Instinct (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

After Hours

1 Previously on Instinct I don't know how Andy managed dating a spy, but I can't do it.
We broke up last night.
In my final scan, I found a sophisticated malware bot.
- A malware bot? - Could be targeting me or the NYPD.
To fully understand the behavior of the Sleeping Beauty killer, I think we need to go back.
The cowboy motif.
The blood found on the pillow was from a cat.
What were you looking for in my room? - Who's Sleeping Beauty? - Our friend here has a very popular true crime podcast.
Dennis just posted something.
I have an interesting new story, one that cops don't want you to know about.
Is he doing this live? The Sleeping Beauty killer himself.
Everyone at some point in their life wants to kill someone.
Then one day, I did it.
Where is he? So much for controlling the narrative.
It is my sworn duty to protect this city, and I take that responsibility very seriously.
I share in your anger and frustration that a killer has taken the lives - of two of our citizens.
- Why are we just hearing about these Sleeping Beauty murders now? Lieutenant, is this really the work of a serial killer? - Yes, it is.
- We have reason to believe that these murders were committed by the same person I do not envy her position.
With great power This media circus is exactly what the killer wanted when he went on that podcast.
If it was really him, which we don't know yet.
True, but either way, we have to regain control of the narrative.
But how are we supposed to do that? We can't exactly stuff the podcast back in the bag.
Well, luckily, the podcaster is not a cat, and I am a behavioral expert for humans, not felines.
Who said anything about cats? You know, sex is actually very painful for cats.
You ready? I think I'd like to do this one on my own, if that's okay.
- You sure? - Yeah.
If I need you, I know where to find you.
So, you want to talk about your little interview with the Sleeping Beauty killer? Little? It has 50,000 downloads already.
You know I what I find fascinating? Less than 48 hours ago, you sat in this very room and you promised us that you would keep a lid on that story.
What can I say? Circumstances changed.
Yeah, I understand.
I get it.
But you know what hasn't changed? Three people are dead, two here and one in Nebraska, and we have every reason to believe that there will be more.
- You need to do what's right.
- And what's right? Start by telling me how the killer contacted you.
He friended me on Facebook.
- He fr - What do you think? He called me from a blocked number.
Did it ever occur to you while you were chatting with this guy that we could've traced the damn number? Look, truth is I didn't talk to him.
He left a voicemail.
And yes, his voice was already disguised.
I just cut it together to make it sound like an interview.
- I need to hear that voicemail.
- You already did In its entirety.
I know you saved sore clips from that message to drop in later episodes.
Smart cop.
What's in it for me? How about your survival? Are you threatening me? We think the killer chose his last two victims because they knew too much.
If he keeps that up, you've got a pretty big target on your back.
- Oh.
- My guess you're next.
All right.
I'll play.
You have my word that we are doing everything within our power to bring the killer to justice, and that I will keep you informed of any new developments.
Hey, is it true another Sleeping Beauty body was just found? Gunshot wound to the chest instead of a bludgeoning, that's new.
Is our killer evolving? Makeshift staging, the trench coat instead of a blanket, the purse instead of a pillow.
Feels like a regression.
And messy.
The other bodies were cleaned up.
What are you thinking? This isn't the work of the Sleeping Beauty killer.
Yeah, well, then I'm thinking this one is for you and Needham.
Detective Teen Beat and I have enough to keep us busy with Sleeping Beauty's actual victims.
A wig? - Plot thickens.
- I'll let Jasmine know.
I'm sure she'll be happy to tell the press they got it wrong.
Actually, I don't think we should go public with that yet.
This murder might be just what we need to regain control.
- What's this? - Tranquil blue.
The color I want to paint the nursery.
You found out it's a boy? Oh, God, you sound just like Andy.
But he thinks we should wait until we know the sex so we don't introduce gender stereotyping, but I just happen to like blue.
Then wait.
And start our child's life and our parenting reacting to a superficial theory that's based on unproven anecdotal evidence? Mm, right.
Isn't there a crime scene photo you needed to show me? No ID on the victim yet.
She didn't have her phone or her wallet.
Hmm, robbery? Not unless the killer was after something other than money.
The victim was carrying $500 in cash, wearing a diamond necklace and a wig.
Did she have anything else on her? Mm-hmm, makeup, condoms and this.
