Into The Badlands (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

Moon Rises, Raven Seeks

Previously on AMC's "Into the Badlands" You know where Sunny is.
Return as my regent, and I'll help you find him.
I can't help you get your gift back if you won't let me.
MAN: You're wasting your time on me.
I run this camp for war refugees.
Look what I found.
This child has the gift.
Is that what's making him sick? It has something to do with Azra, right? Maybe they have answers.
Azra is a fairy tale.
I tried calling them.
Nobody came.
Finally, the promised land is at hand.
I've come to offer you salvation.
Join us or die.
After all these years Finally, your destiny is at hand.
It's Castor.
(STAMMERING) I told you, I'm fine.
Look at me, child.
The fight took a little more out of me this time, that's all.
NIX: Admit it, you're getting worse.
I I just need some rest.
Okay? You don't have to prove how strong you are to me.
I already know.
I understand how hard this burden is on you.
Both of you.
But I promise your Gift, it's for the greater good.
Do you realize how special that makes you? How proud I am? Are we almost there? Soon.
I promise.
The first temple of Azra.
Just as the prophecies foretold.
(SIGHS) This is where you will build our new kingdom.
You're just missing one thing to make the picture complete.
My armor crafts the best mimics in the Badlands, this is his masterpiece.
How do you feel? Like a new man.
Flexing the fingers triggers a short blade and there are darts in the knuckles.
Hey! Your Butterflies confiscated my opium.
I need it back.
, I'd like to meet Nathaniel Moon, my new Regent.
A one handed regent? You must be desperate.
's been skipping his training.
I was hoping you could give him a lesson.
It would be my pleasure.
Let's make it a fair fight.
If I slit Grandpa's throat, do I get my opium back? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Ready to play? (TAPPING) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (M.
GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (YELLS) (CHUCKLES) You're gonna have to be better than that, old man.
You got a couple of moves on you, kid.
Who trained you? The best Clipper in the Badlands.
Sunny? Hmm.
He took your hand, didn't he? (BOTH GRUNTING) Come on, old man.
Do it.
Lesson's over.
It's time for your nap.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (CRYING) I don't understand.
Why him? The Gift is passed down through the blood, all right? So, he's got it from one of two people and I'm pretty sure it's not Veil.
That's impossible.
Maybe not.
I was there when Waldo found you by the banks of that river, you were wearing the mark of Azra around your neck.
You never told me this.
That's the problem with silent types, too many secrets.
How come a Totemist knows so much about the Gift? Before my father died, he used to track Dark Ones for the Abbots.
Then your old man was as bad as the Master.
Can she help? No.
Not after all the Abbots you've killed.
Listen, the Master won't help anyone she can't control.
She will take this child and you will never see him again.
I have to do something, before this thing kills him.
(SIGHS) There might be someone else.
My father used to tell stories about a former Master who was exiled from the Monastery.
(CHUCKLES) No, no.
Are you talking about the Mad Witch? 'Cause that, it is a terrible idea.
Why? Number one, she's mad.
Number two, she's a witch.
Number three, nobody knows where she is.
That's not entirely true.
(DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE) My father's journals.
He would spend weeks at a time away from our camp bringing offerings to Ankara.
Why on Earth would he do that? To learn more about the Dark Ones.
He claimed that she possessed knowledge far beyond anything the Abbots could imagine.
BAJIE: Yeah.
The Mad Witch herself.
Does it say where to find her? No, he didn't leave a map.
Just a name, Vulture's Peak.
Do you know where that is? Bajie, do you know where that is? Yes.
You know how to get there? It's north but it would take us right through the frontlines of the war.
I need you to take me there.
Listen, you don't want any of this.
Trust me.
Bajie, I'm asking you to help.
(SIGHS) I I need a I need a drink.
(BABY COOING) I have your first mission.
Two of my transports were hit by the Iron Rabbit.
Well, that's a bold look.
The Rabbit leads a crew of outlaws.
Until now, they've only been a nuisance but one of my transports was carrying a very important prisoner.
He goes by the name of Bajie.
Bajie? Let me guess.
A tubby son of a bitch with a grifter smile.
Bajie has some information that is vital to my war effort.
Well, he and I have some unfinished business.
I need him alive.
Is that gonna be a problem? No.
No problem.
What about the Iron Rabbit? Bring me their head and cottontail.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) (SIGHS) Just let me drink in peace, will you? What do you know about Ankara? Do you know what it's like to realize that your whole entire life has just been a lie? You know what that's like? She was my first Master.
Unlike the others they didn't believe Azra existed but, but she did.
She was obsessed with finding it, until her mind finally snapped and she was banished from the Monastery.
