Instinct (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Long Shot

1 My name is Dylan Reinhart.
Not too long ago, I was an operative in the CIA known as Agent Reinhart.
When I left the agency and started teaching, I became Professor Reinhart.
I wrote a book about abnormal behavior and criminals, which was so successful a serial killer used it as clues for his murders.
That's when the New York Police Department reached out to me to help catch him, which I did.
So they hired me and I became Consultant Reinhart.
So now I'm working with this woman, Detective Lizzie Needham of the homicide division, catching killers.
Looks like I need a new name.
Don't they call you Professor Psychopath? GIRLS: Into our, into our, into our, into our own Into our own GIRL 1: We're coming at you like a perfect storm Into our own We're coming at you like some future form We're coming into our, into our, into our, into our own Can't stop us even if you wanted to try Into our own Can't stop us even if you can make us cry We're coming into our, into our, into our Into our own Sweet, but take it down a notch for the neighbors' sake.
(MEOWS) Ah, I forgot Harry's dish.
Go on ahead.
Bye, Miss Rameen.
Bye, Miss Rameen.
Bye, Miss Rameen.
- See you tomorrow.
- Into our, into our Into our, into our own Into our own.
(KEYS JINGLING) (GUNSHOT) Time keeps rollin' Just make sure you call him "Your Honor," all right? Okay, thanks.
What is that, a Glencallan face I see? Double, please.
So what's up? Don't tell me Joan's still pushing that ridiculous deadline for your first chapter.
Tailor can't fix the snag in your Brunello Cucinelli? My father called.
He wants me to join him for a hunting trip this weekend.
And you need to tell me that you don't want to go, but you can't say no to your dad, so I'll say what a great guy he is, and tell you you should go, and you'll start packing.
It's slightly more egosyntonic than that.
You know, you have a real filthy mouth.
I actually want to go.
You know, it's hunting, the one thing my father and I share.
WAITER: Double, neat.
Thank you.
Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen.
Was it "mitigating circumstances"? I can't read my own writing.
Try that on the judge.
Thanks, Andy.
I owe you one.
So you can take the lawyer out of his white shoes, but Well, it was mostly a wardrobe issue I had with practicing law.
You know, the soul-crushing part was secondary.
- Are you deflecting? - I'm deflecting, you're deflecting off your dad, who, by the way, - I actually like.
- Of course you like him.
You're both charming sports fanatics who make a mean martini.
Thankfully, that's where the resemblance ends, and you're not an egomaniacal powermonger.
Not yet.
(CHUCKLES) You know, you don't have to go with him.
You're busy with a new job.
Maybe, uh, maybe you don't need your dad in your head right now.
He's not.
But hunting is the one way I can spend time with my father where I'm not his target.
JASMINE: There was a shooting outside the youth center in Astoria.
You'll be on special assignment.
It's not yet a homicide, but the victim is likely.
Meaning l-likely to die? Just learning the lingo.
If you're pulling us into this because it's my rookie beat, - I hear the neighborhood's changed.
- No.
It's the mayor who wants her shiny new toy on this case.
"Shiny New Toy" just might stick.
But why is the mayor involved? She fears it's a powder keg that could blow up the entire city.
The victim's name is Rameen Nasjami, the director of the youth center.
This photo was taken by her mother earlier yesterday.
Her headscarf wasn't found at the scene.
Missing hijab.
Was this a hate crime? That's what the mayor needs to know.
The hate crime squad wasn't assigned, but overnight the Twitterverse exploded.
Conspiracy buffs on one extreme are accusing us of bias.
LIZZIE: "When the shooter's Muslim, they jump to terrorist.
When the victim's Muslim, they" And let me guess, the other side is screaming that the mayor is fabricating a fake hate crime - to play to her base.
- Bingo.
LIZZIE: "Three down"? What's that about? There've been two other incidents against Muslims in the boroughs recently.
And the lovely troll on this thread is encouraging folks to add number three - to the body count.
- We got to get ahead of this.
JASMINE: Which is why I need answers by the end of the day, when the mayor is threatening to break with the NYPD and denounce our position publicly.
