Into The Badlands (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

White Stork Spreads Wings

NARRATOR: Previously on "Into the Badlands" LYDIA: Your father's a Baron.
He's free to take as many wives as he wants.
VEIL: My parents, why are they dead? SUNNY: I think Quinn is dying.
He's scared of anyone finding out.
SUNNY: I'm your family now.
RYDER: Nomads are skimming our opium shipments.
(struggle, coughing) SUNNY: There was an ambush.
LYDIA: Ryder! SUNNY: The widow's planning on taking the fort.
QUINN: Saddle up.
It's war.
(whinnying) Fan out.
Kill them all.
(grunts) Colts, stay put.
You're on lookout.
- (swords clang) - (grunts) Find the Widow.
(grunts, yells) (yells) (grunting) (grunting) (groans) Minerva.
Open the passage.
Get the girls to safety.
Hurry! Come on, go! Come on, come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Okay, okay.
(whispers) Tilda.
(gasps) Esta: Tilda, hurry! No one comes after my family.
We both know I was doing you a favor.
(hums) (yells) (grunting) (panting) (grunting) (grunts, groans) (inhales, growls) (groans) Baron! (grunting) (theme music playing) (birds chirping) Um (sighs) Jade, I appreciate it, but you really don't need to be here.
Ryder's gonna be my family as well.
Do you know why Quinn proposed to you? You're a distraction.
Something to feed his ego.
Make him feel young again.
I understand you're upset, Baroness.
But I am not the enemy.
Well, if you believe that, then you really haven't the faintest clue about this life.
I've been in this house since I was a girl.
I understand more than you think.
When your son is lying in front of you slipping away while you look on, helpless, then you can tell me what you understand.
So a word of advice from one wife to another a baron's home isn't a sanctuary, it's a battlefield.
Quinn isn't interested in peace.
He never was.
He loves to fight.
Now, if you would do me the courtesy of leaving so I can be with my son in private.
Mari, is everything all right? The Clippers are coming back through the gate.
- And the baron? - He's leading them.
He was a good man.
Now he's a dead one.
I found something.
The Widow had it.
I can't read it, but it's a book about Azra.
You went inside that house? I had to get the book.
Come with me.
So the Widow got away.
Good news travels fast.
Well, congratulations, Quinn.
You gave her exactly what she wanted a war.
Remember the last one? Two years under siege, food shortages? Let those bastards try and come at me, huh? I took her oil fields.
And now your Clippers are spread over two territories.
You think they'll be able to defend themselves stretched that thin? - I was avenging Ryder.
- Oh, you don't give a damn about him.
You're just worried about looking weak.
Well, thanks to your son, I had no choice.
Don't you dare talk about him when he is lying in there dying.
- He's not dying, woman.
- Then why won't he wake? His breathing isn't more than a whisper.
Something is wrong.
And what would you have me do? Well, I would say go fetch the doctor, but he's dead.
Of course, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Your face, it's cut.
(muffled panting, moaning) (all shouting) - Come here.
- (gasps) Heels out, arms up.
Now stay there.
- How long? - Till I come back.
This is bullshit.
This is lesson one in your training.
- It's about time.
- (scoffs) (grunts, groans) Get up.
Sunny: Look out there.
What do you see? Horses, cogs, poppies.
That's your problem.
You only react to what's in front of you.
Look beyond this wall.
Beyond these fields.
That is our way out.
Do you still want to go home? You know I do.
Then you have to start listening to me or you'll get us both killed.
I'm not the one who's gonna get us killed, the baron is.
Attacking the Widow was a bad idea.
I didn't do it for Quinn.
We need to find her.
As long as she's still alive, she's gonna hunt you down.
- Never forget that.
- If you're so worried about me, maybe you should teach me how to fight so that I could defend myself.
Okay, you wanna fight? Let's see you fight.
You need to see Ryder.
Well, that's kind of you to be thinking of him.
But I can't look at him in that state.
I know somebody who could help him.
But Lydia won't like it.
You save her son she'll find it in her heart to forgive you.
(bell rings) I'm embarrassed it's taken me this long to stop by.
A baron's wife doesn't have any reason to visit my clinic.
I'm still the same girl you grew up with.
I was so sorry to hear about your parents.
I'm guessing this isn't a condolence call.
Ryder has been injured.
He should have recovered by now.
Everybody is worried.
And you want me to come and take a look at him.
I'm surprised the baron would approve of a cog doctor tending to his son.
I vouched for you.
I have a simple life.
I wanna keep it that way.
I'm sorry, Jade.
