Into The Badlands (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

The Fort

1 Boy's voice: The wars were so long ago, nobody even remembers.
Darkness and fear ruled until the time of the barons, seven men and women who forged order out of chaos.
People flocked to them for protection.
That protection became servitude.
They banished guns and trained armies of lethal fighters they called Clippers.
This world is built on blood.
Nobody is innocent here.
Welcome to the Badlands.
(flies buzzing) (bird screeches) (men chattering) (liquid sloshes) (motorcycle approaching) (chatter stops) (cuts engine) You lost, stranger? Nomads ambushed a transport a couple miles back.
Killed all the cogs except one.
We don't deal in human cargo here.
What's your interest? The transport belonged to my baron.
(chuckles) Check it out, boys.
We got a real live Clipper here.
(all chuckle) Don't you dogs usually travel in packs? (chuckles) What's in the trunk? That's none of your damn business.
(grunting) (grunting) (yells) (groans) Ah! Man: Get up.
Get up.
(neck snaps) - Let's go! - Kill him! (grunts) - (arm cracks) - (screams) - (groans) - (bones crack) (yells) (groans) (groans) (grunting) (neck snaps) (bones crack) (screams) - (bones cracking) - (screams) (groans) Ah! (theme music playing) (birds chirping) (gasps) (flies buzzing) (grunts) (groans) Clipper: There's nowhere to go, kid.
You want to tell me how you ended up in that trunk and not dead like the rest? Lucky, I guess.
Lying to me is a bad idea.
Someone named the Widow paid those nomads to find me.
That one's yours.
(sighs) Her name was Sarah.
She didn't deserve to die this way.
(grunts) So now what happens to me? I'm taking you back to the fort.
Or you could let me go.
What difference would it make to you? You'll survive a lot longer working in my baron's poppy fields than you will out here.
I'll take my chances.
(grunts) You got a name? Or do you just show up, kill people, and leave? If I tell you, will you shut up? Can't make any promises.
(grunts) Sunny.
- (thunder rumbling) - Sunny? Why, 'cause you brighten everybody's day? Dig.
(motorcycle approaching) (door rattling) (men shouting) - Man: Seven.
- (men shout) - Eight.
- (men shout) - Nine.
- (men shout) - 10.
- (men shout) - One.
- (men shout) - Two.
- (men shout) Three Welcome to the fort, kid.
- Man: Five.
- (men shout) One.
Regent present! - One! - (men shout) - Two.
- Sunny: Come on.
- Three.
- (men shout) Four! (crowd shouting) What is this? They're Colts.
Clippers in training.
Every boy gets the chance to join our ranks.
No, thanks.
Then you'll spend the rest of your life working in the fields.
(siren wailing) Come on.
You're about to meet the baron.
He's welcoming the new recruits.
People once thought this a holy book.
They believed it held the answers from a god that would save them.
Boys, there is no god in the Badlands.
How do I know? A god does not feed you or clothe you or protect you.
I do.
Most of you are orphans.
Your parents died after a life of servitude and left you to pay off their debt.
But I'm offering you a different path.
The strongest among you will have the opportunity to train as one of my Clippers.
Some see Clippers as cold, heartless killers.
But the men that fill this fort are more than that.
They're my family.
Once you're accepted into my family, there is no other family.
Boys, I'm not asking you to be monks.
You can wick whatever you want.
But a Clipper's loyalty is to his baron.
That's the first rule of our code.
In return, you get the best of everything Food, weapons, women.
(boys chuckle) Come here, Sunny.
Remove the vest.
Quite a sight, isn't it? Each mark represents a life, a life that Sunny has taken without remorse, without regret.
Because he kills for one reason, and what is that, Sunny? To protect your interests, Baron.
That's right.
To protect my interests, Baron.
404 souls, all taken for me.
No Clipper in the Badlands is more feared or more loyal.
This man standing here is a far cry from the miserable whelp I laid eyes on all those years ago.
Sunny was found naked and shivering down by the Rabbit River, no parents, no past, no name.
