Into The Badlands (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

Dragonfly's Last Dance

NARRATOR: Previously on AMC's "Into the Badlands" You have served your master well.
SUNNY: How do you two know each other? - BAJIE: Lily is my ex-wife.
- Come on! SUNNY: I've been on this boat before.
WOMAN: The River King and I have an arrangement.
You cost me my family! (GRUNTS) If you want to get to Pilgrim alive, you're gonna need my help.
We work together or we die.
That is how we change the Badlands.
Not by playing outlaw in a war we can't possibly win.
MINERVA: We started this war to stalemate, and here we are, no closer to victory.
Quite frankly, we have outfought Chau at every turn, but she keeps throwing more bodies in our path.
I think it's time to withdraw and consolidate.
Are you two always this optimistic? Realism is the only thing that's gonna win this war.
That's the weakest point in Chau's line.
Her garrison outside Menstanza.
If we launch a stealth assault there with the bulk of our forces, we could break through, overwhelm them in one sweep.
A surge? No.
Too risky.
I agree.
If Chau were to get wind of the attack, your armies would be decimated.
Some risks are worth taking.
If you truly wanna end this war, surprise is our only advantage.
You're playing this exactly how Chau would.
Just throwing bodies at the front lines.
Let's just take a breath to think beyond what's right in front of us.
Waiting is no longer an option.
Ready the fighters for an assault.
Gather troops from the south and west, rendezvous at the chokepoint outside Menstanza.
Yes, Baron.
Gaius, a word.
So that's it? You're gonna march off obediently on a suicide mission? Listen, no one's committing suicide.
We will quell their forces.
It's what I do.
Save the chest-thumping warrior bravado for your troops.
If you won't reason with her, I will.
Now look who's full of warrior bravado.
Well, somebody needs to look out for you.
(SIGHS) Let's do this.
Hey! You shouldn't be here.
Laundry You two, dump her downstairs.
The rest of you, follow me.
If The Widow won't end this war, then we will.
(CAR ENGINE STARTS) We weren't expecting any supplies.
I brought you something else.
- (CROSSBOW FIRES) - (GUARD GRUNTS) (GUARDS GRUNTING) Secure the gate! GAIUS: I can't believe you kept this.
Reminded me to always find strength even in the darkest hour.
Thank you for backing my plan.
It's bold.
Like you.
Sunny is an old friend.
No harm will come to you here.
You have my word.
Your word is worthless.
Then you better kill me now because I won't do this with a knife at my throat.
It's uncivilized.
What you need is here.
That map will lead you straight to Pilgrim's door.
So you see, Sunny? I am a man of my word.
This is just a piece of paper.
What I need Is information.
What do you know about Pilgrim? Only that he can't be reasoned with.
He's a zealot.
And zealots are dangerous.
You met him? I tried, but he wouldn't see me.
All he cares about is Azra.
My advice? Stay the hell away.
Now are we done here? Not yet.
I need you to tell me about Lily's boat.
BAJIE: It's okay, Henry.
I don't know why you're so miffed.
You're not the one who got screwed over.
Screw you, Bajie! I didn't ask you to come back into my life.
I didn't ask you and your friend to mess up my boat, - and I didn't ask you to apologize! - Ahhh! Hurricane Bajie all over again.
Leaving me to stumble through the wreckage! - You finished? - Maybe.
All right.
I meant what I said, all right? Hurting you was the biggest mistake of my, my Hang on, I'm so sorry.
Did you say that the boat is messed up? I found a machete in the fuel line.
Among other things.
Then you have got yourself a deal.
What? I will help you fix the boat, and then you can take us to Pilgrim's Fortress.
(BABY CONTINUES CRYING) You're unbelievable.
(SMACKS LIPS) That was not a no.
SUNNY: Lily said her boat used to belong to you.
I found this symbol scratched on the bunk.
What's your interest in this symbol? I was the one who carved it.
When I was a boy.
Well, I'll be damned.
I guess there was another survivor.
Survivor? That boat was transporting a routine shipment when it went missing.
No word, no distress call, like it disappeared into thin air.
Three days later it drifted out of the mist like a ghost ship.
The deck still red with blood.
When I boarded, I found a slaughterhouse.
Bodies everywhere.
(PEOPLE SCREAMING) Do you know who did it? No idea.
You said there was another survivor.
The Captain.
