Into The Badlands (2015) s03e11 Episode Script

The Boar and the Butterfly

You shall have what you want your gift back.
Baron Chau is your sister, and now, you're helping The Widow? I need to find a woman Ankara.
She told me about Pilgrim.
She may know how to stop him.
You are the darkness and I am the light within you.
The war you need to be concerned about is the one that's coming.
- You mean Pilgrim? - Pilgrim has enough Dark Ones that he will tear through any army.
Her loyalty is in question.
She should be watched.
(BRANCH SNAPS) (GRUNTING SOFTLY) Supplies for a few days.
- Should be enough to get me up north.
- The Wasteland? That's where I'll find Ankara.
NIX: Who's Ankara? SUNNY: A witch.
If anyone will know how to stop Pilgrim, it's her.
Let's get you out of here.
I should've known you'd lead me to him.
Let him go, M.
I'm gonna let Pilgrim deal with you later.
For now, get out of my way.
He's right.
This isn't your fight.
I don't want to hurt you.
You can't.
(BOTH GRUNTING) (YELLS) (GROANING) (BREATHING SHAKILY) Can he go dark again? Not for a while.
You should kill me while you can.
Pilgrim will find you and I'll be there.
You know you can't go back now.
I'm sorry M.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Did you manipulate what I saw in the mirror chamber? It was your vision.
Don't play games with me.
You think I turned on you, is that it? Just like Bajie and the girl, Tilda.
Always looking for enemies.
When the real enemy is the darkness within you.
The darkness that would consume you if you were ever to get your Gift back.
The vision you just survived proves that.
Does this mean that I can never get my Gift back? Is that the only reason you would fight Pilgrim? (TEA POURING) You must learn to work for a larger good, Minerva.
Not merely your own.
So, what now? Now, you are ready to begin.
We've been walking for hours.
You need to rest your leg.
Here, drink.
I'm fine.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Pilgrim, I'm sorry for what he did to you.
It's not your fault.
Yes, it is.
Castor tried to warn me.
It hurts, doesn't it? Waking up.
I used to kill for my Baron, same as you did for Pilgrim.
It was so easy letting someone else choose my life for me.
I remember.
At least now we get to choose how to set things right.
Nix no longer matters.
You have other Dear Ones now.
Half of whom we have already lost.
Have faith.
The Chamber will soon be restored.
Faith is for mortals.
A god has only himself to believe in.
All this power inside me.
I can feel it, coursing through my blood like fire.
Begging to be unleashed, to conquer this world in the name of Azra.
But what good is a conqueror without an army? - Leave us.
- No, stay.
Your failure allowed Sanzo to escape.
I told you it was Nix.
How do I know you didn't help her? How do I know you're not the next to betray me? Because you need a dark-eyed army, and I know where to find you one.
The Monastery is here, hidden in the mountains.
They capture people with The Gift and bring them there for training.
But if anyone defies them or tries to escape, The Master uses these needles to put them to sleep.
Sleep? It's more like a coma.
You've known of this place.
Why are you only telling us now? Because I was afraid of going back.
The Master is the most powerful person I've ever seen.
Until me.
Oh! (CHUCKLES) Hello, boys.
I need to have a quick word with The Master.
You think she could You think she could squeeze me in? For me? (EXCLAIMS) You're pinching me.
All right.
You look good.
Lost a bit of weight? Thanks, ladies.
It was only a matter of time before you showed up, begging for forgiveness.
I have never begged for anything in my life.
But on occasion, I do grovel.
So So at the end, I'd like to say, I'm sorry for jeopardizing the entire world.
All right? In my defense, I only took Sunny to see Ankara 'cause I thought she could help his dying son.
I didn't realize he'd be some kind of catalyst.
Catalyst? But it turns out Sunny and Pilgrim are long lost brothers of Azra.
Ankara used to tell stories about lost children of Azra.
I thought these were the ravings of a mad woman.
Yeah, well, it turns out those ravings were completely true.
The fault is mine.
I should have needled her, not forced her into exile.
(SCOFFS) That's your answer to everything, isn't it? Hey, neither of us can change what you did but I'm here because I want to fix it.
You're gonna help me or not? No.
You are going to help us.
Oh, shit.
Bajie? (MUTTERS) Flea.
(WIND BLOWING) How can you be sure Ankara will know how to stop Pilgrim? She's the one who set this all in motion.
Sent me to Pilgrim to start the Chamber.
She's the only chance we have.
What sort of person lives out here all alone? A dangerous one.
Black Lotus.
More are on the way.
We must hurry.
