Into The Badlands (2015) s03e14 Episode Script

Curse of the Red Rain

PILGRIM: You have woken in a new world.
I freed you so that together we can build a new Azra.
Who the hell are you? I'm Kannin, your sister.
From this moment forward, you will stand by my side.
(ALARM SOUNDS) - What does Pilgrim want? - A tribute.
Food and supplies.
MINERVA: He is weak from raising the sleepers.
You need to strike now before his strength is restored.
ALL: (CHANTING) Pilgrim! Pilgrim! Pilgrim! Pilgrim! Pilgrim! CRESSIDA: You have made me come again.
LYDIA: We've complied with your wishes.
MOON: The symbol of Azra is on the wall and every flag post in the damn place.
CRESSIDA: That's good.
But I do not see my grain.
I told you.
We will meet your demands to the best of our ability.
And I told you what would happen if you failed to deliver the tribute that you owe.
Why don't you tell me.
So you have taken in this viper.
(CURSES IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE) You will pay for your betrayal.
Pilgrim is the one who betrayed us all.
We took you in! Taught you to use your Gift.
You taught me to kill on command.
I make my own choices now.
LYDIA: There's no need for more bloodshed.
We just need more time.
Time? You have two days to deliver twice the agreed amount.
No deal.
Tell Pilgrim if he wants his witch back, he can come fetch.
You will regret this.
Time will be my judge.
- KANNIN: What? - (SIGHS) This is where the Master kept the Novices who wouldn't toe the line.
Kept them how? She used the needles to drain their power.
It left them Asleep.
The Master thought she was the only one who could wake 'em up.
Turns out she was wrong.
must've told Pilgrim.
And now he's got his own platoon of dark ones.
Henry's at the Sanctuary.
We need to get back there now.
KANNIN: Pilgrim isn't our only problem.
Magnus has probably already sent an assassin squad after us.
Oh, good.
I know a shortcut that leads back to the Badlands.
- A gorge called Dragon's Tooth.
- Never heard of it.
The Black Lotus spent years mapping all the ways in and out of these mountains.
I'll show you the way.
I don't like it.
She saved my life back at that prison.
And yours, too.
We're going.
(SCOFFS) Of course we are.
(CHUCKLES) It's been a long time since I held a baby.
- (BABY HENRY COOING) - (SNIFFS) They smell like innocence.
Must be why we feel so compelled to protect them.
LYDIA: If you're so keen to protect him, then why goad Pilgrim to attack us? Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, or it will consume you.
(BABY COOS) The Master said that raising the Sleepers weakened Pilgrim.
If we attack now, it might be our only chance to defeat him.
Weakened or not, he still has an army of demons just like M.
They're not demons.
Despite the myths, they can be killed.
We need to show Pilgrim's followers that he's no god.
I can see your mind's made up.
It is.
We need to act as one if we're gonna win.
Do I have your support? You do.
Hey, now.
(BABY CONTINUES GURGLING) That child is probably an orphan by now.
It's my fault his mother died.
And I left his father to face the Black Lotus alone.
He would always have loving parents.
You and Moon? Some secrets are hard to keep.
You don't mind? I'm impressed by anyone who can balance love and leadership, especially during a war.
Which is why, when this one is over, I may not be the best person to lead us.
What are you saying? You kept my people together when I was gone.
You did the same for the refugees.
And that takes strength.
When this war is over and we're the last ones standing, I want you to take over.
But first, we're gonna have to win this fight together.
You let her put a sword to Cressida's throat? (PILGRIM GRUNTS) (GASPS) Prepare the other dark ones.
We march tomorrow at dawn.
(COUGHING AND WHEEZING) - The Widow is baiting you.
- How would you know? She wants you to attack while your strength is low.
My strength is enough to crush her! And now we have your Sleepers.
Our Sleepers are tired.
They need training.
The Gift is all the training they need.
You have something to say, my son? We followed you because you promised we'd finally get to fight for what's right.