- Hotel key? Where is it to? - Mm-hmm.
I don't know, but I know someone who will.
Oh, of course you do.
So you go handle that, and I'll, uh, do something else.
You can't avoid him forever.
It was hard enough working with him while we were dating.
Now the awkwardness is unbearable.
How about we rip off the Band-Aid? Are you telling me that plucky, tough-as-nails, seen-it-all Detective Needham can't focus on her work because of a boy? Rip it off.
The Bellmark Hotel.
What are you two psychically conversing about now? Well, the Bellmark is known to cater to a rather powerful international clientele.
- Like the two of you? - Oh, I've stayed there, yes.
Well, with the wig, the untouched cash, and now the hotel, this is looking like it might be going deep.
Uh, maybe she's the one who sabotaged our computers.
Or maybe she's plotting to take over the world.
Or maybe she's just a rich woman who likes staying in nice hotels.
Oh, this was fun.
I'm gonna go and see the hotel that caters to a "powerful, international clientele.
" Of course Julian stays here.
I specifically said house seats.
I did not come to New York to sit in the mezzanine.
Sir, I can arrange orchestra center seats - for tomorrow night - Forget it.
Thanks for nothing.
Welcome to the Bellmark, how can I help you? We'd like to speak with the manager, please.
Just one moment.
It's to Vivian Russo's suite.
She's been with us for about a week.
She's one of our VIPs.
She's scheduled to check out tomorrow.
Do you have a photo ID of Vivian on file by any chance? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
We'll take it from here.
Anyone in there? Police, who are you? I'm so, so sorry.
Well, I guess we have our first suspect.
It's the biggest mistake I ever made, but did she really call the cops on me? What is your relationship to Vivian? I'm her protégé.
I mean, she's my boss, but she calls me her protégé.
Her protégé in what, exactly? She's one of the most powerful PR reps in the whole world.
Who lets her protégé pass out in her bed? I was waiting for her.
Last night, we came up here to wrap up some work, and she suggested that we have a drink, which she never does.
So I guess I thought that might mean that she feels the same way that I do.
I didn't plan on telling her.
Telling her what? That I love her.
She didn't say anything back.
I was so embarrassed I just grabbed my bag and ran out.
Why does this matter? Did something happen to Vivian? We'll get to that.
Uh, how did you get back here? I walked around for a couple of hours until I worked up the nerve to call and-and apologize, but when I did, her phone rang in my bag.
On top of everything, I'd accidentally taken her phone, so I had to, had to come back here to return it.
What happened when you got back? She wasn't here.
And I saw that she had left her wallet, and she went out with no wallet and no phone.
I mean, that's weird, right? - Yes.
Yes, it is.
- Exactly.
That's why I was worried.
And I started to drink.
I guess I I got really drunk and I passed out on her bed.
What happened to your hand? I knocked over the cart.
I was trying to clean it up, but I cut my hand on the bottle instead.
So you told your boss you love her, you took her phone, you got drunk on her overpriced minibar booze, you cut your hand, and you passed out in her bed? I told you it was a bad night.
So you're telling me, not only should I not tell the media this isn't a Sleeping Beauty kill, but you want to go on this podcast and say that it is.
Yes, ma'am, that is exactly what we're telling you.
We think the real Sleeping Beauty killer will want to correct the narrative.
He takes too much pride in his work and signature to let us ascribe this sloppy murder to him.
How do you know he won't correct the narrative by killing again? Based on his recent moves taunting us, breaking into Ryan's hotel room, leaving the blanket on his bed uh, we think he's more focused on the game he's playing with us than on killing.
How sure are you about this? Oh, stupid question.
You're sure about everything you say.
I'll think about it.
She likes it.
Footage from the hotel lobby confirms Noah's accounts from last night, and other than brief conversations with the doorman and concierge, Vivian didn't seem to interact with anyone there.
But there's more.
Unfortunately, you're gonna love this.
- Mmm.
- Vivian's client list.
Her company specialized in lobbying foreign governments.
Oh, so a powerful woman with international connections goes out in a disguise, carrying only cash? Mm-hmm.
Say it.
Maybe she isn't just a rich woman who likes staying in nice hotels.
See? That's exactly what I was thinking.
I'll reach out to the agency.
