Intelligence (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

So, you'll be pleased to hear
Rupert has decided to promote you
to divisional officer.
Do you mind if I take your photo?
It's for GCHQ magazine.
Uh sure! Is it for the cover?
No. That's a picture
of a horse drinking from a pond.
Wait. Wait.
I wasn't ready. Do it again.
Well, I can just keep taking them
if you want to carry on talking.
Oh, great. Yeah.
So is it specifically
to do with last week's success
or more for generally being awesome
all year round?
Hard to tell if it's either.
Still, it'll be nice
to finally have you under me.
Not quite. I don't think
that's ever gonna happen.
Oh, what about a company car?
There's a department Toyota Yaris,
but the passenger seat's
stuck in recline.
But you'll have unlimited access
to Evelyn, of course.
These are so great.
Here. How about?
I saw this in a magazine once,
just, like
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
More like, uh, Ryan Gosling,
sort of
Oh, yeah. Love that. Love that.
You carry on.
How's your mum doing, by the way?
She won't leave the house
without an axe
and has started having flashbacks.
At least she's stopped
humping everything.
Anything else?
Uh, yeah. Anything else?
A report just came in about a plane
trapped in a holding pattern above
Heathrow because of a cockpit bug.
So they may have to jump?
Well, I had a friend
who survived a fall from that height,
but I think it was because
he landed in Lake Geneva.
That's impossible -
hitting water from that height
would be like hitting concrete.
Well, he landed in water.
Send it through
to programming support.
Uh, yeah, Mary. Send it
through to programming support.
As some of you may have noticed,
Jerry has been offered a promotion
following last week's victory.
Uh, oh, let's
I just want to say
that up to a point,
I really could not have done it
without all of your help.
So thank you, up to a point.
Gosh! I haven't been promoted
in nearly 35 years.
Oh, I think that's just because
no-one expected you
to outlive the system.
Thank you.
So, will you be above Chris?
Sadly, not.
Yeah, maybe.
Well, we're just
it's still getting worked out.
Uh, plus, you should know,
I'm also being considered
for an extremely senior position
back at the NSA.
It's kind of like total vindication.
How senior are we talking?
I think even older than Mary.
Maybe I should apply.
Actually, these kinds of roles
are only available to men.
You'd be surprised.
Actually, Chris, you know, I don't
really see you as a woman anymore.
No, I'm beginning to see you
as an equal.
Will you take the job?
I don't know. Why?
Would you miss me if I did?
(SIGHS) Morning.
Joseph, you know you've been fired.
Oh, I noticed
my pass still works, so
You can't just keep wandering
in here whenever you feel like it.
I know. I j Sorry. Mary.
You mind if I leave that with you?
What's that?
Oh, it's I'm just organising
a little whip-round.
For yourself?
These are not for personal use.
We only use these when
there's been a domestic atrocity.
Is that why you're leaving?
Um, by the way,
one thing I forgot to ask,
just as another way
around it, Chris,
would you have any objection
to me working from home?
Yes! You've been fired.
Even if I work from home?
It was your inadequacy
that got you fired,
not where you sit in Cheltenham.
But, seriously, uh, you doing OK?
Maybe you and Jerry
could have a joint party.
Why? Have you been fired as well?
No! I've been promoted.
It's kind of, like, the opposite.
In fact,
I get to put my own team together.
That'll be all, Joseph.
Uh, actually, Chris,
I mean, as Joseph's here,
I could really use someone to help
categorise all the Korean chatter.
Joseph doesn't work here anymore.
I mean, I don't speak Korean,
but Jay Wu might give you a hand.
He works in the canteen.
He wouldn't have
the correct clearance.
He's also completely blind.
Isn't that an advantage when
you're handling sensitive material?
CHRISTINE: Not always.
Maybe he could just help me
during his lunch break.
Sorry, are we talking about
me or Jay Wu?
Jay Wu! You've been fired.
He doesn't get a lunch break.
He works in the canteen!
Uh, does he get any kind of break?
He's completely blind!
OK. Back to work.
