Instinct (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Wild Game

1 Previously on Instinct: Welcome to Abnormal Behavioral Analysis.
My name is Professor Dylan Reinhart.
You read my book? - What's it about? - Abnormal behavior.
You need to focus on getting yourself and this book into better shape.
It's funny you should say that.
A cop came to my class today.
Detective Elizabeth Needham, NYPD.
Dino Moretti was found dead in a nightclub in the Meatpacking District.
Before Dino died, the killer sent your book to the homicide division.
I want to go see a friend who may be able to help.
- Great.
I'll drive.
- He works undercover.
You think it's someone who found out you're CIA? LIZZIE: Wait.
Andy is your husband? If the teaching thing gets boring, I could use a partner in any form I can get.
Maybe you should have been a cop.
(CHUCKLES) This is a surprise.
Sebastian, how are you? Selena still away? Yeah, she gets home tomorrow.
Um, come in.
I'll put some coffee on.
No, that's okay.
I-I wanted to deliver this.
It's a new partnership proposal.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Well, I'm happy to take a look at it, but I I really can't extend your repayment deadline again.
Look, I know how vulnerable things are right now for you and Roman.
What, you mean in our marriage or in the fact that we're losing our business to you? Both.
And I'm I'm-I'm really sorry, but that's the contract we signed.
Well, I thought I'd give it one last shot, but no, I get it.
We were so desperate for capital, we signed a deal with the devil.
(CHUCKLING): Nora, I am not the devil.
I I love your restaurant.
And you won't be satisfied until it's yours.
- You boarding? - Not yet.
But don't worry, I'll be home soon.
Really? (CHUCKLES) - Good night, honey.
- (PHONE BEEPS) (YELLS IN PAIN) (GROANING) (YELLING IN PAIN) DYLAN: When thinking about abnormal behavior, ask yourself who gets to define what "abnormal" means.
Abnormal is a departure from the norm.
People who are different, like Michelangelo or Lady Gaga, must be abnormal, so clearly normal is boring.
(TYPING) Sometimes normal can mean not thinking, just doing.
Sometimes people get so focused on the spoken word that they totally miss what is going on in front of their very eyes.
Cory, what are you doing? - Taking notes.
- Mm-hmm.
So, what did I just say? Nope, don't look.
Today we are going to try something really abnormal for students, ladies and gentlemen.
We're gonna try and listen without taking notes.
Does anyone have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Mm-hmm, so when you're out in the moonlight or the light of your devices and you're listening to your beloved pour out their heart and souls to you, do you take notes? - STUDENTS: No.
- No, of course you don't.
Because watching someone's eyes or affect can increase the brain's ability to process words.
- And avoid a nasty breakup.
- (LAUGHTER) (RAPID TYPING) Cory, you're gonna have to go.
Professor Reinhart, I'm really sorry.
DYLAN: Cory.
My guess is you won't soon forget this experience.
Is that true? Yes, Professor.
And you didn't write down a single word about it.
- Come on back to your seat.
- (LAUGHTER) Give the kid a hand.
(APPLAUSE) I've never seen anything like it.
It is strange.
JASMINE: Lizzie.
Hey, Lieutenant.
What's this about? So, uh vic's name is Sebastian Trevor.
43, venture capitalist.
His widow is flying back from Bogotá, where she was visiting family.
Lot of weirdo going on here, but likely cause of death is slow bleed from perhaps a pronged projectile.
No weapon found.
All good to know, but I'm asking what are you doing here? It's my case.
I'm up.
You're on medical leave.
You got shot on duty.
Go home.
Two weeks ago.
I'm cured early.
Doc agreed.
This one's mine.
Well, I'll call Sosa to partner.
He's on a case.
Fucci, then.
With his weak stomach, no way.
You do know that I'm your boss? And dearest friend.
If you are cured, then it's time for you to know you will have a partner on this case.
Now, I cut you slack because of Charlie - Jas - No, tough girl.
We're getting real.
I am so sorry Charlie died, but you can't work alone anymore.
You need a partner.
So how about Dylan Reinhart? The professor? No, he's too busy, not interested, not a cop.