You expect us to find the shooter in nine hours? More like eight.
Let's go.
Detective Needham.
Uh, hello.
It is such an honor to meet you.
- Why is that? - You are a legend in the 1-19.
My sergeant's always raving about your gunrunner bust back in the day.
- A legend.
- She took down four perps by herself without even drawing her weapon.
Okay, we're on a deadline.
What are you doing here? Uh, Zack Clark.
I was the first officer on the scene last night.
Ah, nice to meet you, Zack.
But if you think that blowing smoke is gonna get you out of filing your 61 Oh, no, no, ma'am.
Uh, I have my incident report.
Uh, at 2200 hours, multiple 911 calls reported hearing a single gunshot.
Responding officer me discovered a female victim, unconscious, bleeding from a chest wound.
Now, EMS removed victim via bus to Dutch Kills General Hospital.
She went by bus? - Ambulance.
More lingo for you.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were Detective Needham's partner.
Oh, I am.
- Dylan Reinhart.
- We're partners.
He's not a cop.
- Oh, uh - ‭Go on.
Well, uh, a canvass of the area hasn't turned up any eyewitnesses, weapons, shell casings or useful CCTV footage.
- What do you think, Zack? - ‭Oh.
I'm not a detective.
But it's your beat.
You must have your ear to the ground.
Well, with no robbery, no sexual assault, suggests a targeted hit.
And since Rameen, the victim, took over the youth center, it's attracted more kids, including gang affiliates and Muslims.
Older residents are calling it a mini mosque, though I've never seen evidence of that.
Did Nancy Drew have time to run the vic's name? (CHUCKLES) Yes, ma'am.
The only time Rameen had police contact was a few weeks ago when my partner got called to a domestic argument with her older brother.
Might have led with that.
Well, at the time, he decided not to file the DIR a Domestic Incident Report.
But now I wonder.
I mean, I have heard devout families can react when relatives get too westernized.
Could this have been an honor killing? Well, that would be very rare if I can say that word without licking my chops.
Okay, let's take a breath and start at step one.
- You got wheels? - ‭Uh, no.
I came by subway.
My shift ended at 0400.
You got off the clock four hours ago.
Why are you even here? There was a shooting.
You're certain my trip won't be a problem? - I-I wasn't sure of protocol.
- Protocol's simple: you clear your teaching or writing or hunting schedule with me.
This trip should be okay since, according to the mayor, we'll be done by tonight.
I'm just surprised you're a hunter.
Charlie was a hunter.
Did you work this beat together? Mm-mm.
Are you kidding me? It's closed? This was Mrs.
Wisniewski's shop.
She was four foot nothing and all the drug dealers were afraid of her.
She used to make the most god-awful pierogies.
- Kind of wish you had one now? - (CHUCKLES) You can't live in the past, Lizzie.
Sure can miss it, though.
LIZZIE: Crime scene.
Here we go.
Excuse me.
That's not encouraging.
Backward "E" in "get"" May be a number three.
Third victim.
MAN: Thank you all for showing up.
It means so much to our family and to my sister Rameen.
That's the avenging brother? You all know what a fighter Rameen is.
The doctors hope she'll stabilize so they can remove the bullet.
I'm sure Rameen will not give up.
DYLAN: What's going on? Let's find out.
MAN: I bet you know who shot her.
MAN 2: You're blocking my sidewalk.
Oh, boy.
- It's not your sidewalk.
- I got a delivery.
Ain't nobody shop at your wack store anyway.
- Don't you talk about my - Break it up.
Break it up.
Break it up.
A young woman is fighting for her life.
Show some respect.
We got respect.
It's them doesn't any respect.
Guys, can you take a step back? Everybody has a right to be here.
So just go about your business like the neighbors you are.
We don't need this.
LIZZIE: Thanks, guys.
Well done.
Yeah, that works once.
We're gonna need backup here.
Any comment, detectives? Nothing to share yet.
I mean a comment about the breaking news.
What they're calling number four.
"Number four"? A mosque in the Bronx just went up in flames.
They've assigned the Hate Crimes Task Force to the mosque fire.
