Instinct (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Trust Issues

1 - Sam, come on in.
- Previously on "Instinct" Will you be this baby's parents? Yes.
Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
I think your case may be related to a murder - I'm investigating in Garfield.
- The Sleeping Beauties case.
I'm gonna catch whoever did this.
I'm here.
You got no more room to run.
He's gonna get himself killed.
- Man up! - You sorry son of a You can't speak about this to anyone.
Not even Dylan Reinhart.
Given his father's position at the CIA, Mr.
Reinhart may be compromised.
Your dad's here.
Chatter has it that Julian Cousins is being paid handsomely to compromise the city's first responder network.
Julian is many things, but he is not a traitor.
I thought you should know.
Julian? Trust me, I'm as confused as you are.
I have no idea why I'm here, wearing a pinstripe suit, or reading the Business section.
It's because you're supposed to be my dad.
He always appears to me in a nightmare after he visits.
Then your father must have said something about me.
Something unsettling? He believes you've betrayed me.
And we both know how susceptible you are to betrayal.
Especially with people you work with.
Thankfully, the worst of them are dead.
But me? Why would I ever want to betray you? That's the question.
Why are you up so early? Um Just doing some research.
How about you? I never sleep well after my dad visits.
- Researching what? - Uh All right, Sam comes back from seeing her parents in Sacramento today.
I-I thought they were supportive.
Aren't they supportive? - D-Didn't they want to meet us? - They do.
But she has asked if we could reach out to the baby's bio-dad.
Why? Didn't he flee back to Germany, ignoring her and the baby? He still has legal rights, as do we.
- And there's the morality of it all.
- I He jumped on a plane the second Sam told him the news.
I think he relinquished all moral claims.
- I know you're worried.
- I'm not worried.
I'm terrified.
This whole adoption could go wrong in so many ways, and I have so much happiness already.
You, our life, o-our careers.
And-and now, to now ask for more Is that why Lizzie's the only one you've told we're having a baby? I wanted to tell the whole precinct, but I just don't know if I can trust the universe.
Then trust me.
Everything is fine.
New York Adoption Law.
Infant International Adoptions.
Martha Stewart's Cakes? Mm-hmm.
I just I thought we could, um, bake a cake when we meet Sam's parents, so that's Oh.
- Ooh, go to go.
- All right.
Good morning.
So we are working.
When I got a text saying to meet at Old Man Bill's Brewery, I worried you were starting a little early.
Mm, you worry too much.
Mm, so I've heard.
"Trust the universe.
" Well, this morning, the universe brought us multiple gunshots.
The victims all worked here.
All? You guys are gonna want to put these on.
It's okay, they go with the coat.
Beat cop responded to shots fired at 4:20.
Arrived to find the loading door open and these two already dead.
He recognized them from his beat as owner-operators of the brewery.
That's our shooter? Yeah, son of the female Vic.
- Hey, watch your step here, guys.
- Thanks.
Yeah, looks like a stray round punctured this tank.
ESU doesn't want to dive in there, I got a buddy in Narcotics that'd probably volunteer to drink his way to the bottom.
Sorry, but if it's a nice hoppy amber, we're gonna have to confiscate the entire contents.
Gen 5 Glock.
Haven't seen one of these on our streets yet.
And close-range trauma to the mouth and head.
Suggests murder-suicide.
You knew these folks? Yeah, I saw them almost every day.
The mom, Gretchen, son-in-law Phil.
They worked hard.
But this one.
I answered a few domestics on him.
The mom begged me not to lock him up, but I did have to bring him in one time on a "danger to himself and others," so And who are these two? The other partners.
The brewmaster, Samar, he's on his way back from a hop farm in Rhode Island.
And next to him, Gretchen's daughter Angela who arrived just after me.
She's in the tap room now.
There's a woman here who just lost her brother, her mother and her husband? That door should not have been open.
It's Tuesday.
We don't deliver kegs on Tuesdays.
Was it customary for your mom and husband - to get here so early? - No.
We decided last night to tap a limited edition.
Test its gravity.
Samar asked us to wait, but we had this group coming through today Bert, we need to cancel that tour bus.
Yeah, done.
All right.
The reverend's here to take you home - when you're ready.
- Just a couple more questions, please.
Was your brother Louis - here to help with the tasting? - No.
Louis didn't drink.
He worked nights, hosing down the tanks.
Did you noticed any unusual behavior from Louis recently? Any concerning texts or messages? No.