We unlocked Vivian's phone.
Check it out.
- Last night, 10:00 p.
- "Sasha"? No address, no other info.
And no Sasha in the contacts.
We're gonna need to go through her e-mails, personal files, see if we can find a Sasha anywhere.
The ME says he has something he needs us to see.
The bruising patterns on her wrists and her upper arms suggest a struggle before death.
Looks like she may have been restrained.
You do realize we can't see anything, - right? - Wait for it.
I was using a UV light to look for bodily fluids and additional skin trauma, which I didn't find.
But I did find this.
Ooh, looks like a depiction of Harpocrates, the, uh, Greek god of silence and secrets.
Uh, looks like a stamp from a nightclub.
The New York god of "ladies drink free.
" - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yes, it could be that.
Hotel camera footage shows you with Vivian yesterday afternoon.
Do you remember what you talked about? Of course.
She was thanking me for a last-minute dinner reservation I made for her at The Grill.
They were booked up, but it's my job to get our guests access to the best parts of the city, no matter what.
You didn't talk about anything else? As far as I remember.
We believe Vivian went to a club before she died.
Are you sure you didn't point her in that direction? This hotel prides itself on discretion.
If my boss finds out I'm talking to you, I could lose my job.
Gemma, one of your guests is dead.
Vivian asked me if I could recommend an erotic lifestyle club.
I sent her to a place called Elysian Underground.
It's incredibly expensive, selective, exclusive.
That's where the stamp is from.
I'm sorry, did you say "erotic lifestyle club"? - A sex club.
- Thank you.
A lot of my job is securing Broadway tickets and dinner reservations, but sometimes it gets more interesting than that.
Does the name Sasha mean anything to you? No, I don't think so.
- Someone you know? - Uh just an old friend.
Small world.
Maya's singing in our lounge this week.
So, how does one gain access to this oh-so-exclusive club? So, Vivian was meeting this Sasha person at a sex club.
Explains the outfit and the wig.
Why is it so important for you to think that this could be a vast international conspiracy? It could be as simple as a woman went to a sex club, ran into a deviant with no impulse control who roughed her up and killed her.
- Actually - Oh, here we go.
People who go to these clubs generally have a very healthy sense of sexual boundaries.
Yes, they have an impulse to do something illicit, but they manage to do so in a way that is strictly consensual and contextually acceptable.
So you don't think the fact that she went to a sex club has anything to do with her murder? I'm just not convinced that the motive was sexual in nature.
If this club is as secretive and exclusive as Gemma says, we could be dealing with power brokers, politicians, celebrities Exactly the kind of people Vivian worked for.
And against.
Her client list has multiple companies with links to Russia.
Sasha is a Russian nickname for Alexander.
It's also the American name for Sasha.
What if Vivian went to this club knowing that Sasha was there to gain some sort of kompromat on him? Can't you just say "blackmail"? It's so much more fun to say kompromat.
And not all Sashas are Russian.
Either way, we've got to find him.
Or her.
And I'm not sure if people at this club are gonna want to talk to people like us.
Dylan Reinhart, are you asking me to go undercover with you to a sex club? Yes, I am.
Though she be but little, she has an omnidirectional range with an extraordinary high frequency response.
A traditional knot? Really? - Too boring? - Too stodgy.
I believe that Keith, the hip Scottish oil baron, would prefer a one-sided ring knot.
I think he would.
This is fun.
- Like the old days.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, remember, whatever else you take off The bow tie stays on.
Got it.
It wasn't just the bow tie.
What? Something else is wrong.
You're stiff, holding something back.
Unlike the older days.
Maya's in town.
Performing at the Bellmark.
- I haven't heard from her.
- Good.
Especially when you're vulnerable.
- I'm not vulnerable.
- Didn't you just have your heart broken? Do you have to put it that way? Be careful.
I will.
I don't make mistakes twice.
Now, give me your ear.
Oh, Andy, hi.
You're back early.
Slow night at the bar.
Hi, Julian.
Hello, Andy.
This is an interesting ensemble you're trying out here.
It's not what it looks like.
So you're dressed like that and huddling with Julian because you're not going undercover? Why don't I give you two a moment? - That's not necessary.
- That would be great.
Okay, I am going undercover.