I agree.
Not you!
Not me. Sorry.
Alright, buddy.
Thank you.
(GASPS) Ha! Ho!
No. No, it's me!
Oh, it's you. Man!
Close the blinds.
No. No.
Oh. Sorry.
What's going on?
Oh, I just
fancied a little chat, really.
So this new promotion,
does it come with, like,
a big pay rise, then, or what?
Oh. Yeah. It's, like, off the chart.
It's, like, silly money.
Oh, wow. How silly?
I might I might buy the Citrus.
What, the whole hotel?
Well, if I can't find another job,
I might genuinely
need somewhere to stay.
Well if we're not sold out.
I mean
You know of anyone hiring
at the moment?
So I don't know
how you're gonna feel about this
..but I've been giving it
a lot of thought.
You have?
And given your experience
working here at GCHQ
..well I mean, how would you feel
about going undercover
as a terrorist?
..I don't think
I'd be tall enough, Jerry.
Oh, actually, from our point of view,
a short terrorist is a good thing,
because you're always looking up,
which is great for CCTV.
Have you ever fired a gun?
No. No, no, no.
Well, there was one time
when I was a Cub
and someone brought air rifles in,
but none of them worked
and Akela nearly exploded, so
Yeah, I didn't understand
a word of that.
OK, Jerry, I'm just gonna
throw this out there.
Given that you've been promoted
and you're forming a new team,
would you consider hiring me?
You alright?
Yeah. I'd consider it.
I I mean,
I'd have to talk to Chris
I'd worry about how that might look.
'Cause we used to be married?
No, and, I swear to God,
you bring that up one more time
OK. OK. Yeah.
I meant more in terms
of your lack of ability.
Apart from GCHQ,
what genuinely makes you happy?
(SIGHS) Charlotte, obviously.
..and you.
I just don't know what I'm gonna do.
OK. I'll tell you what.
Listen. I'll talk to Chris.
Thank you, Jerry.
I just can't promise anything. OK?
Oh, I wish there was
anything else you could do.
Do you think it would be OK
if I took the cables?
Take what you like.
Hey. Uh, are you Joseph?
Uh, yes. Are you here
to fix the photocopier?
No. You're in my seat.
Oh. Sorry. Gosh.
So are so are you, like, the
..the new the new me?
What do you think?
I don't know.
What what's that?
You alright?
Does this go any lower?
Erm, it should do.
Though for a while,
I had the valve blocked,
'cause I read that if you adjust it
too much, it gives you spina bifida.
There you go.
OK. Wonderful.
MARY: Hello!
I'm Mary, by the way.
That's a very realistic wig.
It's not a wig.
Do you need me to show you
where the toilet is?
No, I need you to fuck off.
It's great to have you
on the team, Jerry.
We'll celebrate when I'm back.
Sounds good.
And, Chris?
You know where to find me
if you need me.
The Canadian Rockies.
Listen. Would it make things easier
if from now on, I sat in your chair?
I just thought now
that we're on the same pay grade
We're not,
and that's not how it works.
Well, do you think I can, like, have
a little spin around in it or?
God. Oh, my God, a spider!
What do you want, Jerry?
Um, so, uh
Got it.
So, listen, um, it's about Joseph.
Is he still in the building?
Yeah. I can't get him to leave.
Have you tried the window?
I was thinking
there might be another way.
The roof?
You don't want that, do you?
Sorry. Give me two secs.
Can you fuck off?
Yes. Yeah.
Nice to see you again.
OK. I'll cut to the chase.
Assuming Jerry retains
his elevated status here at GCHQ,
which, given abysmal decisions like
this, I'd say won't be for long,
he has requested you as his new PA.
You're kidding.
Sadly, not.
Does it require any formal training?
No. So far as I can tell,
it doesn't require ANY training.
You were designed for this, buddy.
(LAUGHS) I don't know what to say.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I got your back.
Well, don't get too comfortable.
Uh, I won't.
The NRA just called.
Oh. Has my membership lapsed?
Oh, no, sorry, I mean the NSA.