You will stay focused on this.
Don't let me down.
Our squad will provide backup and coordinate to see if there's a link between the incidents.
Oh, there's not.
Oh? I'm not saying it wasn't provoked by shared sentiments, but a shooter's not an arsonist.
Their profiles are opposites.
Ruling out pyromania, which we can, arson is impulsive and impersonal, whereas I-I can elaborate on this another time.
She was the best.
No one hated Rameen.
Maybe they hated how she looked? Have there been other problems here? Smaller things like threats don't always get reported.
People feel ashamed of being targeted.
Or they don't want to get the police involved.
There was a bag of something nasty left here on the steps.
But it was months ago.
And Rameen said to just ignore it.
What about the graffiti? When did that show up? That was us.
We painted that.
LIZZIE: With a backward "E"? It looked cool.
And "Go back where you came from"? We meant Park Avenue.
So who's not wanted here? Brett Maxton.
The real estate scion? His family's developing this property.
- And the youth center is? - Kicked out.
By an eminent domain partnership between Maxton's empire and the city.
I am beginning to appreciate more fully our mayor's interest in this case.
City Hall and Maxton pulled off their unholy alliance without much press, but my sister's shooting could stir things up.
I'm sorry, but I've got to get back to the hospital.
Oh, we understand.
If you could just answer a couple more questions.
We heard Rameen's headscarf is missing.
My parents told the police because she left home wearing it, but I know Rameen doesn't always keep it on when she's not with family.
Your family's devout? My folks are more traditional than Rameen, or me.
But they're not zealots.
They're just parents trying to adjust to a changing world.
Like all of us.
And like many young women, Rameen's discovering for herself what the head scarf means for her.
You say head scarf, not hijab.
I'm American; I speak English.
We won't hold you any longer.
My respects to your family.
One more thing: We heard you had an angry argument with Rameen a few weeks ago.
She wanted to fight Maxton.
Stage protests over closing the center.
I told her Maxton is a billionaire bully from a long line of bullies.
He warned her he'd crush her.
I was afraid he would.
I'm saying don't cut off a line of inquiry with a suspect.
Surely you don't think that perfectly normal young man shot his sister in a medieval rage? - I don't.
- ‭Well, hello.
Tick tock.
Time's winged chariot and all.
Even with a deadline, to investigate is to be thorough.
To plod.
Certainly not to cut corners.
- Even when you see a dead end? - ‭Okay.
Your instincts may be more finely-tuned than mine, but for me, working a case means being methodical and presuming as little as possible.
So you have no presumptions about the man that's kept us waiting for 20 minutes? No, this guy's a total dick.
Who's apparently a fan of the Jetson's school of architecture.
(DOOR OPENS) Brett Maxton.
Sorry for the delay, but it gave you a chance to admire our vision here.
Kind of takes the breath away.
I bet the rents will, too.
(LAUGHS) These are all condos, but we'll have rentals - in phase two.
- ‭LIZZIE: Oh, phew.
BRETT: I know some people fear change, but we're bringing jobs, revenue, improved infrastructure and new schools to an area that was crying out to be re-branded.
- You play squash? - Since I could walk.
But how's Rameen? I was hoping you guys brought me some good news.
She's still critical.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Damn shame.
She's my kind of gal.
I sent my orthopod to take a look at her.
Rameen deserves the best.
We heard you threatened to crush her.
Sure did.
She hit me, I hit back.
It's how I do business.
And how would you do that? Hit her back? It was a bluff.
I ended up shelling out two mill to move her center to a new location.
Cash for her cause, tax write-off for me.
We'll be in touch.
LIZZIE: Oh, uh, what's the re-brand? What are you calling the new neighborhood? Listoria.
For Land Intersecting Astoria.
Sort of like the foodborne bacteria that causes projectile vomiting? Yeah.
Thanks, guys.
Dig up whatever you can about Maxton's contract with the youth center.
That sleaze can't be taken at face value.
And Q&A with that guy's a waste of time.
What is that? Detective Needham.
You stole that? I liberated it from the demolition heap.