See, now, I thought those days were behind us.
It's police undercover and Julian is strictly tech support.
I am merely going with Lizzie to an elite sex club.
I cannot believe that sounds like good news right now.
So I guess we're not gonna continue the great nursery paint color debate tonight, huh? I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Yes, no, arguing about primary colors and gender bias is exactly how I hope to spend my free time between, you know, owning my own bar and looking for a full-time law gig.
And polishing off the single malt.
Blame the kilt.
Are you serious about going back into law? Yes, I am, but something tells me now may not be the best time to talk about life-changing decisions.
- Why? - Well, because you're obviously busy with, you know, all this.
I've got it.
Oh, you look Where's Dylan? Here I am.
Wow, you look Wow.
You look hot.
- Should I be jealous? - No more than usual.
- All right.
- Where you going? To a part of the house where undercover means beneath a blanket.
Lizzie Your surveillance gear awaits.
- Oh, right.
- Just give me a minute.
Tell Ryan hello.
The universe keeps bringing us together.
Or Dylan does.
We can work together without it being weird, right? Well, absolutely.
For you.
Not weird at all.
Uh, these are beautiful.
This is your lav mic.
I'll be in direct communication with you the entire time.
You'll be in direct communication with Penny, the Australian sommelier, the entire time.
Okay then, Penny.
This is a video streaming lens that will play to my signal post.
I'll use facial recognition software to steer you towards possible suspects in real time.
You have to admit it's really rather cool.
It's not bad.
May I? I can do it.
Almost ready! Drink while we wait? - We're working.
- Right.
You nervous? No.
Are you? I meant about tonight's assignment.
Oh, right, no.
I'm looking forward to getting a taste of the deep, dark, scary spy world that you and Dylan live in.
I know you're being facetious, but I hope you'll also be careful.
Dylan, you all set? Ready and listening.
This is Dennis Walker, coming to you from the heart of the 11th precinct.
There's been another body drop in the case that has New York City in its terrifying vise-grip.
That's right, I'm talking about the Sleeping Beauty serial killer.
Joining me tonight is Detective Ryan Stock, one of the lead investigators in this horrifying case.
He's agreed to weigh in exclusively on the latest victim.
Detective Stock, welcome.
Thank you, Dennis.
Before we get to any questions, I want to clear something up with your listeners.
Uh, okay.
We can't know for sure that the person you spoke with was the Sleeping Beauty killer.
That person did not reveal any details that you yourself couldn't have known.
I get you have to say that, but there's No, I don't have to say anything.
Not to you or your listeners.
Well, thank you for clarifying that.
Of course, I have very good reason to believe that it was the killer, but let's move on.
Anything you can tell us about this latest victim? - Any takeaways? - Sure.
I guess that most recent murder, in its rushed staging, suggests another regression for the killer.
- Another regression? - Yeah.
Not so long ago, the killer actually contacted me directly.
If he really did reach out to you, he's stepping back, using you as the middleman.
And what does that mean? It means he's getting sloppy.
Or cowardly.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell our listeners? There's something that I'd like to tell one of your listeners.
You have my number.
Man up and dial it.
- You heard it here.
- That was perfect.
Now we just have to wait for him to make his move.
You know, I really hope you're right about this.
What am I talking about? You are always right.
Talk to you later.
- Ready? - I've been ready.
I really can't understand why he needed you for that.
It's like you're his emotional support puppy.
You know, if you can't learn to share me, we are not gonna have any fun at this sex club.
Are you ready for this, my darling? It's going to be our best anniversary ever.
So, where do we start? Let's start with the tall, dark and handsome man at your three o'clock.
Yes, please.
Nicolas Fernandez, tech tycoon from Madrid.
Vivian's firm represents a security company that used to work with him.
They cut ties ten months ago.
- Mind if we sit? - Please.
You're new here, aren't you? Is it that obvious? Oh, we would have noticed you before.
But you do look familiar.
- Have we met before? - I don't think so.
You come here often? Whenever we are in New York.
Although, lately, my work has been keeping us away.
Why is that? Darling, remember our rule.
We don't talk about work here.
I swear I've seen you somewhere.
Have you been to Pothos's Playground in Ibiza? No.
Should we go? Darling, should our new friends go to Pothos's Playground? Perhaps it's time to divide and conquer.
