Interrogation (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Henry Fisher vs Eric Fisher 1992

1 I need an ambulance.
My mom she's fucking dying, okay? Just get over here.
A stunning verdict from Southern California.
The jury in the Los Angeles Police trial - has just reached its verdict.
- The four police officers who were videotaped repeatedly beating an unarmed man were found not guilty on all but one count.
The all-white jury, deadlocked on that one charge You hear the verdict? Lab boys had it on the radio.
As you said, the judge, uh, the jury found I thought Faith was coming.
Well, maybe her séance ran long.
I don't know.
She gets dead people talking, she can't shut 'em up.
Faith's not coming.
Hank, sit.
You know, they're gonna burn the whole place down.
Your latest tests.
They're not good.
Well, what? Uh, tell me, Doc.
Is it three strikes? There's nothing more we can do.
Oh, Jesus, Howie.
You make it sound like I'm dying.
So, uh, how long? Weeks? Days? Months.
A year, tops.
You want me to talk to Faith? Mm, no.
I can handle that.
What about Eric? Oh, that's one hell of a house call, Doc.
How's he doing? He grew up in prison.
How the hell do you think he's doing? Ugh, those freakin' cops.
For Tony.
You file that appeal? Then you won't mind giving me back that case you sliced out of the Pacific Reporter.
- Man, I didn't slice nothing.
- Yeah, I was gonna trade you.
Giants are playing tonight, and your boy Trevor Wilson's pitching.
Wait a minute.
20 ramen for Benadryl.
Benadryl's free, counselor.
Ramen's for this.
I found your missing case.
You can put 20 on my commissary.
Piece-of-shit hustler.
Supply and demand.
You and your man Drake.
You like prison.
You don't want to get home.
How many appeals you won lately? How many inmates you walk out of here? You see, I hustle ramen.
You hustle hope.
Big day.
Picked the right man for the job.
So, what's up? Waiting for my daughter.
Hey, Drake, visitor.
Your, uh, your daughter.
Did something happen with her? You like the job? Of course you do.
Movement, action.
Yeah, I like the job.
I need you to do something for me.
The catwalk between C block and the T-station.
It's a badge shortcut.
Movie night next week, you're gonna leave it unlocked, both ends.
You're gonna take out a guard? My daughter lives in Bakersfield.
15-hour diesel therapy getting here, and that motherfucker pulls her off for a strip search.
Full cav, no gloves.
Just those fat, dirty mitts.
Every visit the last eight months.
She only told me this last time because she's pregnant.
Thinks she's gonna lose the baby 'cause of him.
Outside justice, cop frames you for killing your mom, can't do shit.
Inside justice, that shit gets done, brother.
Count time.
Badges out.
- Check.
- I got a clean record, man.
- Rodriguez.
- Check.
- 'Cause I kept AB off your ass.
- Jones.
- Check.
- I kept you alive.
- Dominguez.
- Uh, check.
- Yes or no.
- Francis.
- Check.
- Drake.
All right, yeah.
Here at Normandie and Florence, what we have down here, folks, is rioting in the street.
This in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict.
There's terrible violence down here.
In terms of police presence, there's none.
Are you saying you don't see the violence spreading beyond South Central? Well, I don't know.
There's a lot of anger here.
And as a friend of mine told me this morning, that kind of anger doesn't spring up overnight.
Hey, did you see those monsters? Dragging that poor guy out of his truck? Hey.
Riot flowers.
Way things are going out there, I might not have a chance to do that again.
Oh, Howard called.
Didn't know you were going to see him today.
Oh, it was just a regular appointment.
No big deal.
No, it wasn't.
He's wrong, by the way.
You are not going to die.
At least, not anytime soon.
Because I'm not gonna let that happen.
You're going to see your son.
Uh, no, I-I can't do that to him.
Uh Not now.
It's not for him, sweetheart.
It's for you.
You've just been carrying around all these feelings bottled up inside for so long.
It is literally making you sick.
Feelings? Ha.
You and that ouija board malarkey.
Faith, let's just call it what it is.
Stage four COPD.
Oh, my God.
Sit down.
Come on.
The feeling I'm talking about is doubt.
That doubt you've had about Eric, ever since the first moment you saw him in the back of that police car.
Hey, that's not true.
- H-He - Honey.
You need to go see him, to look him in the eye, and you need to ask him Oh, Jesus Christ.
You Y-You think he killed her.
Oh, honey.
I don't think Eric killed her.
