Into The Badlands (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Chamber of the Scorpion

You're fighting the wrong war, Minerva.
Time to come home.
This is not my home.
And you are not my master anymore.
Let me go.
You're free to leave if you can get past me.
(BOTH GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GASPING) THE MASTER: You fight with anger, Minerva.
Not intention.
It makes you predictable.
(GASPS) (GRUNTING) And sloppy.
(GRUNTS) My anger keeps me alive.
It's been more use to me than you ever were.
(GRUNTING) And to think how much more you would be without it.
(GRUNTS) Minerva, enough.
I hope you see now the good we are capable of.
The mercy we offer the world.
Thank you.
I want to take him home.
Of course.
Not soon.
What are you doing? The boy has been through much.
If it is your desire to leave, he needs to be fed and washed.
You will be reunited soon.
Your son will be cared for as if he were my own.
Am I a prisoner here? No, brother.
You're a man of free will as are we all.
I've never seen anything good come from the power you just gave yourself.
It saddens me to see you so adrift.
I'm just not interested in what you're preaching.
I want my son and Bajie, and I wanna leave.
Why show him such mercy after all he's done? He made a mistake, but he has a good heart.
Then we will put it to the test.
(PANTING) (YELLS) I need Vitania.
I need Vitania in here now! What happened? She was stabbed.
VITANIA: She's lost a lot of blood.
You have to fight, Lydia.
You hear me? You have to fight.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You need to stay here.
- There's not a chance in hell.
As soon as I know anything, I'll come find you.
I'll come find you.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) BAJIE: You won't get us a bit of food, would you? Not much.
Just a bit of bread, something stiff to wash it down with.
No reason I should be sober for this shit.
Stop talking.
(SMACKS LIPS) Hey, let me ask you something.
Now that Pilgrim has got the Gift, where does that leave you? 'Cause, I mean, before today, you were a special one, weren't you? A great warrior.
But now Pilgrim's gone dark, it kinda leaves you with your dick in your hand, doesn't it? Metaphorically speaking.
(CHUCKLES) I know what you're trying to do.
What am I tryin' to do? Trying to make me doubt him.
No, baby, you got that all wrong.
I can see the doubt growing already.
All I'm doing is watering the shoots.
You've changed, Sanzo.
How do you mean? When we were children in Azra, you and I were set apart.
We were special.
And the elders would bring us to spar in the great Temple.
A majestic place.
I admired you so much.
I mean, it pained me to raise a hand against you, even to train.
But you beat me mercilessly.
(CHUCKLES) Back then, your heart was hard.
Your fierceness, it frightened me.
I'm sorry if I hurt you.
No, you see, at first I despised you for your brutality.
But over time, I realized you were preparing me for the war to come.
You made me the lion I am today, Sanzo.
Without you, I wouldn't be here.
I don't I don't understand.
What were we training for? For this.
The world you know is merely a mirage.
The one we were born to protect, that is what comes next.
We are meant to cleanse these lands.
Rebuild the Golden City.
Side by side, as destiny intended.
How? I've spent my entire life seeking the answer to that question.
And now, thanks to you, I've found it.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (GRUNTS) Stop, stop! I want no harm done to them! They're prisoners of war.
These bastards tortured us and kept us in cages.
I was in a cage too.
But we are offering them something that my sister never did.
We did not fight this war to become like them! TILDA: We found something.
We searched the grounds, every room, every building.
No sign of The Widow or Chau anywhere.
GAIUS: It's like they vanished into thin air.
But I know how they got out.
A secret tunnel? How did you know about it? Our mother built passages all over the house, so the Cogs can move about unseen.
Any idea where the tunnel comes out? It's a house Cog.
Her throat's been slit.
GAIUS: Over here.
It's my sister's.
Chau killed her and took her clothes.
Makes sense.
She would have stood out like a sore thumb down here.
Yeah, and with the battle raging, no one would have noticed one more Cog wandering around.
GAIUS: Only one set of prints.
The Widow isn't with her.
This doesn't make any sense.
We didn't find a body.
Where could she be? There's only one person alive who could tell us what happened in that room.
And my guess is, she hasn't gone very far.
This Chamber will be the foundation upon which we build Azra anew.
The sands below my feet are its blood.
The energy they draw from the earth shall fuel our crusade.
You mean war.