Stan's bodega.
Charlie and I didn't work the 119 together, but I met him there, on my first day, at Stan's.
He was on his way out.
I was nervous.
He told me I'd be fine.
"Just remember," he said, "cops don't change the world.
" Sounds like Charlie thought you might need to check your idealism.
Idealism being Charlie was right.
We don't change the world, it's changed by angry online trolls and guys like Brett Maxton.
idealism being the prelude to cynicism.
- I'm not cynical.
I'm - Good, I caught you.
Our brass catcher's ballistics report is out.
How did you find us? I thought Brett Maxton might be your next stop.
Go on.
Well, they can only rely on the X-ray of the victim's spine until they get the bullet out, - but it's consistent with a .
22 cal.
- And the entry wound? - From above, downward, high angle.
- ‭Burns? Stippling? So shot from a distance, probably a rifle.
- And only one shot? - ‭Yeah.
And under cover of darkness.
We're looking for a marksman.
Fourth floor, front apartment window.
Whoever lives there had the perfect shot.
Come on.
Ana Kalinski is the landlady, or used to be.
Wait till you meet her Please come in, Detective, um Needham.
Don't you remember me? I do.
I was asking about, uh Oh, I'm Dylan Reinhart.
Detective Needham's boss.
- I love your building.
- Oh.
I'm afraid, like me, it's seen better days.
(LAUGHING): Oh, come on.
Don't sell your building, or yourself, short.
I know a classic when I see it, Mrs.
My boss is so right, Mrs.
The new hair really suits you.
And have you lost a few pounds? I had to make an effort after Mr.
K died, but I hate it when women let themselves go.
But be kind.
Most women don't have as much to work with.
Oh, a charmer.
Just like my husband.
He liked the finer things, as I can tell you do.
We've come to ask you about the shooting.
But I can't pretend I didn't see it coming.
When you bring in a certain element Who rents the front apartment on the fourth floor? Troy.
Was Troy mixed up in this? Do you think he could be? I don't know.
H-He came back from Iran or wherever, different.
And he's had some run-ins with that Muslim girl.
- (GASPS) Oh, no.
- What's wrong? I didn't see Troy last night.
With the sirens and all that kind of thing can set him off.
So I tried to peek in, but he changed the lock.
You don't think Well, let's find out.
Troy, open up.
Is there another way in? From the fire escape.
You'd have to jump, but a strong man like I got it.
Stay here.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, your gold slippers remind me of a girl - who broke my heart.
They're very chic.
Ah, lovely.
I'm in! NYPD.
Troy? You here? Oh, no.
Is he dead? (GROWLS) - (SCREAMS) - (DYLAN AND TROY GRUNTING) DYLAN: I believe introductions are in order.
Dylan Reinhart.
Meet Detective Lizzie Needham.
And you, I presume, are Troy.
Look, I-I'm not a danger to myself.
I hadn't slept in three days, so I took a pill and put on my tunes.
Which finally knocked me out around 9:00, until just now, when What do you listen to? Mostly jazz.
Bud Powell last night.
Yeah, I'm not supposed to drink with the pills, but (CLEARS THROAT) I was desperate.
LIZZIE: What did you do in Afghanistan? TROY: I was a cook.
Then how come you got a sharpshooter badge? Uh, my first MOS was field artillery.
They, uh (CLEARS THROAT) they reassigned me when my symptoms - started showing.
- DYLAN: Your landlady thinks you have PTSD, but she's wrong, isn't she? Yeah.
I'm, uh, I have schizophrenia.
So Bud Powell, the jumpy stuff, wouldn't put most people to sleep, but it drowns out the chatter.
Look, look, I'm med, I'm med-compliant.
I'm not depressed; my landlady's a bitch, so you can go.
There was a shooting at the youth center last night.
The director was shot.
The-The Muslim one? Uh, is she okay? She's in the hospital.
LIZZIE: Did you hear anything? - Do you own a gun? - No, I'm not allowed to.
Um I was hospitalized a few years ago.
So, legally you can't, but do you have one anyway? W-W-W-Wait.
Are you I was asleep.