I know he didn't.
But you don't.
It has been a long, ugly night here following the police trial verdicts.
A night in which reason gave way to insanity.
That's right, Bill.
And heading into what looks to be another night of rioting and looting, a citywide curfew has been declared from dusk to dawn.
- - You believe this shit? Mayor Bradley, telling people to stay home tonight, watch Cosby's last show.
You think any of them listened? Any unit in the vicinity, officer needs help.
8-Adam-14 taking rocks and bottles at Pico and Robertson.
Unit handling, identify.
Show us responding.
We're close.
Command post can wait a couple minutes, right? Fuck the police! Go, go! Come on, man! Run, run! Watch the back alley! We were doing a Code 7 run for the watch commander.
- Rock came out of nowhere.
- I'll call in an RA unit.
Oh, no, no.
Not-not-not yet.
We'll transport her ourselves.
Your shop.
Come on.
There's another unit rolling in.
I'm gonna hitch a ride back to the CP.
- See you there.
- Yep.
Move! Move! Officer with a head injury! - Hey! - Wet got a cop.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Sit back.
- Let's get her into a bed.
She's gonna need a CT scan.
You okay? A little swamped right now, but yeah.
- Where's Debbie? - Debbie's fine.
Not if she's at your sister's.
- I just came from that area.
- Yeah, I heard the call.
And not if she's at your apartment.
You think I left her at home? - I don't.
- Detective Russell.
Uh, I'm in the middle here.
Your husband.
The officer you brought in just in time.
Brain bleed.
She's gonna be okay.
Uh, that's good.
Good news, Dr.
, uh Hughes.
Ted Hughes.
Rapid response team to ICU 3.
Rapid response team to ICU 3.
You want to see your daughter? Brother John, Brother John Morning bells are ringing I didn't drop her anywhere.
Morning bells are ringing, ding, dang, dong Ding, dang, dong You just want to make sure she's okay.
You don't actually want to talk to her or see how she's holding up.
Are you sleeping? Brother John - Brother John - Right.
And I got to get back out there.
Me, too.
Ding, dang, dong.
- Oh - You okay? I wrote Eric a letter today.
Well, you didn't tell him, did you? No.
Why would I? You're gonna get better.
Just said you were coming for a visit, that's all.
Okay, mister.
Come on.
Let's go back to bed.
The truth is, honey, your dad doesn't have much time left.
You know him.
He won't want to talk about it, so when you see him, please let him bring it up.
And if there's anything you need to tell him, anything you need to get off your chest, now's the time.
How much do you think your weak relationship between you and Chief Daryl Gates - affected the aftermath of the riot? - Yeah, not at all.
We've got to get on with the healing process, and that cannot will not happen until Daryl Gates is off the scene as chief of police.
No doubt, road dog.
Something's up.
My dad's coming.
He's sick.
That's why my man in Visiting set you up.
I'm grateful.
No need, no need.
We do for each other.
Something else, something extra, with your dad? Don't want to say, don't say.
Movie night is coming up.
You good? Yeah, I'm good.
No doubt.
Are you sure you don't want to come in? No, no.
You're on your own, baby.
Ask him.
Ah, it's just a visit.
You know.
- Make it a good visit.
- Yeah.
All right.
How was the drive? Uh, too long.
Kind of like your hair is right now.
Wait till you see my ink.
Come on.
It's good to see you.
Well, we got this all to ourselves.
How did you pull that? Eh.
Made a reservation.
Oh, you're the maître d' here now, huh? Dad, what's going on? Nothing.
No, I j just wanted to come see my boy.
And, um I've-I've been doing some thinking, Eric.
You know.
A lot of thinking, really.
You know, with all this time on my hands 'cause this, you know.
And, um I owe you an apology.
For how I was as a father.
Or how I wasn't.
You know this isn't how visits are supposed to work, right? You're supposed to come and cheer me up.
I didn't protect you.
And that's pretty much the job description of of being a dad.
You know, that day? You know, the The day.
After you called, screaming, "Come home, Dad," I-I d-didn't remember anything.
No, I didn't remember driving there.
I didn't Nothing.
Except this one thing.
I remember seeing you in that patrol car.
And it was the way I saw you.
Mary, pick him up.
Pick him up, honey.
He doesn't know me.
Folks, we got to get this done before Mom changes her mind.
Well, there's your mom right there, Gary.
Pick him up, honey.
He wants you.
Th-This is the right thing.
It's-it's the only thing.