What are you? Louis was a victim, too, wasn't he? We're just trying to understand so we can help you get some answers.
You can go.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
We need to figure out if this was family-related or business-related.
- Mm-hmm.
- You're the bookkeeper, right? Uh, and just bartender and o-other stuff.
We'll need access to the company's books.
All right, I'll check, but I'm sure Samar and Angela will want to cooperate.
I can't believe Louis had a gun.
It was him, wasn't it? Why would you say that? I don't know.
I Louis was weird.
He hated Phil for getting their mom to risk her nest egg on a brewery.
The building was Gretchen's? Used to be her late husband Bill's upholstery shop.
But even after it was a success, Louis resented that they made their money on alcohol, said it ruined his father's good name.
And yet he worked here.
That was all Gretchen.
She supported both her kids.
Louis couldn't hold a job.
Always needed money.
She kept him busy and involved.
I thought it was admirable.
But maybe It was a mistake? Yeah.
So the mother and son-in-law were shot entering the space? That's our working premise.
They hadn't put on their boots yet.
Each victim took two rounds, with a couple rounds discharging wild.
GSR on the shooter's hand and initial assessment of trajectory and body placement suggest the gunman fired from his final position before turning the weapon on himself.
So murder-suicide sounds plausible.
But some things just don't add up.
So far, CSU has recovered six discharged rounds, but seven casings.
That's weird.
It's usually the other way around.
Sorry, I guess I'm just a little jealous.
I'm wrapping up paperwork and you guys have already caught another juicy case.
It's how we roll in the big city.
Rub it in.
So, what's so weird about the casings? Uh, Lizzie knows.
No, go on.
It'll sound so much sweeter - coming from his new bestie.
- Oh.
Well, usually it's the casings that get kicked or roll away and don't add up.
Given the enclosed space, it's a little odd to be short a slug.
In other news, while Louis did indeed suffer from depression and, uh, suicidal ideation, his psychiatrist's report indicates no signs of violent tendencies toward others.
And so far we have no evidence that Louis possessed a gun or considered military training or even visited a shooting range, - which is strange - Because he hit his target with a precision professionals would envy.
- Exactly.
- Case closed.
Write it up nice and pretty for the DA.
Oh, Lou, you're not gonna let Fuch saddle Ryan with all the paperwork.
I'm sure Detective Fucci's doing his fair share.
Yeah, the man who once tased himself in the neck to win a bet is the picture of responsibility.
Please play along with me.
I'm too busy to mediate a squabble between two almost grown men.
What she said.
Excuse me for a moment.
You've been scarce.
Sorry, other clients.
But I've been keeping an eye on the precinct's cyber security.
Everything's under control.
That's reassuring.
It's occurred to me that, with other projects pulling you away, it might be smart to keep me more in the loop.
Dylan Reinhart showing an interest in the cyber world? How did it transpire? Always keen to grow my edge.
Well, let's put Bots 101 on the calendar soon, shall we? ME's ready for us.
Are we still on for tomorrow? 8:30.
Counting on it.
- Are you and Julian still - No.
And it's none of your business.
As you see, each took a bullet to the head and the heart.
No mysteries there.
Two down, one to go.
- Why so chipper, Doug? - Well, every once in a while, it's nice to catch a no-brainer, not to mention three of them.
Especially on a day when I have, uh, Yankee tickets.
- Huh.
- Big game.
- Right behind home plate.
- Sweet.
So, uh, our final guess is a classic close-range GSW.
Uh, GSR on right hand.
Entrance wound through the tongue and the upper palate.
Exit wound shattered the parietal, all consistent with suicide.
A literal no-brainer.
No counter indications? Minor bruising on the wrist and upper arm.
Did this guy do physical labor? - He did.
- Voilà.
How many other "gun in the mouth" suicides - have you seen, Doug? - A few.
With an entrance wound under the tongue? A guy sticks a gun into his own mouth, under his tongue? Yeah, wouldn't you expect the shot to go cleanly through the roof of the mouth? A tongue jammed up over the barrel, wouldn't that suggest someone struggling? Maybe.
How many "shot through the tongue" suicides have you seen? - None.
- Hm.
Glad I'm not a Yankees fan.
'Cause we got three murders - to solve.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry I'm so late.
Quite all right.
Things happen.
That's our story.
Things happened.
There really ought to be a word for this.