- I didn't even know that girl.
- We heard you had some issues.
You guys think she's Muslim, she's my enemy? We're gonna need you to come with us to the station house.
Yeah, then you'll plant a gun in here.
No way.
(WHISTLES) We shouldn't take him in.
- Why not? - ‭How to say this without invoking "instinct"? Yes, this guy was a sharpshooter, and he had a shot from his window, but he's hardly giving off the cool assassin vibe.
With pills and alcohol, he could've experienced blackout behaviors and not even know what he did.
You're right.
Okay, look.
I know the mentally ill aren't more violent than the general population, but to presume innocence is just as reckless - as jumping to guilt.
- (PHONE BUZZING) He never actually answered my question about the gun.
Right, boss.
I mean it.
I'll slow down.
Here's a lead you might enjoy tracking.
Looks like Brett Maxton wasn't entirely honest about paying the center's relocation costs.
- Shocking.
- ‭He struck a deal for $2 million with Rameen, but then hasn't even made the initial payment yet.
What about Troy? Your instinct's right.
We'll get better cooperation keeping him here.
I'll sit on Troy until the guys can get a search warrant, and then I'll get patrol to babysit.
I know just the young officer for the job.
And I know just the guy to help us crack Brett Maxton's books.
This is more than a favor.
It's a game of squash.
You're on the same team.
I have assets in Pyongyang I trust more than Brett Maxton.
But surely your alter ego, "Oliver Tate," must relish the chance to hobnob with real estate royalty.
You think Maxton's capable of murder? As your father once said, "Aren't we all?" I'm seeing him this weekend.
Hunting trip.
You must be dreading that.
(SIGHS) Yes and no.
Will he try to drag you in from the cold? ‭Always.
How is it you know everything about my father, - and I know nothing about yours? - I'm better at this than you.
Also, I didn't go into the family business.
My dad isn't head spook.
Just try to stay out of his line of fire.
(LAUGHS) Brett's locker combination and computer password - you've got it? - ‭Yeah.
Once you find what you need, you can download it here.
Is this the best you can do? It's the best you can do.
We both know tech-savvy is not among your superpowers.
We have the court for an hour, but I usually thrash him quicker.
- Can't you go easy on him today? - For you, I will compromise my morals, my dating standards, my allegiance to queen and country, but I will not compromise my game.
Uh, Steve called.
Said to give him a call back when you can.
He sounds nice.
But, uh, if you ask me, he's trying a little too hard.
What are you doing here and why are you answering our phones? 'Cause it's my job.
I got it, all thanks to you.
I am the new homicide administrative assistant.
I used to bend the law, now I uphold it.
(CHUCKLES) I'm like Dirty Harry.
But without, you know, like, the gun and the badge and with a pretty severe case of asthma, actually.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Oh! I gotta get that.
(WATER RUNNING) (BEEPING) (BEEPING) New member? I've never seen you here.
Uh no, you haven't.
Yes, I am new.
They must have given you an old combo.
You're punching in three digits.
They just changed to four.
We can call an attendant.
- What's your name? - ‭Um, it's, uh It's-it's Oliver Tate.
Call for help with that.
(PHONE BUZZING) (COMPUTER DINGS) LIZZIE: Those are Rameen's parents.
Unfortunately, the call was premature.
She won't be able to answer questions for a few hours, but she did pull through, and the surgeon removed the bullet.
It's on its way to ballistics right now.
Any weapons turn up in Troy's apartment? ‭No.
But his computer has a history of searches on conspiracy sites.
Oh, like 63% of all American Okay, I'm just plodding here.
No need to jump.
What did you find? Well, I may have come into possession of a trove of Brett Maxton data Don't tell me how.
which I passed on to a lawyer to decipher.
I hope this lawyer is discreet.
Oh, I would trust him with my life.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Put it on speaker.
- Lieutenant, yes, I hear you, but Hate Crimes is taking over.
Put it on speaker.
No, of course we can't ignore an escalation like this.
Subway attack on Sikh tourists.
- I agree, it's blowing up, but - Put her on speaker.