Yeah, but didn't he say that if you ever had a special case that spoke to his expertise? Yeah, he was just being polite.
Wait, this murder highly ritualized, the work of a sick mind.
It's right up his alley.
Call him.
I'll get off your back.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) Oh, Detective Needham.
(CHUCKLING): Darling I'm your book editor.
You owe me another best seller.
You have no right to privacy.
And I can't believe you got here on time.
And why don't you want to talk to her? (SIGHS) Because I'm meeting with you.
We have nothing to talk about since you've turned your back on your next book.
I have not turned my back.
I just had second thoughts about working with the NYPD.
Dylan, Freaks that was a best seller because people really love the Dylan Reinhart take on abnormal behavior.
Follow it up by the Dylan Reinhart take on working with the NYPD.
So I suppose my third book will be the Dylan Reinhart take on world peace? Well, no, 'cause there'll be no third book if we can't sell the second one.
See? You know, people really love your your "adrenaline junkie" thing.
I have a normal life now.
- Teaching and Andy.
- (CELL PHONE BUZZING) I didn't want to upend all that.
You know, she just might be calling to say, "Hey" Hey Detective.
Prof uh Professor Reinhart.
- Thank you for coming.
- Ah.
It's good to see you back at work so soon, Detective Needham.
Please call me Lizzie.
And I appreciate you - taking my call.
- My pleasure.
And please call me Dr.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) - Call me Dylan.
Just Dylan, remember? - Okay.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
- I-I know how busy you are.
- Sure.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry I changed my mind.
My life is so incredibly busy at the moment, and I just Totally understand.
You're not a cop.
But you did say that if I ever had a case that spoke to your expertise I will totally weigh in.
So, I just need a couple hours of your time to help me profile a killer.
Body's still here? Let's do it.
Head shaving in a tonsure pattern, body displayed rack-like, so maybe an historic or mythological fixation.
Definitely punishment.
Was the murder weapon an arrow? Possibly.
This shard was found.
- Could be part of the weapon.
- Get it carbon-dated.
And test the substance in the mouth.
Already happening.
My guess is bread.
Bread? Don't touch.
Or taste.
Smell's okay? This is gonna take more than a few hours.
But you can help? Oh, I'm in.
- Again, I am so sorry for your loss.
- (SOBBING) And we are as anxious as you to catch your husband's killer.
If you could just answer a few questions for me Selena! Oh, my God I just got your message.
- Honey.
- Oh, Nora! SELENA: What am I going to do? Oh, honey.
Oh, I'm-I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm Selena's friend, Nora Cecchino.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
SELENA: Oh, Nora, this wasn't how it was supposed to happen.
Oh, honey, I know.
I know.
SELENA: And now the police are questioning me.
Oh, it's just procedure.
You know, my friend has just suffered a terrible loss.
I think she needs some time.
Any chance you could do this later? Sure.
- Honey - (SOBBING) NORA: My God.
LIZZIE: Lab results came back.
It was bread in the vic's mouth.
How'd you know? Bread could be a twisted form of penitence in the killer's mind.
Did you know that last rites only began in the Middle Ages? I did not know.
Now I do.
That would work with the monk's haircut - and the ritualized display.
- Huh.
And, presumably, as a new widow, Selena is set to inherit a fortune.
Yeah, of course, and she could have hired someone to do the job, but here's a twist: Nora Cecchino isn't just Selena's dear friend.
Legal papers at the residence show that Nora and her husband Roman Cecchino were deeply in debt to Trevor.
When you said "a late lunch" Uh bacon cheeseburger and fries, please, and Um (STAMMERS) it's my first time here.
I need a minute.
Burgers are really good.
Are the Cecchinos the Cecchinos of Cecchino's Restaurant, one of the hardest-to-get reservations in all of Manhattan? Yeah, Cecchino's.
Farm to table, very popular spot.
And also cash poor and looking to expand.
Just, uh, get a burger.
Fast food slows down the brain.
Most new restaurants don't turn a profit right away.
You know, more success, more pressure.
He'll have a burger.