Did I get the job?
What job?
The job at the NSA.
What job at the NSA?
Is this the same as my new job?
What new job?
I've been given a PA.
No, you've been MADE a PA.
Is that not the same thing?
What about me?
What do you mean?
Do I get a PA?
You ARE a PA.
Look, never mind any of that.
What did they say?
The NRA!
Oh. You've got the job.
Well, that didn't last long.
It was a blast.
I didn't think you'd come.
Neither did I.
Oh! Wow. Wow.
We couldn't work out what to wear.
So we thought we'd play it safe.
Jerry's gonna love it.
Oh. Thank you.
I'm on antidepressants.
Have you got a bowl for these keys?
Just, uh some little
Help yourself to
So, wait, is this a surprise party
or a leaving do?
I'd just rather
we didn't really call it anything
until we definitely know
who's leaving.
Well, you, for starters.
You're leaving again?
Is that the surprise?
I just thought it might be
a nice way to show Jerry
how appreciative we are
of him being here.
Before he leaves?
Yeah. Or if he decides to stay.
What, and make you his PA?
I should think that's unlikely now.
Well, anything's possible.
Conjoined twins are unlikely,
but we've actually got four sets
in our church.
Well, there you go, yeah.
So I'm actually so confused.
Oh, hey. I didn't know
if I had the right place.
So I mean,
are all these buildings finished?
Come in.
Can you, uh
Yeah, sure. Yeah.
So know, I'm actually glad
it's just gonna be the two of us,
'cause, um, I wanted you to be
the first to know that I decided
No, it's Mary! It's Mary, Jerry.
Thought it was The Purge
or something.
You guys! You shouldn't have.
What is this my going-away party?
Well, at first,
it was gonna be mine,
and then it wasn't gonna be anyone's
and now I guess it's
well, it's up to you. (LAUGHS)
So yes?
(LAUGHS) That is so sweet.
Sorry. I Sorry.
Two seconds.
Quentin's here.
Oh, what's that muck there?
I don't know.
Everyone's been clomping around
in their shoes and stuff.
So who here do you already know?
Only Superman and Wonder Woman.
Oh, yeah.
Just so you're not disappointed,
they're not the actual ones.
When do you want
to set light to this?
Oh. And you're absolutely sure
it's a celebratory thing?
Yeah. People are doing it
on the internet all the time.
OK. I think just save it for the
end, then. Nice way to finish off.
So I've got
celery, carrot, cucumber.
So you've made your final decision?
I don't know. (SIGHS)
Maybe I'll stay,
just to piss you off.
That would be very fitting.
As long as you know
who you can trust.
You know, despite your cold, brittle,
impenetrable shell, Chris,
I always suspected there was
something soft, warm and gooey
lurking inside.
Easy mistake to make.
Well, at least this time,
I'll be heading back on my own terms,
instead of them
trying to extradite me.
That actually happened
to one of my African Brownies.
Are you allowed to call them that?
Thankfully, she ended up
catching sepsis on a tree stump,
so she wasn't allowed on the plane.
Shall we get a drink?
Oh! Thank you.
Hey! You alright?
Hey. What's that?
Oh, uh, that is a, uh,
hummus fountain thing.
(SIGHS) It's nice.
You having a good time.
Yeah. I just wish
we'd done this more often.
Well, we can if you stay.
Where do you keep your bread?
Uh oh, um, it's
Hello! (LAUGHS)
Sorry. Yes.
Jerry Bernstein.
You must be Charlene.
As in the potato.
What what what's that?
You've not heard of potatoes?
You're, um so you're tall.
Yeah. Always have been.
Yeah. Your poor mother.
Mmm. She was even taller than me.
Oh, well, of course, obviously.
I mean, otherwise, how would
you have, you know, like pff
..come out, is what I
Anyway, I'm so so glad you're
gonna be looking after my buddy here.
That's a long commitment.
Well hopefully.
Could be.
No, it is. It is.
I might just, uh, go to the toilet.
You alright?
Fuck. I'm so sorry.
No, it's alright.