Returning someone's personal items after a break-up? Why not? There are plenty of words for even stranger things.
I mean, "wamble" is the actual word for a stomach rumble, and did you know that "petrichor" is the word for the scent after a rainfall? I did not, no.
How about "give-bye"? Giving back and saying good-bye.
" I like that.
Give-bye, Julian.
Take care.
Chanel? What the hell? Seriously? We missed you here, Needham.
It was a sad day in Ballistics when she transferred out of the Robbery squad.
So do Robbery squad work closely with Ballistics? Detectives who aren't anointed to homicide, like some people, have to work their way up.
I spent two years running down every gun from every gun arrest in the precinct.
Um remember, I'm not a detective.
You okay? You seem a little Look like a match? Yup.
Striations confirm gun at the scene was used to fire all rounds.
Can you run it through IBIS and see if the gun was used in any other shootings? Nice piece.
Did it come up the Iron Pipeline? - Yeah.
Can't seem to fight the flow.
- Iron Pipeline? I-95.
Most guns used in crimes in New York tend to pour in illegally from states with more lax regulations.
- Hmm.
- This one was traced - to an outlet in Virginia.
- Straw buyer purchased it, along with others, drove them straight up and delivered them to our local perps.
The serial number hasn't been filed off.
Does that suggest an amateur? The opposite.
Manufacturers imprint the steel molecularly now.
You'd have to be a numbskull to try and file that off.
- Is the Shot Spotter ready? - Right here.
I know this one.
Military developed it.
Antennae, um, echo-recognize booms and bangs.
We've installed antennae all over the city.
This one picked up gunfire at your brewery.
- Want to listen? - You bet.
Sequence of shots will help us put the events in order.
So a muffled single shot, suggesting close range, came first? And that final burst of rounds fired was not a single shot to the head.
Play it again.
Sounds like Louis was probably shot first.
So do you think someone killed Louis knowing he would be an easy mark for murder-suicide? The echo of the final gunfire was no suicide.
And why target Gretchen and Phil? Did I miss it? Am I too late? Relax, you're fine.
Welcome to the world of gynecology, where the doctors have the oldest magazines in their waiting rooms.
Sorry for so such short notice, by the way.
It's fine.
Unfortunately, Dylan can't join us.
He's, uh, working a case in Midtown.
Even better.
We can talk about tonight.
Is everything all set? Yes, but I almost blew it yesterday.
Dylan walked in while I was placing the order with the caterer.
I told you, plan it from work.
I know, but I never surprised Dylan before, and I want this to be a party he'll never forget.
Unfortunately, I'm a terrible liar, and I'm really crappy at surprises.
I swore in front of the baby.
I am so sorry, baby.
I'll never do that again.
Trust me, this baby's heard worse.
So how are you feeling? Honestly? Fantastic.
How about you? I got an e-mail earlier from Stuttgart.
It appears to be from the birth father's attorney.
Really? Lars got an attorney? What does it say? I have no idea, but I don't see "ja"or "nein"anywhere.
That and "strudel" is about the extent of my German.
Wow, it's long, really long.
Good news e-mails are generally a line or two.
And why does it say "rechtschaffenster" so many times? Let's just hope it means, "I'm sending you a strudel.
" This could be a break.
A white panel van was among those caught on CCTV leaving the area of the brewery right after shots were fired.
They ran the plates, it came up stolen.
They put out a BOLO.
Did you download the brewery's business plan? On my tablet.
What are you thinking? Angela, the sister.
It's true she lost three family members, but she also lost three business partners.
Does she stand to inherit their shares? Is she in debt? Good questions.
Gee, Detective Cranky Pants said something nice.
Look for Business Partners or Partner Shares.
- I've got it.
- Scroll down.
I'm scrolling.
Oh, my God! - What? - I'm kidding, haven't found it yet.
- Give that to me.
- Oh.
Really? Found it.
It's here.
Got it.
- Wow, this is good.
- I'm waiting.
The partnerships were drawn up to protect the only owner who wasn't family or married to family.
- The brewmaster.
Smart move.
- Mm-hmm.
"If any partner relinquishes his or her shares for any reason, Samar Turner has first right of refusal.
" I wonder if he's back from his hop farm in Rhode Island.
I never would've wanted to acquire their shares this way, but yeah, sure, it occurred to me, after the shock wore off.
You don't look all that shocked.
Hey, if I don't dry hop this now Sorry.