Of course, Hate Crimes has to come on board, but But keep us on it, too! - Let us follow the shooting.
- I was going to say that.
- JASMINE: Are you making progress? - BOTH: Yes! Well, if you want to take the next few hours Yes, thank you, we will.
That's great.
You hung up on her on my phone.
She was heading towards a yes.
I just didn't want to give her a chance to say Police! Stop! (DOCTOR GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) ‭Up! Kevin? - He a friend of yours? - I knew him as a kid.
Right, Kev? Kev was one of the smart ones.
Knew when I was packing gummy bears, knew I'd share.
My partner thinks I'm stuck in the past, - but those were good times, right, Kev? - (KEVIN MUMBLES) How many ways have you broken your mom's heart since then? - Look, I still help my mom.
- ‭Hey.
Hey, hey, what's this thing for? You here to harm Rameen? N-No, Miss Rameen's been good to me.
Hey, this is her hijab.
She-she left it at the park, okay? Why did you run from us? You got any warrants, Kev? Anything on you I should be concerned about? - I didn't shoot her.
- Do you know who did? You ever have a gun? I'll ask around - and find out if you're lying.
- It wasn't me, okay? I gave the gun to Troy.
I guess we are making progress.
Kev's more a poser than a banger.
A good kid, but he makes stuff up.
I don't know about any gun.
(GASPS, SIREN BLARING) - And too many cops, too much noise.
- (SIREN TOOTS OFF) Yeah, there's a vigil planned for tonight.
That's a bad idea.
Man, things could go sideways fast.
You must have seen a lot of that on base.
You know I didn't catch schizophrenia in battle, right? Yeah.
You were just the right age for a break.
Do the meds help your voices? Most inner voices are intrusive and critical.
I don't have the same diagnosis as you, but I do know what it's like to have voices in my head.
I've had them since childhood.
Sometimes I have to work hard to ignore them, figure out what's true.
Yeah, who to trust? Look, I want to help you through this, but I can't if you don't tell the truth.
So what about this gun? Kev started packing for show.
And I had words with him about it right here on this stoop last Saturday.
Thanks for being honest.
Yeah, but but you won't find that gun.
Why not? I threw it in the construction Dumpster.
That gun's (WHISTLES) It's long gone.
ZACK: Garbage was collected yesterday.
Still, I need you to identify every snot rag, every dirty diaper, every rancid chicken bone.
You want photos, too? Are you being a smart-ass? No, ma'am.
I want to be thorough and not miss anything.
Knock yourself out.
Like I said, almost empty, except for this.
That was easy.
Uh, complete that thought.
Too easy? LIZZIE: Okay, no prints on the gun, but while ballistics runs it, we'll take turns with Troy.
He wouldn't tell us where he threw the gun just to lie about when.
Unless he shot her.
We need to clear up the discrepancies, even if his answers contradict your gut.
FUCCI: Well, Hate Crimes is on this now.
Why sweat it? Unless you're bucking for 2nd Grade.
She's just trying to set the right example for Shiny New Toy.
Told you it might stick.
‭JASMINE: Nice work.
Hate Crimes agrees that their suspects aren't associated with your guy, so he's only good for the shooting.
But let's seal it with a perp walk.
We haven't begun interrogation.
We're not there yet.
Is this coming from the mayor? It's coming from me, Detective.
We got crowds descending for a vigil, and we can defuse the situation with an announcement before dark.
But it's premature.
Troy isn't even under arrest.
So collar him.
The guy had means: access to a gun that he lied about.
He had motive: issues with the victim, and he had opportunity: - right out his window.
- He's cooperating now, but that might stop if he's put through a stressful ordeal.
Which is why I'll take over - the interrogation.
- ‭Jasmine! Lieutenant, please just give us another hour with him as a favor, please.
Is that ballistics? Mm-hmm.
(SIGHS) They got a hit.
The gun's a match.
It was used to shoot Rameen.
Make his arrest official and transfer him to the Tombs.
I'll alert the press.
A pistol?! What happened to plodding, not cutting corners? That pistol from that window is a near-impossible shot.
He is a trained marksman.