I figured if the Badlands hadn't killed him, there must be a strength inside him, so I took him in, forged him into the man you see today.
Maybe the boy who will follow in his footsteps is in this room.
Is it you? Or you? Or you? Now, I ask, do you want to be part of my family? All: Yes, sir! Baron: Do you want the best of everything? All: Yes, Baron.
Do you want to kill in my name? All: Yes, Baron.
Your future has begun.
(cheering) Tell me why the Widow's so interested in you.
I don't know, Baron.
You know what happens to people who keep secrets from me? Get him in the pit.
Let's see what you're made of.
- Keep an eye on the boy.
- Yes, Baron.
Father, I was handling the nomad problem.
Why did you send in Sunny without telling me? Turns out nomads weren't the real problem.
The Widow was paying them to do her dirty work.
Another baron is moving against us.
Just because she murdered her husband does not make her a baron.
Call her what you want.
Our poppy can't be processed without her oil to run the factory.
You want to wait for her to choke us off? If we strike, we'll be starting a war with the other five barons.
If we do nothing, we'll look weak and they'll come after us anyway.
We do not move on the Widow.
Thank you, Sunny.
(boys shouting) What's this? Give it back.
It's mine now.
(boys shouting) - You little shit.
- Get off.
- That's mine! - Back off.
(panting) Give me that.
Get out of here.
Be careful.
Guys like Ajax start fights to show off for the Clippers.
They want to be picked as Colts.
I'm Bale.
You watch my back, I'll watch yours.
Jacobee sends his regrets.
He's the third baron to do so.
When you and I got married, none would have dared decline the invitation.
Lydia, you offered to handle the wedding arrangements, but if it's too much of a burden Oh, please, I'm beyond jealousy at this point.
Marry Jade, your cog bride.
Take as many wives as you want.
(high-pitched whine) Lydia: Another headache? I blame this one on you.
You need to rest, let Ryder take some of the load.
We talked about giving him more responsibility.
So that's what this is about? Are you planning a wedding or a wake? He's gonna succeed you one day.
Power is not inherited, Lydia, it's taken.
Perhaps you'd prefer if he cut your head off.
I wish he would.
I've spent years trying to groom him.
Try harder.
He's your only son.
Yeah, well, we both know he's not up to the task.
After everything that boy sacrificed for you, I will not let you abandon him again.
He's stronger than you think.
(cracks) No! What did you take from that boy? You ever seen this before? No.
You need to reconsider your position.
We have to move against the Widow.
Your father made his decision.
No, you made the decision.
He agreed, like always.
He's not himself.
I know you see it, too.
The headaches.
We have to protect him.
I have always protected him.
By doing nothing, you're digging his grave.
I'll hold on to this.
(humming) Baron: Jade? Must be hard for you to see them like that.
Your father's a baron.
He's free to take as many wives as he wants.
Ryder: Don't pretend it doesn't hurt, Mother.
I know it does.
He needs me, Ryder.
And he always will.
I still have his head and his heart.
I gladly bequeath to her everything to the south.
(overlapping chatter) (bell chimes) It will never be the real thing, but you'll get used to it.
Don't worry.
He's not here for you.
"what in me is dark I-illum" (sighs) I like "Cat in the Hat" better.
You know, three months ago, you couldn't read your own name.
And now you're getting picky.
What's wrong? Nothing.
You can tell me.
I'm pregnant.
How long? Long enough to be sure.
(sighs) Say something.
You can't keep it.
Is that the only way you solve a problem? Kill it? Veil, the punishment is death.
You understand that, right? I know the consequences.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Do you even want to keep it? We need to leave the Badlands.
And go where? I've heard stories.
The ones who've tried to escape, Quinn has hunted them down and killed them.
I've heard stories, Sunny.
There are places beyond these borders.
They're just stories.
There's nothing out there.
This is a life you helped create.
Does that mean something to you? I know buried under all this ink is a good man.
You're wrong.
Thought you told Veil you was giving that stuff up.