Guess I'm the stay-busy type.
Also the no-alibi type.
I go to the farm to hermit.
I like to be alone.
Must be stressful, not being family in a family business.
We had our issues.
Phil and Angela, they secured the seed money with her mom's help, but owning a brewery was a more trendy thing for them.
They never really got the nuance of brewing.
- You own any guns, Samar? - Not in New York.
A few at the farm, all legal in Rhode Island.
You ever bring any of them to the city? No.
But I did some target practice at the farm before I left.
Would I still have residue on my hands? If so, that's why.
From yesterday? Unlikely.
But for the record, you're the one who brought up testing you for GSR.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be in touch.
- He's not a flight risk? - I'll put eyes on him.
We need to check this out.
Retrieved this from the flat.
Could be our missing slug.
We'll run it, see if it's a match.
Driver abandoned the vehicle.
Why not just fix the flat? Bad luck.
The slug punctured the gas tank, before it lodged in the tire.
Guy ran out of gas.
Bad luck for him, good luck for us.
Virginia plates.
Have you taken a look inside? Someone trafficked guns through the brewery.
We have a van for CSU to dust.
If this driver's prints are in the system Our killer could be running on empty.
I have a bad feeling about this.
So do I.
Samar could've as easily been buying guns in Virginia as hopping in Rhode Island.
So the brewery was a front? - Anyone seen Stock? - What's the problem now? He wrote his report by hand.
Well, maybe because his handwriting is actually legible.
Yours looks like you write with your foot, like that genius baboon.
Yeah, real funny.
If you see him, tell him to use my computer, but not to look at my search history.
I think Ryan's handwriting's fine.
Said the man wearing glasses as thick as a meatloaf.
It does have the over-confidence of a single child with a doting mother.
Yeah, funny.
I thought the same thing.
Look, just tell Stock to get it right.
I think Fucci's suffering from separation anxiety.
Yeah, that DD5 is turning into their "give-bye.
" - Their what? - Never mind.
The brewery's accounting books show a very profitable business.
So why risk it by trafficking guns? Some people just can't be honest.
I guess honesty's too boring for them.
Okay, that makes no sense.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
- Here's something strange - Just stop that.
You've been tossing out attitude and hiding in your work all morning.
I could spare you the psychoanalysis if you'd just tell me what is making you so mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm - I'm upset.
- Why? With myself, about Julian.
Why? All that top-secret spy crap.
"Oh, I can't disclose where I've been.
" Turns out the reason was a total cliché.
There's another woman.
- Oh, I don't believe that.
- Well, then, he certainly wasted no time finding a gorgeous brunette right after we broke up.
Where did you see this gorgeous brunette? In the park this morning.
Could it have been that singer we saw a few weeks ago at the Bellmark Hotel? Who? Maya.
Remember? I told you I knew her from the past? Oh.
I don't know, it might have been her.
I didn't see her face.
Might she own a pair of Chanel sunglasses? Oh, yes, absolutely.
She has very expensive taste.
Maya also works in intelligence.
If they were together, it was for business.
Julian did not betray you.
I'm sure of that much.
Why say it like that? Would he betray you? Come on, you can do it.
It's called give-and-take.
I don't think Julian would betray me, but what's he up to? Where's he been? Something's going on.
Maybe neither of us really knows him.
He never lied to me.
Not about anything that mattered.
And I'm sure he didn't lie to you.
Thank you for that.
Now, can I please go back to hiding in my work? Oh, I wish you would.
Okay, I was right.
On the first of every month, there is a thousand-dollar cash withdrawal from the brewery's books.
And it goes back for years.
All memoed "TRP.
" But it stopped two months ago.
Should we bring in Samar? No.
Let's visit the bookkeeper first.
Thanks for meeting me here.
I didn't want to leave Angela alone.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
I was aware of those cash withdrawals.
- I'd forgotten all about them.
- What were they for? It was Gretchen's thing, Uh, Angela's mom.
She'd been secretive about it, but a couple months ago, I got her to admit she was paying protection money.
It was something her late husband had done when the business was his.
Detectives, thank you for all you're doing.
I'm thinking brushed aluminum for Phil, and the high-gloss rose for Mama, but I don't know about Louis.
He'd want the cheapest one, but would that look right? Why don't you show me what you've picked? I'm so sorry you have to do this.
Thank you.
Who was Gretchen paying? Who's TRP? That was her code.
I have no idea.