But a murderer? I don't believe he did it.
It's not our job to convict or exonerate.
That's for the courts.
We go after the truth until it's taken out of our hands, and if that's me being cynical or just knowing how things work Okay, okay, I get it, boss.
Cops don't change the world.
So what's next? Next, I do my job, and you go home and pack.
Enjoy your hunting trip.
Officer? Look up every mention of Troy you can find summons, public records, 61s, anytime you even heard his name.
- Do it now.
- ‭Yes, ma'am.
MAN: Troy! WOMAN: Hey, Troy.
Troy, Troy, Troy.
WOMAN: Any comment about the gun? - Where did you get that? - Where did you get it? - Any details on what you did? - Any details at all? WOMAN 2: Did you do it? - (DOOR OPENS) - Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
I got to take a shower after digging through Brett Maxton's documents.
What a sleaze.
Please tell me you found something felonious.
That's the worst part.
I-It's all legal, how the Maxtons operate.
They did it in Brooklyn, now they're doing it in Queens.
They make slightly above-market offers and gobble up whole blocks, but in the fine print, structure the payment schedules tied to an index chosen by the obligor.
Can you say that in any of the languages I'm fluent in? Maxton can stretch his payments over so many years, his payees won't get their money for decades.
By the time Rameen's youth center is paid off, those teens will be 75.
I forgot how good you are at this.
I had some fun.
At least one of us is up to the job.
What went wrong? I don't know.
I didn't take this on believing that I could surpass experienced detectives - Like Lizzie.
- Uh-huh.
But I did expect my talents to be added value.
Maybe I'm not the expert I like to think I am.
Oh, no.
No, we're not doing that.
You're about to go and see your father who's always judged you unfairly, so you're pregaming by beating yourself up.
I won't have it.
Get him out of your head, Dylan.
ANDY: Banked it in.
Our hunting, his faint praise it's all tied in.
My first kill.
Hunting with my father.
I actually aimed away.
But the bullet ricocheted.
Hell of a shot.
I got to go.
You may have just helped us solve this case.
Lizzie, I have a theory that may free Troy, but I need your help to prove it.
What if this wasn't a hell of a shot? What if this was the worst shot ever? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You were right.
Ballistics did a chemical analysis, found traces of aluminum on the bullet.
Look at you, plodding through physical evidence.
What made you think it ricocheted? Instinct.
(SCOFFS) They also found traces of paint.
Bright orange.
Colors match, and they verified the spot the bullet hit.
Go up.
Take a look.
I've already been.
Oh, no, I'm good.
So, the bullet hit there, then veered Down to where Rameen fell.
The thing is, there was no shot from Troy's window to where the bullet hit, but there is a shot You don't want to ride up and take a look? I can visualize.
Oh, my God, you're scared of heights.
I have a healthy respect - for elevation, yes.
‭ - Oh.
Then you're gonna love where we're going next.
Please don't tell me we're going on the roof.
We're going on the roof! Be careful out there.
I'm nowhere near the edge.
I mean the tar.
Oh, why didn't you warn me? I did warn you.
Look at that.
I don't think we should disturb the scene.
Do you need a hand? No.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Yes, yes, yes.
ZACK: Hey, guys.
(GASPS) Did you plant a GPS in Detective Needham's neck? No, sir, I asked the officers downstairs.
Have you found anything on Troy? Yeah, but it may not matter.
Rumor is - he's gonna take a plea.
- ‭Oh.
- Troy confessed? - I was worried he'd be pressured into it.
And once he files an official plea in court, he'll be sent away.
- What did you find out? - Not much.
Troy filed a complaint with the Housing Authority.
Normal stuff like leaks, rodents.
Were there any counter-complaints? What are you thinking? Rameen wasn't the target.
Troy was.
I just saw him on the news.
Poor boy.
But I can't say I'm not relieved.
I'm sure.
Such an unstable person living here for so many years.
At least he will get the care he needs if he pleads insanity.
- I could testify to help with that.
- ‭Thanks.
You're way ahead of us.
There is one thing about Troy's confession that doesn't add up.