We do this, and we're a family.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
I didn't protect you.
Protect me from what, Dad? From her.
From your mother.
I have to go potty.
He did, right after dinner.
Don't you dare.
- Mommy.
- You missed it.
Shocking you worked late.
But I fed him, I read to him, I said good night.
He has to learn to calm himself down.
What's the matter, buddy? Huh? What are you crying for? Oh, God.
Mary I'm gonna have to clean you up.
I'm sorry.
Come on, pal.
Okay, I'm dreaming.
No, you're not, Mary.
I went in there, and he was covered in shit.
Clean sheets in the closet.
Oh, I know, buddy.
I'm sorry.
I should've seen it from the beginning, but I Well, I did.
I-I I-I just didn't want to see it.
You know, we tried for-for such a long time, and she was fine with it, not having a kid.
I mean, she-she had her job, you know, she loved working.
She had all her friends and She already had a life.
You know, the truth is, she was never cut out to be a mom.
That's it.
You're doing it.
- Don't let go! - I won't.
You're doing it.
- Don't! - I won't! You need to promise.
- I promise.
- You got it.
- Mom? - Hold on.
- Pedal! Pedal, pedal, pedal! - Are you still holding? - Mom! - Keep pedaling.
- Mom? - Pedal, pedal, pedal.
- You lied! - Hey, you did it.
You did great.
Come on.
- Did you see that? - Well, let's just try it again.
- No! She promised! - Come back here.
Now! Go get him.
He has to learn.
Learn what? - To ride a bicycle.
- Mary, he was ri You little shit! Daddy! Mary, what's going on? Well, th-that's okay.
- You think? - You can mend that.
Mary, what are you doing? Mary, stop it.
You like that? Does that feel good? Why? Why are you doing this? I wasn't a I wasn't a good father.
Eric whatever happened between you and your mother - on-on that day - You're dying, and before you go, you want to know if I did it, - if I killed Mom.
- No.
I mean, it'd be okay if I did, right? You'd forgive me because you didn't protect me.
I did You never fucking believed me.
That's why you got me that shitty lawyer, never pursued Chris Keller.
You never even fucking bailed me out.
I couldn't.
I didn't have the money.
If you believed in me, you would've had that money easy.
You'd have borrowed on the house, you'd have sold that fucking stamp collection.
Oh, the fucking stamps, they weren't worth the glue on the back of 'em.
But that fur I was glad you cut it.
That's what you remember.
That's not how it happened.
Where were you? Oh, since when do you care where I am? Don't you walk away from me.
Christ, Henry.
You don't even have the decency to hide them.
You know, Mary, I-I don't even know what you're talking about.
Your women.
Is there anyone you're not fucking? Well, well, why would I want to fuck you? You can't even take care of your own son.
- My son or our dog? - Oh Because that's how you brought him home.
You didn't want him from day one.
Well, why would I? You think I believe that story? Do you think anyone believes that story? Tell the truth.
Is Eric your real son? Did you knock up one of your slut clients? You don't believe that.
You can't.
Oh! Oh Oh, baby, oh-oh, shh.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Simple fix, you know? "Adoption.
" Surprise.
Say hi to Eric.
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, go ahead, breathe, and then when you're done, tell me I'm fucking wrong.
Go on.
What, you think I'm your real father? Would explain a lot.
Why she was so angry, you know.
Why she was so unhappy all the time.
No, you don't believe that.
Why not? You think I killed her.
Part of you does.
It's why you're here.
No, it's not why I'm here.
And you didn't.
I know you didn't.
You couldn't.
Eric I have a lot of regrets in my life, but adopting you wasn't one of them.
You know, maybe I forced her to sign those papers.
Yeah, I did.
I know I did because it was the only way I could get what I wanted.
I wanted a son.
I wanted you.
I may not be your natural father, but I am your father.
And you don't belong here.
You don't.
You just surviving this place, Eric, it's not good enough.
I want you out.
I want you to lead a-a real life.
How the fuck is that gonna happen? I'm leaving you money.
New lawyers, new in-in-investigators, whatever it takes.
I mean, come on, look at you.
Look at you.
You've got to do better than this.
Eric, you have to work.
You have to, you have to learn something, develop some skills.
Will you do that? For me? I don't know.
I kind of like it here.
Eric, this is no joke.
- Hey.
- I love you.
I love you, and you need to do this.
Hey! For you? I'll try.
I'm not cutting my fucking hair, though.