And why did the payments stop two months ago? I convinced Gretchen that amount was so out-of-date, she probably wasn't getting anything for her money.
I hope I wasn't wrong.
Yeah, that sounds like Gretchen.
She's probably still paying for a landline, too, just because Bill always had.
You don't know of any protection rackets in the neighborhood? If there is one, it'd be long-standing and deeply hidden.
Ever hear of any gun trafficking on your beat? No.
I mean, in the past, maybe, but all that kind of stuff has moved out.
There's too much legit money being made.
Any idea why "TRP" would have been noted with Gretchen's payments? Off the top of my head, I'd say Tony R.
He owns Tony's Pizzeria.
I mean, that guy's old school.
Could still be connected.
I mean, he did time for mob hits back in the day.
Man, look at all these Tony Rs with pizzerias who have rap sheets.
You're stereotyping.
No, I'm getting carpal tunnel.
Well, let me drive.
If you touch my keyboard, I will break your hand.
How's that for a stereotype? - Hey, how's it going? - Uh, it's not.
Something's wrong with this access code that you gave me.
There's nothing wrong.
It's a fickle system.
Try again.
" Two S's, all caps, one word.
suck Again, invalid.
Do you have a temp code or something? Yeah, I'll get you one as soon as I get back from this deposition.
In the meantime, take a break, grab yourself a bagel, you know.
And just think, two months ago you didn't even know what a bagel was.
Get out of here.
Hey, did you have a chance to Oh.
Oh, yeah.
I just finished the scan.
And from what I can tell, there's no evidence of any bot or malignant malware in the precinct's system.
However, there was one odd thing I couldn't account for.
What's that? It looks like a glitch might have shut down the system's firewall for a few minutes yesterday.
Julian, it's me.
I've sent out the bat signal, twice.
I obviously need to talk.
Stop avoiding me.
So, if Tony is still associated with the Genovese family, he's been savvy enough to keep a low profile since being paroled in the '90s.
I must admit, I'm fascinated by the ethos of organized crime.
Its pathology is cloaked in traditions akin to religious beliefs or patriotism; a code that justifies behavior as protective morality.
So, maybe you sit back and be fascinated, and let me ask the questions.
I wouldn't want you to piss him off and wake up with a severed horse head beside you.
Oh, please.
I've already woken up to one disturbing sight this week.
We have some questions.
Haven't seen one of those lately, Detective.
Trying to take me back to the old days? Is Gretchen DeVaire and the brewery part of the old days? Yeah, I heard about that.
What a shame.
And yet you extorted money from her.
She paid, I received, even though I don't have the muscle to back it up anymore.
It was more of a nostalgia thing, in memory of Bill.
Oh, how nice of you.
Any other charities you run out of here? Eh, it's ancient history.
Yeah, I used to place a few bets for folks.
I know where you're going with this.
I never took money from Louis, even though he begged.
Why would he beg? Kid was bad with money, always in debt.
Besides, all the gambling's moved online.
You know that.
This is what I like, face to face, like we're doing.
You come here, look me in the eye; I respect this.
And I respect an ex-bookie, if he is not a murderer.
Aw, come on.
Look at me.
I can hardly toss dough.
And these days, I make more selling gluten-free pies.
Can I offer you a slice? I grow the basil myself.
- Well, in that case - No, thank you.
Any idea who traffics guns in the neighborhood? Could have told you ten years ago, but I won't.
I'm not a snitch.
Did six years for shutting my mouth.
Nowadays, there's no room for the little guy.
It's all vertical integration.
Whatever corporate entity took over trafficking, they know how to cover their tracks.
C'est la vie.
C'est la guèrre.
Well, for a former kneecapper, Tony was pretty charming.
Eh, charm is a hallmark of sociopathy.
Some of the most engaging people are masking a deeply disturbed psyche.
- You don't say? - Yes, I do say.
Let's see how Tony's story checks out.
You okay? Uh, no.
Um, it's my dog walker.
Gary keeps barfing up his flea meds.
Do you mind if I meet you back at the precinct? Sure.
It's not a puzzle.
Use your teeth.
I don't know what's weirder, that you're day-drinking, or that you're day-drinking in someone else's bar.
Please tell me Dylan has no idea we're meeting.
He didn't ask where you were going, right? He's not suspicious about tonight? No, Andy, calm down.
He has no idea about the surprise party.
We may have to cancel.