I'm gonna go and powder my nose, darling.
Excuse me.
I think Nicolas and Bridget took a real shine to you and Dylan.
In the meantime, you passed by a state senator, a Korean movie star, and a Bitcoin billionaire from San Francisco.
But no sign of anyone called Sasha yet.
Where would you like to start? With the waitstaff.
Maybe one of them remembers Vivian from last night.
Thank you.
Are you enjoying yourself? Yes, but it's my first time.
I'm a little nervous.
You look like you fit right in.
This is beautiful.
Oh, it's a gift from an ex.
Too bad he's an ex.
He has great taste.
Who says my ex is a he? Ouch.
Actually, I do have a question.
- Of course.
- My friend Vivian was here last night.
She's the one who recommended I come.
Maybe you remember her? Uh, tall, black hair, really beautiful.
I'm sorry, we can't talk about other guests.
Oh, yes, I understand.
It's just, um she said that she had an amazing time with someone, Sasha? Maybe she found something or did something that I'm missing.
You're looking for Sasha? Actually, I think I can help you.
Excuse me for just a moment.
Stay right here.
I'm gonna need you to come with me.
Why? Don't ask questions.
Lizzie, I haven't found a match for him yet.
Please be careful.
Lizzie, please.
Dallas, eh? I've never been to Texas.
- Is it true what they say? - I guess you'll have to visit - and find out for yourself.
- Dylan, come in.
Dylan, I've lost eyes and ears on Lizzie.
You need to get to her now.
Excuse me.
She went downstairs.
Dylan, you need to get down there fast; I think they're onto her.
Sir, this is a private area.
So Vivian sent you? - You know Vivian? - I ask the questions in here.
Understood? You need what she got.
Don't you? That depends.
- What did she get? - What did I say about asking questions? Sorry.
I know it's private.
That's exactly why my wife asked me to join her.
- Did she give you the password? - Of course.
Greek for "secret.
" Impressive guess.
Thank you.
I heard someone say it on the way in.
Julian? Are you still with me? Oh, so sorry.
Oof, careful.
It's time to relinquish your control and submit to your true nature.
Is that what Vivian wanted? Sorry, that was a question.
Turn and face the wall.
I'd rather see you.
You talk too much.
And you don't listen enough.
If it makes you feel any better, she doesn't listen to me either.
Sir, this is a private room.
My love, I've been looking for you everywhere.
All right, well, we weren't done.
Oh, you know what? He's not quite learned to share me yet.
You shouldn't have interrupted.
Oh, you were having fun down there? He knew Vivian.
I could have gotten him to talk.
And we will.
With badges, not whips.
Badge, singular.
You don't have one, remember? - All right, all right.
All right.
- Dylan? Dylan, I see you've regained contact.
Is she okay? Yes, Julian.
She's fine.
- I'm fine, Julian, thank you.
- Good.
The man you were with is Alexander Kizzalov.
And, yes, he does go by the name Sasha.
Former marine, currently employed by the club.
So we found Sasha.
We're going to a play room, maybe we'll see you in there? That sounds fun.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - Let's get the hell out of here.
- Exactly.
Julian was very concerned when he lost contact.
He didn't need to be.
Well, of course he didn't need to be.
So what's the verdict? Paint now? Paint later? Blue? Pink? Mix them? What, and get lavender? No.
What color does Andy want? Well, he suggested green and yellow.
Not because he likes them, because he believes they're essentially gender-neutral.
As if any color had essential gender characteristics.
It's absurd.
Almost as absurd as you picking a fight with Andy about it to make baby prep more exciting.
That is not what I'm doing.
Oh, that is exactly what I'm doing.
And you're trying to make this case more exciting by needing Sasha to be the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal States of Wherever, instead of just an American dom.
Don't push it.
I think you're terrified of being boring and you're not ready to give up your old life.
I already did give it up.
And for the record, I fully expect Sasha to lead us to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal States of Whatever.
I admire your wishful optimism.
He was with her on the last night of her life, maybe she said something.
From my time with Sasha, conversation didn't seem to be his thing.
Well, maybe he saw something.
He's all we've got right now.
Ugh, what I wouldn't give to have my summons book right now.
I would love to ticket those jerks.
Illegally parked like it's their street.