You're not going anywhere.
Until you tell me how to stop Pilgrim.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You wanted to heal your son.
I told you there would be a price to pay.
- (FLESH SQUELCHES) - (WHIMPERS) If you won't help me, there's no reason why I shouldn't leave you here to die.
(SHUDDERING) Get me to Black Wind alive and I'll tell you what you need to know.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Her Clippers aren't quitting.
What's more, they're coordinating their attacks.
What does that tell us? Chau's alive and she's directing them from hiding.
What? I'm thinking we should kill two birds with one stone.
One of them literally.
The one person who will know about The Widow is Chau.
Find her and we can get some answers.
- And then? - We'll bring back her head.
Once we parade that around, it'll take the fight out of her Lieutenants.
So, how do we find Chau? I know someone who can point us in the right direction.
All those years in prison, my mother never visited.
Well, maybe it's time I visited her.
All the Harbingers will be ready to depart for the Monastery by nightfall.
We're gonna leave the Fortress undefended? The Barons are too busy fighting each other to be any threat.
Don't underestimate The Widow.
If the rumors from the battlefield are true, she may already be dead.
The boy is right.
We can't leave our home unprotected.
Then you should stay, watch the flock.
Give me two Harbingers, I will make certain no one defies you.
It's time to put the fear of the gods into the Badlands.
NIX: We're not going to get very far like this.
SUNNY: Those Black Lotus didn't get here on foot.
There's their truck.
Let's go.
Hey, we don't have time for this and I definitely don't have time for her.
We should be taking the Abbots and we should be marching on Pilgrim's Fortress now.
Pilgrim will just shut them down.
I've seen him do it with my eyes.
All right.
So, you knew he was a threat and you've done nothing to stop him? MINERVA: I'm not the one who sent the signal.
Typical Bajie, always blaming everyone else for your mistakes No, no.
You don't get to judge me.
You're no better than Pilgrim.
- I'm fighting for a just cause.
- Really? Is that what you tell Veil, when you pinched her out to Quinn.
Both of you.
Follow me.
- Go on.
- Yeah, fine.
(SIGHS) What are these for? The chopstick challenge? THE MASTER: You were once a great team.
So much so that Bajie sacrificed his Gift for you.
Oh, really? He never mentions it.
THE MASTER: And I've not forgotten, Bajie, that you told me Minerva was the best novice you ever trained.
I don't know if I used those exact words.
But yeah, pretty good.
Seems the two of you have a lot to work out.
MINERVA: This is ridiculous.
I'm not going to fight him.
Where are you going? (LAUGHS) As if she's going to tell you.
Don't you ever shut up? Why don't you make me? (BOTH GRUNTING) Maybe you're not the best novice I ever taught, huh? (BOTH GRUNTING) Huh? (GROANS) (CHUCKLES) I did not expect that.
NIX: Sunny, she's waking up.
SUNNY: What's in Black Wind? Some kind of healer? We're not going anywhere until you tell me what's in Black Wind.
A healer won't do any good once the Black Lotus have marked you for death.
My only hope is to find a ship and get out of the Badlands for good.
They've come after me, too.
Then you're as damned as me.
The Black Lotus are an ancient cult.
A secret order whose sole mission is to eradicate the Dark Gift from the face of the world.
Pilgrim says they're the ones who destroyed Azra.
(EXHALES) They see The Gift as a perversion of the natural order.
They train in special techniques to hunt and kill Dark Ones.
They won't stop until every one of us is dead.
That includes you, Sanzo.
No - What is it? - (SHUDDERING BREATHS) I can feel her eyes.
Searching for me.
- She's with the Catalyst.
- Sunny's alive? Not for long if the Black Lotus have their way.
What do they got to do with this? Just take on of the Abbots' trucks and find Ankara before they do.
She's heading toward Black Wind.
Why us? Neither of us have our Gift anymore.
Which means, with any luck, they won't be able to track you.
You were Ankara's disciple.
You have the best chance of convincing her to help us.
Well, I mean, sure, I can be persuasive with the ladies, but she is no lady.
She's a horrible old bag.
She's desperate, which means she'll try anything.
You must bring her to me so I can find the truth about how to stop Pilgrim.
In case your powers of persuasion fail.
BAJIE: Ooh! (ANKARA SHUDDERING) The Master She used her Gift to probe my mind.
The Gift can do that? In the hands of a Master, there's almost no limit to what it can do.
She's probably dispatching her Abbots as we speak.
SUNNY: Why are you so afraid of her? At heart, she's just another tyrant seeking power and control.