- What? - Something happened today Well, actually, two things happened today.
- I - Okay, can you start from the beginning? Because your text made no sense, and you're clearly freaking out.
Oh, completely.
Also, my fingers are kind of like breakfast sausages, so they tend to overwhelm autocorrect.
Dylan is really anxious about this adoption, okay? He-he's been waiting for the other shoe to drop.
And then today, I realized he may be right.
What's this? It's an e-mail from an attorney.
The bio-dad's attorney.
- You know German? - I had it translated.
It's a total shakedown.
He wants money to sign off his client's parental rights.
I-I mean, we may be able to buy this bastard off this time, - but if we set the precedent - Andy, stop.
You're not acting like an attorney.
The attorney I know you to be.
The one who saved my ass not too long ago.
Remember what you told me? Every lawyer's opening salvo is meant to instill fear.
You need to be your own lawyer.
Calm down, and start representing yourself.
You are exactly right.
Yeah, of course I am.
So get it together, outmaneuver the guy, and do it fast.
The caterers arrive in 30 minutes.
Oh, my God, no wonder Dylan loves working with you so much.
Oh, please, he never lets me tell him what to do.
I like you so much better.
So, what's the second thing? You said two things happened.
Let's solve the other one right now.
So, I just saw Andy.
We're all good for tonight.
- Don't be late.
- Uh-huh.
Seriously, I need the "I" s dotted and the "T" s crossed on this case.
Don't worry, Lou, I'm on it.
- Is your pup okay? - Huh? Yes.
Yeah, fine.
Report came in from Ballistics.
Our gun matches rounds fired at a gang shooting last spring.
Eyewitness said the bangers were in the middle - of a weapons purchase.
- Well, look what I pulled up.
Tony is right.
There were multiple gun traffickers busted over the last few years in this area.
So, if Tony's still active, it could have been a turf war, or Samar had taken over Hang on.
The responding officer in most of those busts? McColl.
Our beat cop? He didn't mention that.
No way one of our own could have done this.
Wait, wait.
Just think about it.
First guy on the scene, first guy to say suicide, only guy to paint Louis as violent.
This It's unthinkable.
Betrayal always is.
What about the gang death with matching ballistics? - McColl wasn't the - "Responding officer McColl.
" Damn.
If McColl is dirty, then he's relying on out-of-state drivers, he And he never moved up.
He never crowed about his busts like other cops I know.
Yeah, because he wasn't just busting criminals.
He was eliminating his competition.
Cunning, manipulative traitor.
We're never gonna get Internal Affairs to pursue this on a hunch, so we need to press CSU on those van prints and see if our friends in Virginia have any leads.
You know, we may already have tipped our hand when we went to see him.
If McColl is half as ruthless as he seems, he may already have covered his tracks.
- Don't even think about it.
- Hold it right there.
IAB is right here.
Sean McColl, you are under arrest for the murders of Gretchen DeVaire, Louis DeVaire and Phil Shaw.
You have the right to remain silent.
- This is bull.
- Actually, it's airtight.
Especially after the testimony of your van driver who was just picked up in Arlington.
That dude can't talk fast enough.
He did not sign on for murder one.
You cut a deal with Louis to use the brewery after hours to receive the illegal guns.
But Louis, bad with money, needed more.
He threatened to expose you.
Unfortunately, Gretchen and Phil came in early.
You knew, with Louis's history, you could get away with staging a suicide.
So you needed to frame Louis and dirty the scene with some wild shots.
Too bad you hit your supplier's gas tank in the process.
You disgraced our uniform.
Andy? You home? Thanks for letting me hang with you.
That traitor really got to me.
- Oh.
- What's his diagnosis? Oh, um Officer McColl suffers from a psychological aberration known as being a greedy phlegm bucket.
That's weird.
Yeah, it is.
Surprise! I I-I-I What is going on? I-I I don't understand.
It's not my birthday.
What are we celebrating? Wh? Happy baby day.
Meet your baby.
That's our baby.
Raise your glasses to our amazing friends - Yay! - Dylan and Andy.
- Congratulations! - Thank you! - Mazel tov! - Congratulations! Well, thanks.
I am so surprised, and I am so happy that you all can share in our good news.
And I can always count on Andy to know when it's time to celebrate.
A toast to our baby's mom.
To Sam.
- To Sam.
- Great to finally meet all of you.
And yay, apple juice! Hey, don't forget to tell them why I couldn't make it, okay? Yeah, you had to watch your daughter dance.