There he is.
- Back off! - Police.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry, I heard someone coming behind me, and there's been a lot of muggings in this neighborhood recently.
You're the woman who Asks a lot of questions.
You mentioned muggings? Yeah.
And then last night, some lady ends up dead.
They think it's that serial killer, so obviously everyone's a little jumpy.
Is that why you're here? Yes, we have some questions about Vivian Russo, the woman who was killed and who you left marks on.
God, it was her? There's not much to tell, I mean, we did some basic dom play; restraints, light paddling.
Explains the bruising.
Yeah, I mean, I probably spent 15 minutes with them, total.
- Them? - The guy she was with.
- What guy? - He's been in the club a few times, goes by Jack.
I think he's some foreign government bigwig.
Sexy accent.
Sort of like the one you were faking.
What was that supposed to be? Australian? Does Jack have a last name? Not really a last name kind of place.
You think he's the killer? Thank you.
Please be in touch if you remember anything else and don't leave town.
Okay? So, we're looking for an Australian.
Diplomat? Spy? Dialect coach? My accent was perfect, by the way.
G'day, mate! I woke up this morning thinking about our conversation with Sasha and I realized something.
Me, too.
And I don't mean to be competitive, but I think mine's better.
Why don't you tell me yours first? - Okay - This is where you say, "No, you're the boss.
You go first.
" Remember those illegally parked cars outside Elysian? Well, I had Zack pull up all the parking tickets within a five-block radius of the club on the night that Vivian was killed.
There was a car registered to the South African embassy.
Now, while South Africa is not Australia, their accents do sound similar to the untrained ear.
- Is there a lede you're burying? - Yes.
Vivian's company represents several diamond brokers who are trying to gain access to one of South Africa's mines.
If the South African government doesn't want that company in their mines, maybe the diplomat had motive to send a message.
- By killing Vivian? - Yes.
Maybe you should pitch this theory to your new editor, because it would make a fascinating novel.
Is this your way of saying your realization is better than mine? - Not to be competitive, but yes.
- Mm-hmm.
I realized we've been looking at this all wrong.
Is there a lede you're burying? Big Sasha said that there have been muggings in the area, but I checked and there hasn't been a single mugging reported in that neighborhood in over three months.
- So you think he's lying? - No.
I think someone is mugging people, but I think they're targeting victims who wouldn't want to report it.
Who wouldn't want to be explaining what they were doing in that area, like frequenting a sex club So if the killer only meant to mug Vivian, but it ended up in murder, maybe he panicked, then tried to make it look like a Sleeping Beauty kill - as cover.
- Which would explain why she still had her cash and jewelry on her.
And it almost worked.
Yours was better than mine.
I'm gonna go back to the crime scene, see what we missed.
And by "we," I mean you.
Fucci, you ready? Please.
Is pimento loaf the filet mignon of lunch meats? It is, and I am.
Let's do this.
This is Ryan Stock.
Hello? I didn't kill that woman in the trench coat.
Why-why should I believe you? This isn't the bush-leagues anymore, Ryan.
We're professionals now.
I shouldn't have to tell you how to do your job.
I'm not sloppy, and I don't shoot people.
I like it up close and personal.
I want to believe you, I do, but how do I know that you are who you say you are? The present I left you in your hotel room: cowboy blankets and cat's blood.
What do you want from me? Leave me alone.
The closer you get, the more I'm going to kill.
Damn it! Please tell me you got a location.
No, this guy knows what he's doing.
Call originated from an untraceable Internet number, routed through a VPN that puts our guy in a corner of Southeast Asia.
Great, so we got nothing.
Quite the opposite.
He gave us a lot to analyze, both by what he said and how he said it.
And how is that? Confidently.
He called you by your first name without hesitation.
That tells me that he felt familiarity and comfort with you.
I think the killer may be someone you know.
Lizzie? Hey, you can call off that search for the South African diplomat.
I think I found our killer, and she's right here in New York.
- She? - Yeah, she.
Magenta nail polish chips.
The exact same color that Gemma, the concierge at the Bellmark, was wearing.
And look where I found them.
Gemma was picking at her nails when we questioned her.
A-A nervous habit.
And if she was lying in wait for Vivian to come out, she'd be anxious.