I can't let Ryder die.
Just please help.
Now, that sounds like two visitors.
One is Sunny for sure and the other is somebody small.
Waldo, meet M.
I was Waldo's Colt.
You were a Clipper? Regent.
What happened? Well, let's just say I don't get around much anymore.
here seems to think training is only about fighting.
I was hoping you'd help me out with him.
Aw, Sunshine, you sure know how to make an old man feel young.
I'd be real pleased to pitch in, except, well, this runt is just too damn small.
He's never gonna make it.
Sunny: You wanted to fight.
Now you fight.
Him? No way, he's in a wheelchair.
Waldo: What's the matter? You afraid you're gonna get your ass kicked? - No.
- If you can land a hit on him, I'll train you any way you want.
And I won't even use my legs.
This is ridiculous.
(grunting) Come on.
(groans) (panting) All right.
- All right, enough.
- Waldo: Oh, good.
I'm getting kind of tired of kicking your ass.
Get up.
(grunts) Now, you lost that fight before you threw a punch.
You saw a busted-up old man in a wheelchair.
(tsks) You underestimate your enemy in battle, odds are you won't live to see another.
You know why we call 'em Colts? 'Cause we gotta break 'em like wild horses.
That's the only way to make a Clipper out of a boy.
(footsteps approaching) Lydia, this is Veil.
I know who she is.
He suffered a major trauma.
His brain is swollen.
I need to relieve the pressure immediately.
You're not touching him with that.
This is a trepanation device.
It's the only way.
And I'm sure you do fine work, but you're not qualified to treat my son.
Injuries don't discriminate between cogs and barons.
Get out.
How long does he have if we do nothing? He'll be dead by nightfall.
You have to let her try.
It's very important that you keep his head completely still.
- (skull cracks) - (gasps) What is this place, Mother? Every butterfly needs a sanctuary.
This is ours.
Go to the doll house.
Fetch Angelica.
With Sunny alive, her life is in danger.
- Hurry, child.
- Yes, Mother.
Quinn: You must be Veil.
Jade told me about your parents.
They were good people.
I'll do everything in my power to find the scum that killed them.
Thank you, Baron.
How's my son? Improving.
But he's not out of the woods.
You're the girl Sunny's been wicking.
You don't think I know how my regent spends his spare time? I must say he has exquisite taste.
Ryder's bandages will need changing.
I'll return in the morning.
Thank you.
I'll have to find the proper way to repay you.
(coughs) Who set you up? (insects chirping) - Hey, Ringo.
- Hey.
The Widow's gone underground.
You hear anything? No, but, um, I'll let you know as soon as I do.
You haven't stopped by for a while.
I think I'm done sitting in that chair.
You quit clipping? - I quit keeping score.
- (chuckles) You know what's funny? Every Clipper and Colt through that door they all wanna be you.
And you you don't wanna be you.
(door opens) Regent, baron's looking for you.
Well, guess it's time to get back to work, Sunny.
What are you doing here? Believe me, I didn't have a choice.
Quinn: Sunny.
Get in here.
Tell them.
It was a doll at the Tick-Tock Club.
She set me up.
Top floor, last room on the right.
The blonde.
Alive, Sunny.
She'll lead us to the Widow.
Yes, Baron.
(engine whirs) M.
: Is this another training exercise? We're going to a doll house.
I want you to get up on that balcony and make sure she doesn't get away.
I'll watch from down here.
Give me a description of this girl so I know what she looks like.
She'll be the one running for her life.
- Hey.
- (grunts) I brought you home.
I trusted you and look what happened.
It's not what it looks like.
Then why are you wearing that Colt uniform? You've been lying to me since we've met.
I lied because I was scared.
You know what your mother wants to do to me.
You're better off with her than you are with Quinn.
I know you don't believe that.
She's just as bad as he is.
You don't add up.
Neither do you.
(woman laughs) Oh, is that what you want? Now, that's gonna cost extra.
(woman laughs) You came to the right place.
Hey! (grunts) (grunting) (grunting) Stop! - Where is the Widow? - (yells) (gasps) (breathing heavily) I said where is the Widow? You'll never find her.
(groans) You're going to tell me where she is.
You can't stop her.
And you can't stop me.
(thuds) - (crowd murmurs) - Go.
Go! (bell rings) (door shuts) Something I can do for you, Regent? I need a stitch job.
Sunny, what happened? I'll tell you in the back when you're sewing me up.
She's the one you want me to protect.
Am I right? Stay put and don't touch anything.
Who's the boy? My Colt, M.
