the story? I'm his engineer, I'm not his biographer.
Kwest, c'mon.
This is really important.
Really important.
Whoa! Well, it started in 2001.
You know, right before Tommy left the boys.
I was coming up as a drummer so T.
asked me to sit in, and we spent the summer laying down demos for Frozen.
I am a stranger To my own life I am Frozen I turn away from the sun I have my reasons But I just need one Ice age is melting away Tom was still under contract, so Darius owned everything we did.
We thought the demos were diamonds-in-the-rough.
But Darius? He thought they were just rough.
It got ugly.
Darius took "Frozen" and locked it in his vault.
Imagine if someone came, right now, and took your record away? Kwest? What would you say if I was able to get it back from Darius? I'd say good luck.
Hey, hey, Darius and charity are two words that don't go together.
Yeah, I know.
Kwest, how're those overdubs coming, man? Sorry.
Not Kwest.
Oh, you're right.
You're a lot prettier.
So, where do you want to do it? Wow, I gotta try compliments more often.
I meant the interview, perv.
Okay, so the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion is what? Look, Kat you and I haven't really talked since the huge disaster.
Unless "lame apologies" are part of my physics paper? - Not interested.
- Okay, but I did bring some music that I think might help a little bit.
It's called "Pint-sized songs of forgiveness".
Has the magic ability to make tiny people forgive big dorky assfaces who hurt them.
You always said you liked my CDs.
I do.
I did.
Which is why I have to go.
Not the reaction I was looking for.
Yeah? What were you looking for, Jamie? I don't know, maybe a little forgiveness? Keep looking.
So if you could have anything, what would it be? Little studio in the mountains.
Everyday I'd wake up, stroll in and I'd spend the day chipping away at it.
Chip away at what? "Frozen"? Maybe, but Darius owns it.
Maybe something new.
Something all mine.
So there isn't anything else you want? Now, I didn't say that.
- Dad.
- Mr.
Would you mind getting your hands off my daughter? Gotta give it to you, Jude.
You sure got a flair for drama.
Listen, I'm sorry about the cloak and dagger.
But it's kind of a surprise for Tommy.
- A gift? - Yeah.
Remind me to invite you to my birthday party.
Anyway, here you go-- Tom's unfinished album.
Just so we're clear, I'm giving you what you want, you give me what I want.
Are you sure about this? - I'm sure.
- There you go.
I like that.
- Ow! - Oh! Kat.
I almost flattened you! Too late.
Jamie beat you to it.
Oh no.
What happened? I was fine, so long as I focused on hating him.
Then he CD'd me.
"Pint sized songs of forgiveness"? Why does he make it so hard to hate him? Because he's Jamie.
Anyway, now I've lost my physics tutor.
Mind if I work here till you're done? Absolutely.
Mi studio es su studio.
Can you please tell me what you're doing in the studio after midnight? On a school night? Dad, c'mon.
I'm doing a school project.
Really? For which course, sex ed? I just caught you making out with Jude's producer, Sadie! So? I caught you scoring frequent flyer points with our travel agent, dad! Look, you're right.
Okay? I've made mistakes.
I don't wanna see you make them too.
I happen to think that Tom is a very big one.
I am serious, Sadie.
He is too old for you.
He's in and out of the tabloids, and nevermind what this would do to Jude.
How does this have anything to do with Jude? Tom is her producer.
It's a very sensitive relationship.
You know that.
Look, I just-- I don't wanna see her get hurt.
I mean, look at the year she's had! And what about the year that I've had, dad, thanks to you? - Sadie-- - Look, I like Tom, a lot.
Don't ruin this for me.
Okay? Who are you? Houdini? How did you get this out of Darius? Does it matter? I got it! You-- You really care for Tommy, huh? This is like the nicest thing anybody has done for him.
Well, I have ulterior motives.
Tommy says he doesn't want to be my wingman anymore.
So what if I was his? What if I tried to help him finish "Frozen"? So, you running out of there like you were on fire-- not how I wanted that to go.