So, how did it go? You get your answer? Pretty day.
Shut your damn mouth! Road dog, where you been? Look, I'm not doing it.
What you asked, the-the-the door.
I-I just, I can't, I can't, man.
I quit the job.
No one quits that job.
That's why I got it for you.
Yeah, right, 'cause we're friends? Friends.
No doubt.
Look, man, I just want to be straight with you.
You're a stand-up guy.
I was thinking, this weekend, half-day boat off Malibu Pier, all three of us.
What? Fishing this weekend.
I'm at Mom's this weekend.
Forget something? Honey? Thought you were Debbie.
She forgot her lunch.
Yeah, well, I forgot she was getting a ride to school today.
I'll drop it off on my way to work.
The roses look beautiful.
I just water them.
Where is it? Her lunch.
Oh, it's inside.
I'll grab it for you.
Yeah, I know.
Come here, come here.
- You know - Shut up.
You want to know what I know.
Look, I got issues in my case.
Okay? I got a bad lawyer, I got a snitch, I got a fucking crooked cop.
You-you ain't got time, man.
I got nothing but.
Okay? And it's all for you.
- I need to learn.
- Way I hear it, the AB boys got your pine box made.
Franklin, please.
Look, I'll do whatever you say.
Whatever you want.
Come on.
My brother, Willie, why I'm here.
Jack Nicklaus wins the '86 Masters, I go downstairs to find him, catch him fucking my niece.
His own little girl.
Six years old.
I blew his brains out.
Drake and the AB shitheads are sending you straight to hell.
If you run into Willie, tell him I say hey.
Hey! Knock it off! Get out of here.
Come on.
You are a mess.
So Hey.
Does this mean you're coming home? I got to go.
I'm gonna be late for work.
How about dinner tonight? Oh, no.
Shit, I can't.
The West Bureau's mandated some bullshit community policing training seminar for supervisors.
The new LAPD.
I remember when the job was just taking bad guys off the board.
Now, with Gates on his way out, those days are over.
Yeah, it does.
It does mean I'm coming home.
Oh, man.
Attention, inmates.
Movie night begins in the common room in five minutes.
Excuse me.
Face forward! Get down on the floor! Face forward! All personnel, facilities are on lockdown.
Make sure all inmates return to their cells and sit on their butts and wait for the count.
Sheriff's investigators are ten minutes out.
A rug? I had no idea.
You have said that you have a department out there that has lost the faith of the community.
A dep-department that itself is-is demoralized.
Yes, uh, morale is at rock bottom in the police department.
The-the Rodney King, uh, incident of-of the past year, the-the the magnifying glass that every officer was under, their activities.
Uh, then you have a-a community who, because they've had a battle with the chief, uh, for quite a few years, has lost, uh, faith and trust in the police department.
Um, and there's not a lot of bridges built between the community and And it's not just the-the minority community.
It's all the communities.
I think th-they want to see a change.
Uh, they're keeping their doors open, they have their hand out.
They're saying, "Come in and work with us, and we'll work with you.
" Welcome to Legal Aid Education at Webson State Prison.
We're gonna take one case through the entire judicial system, learn the constitutional and procedural issues involved as we go.
What about, uh, paperwork? How to file things.
We'll be learning about that, too.
S For parole hearings, grievances, appeals? That's a tall order, but sure, we can try.
If you let me continue.
I want to learn it all.
Look, I don't want to be a hustler, man.
I want to be like you.
All right? I want to read cases.
I want to know their lessons.
They're not lessons, man; they're holdings.
I've got a grievance, lawyer man.
I know they're called holdings.
Well, then, hold on, shit dick.
I steal a hot dog from chow, this fucking sergeant pulls my conjugal visits for three months.
- I can't live like that.
- Can't help you, man.
- I'm backed up with appellate work.
- You're gonna fucking help me.
You're gonna help me big-time.
Three months.
I mean, that sounds like a disproportionate response.
- Shut your hole.
- I mean, uh, it's clear.
I mean, look, clearly, it's a-a level three grievance.
Right? - Sounds right.
- So, what, we file directly with correctional corporal? Yeah.
You got your ticket? Let me see.
Okay, yeah, so we'll file a level three today, and How long till they let me fuck? Like, a week, tops.
No problem.
You better fucking hope so.
How was that? Oh, man.
It's gonna be a long fucking road.
You want to leave a high top to this? No.
Take it all off.
I want it clean.
All right.
New man.
Fucking A.

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