Not dance, debate.
She's captain of the debate team, remember? So just so you know, if I ever have a baby You will.
And she hates surprises, so I'm never gonna try to surprise you.
I won't have to kill you.
You lied to me.
- And got away with it.
- I was wrong to worry.
Mm You weren't wrong.
It's not so bad to plan for the worst.
I knew it.
Something bad did happen.
Relax, everything is fine, but, uh, an attorney for the bio-dad thought he smelled money.
I called his bluff, set him straight.
We won't hear from him again.
But something did happen at Sam's ultrasound.
What? Is she okay? The sex of the baby was revealed.
Not to me, just to Sam.
But it got me thinking that, in addition to sharing our news with our friends, this party could also be a gender reveal.
You know, if you want.
I mean, you may have had enough of surprises.
I'll get the knife, you get the plates.
Oh, thank God.
If you'd have said "no," I'd have overruled you.
Hey! You're here.
Hey! Hey, Ryan.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Here you go, Fuch.
All on this thumb drive.
Case closed.
And with thanks, too, man; you were a great partner.
You really mean that? Yeah, yeah.
"Great" may be the wrong word; more like, like - "interesting" or - Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I am.
I am a great partner.
Uh, but, you know, I'll have to check all this out and Oh, for God's sake, Fuch, can't you just thank Detective Stock? And tell him that you, like the rest of us, will miss him.
Okay, fine.
Yeah, you're as a you're as a good a cop as ever I've seen.
And, um, you know, it sucks that you you got to go back to North Dakota.
- Nebraska.
- Whatever.
Yeah, maybe I will miss Stock a little bit.
Um I'll tell you what, it's the last time I buy aftershave at Costco.
It's making my eyes water, so - How about some cake? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Cake, all right.
Thank you.
I could've never done this without your help.
You're very welcome.
And you know, you really are gonna make the best godmother ever.
I mean What did you just say? Nothing.
I-I said I said nothing.
Oh, crap.
I really am the worst liar.
Please just pretend you don't know when Dylan asks you.
I promise.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
Is that it? Oh.
Oh, wow.
Okay, what is it? Come on.
Yeah, tell us.
It's a boy.
It's a boy.
Oh, how sweet.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
I'm sorry I missed Andy's party.
What were you celebrating? Why don't you tell me what's going on? Start with Maya Bhaduri.
Why did you keep me in the dark? Haven't you been insisting I keep you out of the spy world? Fair point.
But since you've been in the precinct, I've been pulled back in.
Someone in the agency reached out to you.
Was it your father? That means "yes.
" Maya says the CIA is compromised on this or there's a leak.
That's why MI6 preferred to work with me.
I'm listening.
While I've been trying to smoke out those infiltrating the NYPD's computers, Maya was in position to identify the group responsible.
Smoke out, how? I shut down the NYPD's firewall briefly, - as proof of my control.
- Proof to whom? Maya doesn't know, but she does have some theories.
She even mentioned Pasternak.
Pasternak is dead.
I killed him.
You were there.
We watched him die.
I know.
But Pasternak could have trained someone else; targeting first responders would be just like him.
I hate to think his poison lives on.
Well Maya should be waiting in my room by now, and she can vouch for me - if you still have any doubts.
- That won't be necessary.
But I would like to say hello; it's been a while.
I live in a different world now, Julian.
Andy and I are adopting a baby, a boy.
We found out tonight.
It's too late.
She's gone.
No blood, no bruising.
- Injection site? - Careful.
If it's a nerve agent, we don't know how it's transmitted.
She texted me 45 minutes ago.
She must have needed my help.
I'll call my contact at the British consulate.
I still have contacts there.
This is your room.
If someone's trying to frame you, you should leave.
James, it's Dylan Reinhart.
I'm calling about one of yours.
Yes, unfortunately.
At the Olmstead.
Maya Bhaduri.
What? I see.
Thank you.
They're sending their coroner, but something's off.
Maya was only working for the British as a "passive collector.
" - What? - She provided information from time to time, but she was not here in New York City on MI6 business.
You said she sent a text? What did she say? Just "MB.
" I thought it meant "Maya Bhaduri here.
" "MB" Maybe she did leave something.
MB Mini bar? We'll make this right.
Oh, my God.
It is Pasternak.
It can't be.
We know he's dead.
You shot that traitor.
Looks like we were wrong.