Found him barely breathing with an axe in his skull.
All he kept muttering was, "The devils in black and red.
" Where is this Captain now? Last I heard, he had built himself a hut.
A day's walk down the river.
He's mad as a coot, but you never know, he might offer you some insight.
The minute I leave here, you're gonna retake that boat.
Sunny, as you recall, I was a man of my word.
You're the one who tried to cheat me bringing me the head of another boy.
We have a deal.
No harm will come to you or your friends here.
(GUARD WHEEZING) Who did this? Who got through our checkpoint? Was it Chau's people? No.
(WHEEZING) Butterflies.
And Bowlers.
Heading for the Sanctuary.
You're saying it was an inside job? (WHEEZING) WREN: Hello, Mother.
The Sanctuary is now under our control.
I'd advise you to let me go before it's too late.
It's already too late.
There's no going back, thanks to you.
Who are you? Don't you know the faces of your own fighters? The ones who die in your name? Why bother, I guess, we're all disposable to you.
I'm Wren.
He's Arthur.
We're here to end your war.
You would betray your own Baron? My Baron betrayed me.
She's the cause of our suffering.
Direct your anger at Chau.
- I'm trying to save you.
- Stop lying.
All you want is more power, more land, more gold, just like all the other Barons.
That is not true.
I'm fighting for a better world.
(WREN SCOFFS) I slipped into this house two weeks ago.
Know what I discovered? No one's buying your bullshit anymore.
How many innocents lost life and limb fighting for your empty cause? I'm sorry for your sacrifice.
Oh, save your pity.
Watching you suffer will be recompense enough.
The penalty for treason is death.
Is that what you want? ARTHUR: We want an armistice.
An immediate end to the fighting.
You're the only one who can do that.
- ARTHUR: Hey! - (GAIUS GRUNTS) MINERVA: Gaius! (GASPING) The next one will be through your skull.
Come on.
(WIND WHOOSHING) Castor was more than a fighter.
He was a brother to all of you and closer than a son to me.
He did not want to die.
But he sacrificed his life so that we could live.
May his blood be the salve for our souls.
Castor is gone, but his spirit lives on.
(ACOLYTES CONTINUE CHANTING) Until we meet again, dear one.
(SIGHS) (EXHALES) (SPEAKING IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE) PILGRIM: Long live, Castor! ACOLYTES: Long live, Castor! Long live, Castor! ALL: Long live, Castor! Long live, Castor! Dispatch a pigeon to our friends in the North.
Tell them I've found the one that they've been looking for, but they need to hurry.
(LIGHTNING CRACKLING) You must eat something.
The Eye has shown me the marks again.
The Catalyst is getting closer.
I can feel it.
Not "it.
" The Catalyst is my kin.
Even kin can be dangerous.
We must be ready and prepare our dear ones.
(CHUCKLES) You mean M.
? Nix, too.
They must train together.
Learn to fight as one.
As she did with Castor.
(GASPS) His blood is on your hands.
Saving him was a lost cause.
(GRUNTING) (PANTING) What were you thinking? I saw a chance and I took it.
Chances get you killed.
You're no good to me dead.
I might start to think you're worried about me.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) We've written up the terms.
(COUGHS) Any armistice will need to be signed by my hand and bear my seal.
Without the seal Chau wouldn't accept it.
Then that's what you'll do.
The first thing she'll want is unrestricted rights to trading Cogs.
You'll be giving up your freedom.
GAIUS: The Cog trade is my family's business.
And that will never change as long as she remains Baron.
WREN: You'll either sign the document or we send Chau your head.
I'll let you think about it.
MALE MUTINEER: Get in there! Move it! Hurry up! Hurry up! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You too! Come on! (LYDIA GASPS) Where do you think you're going? Please don't hurt me.
On your knees.
I said on your knees! Look at that face.
(GRUNTS) (SOFTLY) Listen to me.
If I pull this blade out, you'll bleed to death.
Understand? The Widow and Gaius, are they still alive? Where are they being kept? Caged room.
Thank you.
MOON: A truckload of turncoats wiped out a check point.
I'm assuming the Sanctuary has already fallen.
Didn't know who else to turn to.
You sure The Widow's still alive? There's only one way to find out.
Round up what's left of your fighters.
If we combine forces we can take the Sanctuary back.
You don't even know what's going on inside.