As dangerous as the Black Lotus, if not more.
And now thanks to you, they're both after us.
All the more reason for us to hurry.
I'm no good to you dead.
(DOOR CLOSES) We'll rest here.
Go tell the Harbingers.
(PANTING) - CASTOR: Beautiful, isn't it? - (GASPS) Castor I've missed you so much.
I love it out here.
It's so peaceful.
Do you remember what you used to tell us when Nix and I were children? You must take time to find the divine in even the smallest aspects of nature.
I miss those days.
Did Nix tell you that I was out here? She's always worried about me.
I forgot.
- She abandoned you.
- She betrayed me.
You betrayed us both.
Pretended you loved us.
No You were my Dear Ones.
When I was no longer useful, you put me down like a savage dog.
You lied to Nix, but deep down, you knew she could see right through you.
Now you have M.
Does he know you'll sacrifice him, too? You're not real.
This is the Dark Gift that's infecting my mind.
All that power flowing through your body and you can't even control it.
Because you were never supposed to have it! You're not a savior.
You're no God.
- You're a monster.
- (WHIMPERS) No! - Pilgrim? Pilgrim? - (GASPING) Where's Castor? Castor? He was He was right here.
(SIGHS) Pilgrim, I think we should just rest here for the night.
We don't have time.
We must keep moving.
(GROANS) (GROANS) This is your mother's summer home? My mother has a taste for two things.
Luxury and cruelty.
Keep your guard up.
I used to sneak around here as a kid.
Stay close to me.
- Daegan.
- Gaius? This is my half-brother.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
- It's good to see you.
- And you.
Where's Mother? (DOOR OPENS) Daegan, how could you let them into my house? GAIUS: Surprised to see me? Not really.
You always were a duplicitous little brat.
You could have had the decency to leave your filthy Cog outside.
Watch your mouth, or I'll carve another hole in your neck.
Oh, it speaks.
Where's my sister? No idea.
And even if I did, I couldn't tell you.
For the same reason I couldn't let her execute you.
You are family.
I want nothing to do with this family.
You and your daughter are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent lives.
I shed no tears.
The weak deserve to perish.
GAIUS: The world you know is dying, Mother.
You can cling to your ways and die along with it.
Or you can tell me where my sister is.
I should've let your sister slit your throat.
Tell me.
I taught my children never to unsheathe their blade unless they intend to use it.
Go on, then.
(INHALES DEEPLY) (EXHALES) You always were a coward.
Now take your ugly little pet and leave my house.
Your son might not do it, but I will.
Do you know where Juliet is hiding? Don't you dare! Iron Fan.
Iron Fan I know where it is.
You ungrateful runt.
I am going to cut out your tongue and feed it to the pigs.
Juliet will know you're coming, I'll make sure of it.
Don't worry.
You're free now.
So am I.
Don't you turn your back on me.
Bye, Mother.
(GRUNTING) (DOOR OPENS) MINERVA: We shouldn't have stopped driving.
The only thing more foolish than taking on Ankara with no sleep, would be doing it on an empty stomach.
Your favorite.
Rabbit stew.
I hate rabbit stew.
- You do not.
- How do you know? Uh, fine, all right.
Many years ago, The Master sent me on a supply-run to Stable Town.
Now you stood in front of me in your little Novice uniform, pleading with me, "Please let me come.
" 'Cause you wanted to see the horses.
And I looked at you and I said, "No, Flea.
" You remember what you did next? I hid in the backseat, under the tarp, and then after an hour, I came out, screaming like a banshee.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, I was so shocked.
I swerved that truck into that massive tree.
(LAUGHS) We were stuck overnight in the middle of nowhere.
And then you made rabbit stew.
Yeah, and I sat and I watched you wolf down three bowls of the stuff.
Why are you being so nice? I think (CLEARS THROAT) (SNIFFLES) You probably got a lot of reasons to hate me.
But, whatever I did, it was never about you.
So, then why did you leave me? (CHUCKLES DRYLY) I could give you a hundred bullshit excuses, but the truth is that when I lost my Gift, I became a weak, powerless, selfish little man.
And for the first time in a long time, I knew what it was to be afraid.
And what I did to you, it was It was terrible.
And I am so, so sorry.
(SNIFFLES) Come on, I'll try some.
That's even worse than I remember.
(LAUGHS) You little liar.
- Little boy.
Hey, hey, my boy.
- (COOING) I just got back from the front.
We're holding our own.
(COOING) (GIGGLES) Ever since the birth of my son, I love the way babies smile.
You have a son? Had.