Your Colt? Why take on a Colt if we're leaving? Nothing's changed.
Don't worry.
(clears throat) Those arms and legs, did you make them? Yeah, they're called mimics.
And the books? You can read? Out.
(sighs) Maybe he's good practice for what's to come.
I want you to stay out of that house.
I don't have a choice.
At least not until Ryder's recovered.
I should have let him die.
Quinn knows about us.
We can't leave soon enough.
That's how many days you were gone when the nomads took you.
I spent every waking moment standing at this window.
I even started praying again.
But when you walked back through that door, my sweet little boy was gone.
In his place was a broken, damaged thing.
I didn't wanna see that.
So I held you close.
Tended to your wounds.
I even cleaned and dressed your foot when you were too ashamed for anyone else to see it.
I taught you how to walk again.
I did everything for you, Ryder.
I thought I could bring you back.
That you had the will of your father.
But you don't.
What is this about? (gasps) A mother's love is a powerful thing.
But it can blind you.
You tried to have the Widow killed.
You disobeyed your father, then lied about it.
I was acting in his best interest.
One in a lifetime of stupid decisions.
Decisions that I defended.
Much as I hate to admit it, your father's right.
You don't have what it takes to be baron.
Get out.
I'd rather have you hate me for the rest of your life than stand over your grave.
You're on your own, Ryder.
(insects chirping) (cooing) It appears I have ruffled the feathers of my fellow Barons.
They view the possession of the Widow's oil fields as a violation of the Foundation Treaty.
They want to parley.
You'll be walking into an execution.
I need to make an alliance with a baron who hates me less than he hates the others.
I can't make a direct overture, but as I recall, you've a history with his regent.
I haven't seen Zypher in a long time.
Well, now's the moment to rekindle the relationship.
Unless there's gonna be a problem.
Not at all, Baron.
(crickets chirping) He's sleeping.
Well done.
(engine whirring) Sunny: Hello, Zypher.
You look like shit.
Good to see you, too.
What are we doing here, Sunny? You miss me? Quinn's not showing up at that parley.
He's making a mistake.
Seems to be doing that a lot lately.
Quinn's not the enemy.
The Widow is.
You know that.
Sunny, the other barons don't want a war.
There hasn't been one in five years.
Now, there is a way for you to stop all this.
Avoid a lot of bloodshed.
(scoffs) You think I'm gonna clip my own baron? The other barons will recognize you for it.
Jacobee will make sure of it.
Then you all divide up the Widow's oil fields and everybody wins.
I need you to arrange a meeting between Jacobee and Quinn.
Ugh, loyal to a fault.
What's in it for me? What do you want? Well, you have to ask? (chuckles) Who is she? Aw, and you think she's gonna save you, huh? You know we're both way past saving, Sunny.
You gonna tell me it's serious? You're playing with fire if Quinn finds out, you know that? Are we finished? Yeah.
I'll talk to Jacobee, but don't hold your breath.
I won't.
The other offer's still on the table if you change your mind.
You know I'm a lot more persuasive when I get what I want.
(car door opens) I'm sorry I wasn't able to get to Angelica in time.
I'm sure you did everything in your power to help her.
You were the last one in the tunnel today.
That special book, the one on my desk, you didn't see it, did you? No, Mother, I'm sorry.
I didn't.
Good night, Tilda.
(knock on door) (bell rings) What are you doing here? How did you get outside the wall? It's probably better you not know.
I'm guessing you didn't tell Sunny you were coming? Something smells good.
Oh, thank you.
(laughs) You're welcome.
You know, I'm still trying to figure out why Sunny took you on as a Colt.
I'm still trying to figure out how you two ended up together.
Normally, when Sunny shows up, people end up dead.
Look, you didn't come here to hear my little story.
You have to read this book for me.
It's beautiful.
- I don't recognize this language.
- (bell rings) Hello.
Baron? Quinn: Your door was unlocked.
You should be more careful.
Where's your escort? Oh, I sometimes walk alone.
It helps to clear my head.
Is everything all right? - Did something happen with Ryder? - No, Ryder's fine, thanks to you.
You took control of a desperate situation.
I'm in your debt.
Intelligence is an intoxicating quality in a woman.
Please just tell me what you want.
It's very simple.
You saved my son.
Now save me.
On the next "Into the Badlands" I trusted you! We kill for you we die for you.
I need you, Sunny.
Now more than ever.
He's leading the Badlands into a war.
We both know you won't challenge your father.
A man has to take what it wants.
I need a passage out of the Badlands.
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