But you still believed her.
Everyone wants to believe they're meant for something special, right? When someone tells you you're the chosen one, yeah, it's hard to say no.
(SCOFFS) Chosen one? You've cheated every person you've ever met.
Well, it was all for a higher calling.
You know, mostly.
I spent my whole life looking for that book.
That worthless compass.
Just hoping that one day Azra's people would just show up like some kind of angels, fix this goddamn awful world of ours.
I know it sounds crazy when you say it out loud, but, what religion doesn't? You want a drink? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (DOOR OPENS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Let us give thanks and behold the wonders of our new home.
Please, go.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Is this really the sacred ground of our ancestors? Don't be deceived by appearances.
Just as your body has meridians of hidden energy, so does the Earth itself.
This place sits on a nexus of great power.
I can't believe we journeyed thousands of miles just for this ruin.
Your leap of faith will be rewarded, but you must be patient.
It's a sign.
It's nothing.
This place is a tomb.
MAN 1: Is this why we came here? WOMAN 2: Oh, it's beautiful! MAN 2: Where is it coming from? MAN 3: It's not what I expected.
MAN 4: It's really nice.
MAN 5: It is.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) You need to make an example of these unbelievers before their treachery spreads like a cancer.
When a flock loses its way, the fault lies with the shepherd.
Time to make them believe again.
Brethren, let us all gather together.
(MURMURED CONVERSATIONS) Sons and daughters, I know it's been a long, hard road.
I asked you to leave behind your homes for the promise of a kingdom we've never seen.
And you followed.
We've left the bones of our dead scattered across strange realms.
And you endured.
Now, finally, we stand on Fate's own doorstep, where we will build a new Azra.
But instead of rejoicing, I sense remorse, demurral, and doubt.
Whom amongst you is already infected? Don't be afraid.
I am the one to blame for failing you.
So please, I beg you step forward, so I can atone.
If I have led you to a place of doubt, then it's my own conviction that needs testing.
Draw your weapons.
All I have is blind faith to protect me.
Fate will decide if this is enough.
I challenge you, strike me down if you can.
I I believe.
(BREATHING SHAKILY) Then you are already saved.
Remember, a man is only ever as strong as his faith.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, what you doing? I'm not playing this game with you.
If you won't help me, I'll find Ankara myself.
You're not listening to anything I said? She is a liar, she is dangerous, and she is completely insane.
She's also a Master.
You heard what Lydia said.
If there's any chance she can save Henry, I have to take it.
Sunny, wait, listen.
I think it's Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Sunny, wait, wait.
- BAJIE: Come on.
Just relax.
She does not work for The Widow anymore.
She helped me escape from The Widow.
But you were there when she traded Veil to Quinn.
And I should have stood up to her sooner.
Lydia told me what happened.
Veil deserved better.
But killing me won't bring her back.
And I can't help you if I'm dead.
You know what? Maybe I should come to Vulture's Peak, yeah? It was really selfish to think I'd just be hanging out here on my own.
Let's Let's go.
BAJIE: You and me, yeah? Let's go.
Yeah? (PEOPLE SCREAMING) What's he doing in the Badlands? Who is he? Judging by his uniform, I'd say he's your replacement.
Who's in charge here? Your Baron has no authority here.
You sure about that? Let's go, before he finds us and takes more than just our hands.
Lydia has Henry.
(SIGHS) Nathaniel? I never thought I'd see you wearing a Regent's uniform again.
Wasn't part of the plan.
But you know how plans go.
What does The Widow want with my camp? The Iron Rabbit ambushed a convoy.
Stole some supplies and kidnapped a prisoner.
How unfortunate.
He didn't leave much of a trail.
But it was enough to lead me here.
Then I'm afraid you're not the tracker you used to be.
I've got nothing to hide.
NATHANIEL: Be reasonable, Lydia.
The last thing I want is to see you get hurt.
Or your child.
It's not mine.
Just another victim of this awful war.
(BAJIE GRUNTS) (EXHALES) NATHANIEL: How many refugees do you have in this camp? LYDIA: I've stopped counting.
More every day, thanks to your Baron.
NATHANIEL: That's a lot of mouths to feed.
Where do you get your supplies? LYDIA: Look, I can provide Who's your friend? (HENRY COOING) This is Nathaniel.
He's The Widow's new regent.
He's looking for a stolen convoy.
(HENRY COOING) One of the camp's many orphans.
Abandoned by her own mother.
(HENRY CRYING) Calliope, could you take care of this child? Of course.
LYDIA: It's all good, Henry.
It's okay.
Good boy.
Good boy.