My Baron is in there.
Lydia, too.
Are you in or out? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) PILGRIM: Castor spent hours looking over everything in this place.
Every trinket, every picture.
Sometimes I come here to feel his presence.
Our grief will never truly leave us, but we must do what we can to move on.
I prepared his body.
There were bruises on his neck.
No one ever gets that close to him in battle, and they weren't there when The Widow returned him.
What are you asking, dear one? How did Castor die? He was sick and he passed peacefully in my arms.
Peace doesn't leave marks.
Do you doubt what I'm telling you? I simply want the truth.
Disquiet is the pestilence that poisons the harvest of our faith.
And I need yours, Nix.
Our work is more urgent now than ever.
We need each other.
There's no way to do this, except together.
Are you here to kill me? The River King sent me.
I'm here to talk.
Suit yourself.
More for me then.
The River King says you were the only survivor of a massacre.
Well, there goes my buzz.
What's it to you? I was also on that boat.
You You were the boy.
You were the one they were after.
Who? Beats the hell out of me.
But they wore red and black armor.
And they left a souvenir in my head.
We were out at sea, a day, two maybe, when a boat came up on us in the dead of night.
It was so quiet.
Then they boarded us and moved in as silent as death itself, and attacked with a ferocity I'd never seen before or since.
But the girl, your sister, she put up a hell of a fight.
My sister? What was her name? Didn't ask, she didn't offer.
But that night, she was your guardian angel.
What happened to her? Damned if I know.
I didn't see much after Sister.
I can't even remember her face.
Then ask the River King.
That creep keeps ledgers of every Cog and passenger who ever stepped foot on one of his boats.
Likes to look through them.
(CHUCKLES) Like they're his goddamn family albums.
(LAUGHS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Round up anyone else loyal to The Widow and throw them in the brig.
(MOANS) We can't find the seal anywhere.
We need it now.
I want to send Chau the terms within the hour.
It's in the Conservatory.
Of course, the seal alone won't help you, but I can.
Who are you? (SNAPS FINGERS) Uh, she's a Viceroy.
I've overheard the arguments she's had with The Widow.
She isn't happy with the way the war's been going.
Won't hurt to hear what she has to offer first.
Ah, this war's destroyed far too many lives.
But Chau will never believe in the authenticity of any document from The Widow without the seal or without me.
You? Oh, how convenient.
Chau and her people know that I've pledged my loyalty to The Widow.
The only way they can trust this armistice is if I deliver it myself.
You can't do this without me.
Lydia, what are you doing? LYDIA: What you couldn't.
I'm ending this war.
The first Chau checkpoint is an hour away.
Deliver this to her lieutenants and be back before sunset, or we start killing hostages.
LYDIA: I understand.
GAIUS: I don't.
Betrayal is not the answer.
You broke faith with your Baron.
You turned your back on your own blood.
don't lecture me about treachery.
And tell Chau's people we expect an answer by this time tomorrow.
Or I kill The Widow.
And her pet.
If you want to avoid Chau's snipers, take the high road trail.
Remember that.
Who's killing your uncle Bajie? Huh? You are.
Uh, you are.
Maybe you two could take the party outside? Aw, I tried that.
I've tried everything.
Then try being useful and pass me the three-eight spanner.
- (GROANS) - (BABY LAUGHING) Oh! Bloody hell! (LAUGHING) Oh, you like that, you sadistic little shit.
Kid's got the right idea.
You're not too bad with him, you know? Piss off.
I'm doing my best.
- I can tell.
- (SIGHS) Imagine if we'd had one of these? A little shit machine? BAJIE: Yeah.
But he would been our little shit machine.
What are you doing? BAJIE: Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you sure you wanna do this? - LILY: Shut up.
- (GRUNTS) - (EXCLAIMS) - (MACHINE WHIRRING) Yes! You hear that? - Yeah.
- We fixed it.
- Yay.
- (SIGHS) Okay.
We're good to go.
(CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY) Frontal assault is not an option.
- (GATE OPENING) - (HORSE NEIGHING) Who is it? (GATE CLOSING) (MAN GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) The next one's for you.
I know what this looks like, but I didn't betray The Widow.
I convinced them they needed me to send a peace offer to Chau.
A peace offer? We need to act quick if we're gonna save her.
Where's Moon? I've never heard of this high road trail she's talking about.
I have.