Apparently, I lied.
You know, there used to be a time when you were, uh, excited about coming in here and getting your next mark.
Don't take it personally, Ringo.
- I don't.
- (needle humming) Just seen it before.
Killing that many people takes a toll on a man.
Even you, Sunny.
(quiet chatter) We have unfinished business.
You embarrassed me in front of the regent.
(grunts) (screaming) (screaming continues) (crickets chirping) (gasps) What happened in that bathroom? I've never seen anything like that before.
That's why the Widow was looking for you, right? If I told Quinn what I saw, he would turn you into something you don't want to be.
I need the truth.
I don't know what that is.
It happens when I bleed.
Ever since I was little, it's been this way.
It's like something takes control of me.
When I wake up, someone's been hurt or worse.
It's my fault my mother and I had to leave our home.
My mother had heard about a healer who could fix me.
When we went to find him, we were caught by nomads and separated.
I've been looking for her ever since.
That's my home.
That's Azra.
Azra? Yes, it's beyond the Badlands.
Where did you get that? Do you remember how to get there? No, I I don't.
It was a long time ago.
Look, can I please just get my pendant back? It's the last thing I have to remember my mother.
The baron's son took it.
Well, I'm getting it back Don't be stupid.
Go back to the barracks and keep your head down.
Understood? (thunder rumbling) (thunder rumbling) (groans) (groans) (man groans) (yells) (grunting) (gurgles) (car door opens) Valentine, be a peach and wait in the car.
You really are as good as they say.
Sunny: I should kill you where you stand.
We both know you can't.
I'm a baron.
Now that I got your attention, there's a boy in the fort.
He has a pendant with this symbol on it.
Bring him to me.
That's not gonna happen.
You think you kill for Quinn out of loyalty, but I know that's not the real reason.
Let me know when you change your mind.
(Bale whispering) You're crazy.
It's not worth the risk.
: It is to me.
Okay, look, my sister's a house cook.
Ryder's room is on the second floor, first door.
Got it.
Just don't let him catch you.
(crickets chirping) - (grunts) - Lydia: Ryder? I caught this little shit red-handed.
Where did you get this? It's mine.
Ryder: I'll take him out back and cage him.
Execute him in front of the new cogs in the morning.
Go away.
I told you to stay in the barracks.
Who gave you that compass? It doesn't matter.
You kept it for a reason.
You're hoping Azra's out there, too.
You're going to die in the morning.
You know that, don't you? (voice quivers) Sunny, could you promise me something? Somehow, could you find my mom? Tell her that I'm sorry? I tried to find her.
I never gave up.
And that I love her.
I'll never be able to keep that promise, kid.
sniffling) Find your mom and tell her yourself.
(quietly) This is your way out.
If you get caught, you will be killed.
Why are you helping me? Because I never had a choice.
Now you do.
Thank you.
Now go.
(gasps) Sunny.
Baron's looking for you.
(knock on door) I caught you, Sunny.
I saw you on the wall staring out.
I've seen that look before.
I've had it myself.
But there's nothing out there.
You can trust me on that.
(sizzling) (Quinn exhales) I want you to move closer to the house.
One of the cottages right here.
I'm more at home in the barracks with my men.
I appreciate that, Sunny.
But I'd feel safer knowing you were closer to me and my family.
Consider it done.
I know the other barons are coming for me.
But they will never take this fort.
And you and I are the only ones who can defend it.
Ryder is not gonna be happy about this.
Family's trouble, Sunny.
(chuckles) You're lucky you'll never have one.
(thunder rumbling) ("Lead Me Home" playing) Oh, Lord, live inside me Lead me on my way Oh, Lord, live inside me Lead me on my way Lead me home Lead me home Oh, Lord, in the darkness Lead me on my way Oh, Lord, in the darkness Lead me on my way Lead me home Lead me home Mm-mmm Mmm Mm-mmm Mmm Oh, Lord, heaven's waiting Open up your door Oh, Lord, heaven's waiting Open up your door Lead me home Lead me home