So, Trevor also drafted a deadline for repayment into the deal.
It's next week.
If the Cecchinos were unable to return the investment, he stood to acquire their restaurant and deed to their 40-acre farm.
MAN: Here you go.
Oh, thanks.
Thank you.
You can keep the change.
Shouldn't we be going to Cecchino's now? Yeah, we are.
Next stop.
They why are we eating from a truck? MAN: Please, Detectives, this way.
We are a little slammed today.
Our hostess didn't show, but, um, we have someone else coming in.
Oh, no worries, Mr.
- What a place.
- Thank you.
Please, um We can't believe this tragedy.
Are you sure it was foul play? Oh, yes.
The cause of death was Oh, we're still investigating.
Uh, forgive me.
(CLEARS THROAT) We do not broadcast the details.
Being honest engenders trust.
He could be a suspect.
Just saying.
So sorry.
Uh Can I offer you anything from today's menu? - Yes, please.
- Oh, no, thank you.
LIZZIE: So you and your wife are owners, but Trevor provided the financing.
Yes, and Trevor could drive a tough bargain.
Uh, but it was his money.
He was positioned to take over the farm.
(SIGHS) Um He knew we wanted to grow.
I I think he would have come through for us in the end.
I have a question, Mr.
Is there basil in this béarnaise sauce? I'll, um (CLEARS THROAT) I'll get you the expert who can answer that.
What? Accepting gifts can be a slippery slope.
I draw a bright line.
Even a free coffee can be misconstrued as a quid pro quo for a cop.
Good thing I'm not a cop.
Detectives, this is Haley, our chef.
Love your food.
Love that you love my food.
Without Haley, I'd still be a farmer, a wannabe restaurateur.
She's Cecchino's secret weapon.
I MAN: Roman.
Uh, I should say hello to him.
Oh, go ahead.
So, do you know Sebastian Trevor? Our sugar daddy? Sure.
Threw his weight around.
Endless string of menu suggestions from the '90s.
Chewed with his mouth open.
Not a fan.
(CLATTERING) I have to get back.
This excellent food won't cook itself.
We'll be in touch.
We can pick this up tomorrow.
We'll do better getting them in sit-down interviews.
And didn't we learn more about them by observing them in their natural habitat? He is nervous and eager to please.
- (PLATES CLANKING) - HALEY: Not acceptable.
And she is exacting - and gets her own way.
- Mm-hmm.
We should get some of this to go.
In the future, we do not stuff potential evidence into our pockets.
We're investigating.
(SIGHING): Ay, ay, ay.
DYLAN: What are you doing? - Is the honeymoon over? - (CHUCKLES) No.
Actually, I am making this your own private study.
I'm moving the piano to give you more room to catch killers.
I saw how much space you needed for your last investigation, so But this time, they only need me for a couple of hours.
And yet it seemed to take all day.
- You know me too well.
- Mm-hmm.
But what about your desk? Well, I have an office at the bar.
One of the perks of leaving my law practice less work to bring home.
So help me move this piano, and tell me about your new case.
Oh, it's an intriguing mix of brutality and ritual.
The whole judge, jury and executioner - implies splitting.
- A little help? A a primitive defense mechanism, a rigid sense of good or bad, all or nothing.
All or nothing? That sounds like someone I know.
Ah, well, it's true.
But in order to appreciate the deviant mind, it helps to be able to recognize the less extreme forms of those syndromes within oneself.
Imagine looking at others and seeing either angels or devils.
Look at you.
All fired up, excited to save the world.
I love this part of you.
Which is why I'm giving you the office.
Now, help me with this piano, will you, before I pull something.
LIZZIE: Turns out our chef wasn't just too busy to talk yesterday.
She was hiding a record.
Arrested for assault two years ago.
She also has a restraining order against her.
Recent? Filed last week by Sebastian Trevor.
Right before his murder.
I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
You had a head start.
Rage certainly fits the profile.
And labile mood swings.
"Labile"? Oh, it means a sudden emotional response.
Bull! Got it.
The restraining order was bull.
Trevor only filed it because I threatened to do the same to him.