Butterflies used to sneak out of the Sanctuary at night to visit Wall Street.
And the high road is what we called the passage leading out of the cellar.
A secret entrance? We thought she had no idea what we were up to.
Guess we were wrong.
Good, 'cause that's our way in.
All right.
We move at nightfall.
Get your fighters ready.
LYDIA: Are you sure you want to do this? MOON: There are no other options.
There's one, no action at all.
Let the coup run its course.
Then, when it's over, we can restore order by uniting the remaining forces.
I've seen this before, Nathaniel.
When there's dissent, it doesn't just go away.
And we need to think about the future.
The future means nothing to me without my honor.
I knew you'd say that.
All right.
: You've been avoiding me.
Is it because of the lies The Widow told Castor? Castor was no fool.
But he was sick and scared.
She poisoned his mind.
You have to believe me.
I don't know who to believe anymore.
Pilgrim promised he would save Castor, and then he There were bruises on Castor's neck.
Like he was choked.
And you think Pilgrim did it? He was the last one with him.
I would never try to replace Castor, but I do wanna help you.
When you abuse the Gift, it attacks your body from the inside.
Destroys it.
I can teach you how to control it.
So that you never have to cut yourself again.
The least I can do is make you stronger.
(GAIUS GROANS) Lydia's not here.
The hostages are out of time.
MINERVA: We have to stem the bleeding.
(GROANS, PANTING) Keep the pressure on.
You know, I shouldn't be surprised that Lydia betrayed us.
I heard stories about her treachery when she was a Baroness.
Even my mother feared her.
And she was afraid of no one.
I'm gonna choose to believe that she hasn't abandoned the cause.
(WINCES) You know, I built this room to keep a boy prisoner.
Use him against his will.
Told myself it was for the greater good.
But what if it wasn't? Wren could be right about me.
What if I've become the monster I swore to defend them from? (MEN SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) Your Viceroy failed.
Wren told you there'd be consequences.
Give her more time.
- Unlike you - WREN: Ready Wren is a woman of her word.
- WREN: Aim - (GUNS COCKING) - WREN: Fire! - (GUNS FIRING) Their blood is on your hands.
Hurts, doesn't it? To see it up close? He's just trying to get to you.
It worked.
(GRUNTS) (CHOKING) Get the keys.
(WHISTLES) (ALL GRUNTING) Goodbye, Mother.
(MEN GROANING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (GRUNTS) (PANTING, GRUNTING) (SHUDDERING) You find the answers you were looking for, Clipper? The ledger for that voyage, where is it? Second ladder, third shelf, eighth row.
August 28th, I believe.
Where are your men? I gave you my word.
None of my men will harm you as long as you're here.
Of course, I never said anything about someone else's men.
(FOOTSTEPS THUDDING) It's funny how our paths keep crossing, Sunny.
Yet I never knew how important you were.
These men have been looking for you for a very long time.
If only I'd known your picture was here all these years.
Look who I found.
Where do you think you're going? Who are they? Call themselves Black Lotus.
Now they know you're alive, they won't stop hunting you.
Of course, I can get you out of this mess for a price.
No walls.
I can take you as far as the delta, and then you are on your own.
It shouldn't take more than one day's walk to Pilgrim's Fortress.
Why are you giving me that look? - (MUMBLES) - Hmm? I just wanna have a word.
Give us a sec, will ya? Sort of personal.
- Just my wife.
- Ex-wife.
Yeah, all right, ex-wife.
If you think you're getting a goodbye shag, I'm afraid that boat has already sailed, crashed, and sunk.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Why don't you come with us? What? Well, we were good together once.
I think we could be good together again.
I love a reunion just as much as the next gal.
But some things just aren't meant to be.
Get some sleep.
You look like a cat's asshole.
(CHUCKLES) You smell like one too.
What will you do? Oh, the River King is dead.
Long live the River Queen.
- Stop it.
- Good.
I'll be off.
(CLEARS THROAT) MINERVA: Thank you for your help.
For a minute there, I wasn't sure where you stood.
I always stand where I'm most useful.
And right now that's by your side.
This gives me no pleasure.
I knew how this could end.
Shed no tears for me.
Do you have a final request? (HORSES NEIGHING) Be the leader that you promised to be.
End this war, once and for all.
You have my word.
On your command, Regent.
Archers ready.
- Fire.