Yeah, I guess this cover could use some work, huh? No, it's perfect.
Totally perfect.
Ow! What is your problem? As usual, my problem is you, Andrews.
I keep looking at you expecting to see something horrid.
Like Chucky, or Freddy Kruger.
But every time I look, I still see Jamie.
Whatever happened between us, I'm still the guy that you went frog-catching with in grade four; glued your hands together in grade five.
Broke my heart in grade ten? Kat, knowing you hate me breaks my heart.
Maybe as much as I broke yours.
We still got a couple hours.
You want to call a truce and finish off this paper? - Okay.
- Okay.
Under an ocean of ice he was the one thing Beneath the moon at night He's Frozen I shield my eyes from the sun The great believer-- The great believer-- The great believer Sonic perfection, man.
For once, I think you're right, man.
Boom, boom.
Attention G Major.
Listen up, 'cause production on Jude Harrison's debut record is now wrapped! Congratulations! - You did it! - No, you did it.
This is your masterpiece.
You know, in celebration of the album, I kinda have a gift for you.
I think you'll like it.
A gift for me? I didn't get you anything.
Yeah, you did.
This album.
This album's my gift.
Jude! Tommy! Get in here! Look, go have some fun, all right? This is your moment.
Enjoy it.
I'm the blood you might need In your car when you speed In that cigarette you breath You can't get rid of me You said I wasn't funny when you laughed You said I couldn't drive fast then you crashed Funny how it works out With your big mouth You'll always get it back All right, ready for my big gift.
Where is it? 'Cause he's frozen Under an ocean of ice He let's me walk there Beneath his moon at night He's frozen He shields my eyes from the sun The great believer Doesn't believe anyone His ice age is melting away You didn't like it.
How'd you even find out about this? Kwest.
Did you like the rewrite? Would you want to record it? Slow down.
Even if I wanted to, Darius still owns that record.
Not anymore.
I got it for you, Tom.
She drove a hard bargain, too.
All right, look, somebody better tell me what's going on here, now.
Strictly business.
I had something Jude wanted.
Jude had something I wanted.
Everybody's happy.
Say hello to my newest client.
Tommy! Tommy, can you just wait a second?! Can you just wait one second?! I can't believe he tricked you into this.
Okay? - It's inexcusable! - Tommy, it was my idea! You said something was missing, and I think I found it-- the record.
It's a demo, Jude.
It's half finished.
Then let's finish it, Tommy, together.
You heard what I did with your song.
All it needed was just some updating.
Can you imagine what we could do with the whole album? - What "we" can do? - Yeah.
You go behind my back, you meddled in my past, and you messed with my song There is no "we" anymore, Jude! Especially after you pull a stunt like that.
Look, just so you know, I'm gonna take care of Jude like she's my own.
Ain't my business anymore.
You walk on that girl you're making a big mistake.
Look, the truth? I locked "Frozen" up 'cause it was weak.
I did you a favour.
Remind me to thank you.
Hang on, let me finish.
The album was really bad.
But this is the jam.
It's 'cause of you.
You made this.
Look, I signed Jude because she's good.
But you make her great, man.
And vice versa.
Got some beef with your past? Gotta let it go.
'Cause you and Jude are the future.
I'm so glad you came.
- C'mon.
- I only got a couple of minutes.
So? Come on.
Look, I'm sorry.
- Really, I totally meddled.
- Look, save it.
I appreciate what you did.
I mean, it was insane, but it was sweet.
Yeah, but you hated what I did to your song.
I hated that you made me face things that I was avoiding.
Look, I might record a solo album again one day.
I don't know.
But I do know that it's my decision.
- Cool? - It's cool.
Good, because I made another decision, and it's a big one.
What's that? I wanna produce your next record, if you still want me.
- Really? - Really.
Of course I want you.
I'll take that as a yes.
Of course.
You can't get rid of me You can't get rid of me