What was the problem? Trevor was one of those guys who thought that every woman he met should submit to his charms, especially those he thought he could rescue.
Did he force himself on you? He was smarter than that.
It was a power thing.
And, uh, what about your assault charges? Yeah.
Uh, that was a chef I worked under coming up.
He didn't want a woman in his kitchen.
I took his abuse until I didn't.
It was a mistake to hit him, but I did my community service, and I completed my anger management therapy.
Also, I'm sober now.
That really helped.
Didn't seem to help much back there when you lost your competition.
You should have seen the old me.
You'd have that girl in cuffs.
If I'm free to go, this steak needs to be sliced, seared and curled onto butter lettuce with mango confit by lunchtime.
You're free to go.
Please don't leave town.
LIZZIE: Her history is troubling, and her alibi is weak: "sleeping in alone.
" I could take her in on reckless endangerment just for that knife throw.
- People change.
- Yeah.
You should try it someday.
I've changed myself.
You mean you used to be a more pompous know-it-all? Haley's temper flair could be consistent with a borderline personality.
But she's steady now, and I couldn't goad her.
For a fuller profile, I'd need to spend more time with her.
Maybe check out that mango confit.
I'll take it from here and be in touch.
Thank you.
Hello, Julian.
Who is it today? MI6? Mossad? GDSE? CIA.
I didn't know you were still doing surveillance work for the CIA.
Rather like the old days, isn't it? Feeling nostalgic? Makes me wonder just how many times I have to remind you I am not a spy anymore.
- Right, Professor, author and local hero.
- Mm-hmm.
Do you know of any cartels or international syndicates that shave their victims' heads? - Man or woman? - Man.
They prefer to cut deeper.
And how good are your sources in Colombia? I have a grieving widow whose background needs to be checked.
- The NYPD isn't on it? - As you well know, the official records don't always tell the whole story.
Tell me what you need.
I'll see what I can find.
But then I'll owe you one.
Who's keeping score? I thought I'd been dismissed.
Have I been un-dismissed so soon? Or have I inspired you to enroll? (BOTH CHUCKLE) I rushed the lab report.
The bread is a match.
Same heirloom wheat as Cecchino's.
And the metal fragment is from an old Apache arrowhead.
Which means? Go on, you can say it.
Your instincts were right.
- Mm-hmm.
- So the metal fragment is dated back to the 1870s.
Actually, I was hoping for something older.
A medieval artifact would pair neatly with the head shaving, suggesting an obsession with penitence.
Oh, well, scratch that.
Maybe our killer's symbolism is more personal than historic.
Who has a collection of 19th century weapons? Okay, so now you're in my area of expertise.
There is nothing missing from the Met, but guess whose family has a vintage weapons collection, and guess who was a Junior Olympian in archery.
I'll give you a hint they're alive in this century.
- Nora Cecchino.
- You didn't let me guess.
So Cecchino's wife, co-owner of the restaurant And dear friend of the victim's widow.
Showed up on some CCTV footage near the scene.
Really? Their farm is a few miles north.
This is a big step forward.
- Mm.
- Not just with the case, but this almost felt like teamwork.
Let's go.
Uh Oh, oh, I-I'm happy for you to join, but please don't interrupt my interview with your random questions.
Okay, maybe just a baby step.
She's a hardy layer.
- Oh, oh - Oh.
(CHUCKLES) Rhode Island red.
Comparable to Faiyumi.
I kept a few in Egypt.
Well, you'll need at least a pair.
Hens will die of loneliness.
- Yeah.
- NORA: Oh, I'm sorry.
Um, you know what, Gwen? Th-These are actually not our customers.
- Oh.
I'm so sorry about that.
- Got it? NORA: Trevor's wife Selena and I bonded as soon as we first met.
And we promised we would never let money interfere with our friendship.
But now that Selena is heir to a big fortune, your friendship may pay off.
DYLAN: Your farm is lovely.
That wasn't a question.
NORA: Yes, it's been in Roman's family for generations.
And I grew up right over there.
Hi, honey.
Hey, Mom.