I know that you're only doing your duty.
If it helps, I could go talk to The Widow myself.
You can ride back with me.
Don't fight, do not follow.
NIX: This is incredible.
(CHUCKLES) CASTOR: What is it? Take a look yourself.
CASTOR: The old world.
What do you think happened to these people? Pilgrim says they ignored the signs of their destruction, so Fate decided to punish them.
CASTOR: It's Azra.
It's Azra.
It's so beautiful.
Do you think it's close? Your ear (SIGHS) CASTOR: It's fine.
It's nothing.
You're a bad liar.
It's getting worse.
Don't tell Pilgrim.
What if I don't live to see it? We made a promise that we'd walk through the gates of Azra together.
Pilgrim won't let us down.
EXHALES) You have to eat.
(SIGHS) Go to hell.
You don't want Bajie to see you like this, do you? Moon's tracking him as we speak.
Leave Bajie out of this.
It's the only way.
If anyone can unlock you, he can.
(SIGHS) Why don't you get your own damn Gift back? You think I haven't tried? The Master took it from me, but yours is still inside you.
It's buried somewhere.
When I get out of here I am your only way out.
It's time that you accepted that.
(SIGHS) Well done.
The Acolytes' doubts seem to be assuaged.
For now.
This place It isn't what I'd hoped we'd find.
The Catalyst sent the signal.
If his coordinates led us here, then this must be hallowed ground.
But then where is he? Fate will deliver him to us when the time is right.
(SIGHS) But clearly, my word isn't good enough anymore.
We need proof.
For all of your strength, there are times when I still see the boy the elders left on the rocks for jackals.
(SPITS) A pitiful sacrifice to their counterfeit Gods.
Who nursed you through seizures and nightmares till your full power blossomed? And did I doubt you? Question your purpose? No.
Because my faith is true.
So, what's really troubling you? It's Castor.
Black-eyed ones don't have long lives.
You have become too attached.
You have given his life meaning and purpose.
The moon will be full tonight.
Fate's eye, wide open.
We need to perform the sacrament.
Then she will open our eyes too.
Your people believe in you.
Now I need you to believe in me.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Did you get it? Yeah.
If The Widow catches you with that No, don't worry.
She won't know.
: Over here.
Suicide is the coward's way.
Look at you.
You're pathetic.
I don't care, I've got nothing to live for.
Well, I do.
I'm trapped in here 'cause you believe you killed our mother.
I saw what I did.
I killed her.
I forgive you.
(GRUNTS) I killed her.
The Master showed me.
She manipulated you, twisting your memories with lies.
Our mother was murdered, but not by you.
(GRUNTS) You need to remember.
! I told you to hide.
Queen's men are killing everyone.
Go now! Mom (GASPS) (HORSE NEIGHING) Strange, but after all these years, we're both still living in the shadows of Barons.
I remember offering you a way out.
I know.
But I was young and stupid and too scared to risk everything I had.
What scares you now? Nothing.
Thank you for coming.
(CHUCKLES) Better to confront the woman holding the leash than let her dogs tear my camp apart.
I didn't realize this was to be a confrontation.
All I want is peace.
Then you of all people should want the Iron Rabbit dead.
His attacks are only prolonging my efforts to end Chau's war for good.
So you can run the Badlands? So that I can create a better world for its people.
Better world.
So tell me, why are the refugees no longer flocking to your Sanctuary? Because they know you'll only send them to die on the frontlines.
You don't care about these people.
Progress requires sacrifice.
As a former Baroness, I would think that you would understand.
Oh, I understand you perfectly.
You believe you can threaten me into helping you.
Go ahead and try.
After Quinn, there's nothing you can do to me that I haven't already survived.
The other Barons are dead.
And I need someone who can run the poppy fields that your husband once controlled.
You're offering me the Fort? I'm offering to make you a Viceroy.
Just think of it.
A place for your people.
The power to protect them.
A chance to help shape the future of The Badlands.
And in return? Give me the Iron Rabbit.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (HENRY COOING) What do you want? Bajie said you're heading north to no man's land.
I don't need your help.
Maybe neither of us can make up for the things we've done, but at least I'm trying.
Can you get us through the front? I stole one of The Widow's transports.
If her army thinks that you're part of a supply run, they might let you through.
Uniforms? In the truck.
I just need to clean off the blood.
(HENRY COOING) Helping me doesn't give you redemption.
Some debts are never paid.
(BREATHING SHAKILY) Is he breathing? I can't wake him.
Pulse is weak, it's still there.
Get the healer.
What have you done? (SPEAKING IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE) (GASPS) Forgive me.
I see everything.