Only for as long as is necessary to ensure everlasting peace.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) The Widow uses that same line.
I'm done killing for other people's causes.
This is not someone else's cause, brother.
It is ours.
And the victims of our war? We will offer sanctuary and salvation to anyone who would pledge themselves to our cause.
The Baron and the Clippers have only offered misery, suffering.
They murdered your wife.
Stole your son.
The Gifts of Azra are for everyone.
Let us show him.
What are you doing? These followers have proven their faith, and they will be first to receive the blessings of Azra.
I call them my Harbingers.
Will you join us, brother? (BIRDS SQUAWKING) Oh, there's my old mate.
Come to gloat about the end of the world, have you? Why don't you save it next time, you selfish prick? Bajie, listen.
No, no, no, no.
You listen to me.
You were right.
Pilgrim just gave the Gift to eight of his followers.
He's building an army, just like you said.
Hooray for me.
You knew he was bad news when you turned that Chamber on.
And you went and did it anyway.
And now you've created a god.
If I'd let you blow it up, my son would be dead.
And that was never going to happen.
But what is the point of saving your son if he doesn't have a world left to grow up in? Maybe whoever blocked your memory, they did it so this didn't happen.
Maybe we're not meant to have this kind of power.
All I know right now is you and him, you're the apocalypse.
I'm going to stop him.
But I have to play along first.
They have you, they have Henry, and they're watching everything I do.
I suppose the horde of dark-eyed zealots won't be a problem either.
Have you got a plan? I'm working on it.
It should involve swords.
Yeah? Just I mean, lots and lots of swords.
Don't forget to bring swords.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (PANTS AND GRUNTS) Using the Chamber has taken its toll.
You must rest.
I will rest when our enemies have fallen and the Golden City stands tall once more.
Not before.
Sanzo is not who you want him to be.
He is dangerous.
He is my brother.
He is the catalyst.
And the Catalyst has served its purpose.
Sanzo may not remember who he is, but I do.
He saved my life.
I will not betray him.
Then honor him.
But do not let him live long enough to betray us.
I know what's at stake.
But Sanzo must be given the chance to prove his loyalty.
And if he fails? Then I will do what must be done.
What are you doing here? It gets cold out here at night.
It's been cold all day.
I mean, I brought food too.
I'm out here working like an animal, while that murderer walks free.
(PANTING) Sunny turned on the Chamber.
He must be here for a reason.
He doesn't care about Azra.
He's only here to save his son.
He's using us.
Look, I know you hate Sunny, and I understand why.
But what he did for his son What do you mean? I mean, do you ever wonder what it would be like to live without the Gift? Just to be normal.
There's no such thing as normal, Nix.
People are either weak or strong.
The strong rule and the weak die.
My mother was weak.
And I'm not gonna be like her.
The Gift'll make sure of that.
(SIGHS) THE MASTER: It would be easier if you switched to your left hand.
Adaptability is one of man's greatest strengths.
You're enjoying this, aren't you? You're playing games while my people die.
Had I not intervened, Chau would now rule the Badlands.
Your people would be under her yoke, and your arrogance would have delivered them into bondage, not me.
Well, if I'm such a disappointment, then tell me why am I here? A fight is coming, Minerva.
And while you squabble over resources and territory, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.
You must face your true enemy, before it's too late.
You mean Pilgrim? I've seen him.
He can control the Gift.
Pilgrim has the Gift himself now, and he's discovered a way to give it to others.
You have to be born with the Gift.
Usually, yes.
But it wasn't always so.
What Pilgrim has wrought is unnatural.
He is playing god with a power beyond reckoning.
He intends to build an army of gifted zealots, and if he succeeds, not even my Abbots can stop him.
So what part can I play? I need the best warriors at my side.
Ones Pilgrim can't control.
You must find a way to see past your hatred of me.
If we don't work together, your people will become slaves to someone far worse.
The Gift was never meant to dominate or control.
It was meant to heal us.
To set us free.
(SOFTLY) Trust please, in your prayer.
(SIGHS) Hey.
Welcome back.
Did they hold the line? It was a stalemate and there were heavy casualties.
And Chau? Did The Widow's plan work? We haven't heard from her.
Chau and The Widow are missing.
There's still a chance but, uh She would have sent word by now.
This war is never gonna end.
I'm just glad you're alive.
You shouldn't have come after me at the front, Lydia.
I told you.