And unconsciously leaving behind evidence for us to find.
And by "us," I mean me.
I pulled Gemma's bank records, and guess what? - What? - Girl's in serious debt.
She's maxed out five credit cards and owes a ton for hotel school.
But recently, she's been paying off thousands of dollars at a time.
That's a lot of extra cash to suddenly have around.
I think she's been sending guests to cash businesses, like erotic lifestyle clubs, and then showing up and mugging them.
Given Vivian's gunshot wound, we know that Gemma has a gun, which would intimidate anyone, and if she wore a mask, no one from the hotel would recognize her.
It's actually a really clever plan.
The only thing I can't figure out is why do it this way? Why mug people on a dark street corner when she has access to so many rich, powerful people right at the hotel? Well, there would be an electronic paper trail at the hotel.
If she were stealing credit card numbers or personal information, it could be traced.
And maybe it wasn't just about the money.
I don't think you meant to kill Vivian.
So what happened? She fought back? She recognized you? I didn't do it.
How did you chose your victims? Why Vivian? Maybe she didn't appreciate what you'd done for her? Made you feel like you were beneath her? - Maybe you finally had enough.
- Must be hard, working for tips in a glamorous hotel, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and yet you're expected t-to look perfect.
Wear designer clothes and-and have manicured nails, and Must be so horrible for your job to cost more than it pays.
It is hard.
And they don't care about money.
They have so much, and And what, Gemma? And they spend it on sex clubs and gambling rings and drugs.
And they barely even tip me.
It's not right.
I bend over backwards to give them what they want, and they treat me like I'm nothing.
So you found a way to get the money you need and deserve? How many people did you mug? I think I want a lawyer.
You're gonna need one, especially after ballistics tells us this is the murder weapon.
Gemma Cook, you're under arrest.
Come on.
He can laugh But I love it Although the laugh's On me I'll sing to him Each spring, to him And long for the day When I'll cling to him Bewitched, bothered And bewildered Am I So I guess not everything is a huge conspiracy.
I'm sorry, is this your way of saying that I'm right? Mm.
Was that not clear? It wasn't, but luckily my detective skills are top-notch, so I was able to decipher the hidden meaning.
You were right.
So it's really over between you two? Romantically, yes.
I can't live my life seeing conspiracy and danger everywhere I look.
Ding dong.
Pizza boy's here.
Anybody order the large meat lover's? I think that's my cue.
No, he's just jealous about our erotic adventure.
- Sure you don't want to stay? - No, maybe next time.
Thank you.
Hello, Maya.
Julian, what a lovely surprise.
- What brings you to New York? - My show.
You can still carry a tune, and you're looking well.
So are you, considering.
- Considering what? - Shot at, office burned, broken ribs and a broken relationship.
- Are you still working with MI6? - Yes.
And even though you aren't, we do still keep tabs on you.
We believe that the person who's after you is someone that we have been tracking.
He was certainly close enough to the 11th precinct to be able to plant that malware you discovered.
Now, since we are both hunting the same person, we would like to enlist your help, and I believe that we can be mutually beneficial to each other.
What are you suggesting? I'm sorry.
Me, too.
I have to confess.
I got a little scared when I saw you all dressed up, and Julian over here with his briefcase full of spy stuff.
Yeah, well, I have a confession, too.
Last night when I was undercover, i-it reminded me of my old life, and I liked it.
It was exciting and dangerous and fun.
But then, there was a moment when I thought Lizzie was in real danger, and it wasn't exciting or fun anymore, just terrifying.
And I realized that's how you must have felt all the time when I was a spy, not knowing where I was or if I was in danger.
And I never want to scare you like that or make you feel worried like that ever again, especially not now, with our baby on the way.
Oh, my God, you're worried if you're built for domestic life? - Yeah.
- I'm worried about the same thing.
Hence the search for the new law gig? No.
No, no, that's, that's not a reaction to anything.
That's, uh, getting back into law is just what I want to do.
- Oh.
- But I am freaking out about this whole thing, too.
I mean, having a baby is going to give both of us so much to worry about, more than just the paint color.
Yeah, and I was fighting against more than the paint color, too.
- Mm-hmm.
- So that is why I think we should paint the nursery white.
A nice, neutral, non-gender-biased, non-color color.
Yellow it is.