You and Roman, you were childhood friends? When we were eight, we promised - we'd get married.
- DYLAN: Oh.
It's both romantic and a little weird.
But, um, when we did marry, we were so in love.
My dream of owning our own restaurant, getting the financing, hiring Haley, it all came together like it was meant to be.
Is your marriage over? You talked about Roman in the past tense.
You said you were in love.
Um, that's true, yeah.
It's all very amicable.
Everything is with Roman.
Um but I have my own place in the city now.
We stay together for the sake of our business and, um, our daughter Bea.
ROMAN: Hey there.
Oh, uh, Mr.
, uh, Cecchino.
Your wife was just showing us your farm.
- I almost didn't recognize you.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
(CHUCKLING): This is the real me.
If Nora hadn't kicked my butt, telling me we can be more than just family farmers, but I'm just an old-fashioned country boy at heart.
(CHUCKLES) Would y'all like some ice cream? We make it here ourselves.
- We - Um, yes, we would.
NORA: The collection belonged to Roman's father.
As kids, we'd sneak them and play make-believe, everything from cowboys to Camelot.
I hope to donate them to But because of our financial situation, we reached out to several auction houses to appraise the lot.
ROMAN: I still think Trevor would have come through, helped us out.
NORA: Roman believes in everyone.
He's far more trusting than me.
- Your daddy's the best.
- Yay, Daddy! LIZZIE: We may need to take some of these, dust them for prints.
We should check with our lawyer on that.
They're quite valuable.
Oh, and I just cleaned them for the appraisal, so you'd only find my prints.
LIZZIE: Uh-huh.
Nora, is it true you're an expert archer? (NORA CHUCKLES) Used to be.
All kids around here grow up bow-hunting, but I haven't shot in ages.
DYLAN: Was the carved Apache arrow, circa 1870, sold or removed? What are you? No.
It's gone? NORA: Oh, my God.
Was Trevor shot with an arrow? So, we have one murdered financier, one missing murder weapon and four suspects.
Why so ritualized? The killer seemed to have a disturbed need to punish Trevor, but also perhaps to protect themselves.
I'll catch up.
- About your grieving widow.
- What about her? She made multiple calls to a burner phone in Bogotá before her trip.
And here's a tidbit from her prenup: There was a stipulation that if no heir was produced in the first five years of marriage, her access to his fortune would be severely limited.
LIZZIE: So Selena stood to gain millions on her husband's death.
And their fifth wedding anniversary was coming up.
So, if she wanted access to his wealth, divorce was not an option.
She needed Trevor dead.
Where did you find out all this? Who just called? Does it matter? It matters if I want to get a warrant to back these rumors up.
Well, you're getting a warrant for the Cecchinos' farm.
Just get two.
Come on.
You know it's not that simple.
It takes time.
I need to file with probable cause, - or a judge won't even - Oh, you lost me at: "It takes time.
" Don't you want to catch this killer? Always, but it has to be by the book.
Well, I guess I'm just a sort of "by any means possible" kind of guy.
Which is just one more reason that you're not a cop.
Moving on the chef.
- I don't think - I know you don't think Haley's our killer, but she has a history of violence, a weak alibi, she hated Trevor, she Hey, what I was gonna say before you cut me off is that I don't think you're wrong to keep the chef as a suspect.
She's the only one who's shown a capacity for rage.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Listen to this.
A call came in a half a minute ago for a disturbance a loud altercation at Cecchino's Restaurant.
Wouldn't they be closed by now? Anybody here? Police.
Oh, no.
Well, we can remove the chef as a suspect.
Another bizarre display.
How many enemies does this killer have? DYLAN: I mean, first Trevor dead, now Haley.
Two bodies on display, bizarre punishment rituals.
This killer may have enemies and motives we may never understand.
What I don't understand is why Roman Cecchino hasn't responded to any of our messages - about his chef being dead.
- Yeah.
Do you think he has a deeply disturbed mind? Could have.
Urban entrepreneur who's really a country boy at heart.
(DOORBELL RINGING) Let's try the barn.