He claims he threw the gun away five days ago, before the trash collection.
Can you shed any light on that? Well, uh, yes.
I heard him and that gang boy arguing on the stoop about a gun just yesterday.
And you know what, I saw him heading to the Dumpster - after the shooting.
- I-I'm sorry.
I thought you said Troy never left his room.
Well, I meant that gang boy - Ah.
- went to the Dumpster.
Maybe Troy threw the gun down to him.
You're very good at this.
You can count on me as a witness.
It's like you said when we met, you knew something like this was gonna happen.
You're intriguing, Ana.
In fact, you're the only person I've met in the last ten hours whose behavior is mysterious to me.
Why is such a stylish woman who is so much better maintained than the building she owns still stuck in a neighborhood like this? Why hasn't she sold out? She's so clearly in her prime.
Ready to move on.
Deserves the finer things.
Oh, well But you couldn't sell, could you, Mrs.
K? Brett Maxton wouldn't buy a building with a rent-controlled tenant, a disabled vet whose apartment is protected.
A developer would be as stuck with him as you have been.
So you had to get rid of him.
You tried eviction, but the Housing Commission was on his side.
DYLAN: Then, last week, you overheard Troy and Kev arguing about a gun.
You saw where Troy threw it away, and you retrieved it.
LIZZIE: You only meant to fire wild and have Troy blamed.
DYLAN: Your plan would've worked, but Troy changed the locks, and you had to throw the gun away.
LIZZIE: And Rameen may live, so if you cooperate I do not go on the roof.
No one does.
- It's not safe.
- ‭I agree.
And I tried to tell my partner that, but (SCOFFS) she's the boss.
From the Dumpster.
REPORTER: Breaking news from the suspected hate crime in Queens "Awesome job.
" That is a direct quote from the mayor, who's on her way to join the vigil.
It looks like Rameen will live, and even Brett Maxton is hopping on the goodwill train, announcing that he will donate outright a new home for the youth center.
What got into him? He may have been threatened with some bad PR.
Well, the prevailing story in the media is our city keeping calm and carrying on against zealotry.
How's the Twitterverse? Freedom of speech continues to run amok.
God bless America.
How did you two crack this one? Ask Shiny New.
Hate crimes aren't the only aberration that can go viral.
Greed can infect a whole community if certain conditions encourage it and What he's saying is that most people wouldn't kill for a million dollars, but if someone put a winning lottery ticket in your hand and there was only one obstacle in your way ‭Look at you with the behavioral context.
Just for the record, I could not have cracked this one without the thorough plodding of my partner.
Oh, and Officer Clark was an asset.
He really came through.
I think we should bring him up on the squad.
Of course you do.
He's just like you were when you started out: overeager, overachiever.
She just wants someone else to boss around.
‭Okay, okay.
I may have been hard on him, but I think that Zack is the kind of new blood we need around here, a cop who still wants to change the world.
I'll think about it.
Don't you have a train to catch? Oh, no, I canceled on my father hours ago.
The trip was with your dad? - Mm-hmm.
- ‭Was he disappointed? Oh, he's used to it.
I've been disappointing him since the day I was born.
- Long story? - ‭Oh, ongoing.
But I'm starting to be okay with the fact that we're very different men.
I'm more about the hunt.
- My father is all about the kill.
- ZACK: Excuse me.
Someone's waiting to see you.
I, uh I didn't want to go home without, um thanking the both of you.
You're so welcome.
No one does this.
Yeah, I'm, uh I'm gonna be glad to get home.
I'm never gonna complain about that neighborhood again.
I might even get used to the, uh, bulldozers.
- (LAUGHS) - (CHUCKLES) Thank you, guys.
So long.
LIZZIE: Hey, um, wait a minute.
I have something you might like.
Stan's bodega.
Take care.
- You gave him your memento.
- ‭I did.
What will I cling to now? Just so you know, I don't think you ever have to give up your idealism.
Oh, I don't know.
I hear you can't live in the past.
But why would you want to when the present looks so auspicious? I was-I was referring to our partnership.
Oh, but we're not partners.
I'm your boss.