(HENRY COOING) I'm sorry.
Well, you never get over losing a child.
But new life makes the grief more bearable, even if it's just for a moment.
Here's a good boy.
I used to dream about this.
You holding our boy in your arms.
I know he's not ours but still, it's a nice dream just to be with you like this, Lydia.
I'm sorry that I wasn't brave enough to be with you all those years ago.
I know I can't get back the time we lost, but I know now that I want to spend my life with you.
I want us to be together.
(HENRY COOING) (DOOR OPENS) Apologies for interrupting (CHUCKLES) Viceroy.
You have visitors.
What a pleasure to see you again.
And you.
I was expecting The Widow.
I'm afraid she is at the frontlines, leading the war effort.
I am authorized to conduct any business in her absence.
If this is true, then why are her fighters flocking to Pilgrim with stories that she has disappeared, or perhaps even dead? Lies.
Spread by Chau to strengthen her own forces.
You of all people can understand the power of propaganda.
I might ask why Pilgrim is not here himself.
A new era has dawned.
The Age of Azra.
All of this belongs to Pilgrim now.
Any resistance will be dealt with harshly.
We have honored our agreement with Pilgrim, and we wish to continue in peace.
But this is The Widow's territory.
And The Widow bows to no one.
She will.
If Pilgrim wants our territory, he should have the balls to come and take from me.
That can be arranged.
(SNAPS FINGERS) Wait! What does Pilgrim want? - A tribute.
- What kind of tribute? Food and supplies.
A sign of your fealty.
LYDIA: Everything we have is rationed for the war effort, but I will get word to The Widow and we will meet your demands to the best of our ability.
Give me till the end of the week.
The Widow is very fortunate to have someone of your wisdom.
Oh, one more thing, these, these banners, replace them with Pilgrim's and the butterfly symbols on the wall.
A show of your loyalty.
SUNNY: We got you here as promised.
Now tell me how to stop Pilgrim.
Not until you've secured me safe passage.
Go to the tavern and ask for a man named Finn.
Bring him to me.
(BREATH SHUDDERING) That wasn't the deal.
How do I know you won't leave me to die the minute I tell you? How do I know this isn't a trap? Time is slipping away.
I've lost too much blood already.
If I die now, then neither of us gets what we need.
I'll watch her.
Don't let her out of your sight.
Ankara is definitely close.
Let's split up.
Let's cover both ends, all right? We can't afford to let Loopy McBloody Bonkers escape this time.
You know, if Sunny's with her, he's gonna want to kill me.
(CHUCKLES) I wouldn't take it personally.
I think he feels that way about a lot of people.
I will fix it.
I will fix it.
Okay? We are all on the same side now.
And what if your sweet-talking doesn't work? Well, then I am going to be ringside, uh, cracking pie.
Yeah? Let's do it.
Come on.
Hey, handsome.
Not today.
(GRUNTING) Do you still cut yourself, child? Not anymore.
I've learned to control my Gift with my mind.
Not all Dark Ones are so lucky.
Lucky? The Gift only brings pain and death.
That is how some see it.
But it can also do so much more.
Like what? Let me show you.
I promise I am not your enemy.
Tell that to Veil.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Show yourself! MINERVA: I'm here with Bajie.
The Monastery sent us to bring you and Ankara back.
Why should I believe you? You sold Veil out to Quinn first chance you got.
Your word means nothing.
Please, we both want the same thing now.
To stop Pilgrim.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (BOTH GRUNTING) (DEVICE WHINING AND CLICKING) BAJIE: How hard did you bang your head? 'Cause last time I checked, you were working for Pilgrim.
I'm the one who helped Sunny escape.
If Sunny's here, then where is he? (BOTH GRUNTING) (YELLING) (YELLING) (PANTING) I was wrong to trade Veil.
It betrayed everything that I stood for.
I know that it can't bring her back, but I want you to know that I'm sorry.
Oh, I see you two have sorted everything out.
Which is, uh, which is good.
What are you doing with her? Well, end of the world, isn't it? Makes for strange bed fellows.
- Henry? Is he safe? - Yeah, he's fine.
He's with Lydia.
So, he's as safe as he can be, for now.
Well, no one's safe until we stop Pilgrim.
Yeah, about that.
There's been a little hiccup.
(DEVICE PINGING) BAJIE: Ankara It's the end of the line, love.
It's time for you to help finish what you started.
Get out of my way.
Ankara, please don't do this.
I believed in you.
I know.
You always were a fool.
(LAUGHS) It doesn't matter.
It's too late.
You're all too late.
We're here.