Well, I didn't listen.
Why? You know why.
Slept a little too.
Thank you for taking care of him.
Barbaric, isn't it? The countless ways human beings have devised to shed each other's blood.
So much effort expended to summon pain and suffering.
Imagine if that same ingenuity were used to heal ourselves instead.
(HENRY COOS SOFTLY) To foster evolution, instead of destruction.
Is that what we're doing? Healing the world? Yes, I suppose it would be difficult for someone like you to understand.
Someone like me? A killer.
For that is what you are, isn't it? I thought I was family.
Chosen son of Azra.
To Pilgrim, perhaps.
When he looks at you, he sees Hope.
An ancient promise fulfilled.
When I look at you, I see only death.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe all I've ever been is a killer.
But a man can change.
That's a lovely thought.
I suppose we will know soon enough.
(HENRY COOS) (GATE OPENS) BAJIE: Get your filthy hands off of me, you brainwashed slags! (GRUNTS) This morning, eight of our most faithful were chosen to receive the Gift.
They are Azra's Harbingers.
But they are only the beginning.
Our power is meant to be shared.
It is for all of us.
And in time, the faithful among you will be chosen to receive these blessings as well.
And from our bounty will spring a new age.
One of power and potential, not fear and enslavement.
And together, we will live and serve and rule this land.
Not as prophets, but as gods.
ALL: (CHANTING) Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! Azra! PILGRIM: But there are those who doubt our intentions.
Who work against us, to spoil the fruits of our labor.
This man was caught attempting to sabotage the Meridian Chamber.
And for that transgression, he must stand judgment.
Harbinger, are you ready? (EXHALES) (DROPS KNIFE) (GRUNTS) You gotta be shitting me.
This is hardly a fair fight.
(GROANING) Thank you.
I said thank you.
(LAUGHS) (CHOKING) Is that the best you got? (GRUNTS IN PAIN) (PANTS AND GROANS) Let's finish this, yeah? (GRUNTS) (ACOLYTES GASP AND EXCLAIM) (PANTING) Night night.
(ACOLYTES EXCLAIMING) You're not the only one who can switch 'em off, you asshole.
(LAUGHS) (BREATHES HEAVILY) Come on! - Come on, big boy.
- (PILGRIM GRUNTS) Come on! (GROANS) (IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) emotions rule your mind.
You're no god.
(GIGGLES) He's no god! Open your eyes! He's no god! (GRUNTING) (KNIFE SWISHES) (GRUNTS) What did I say? Swords, swords, swords.
It works every time.
Shut up.
We don't have much time.
Come on.
Where are we headed? The Chamber.
To finish what you started.
Take the Harbingers and find Sanzo.
I want him alive! Right.
We gotta get back to that Chamber.
- What you doin'? - I'm fixing this.
You risked your life once before.
I can't let you do it again.
Pretty sure it was more than once, but, I mean, who's counting? Henry is the reason I came here.
Now that he's cured, there's no need to put him in danger, ever again.
Come on.
I have to make this right.
I'll buy you some time.
(GRUNTS) Take him to Lydia's.
I love you.
I love you too.
If I don't make it back No, no, no.
I will see you at the refugee camp.
(FOOTSTEPS) Have you come for retribution? I've come to make a deal.
I'll help you take down Pilgrim on one condition.
And what is that? When all this is over, and he's nothing but dust and dead memories You give me my Gift back.
, listen.
Pilgrim is not who he says he is.
He is planning a war that will kill everyone that we care about.
Everyone I care about lives here.
(GRUNTING) I wanna come home.
You have done well, dear one.
(GROANING) You've lost your way.
We were born to redeem the world, Sanzo.
You and I, as one.
How can you not see? That chamber will only bring death.
That chamber is our destiny.
Not mine.
(SIGHS) (CHUCKLING) You see, brothers and sisters, even my faith must be tested.
The man I was certain would stand by my side now stands in my way.
It is a cruel test.
One that must be met with cruelty.
Nothing must block our path.
Not our mothers and fathers.
Not our children.
And certainly not our long-lost brothers.
(GRUNTING) You were always fast.
Faster than me.
But the killer in you is gone.
You're holding back.
There he is.
There's my Sanzo.
That I looked up to you.
You're a poison, Sanzo.
A snake in the garden.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (GROANING WEAKLY) Brother, please My brother is dead.