Most of us see our sense of self as a gray area, and we view others as such, but some psyches can get trapped in black or white worlds.
That "splitting" theory again? Yeah, the extreme defense mechanism, where one's enemies are 100% bad.
LIZZIE: So Roman might have seen Haley's ambition and Trevor's greed sucking him deeper into a life that he hated? (SIGHS) The only problem is Roman is a quiet guy.
He could be hiding duplicitous traits, but these people tend to be borderline.
They have tempers and are overly dramatic.
(DOOR BANGS OPEN) Gwen? Gwen, are you okay? LIZZIE: She's bleeding.
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey.
Detective Needham, Dr.
Reinhart, what's up? Did you get our messages? What's going on? Uh, we just saved two lives.
DYLAN: What? We, uh, been up all night, uh, birthing a calf.
GWEN: Breach.
Roman saved 'em both.
I couldn't have done it without you.
LIZZIE: Sorry to bring bad news, but, uh, there's been another murder.
Your chef, Haley, was found dead earlier at the restaurant.
- What? - We're gonna need to take a look around.
But you can't think that Roman would never - No, it's okay.
- LIZZIE: Okay.
Detectives are just doing their job.
- LIZZIE: Thank you.
- ROMAN: Does my wife know? She's at the restaurant now.
This is unreal.
I Where do you want to start? LIZZIE: Thank you so much for coming in, Mrs.
Honestly, it's good to get out of the house.
And now another victim.
Nora called me.
She said you searched their farm.
But they are true friends who just need more time to repay their debt.
I don't think you will find anything against Roman or Nora.
Uh, and we haven't.
So, what is going on? Well (SIGHS) we were hoping you might be able to help us with that.
Of course.
How can I help? Were you or your husband involved in any business dealings in Colombia? Sebastian had business everywhere.
Anything that might require the use of burner phones? I know this is hard.
My husband and I were adopting a baby in Colombia.
Uh a baby? The birth mother is almost full term.
She's very young and from a prominent family, and we were using burner phones to protect her identity.
So, well, um we don't have any further questions, Detective Needham, do we? Uh, I SELENA: I loved my husband.
He might have made enemies in business.
He might have not even been nice in business.
But to me, he was my white knight.
He changed everything.
Your what? My white knight.
He saved me.
Thank you, Selena, very, very much.
White knight? This is a real thing? Yes, a syndrome a a subset of splitting.
As soon as Selena said it, it just came to me.
We should be looking for someone who thinks of themself as a savior.
Those suffering from this syndrome don't think they have mortal enemies, but instead think that someone they love is in danger and needs their protection at all costs.
The only person we have met who may fit this profile is the Cecchinos' farmhand, Gwen.
She certainly seemed to dote on Roman, and we've been able to document her violent father, but otherwise I Wait, wait, wait, wait.
A Gwen Anderson was rejected for military service, deemed unfit.
Another red flag.
Let's go.
Okay, okay, but not to Gwen.
- Not yet.
- Why not? We don't have hard evidence or probable cause, but also, this theory Needs to be fleshed out.
And fleshed out by someone who knows her.
How well do you know Gwen Anderson? ROMAN: Uh I grew up with Gwen.
Her father ran our dairy when we were kids.
And did she take part in your childhood games of make-believe? Good guys against the bad? ROMAN: Yeah.
Um, she was family.
Gwen's had a lot to overcome: no mom, a violent dad.
Nora didn't agree, but, um, I always felt the need to keep Gwen on.
And she was grateful, I'm sure.
Maybe too grateful.
What do you mean? Would you say Gwen had a rigid sense of right and wrong? She can be judgmental.
Doesn't really keep friends.
They always do something to anger her.
Drives them away.
She didn't like Trevor when he'd visit the farm.
And she resented Haley.
(CHUCKLES) Accused her of flirting with me.
But why would she murder them? To protect you.
She saw them as your enemies.
Trevor was taking your farm.
Haley's ambition was pulling you into the city, away from your country life, away from her.
Gwen possibly suffered severe trauma at a young age, and these games of make-believe the cowboys and Camelot she clung to bits of myth and formed her own fantasy moral code.