It's fine.
I totally messed that up.
Hope you don't mind,
but I just did a wee in your garden.
I don't have a garden.
I Quentin?
Hopefully, it was just a wee.
I don't know if now is a good time,
but here you go.
Oh! That's so kind.
Sorry it's not much.
With what's-his-name, who I like.
Benedict Cumberbatch.
(GASPS) I love him.
Yes, she loves him.
Is that about
the guy in the wheelchair?
That's Stephen Hawking.
Such a great actor.
Did he use to work at GCHQ?
I think he passed away
quite a few years ago now.
Benedict Cumberbatch?
So, did you guys get anything for me?
Cool! (LAUGHS)
I don't know about you,
but I'd like to propose a toast.
Chrissy, come on. (SIGHS)
You you don't have to do that.
To Joseph.
OTHERS: To Joseph.
"They parted at last
with mutual civility
"and possibly a mutual desire
of never meeting again."
Oh, Chris!
That's so sweet.
Was that Britney?
Not quite. Jane Austen.
Yes, of course. Either way, I knew
it had to be written by a woman.
Well, I'd like to say something,
if I may.
About me or or you?
Uh, this is open to interpretation.
We go together
..rama lama lama
..ka dinga da dinga dong.
Remembered forever
as shoo-bop
..sha wadda wadda
..yippity boom boom.
That's the way it should be.
ALL: Wah-ooh. Yeah.
So is THAT Britney?
So is it your birthday, then?
Uh um no.
(LAUGHS) Not quite.
..I I
..I got fired.
What for?
Uh, gross incompetence.
No! What are you sorry for?
Oh, ju I would
..I just don't want you to be
disappointed in me, that's all.
Don't be silly.
Couldn't give a shit.
You alright?
Listen, I wanted to
Listen, I just wanted to Oh.
No. You. No.
No, go ahead. Go!
Honestly. Please.
Go. Please.
I just want you to speak.
Just go.
I mean, this
this might sound completely mad,
and, obviously, I'd need
to check with Charlotte first,
but do you think
I should go with you?
Yeah (SIGHS)
..I mean, the only issue I think
..we'd have with that is in proving that no-one else
in the States could do what you do -
you know,
just from a visa point of view.
And how how many people are there
in in the States?
Right now?
Uh, 328 million, not including me.
Oh, it will be it'll be fine.
It's gonna be fine. You know?
We can still Zoom
every five minutes.
Yeah! Yeah.
I mean
..obviously, you know,
I'll be busy at times.
Well, you know what?
I-I'd be more than happy to
just sort of leave Skype on all day.
You know, even if we're just
going about our normal business,
we can still sort of check in
every so often, say hello.
I'm sure I'm sure we'll
we'll figure something out.
Yeah, and there's FaceTime
and there's WhatsApp
and there's Houseparty.
Can you can you
Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit
Uh, you know what you remind me of?
A pilot fish.
Do you know the one I mean?
It's it's, uh, one of those fish
that swim under sharks.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
for, like, added protection.
Yeah. Yeah. But here's the thing.
It's also huge benefit to the shark,
because that tiny little fish
eats all the
..the little bits of dead dry skin,
keeping that shark healthy and tall.
Are you saying
that's what you'd like ME to do?
Well (SIGHS)
I just
..I just want you to remember that
when I'm gone.
Um, Wonder Woman's been sick.
Oh, God. Well, I better eh?
Are you are you coming in, Jerry,
or you gonna
Oh, give me a minute.
Is she OK?
No. It's, like, all in her wig.
Oh, God. Does Superman know?
I don't know.
Stop crowding me, Joseph.
What am I doing?
MAN: You order pizza?
Um, let me just go get my wallet.
NOEL COWARD: Hooray, hooray, hooray
Misery's on the way
There are bad times
just around the corner
There are dark clouds
hurtling through the sky
It's as clear as crystal
From Bridlington to Bristol
That we can't save democracy
and we don't much care
We'd better all learn the lyrics
Of the old Red Flag
And wait until we drop down dead. ♪
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