She did like to play the executioner, avenger of wrongs.
You were good to her, and so she fastened her love onto you.
She felt you needed protecting because she needed protecting.
(SIGHS) My God.
Was Gwen with you all night during the calving? She joined me at dawn.
What about when Trevor was killed? ROMAN: She drives produce in to the restaurant Mondays.
And like Nora said, we all grew up bow-hunting.
Would Gwen see your wife and daughter as enemies? ROMAN: Um well, never Bea.
Bea's her little angel, but Gwen's been worried since the separation that Nora will take Bea away from me.
I Oh, my God.
Um Bea's at school, and Nora's stopping by the farm.
They'll be alone.
Come on, baby.
Come on, come on.
Nora's not picking up.
Keep trying.
I'll drive.
Please hurry.
I should go in.
I know how to approach her.
Protocol dictates that I am not constrained by protocol.
And she's seen your warrant.
She's already under pressure, her violence erupting.
I'm a police officer.
You would be a trespasser.
It's dangerous, and you'll need backup.
So you'll be here to meet backup when they arrive or meet Nora if she arrives.
Nora may already be here.
Which is what I'm going to scope out very carefully.
If you get into trouble, I won't know how to find you.
I can take care of myself.
You've reached Lizzie.
- Leave a message.
- Damn it, Lizzie.
Put your phone on.
Nora is already here.
I'm coming to you.
We may not have much time to save her life.
BEA: Can I help? GWEN: Yes, angel.
Isn't this more fun than school? - Of course.
- (CHUCKLES) You keep kneading.
I'm gonna check on something.
When's my mom gonna be here? You don't need Mom.
You got me.
Can I help you? I'm looking for Roman.
Roman isn't here.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) He has an enemy.
He had more.
You mean Trevor and Haley.
They didn't deserve to breathe the same air as Roman.
Nora, I'm coming down.
But did they deserve to die? Was there no chance of penitence? It was too late.
You had to protect him.
You're here to arrest Roman.
You're his enemy, too.
But surely you'll let me confess.
- Go on.
- I confess I know about your father.
I know what he did to you.
I know that Roman was kind to you.
The only one.
He's a pure soul.
But he's safe now.
You can stop.
I got you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
There's still the one who betrayed him, who wants to take my angel away.
Nora is not your enemy.
Not for long.
- (COUGHING) We're gonna go.
(GRUNTING) Now! Come on! Come on.
You're okay.
- Bea? Where's Bea? - She's fine.
She's fine.
Lizzie, cuffs.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
I'm sorry, Gwen.
I'm truly sorry your life went this way.
LIZZIE: With the consultant's assist, suspect was apprehended, and backup arrived.
Suspect was transported to local precinct for booking.
All physical evidence including shears, arrow and sickle have been recovered and catalogued.
Per protocol, acknowledgement sent to Dr.
Dylan Reinhart.
DYLAN: Okay, yeah, so we're talking about splitting and the three categories of borderline personality disorder.
Emotional/impulsive, characterized by histrionic acts and Uh (CHUCKLES) So sorry.
I just totally lost my train of thought.
Um, maybe I should have taken notes.
(LAUGHTER) Uh, Cory, can you help me out? - Nope.
- (LAUGHTER) LIZZIE: Could it be narcissism Professor? Or maybe someone who doesn't work well with others? What's the term for that? Well, that's not a symptom.
That's a habit.
And it can change.
LIZZIE: I know it's not logical, but I feel it anyway like it's my fault.
If I wasn't able to keep my old partner safe Then you don't deserve a new one.
Even though I know I could use one.
Maybe you have a touch of white knight syndrome yourself.
- (GROANING): Ooh.
- It's not such a bad thing for a cop.
It is so lovely here.
And safe.
I can see why someone would rather teach than do.
Better hours, too.
And all that procedural stuff it's not really your thing.
Boring! And obstructionist.
And teamwork is really awkward for me.
I like to be in charge.
I noticed.
And you always follow the rules.
While you always break them.
So I think we agree.
- Yeah, I think we do.
- Mm-hmm.
We should be partners.