You woke the Sleepers.
Now it's time to set us loose.
Spoken like a true believer.
Ready the chosen ones, or I will find someone who can.
(COUGHING) MINERVA: I heard you had something to say to me.
Hope it's more than blusters and toothless threats.
It is.
Something that may cause you to re-evaluate your rash decision to court disaster.
I already know that Pilgrim has the Gift, and I know what it's doing to him.
(CHUCKLES) You put on a good show, but you are the one having doubts about what you believe and who you are.
It is eating away at your courage.
Unlike your savior, I conquered this land on the strength of my own sword.
Yes, you are a great fighter.
It's because you've You've never truly fought for anyone else.
But that will change now.
What are you talking about? (BREATHES DEEPLY) I can smell it on your every breath.
A new life has taken root inside of you.
You are with child.
Your Gift is for killing.
Mine is for seeing.
What has happened, what will happen.
Give up this fight or your unborn child will die.
Even if you survive.
Is that a sacrifice that you can live with? LYDIA: We'll be ready on time.
MOON: If you say so.
I don't remember you getting this worked up before the battle with Chau.
I've fought and won so many battles, I can't even count.
But never against dark ones.
Hell, we don't even know how many Pilgrim's bringing.
I know, but I think The Widow's right.
This could be our only chance to beat him.
(SCOFFS) Nathaniel.
What's really bothering you? This.
I've always fought with the readiness to die, but now I guess I'm not so ready.
It's strange.
I joined The Widow for revenge when all I had was my honor.
But now, you.
It's frightening, isn't it? To realize you've more to lose than you thought.
But more to hope for.
For a warrior, hope is a double-edged sword.
Then try not to cut yourself.
And put this in your hope chest.
I had a conversation with The Widow.
If we win this, we may get everything we dreamed of.
Ruling together.
Well, I guess this leaves us no choice.
Let's win.
(HORSE WHINNIES) MINERVA: Your clippers may have pledged their loyalty to you, but will they fight for me? They'll follow their baron, and I will follow you.
I need to speak to my daughter, alone.
As you wish.
I need to send you out again.
- Where? - To track Pilgrim.
I need to know exactly where he is, how many fighters he's bringing.
And I want you to take Nix.
I don't need a chaperone on a scouting mission.
You're still getting over your injuries.
I'm fine, and you might need Nix here.
Nix goes with you.
Just because we mended fences doesn't mean you get to question my every order.
As you wish, Baron.
Wait, Tilda.
I know you can handle yourself.
- It's just with Nix, it's - It's all right.
I'll take her.
Come back to me in one piece.
I will.
BAJIE: Are we nearly there yet? Are you a small child? I've never been a small anything.
Well then stop asking how much longer and start walking faster.
Nice woman, your sister, isn't she? Really nice and warm.
Glad to see you're gettin' along.
(LAUGHS) Is that Is that a joke? Oh, it's a joke.
It's very good.
Very good.
I need to get you into a card game.
You got the face for it.
Hey, this is, uh, a nice place for an ambush, innit? Do you really think she's leading us into a trap? I don't know where she's leadin' us, but it feels like we've come this way before, you know? Hey.
I stole this map from our mate Magnus.
Nowhere on this map does it mention Dragon's Tooth gorge.
We're in a gorge, aren't we? So? So you're being paranoid.
Maybe you're not being paranoid enough.
BAJIE: (IMITATING SUNNY) "Or maybe you're being paranoid.
"Don't need to rat, Bajie.
" The preparations are nearly finished.
- Good.
- We'll be ready for Pilgrim.
How are your clippers getting along with mine? Few bruised knuckles, no fatalities, yet.
I'm glad to see that you find this amusing.
I've fought right by your side and you know that.
- Why are you being so cold? - Cold? Ever since I got back, you barely said a word to me that wasn't an order.
Minerva, what's wrong? Whatever it is, you can tell me.
(PRAYING IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE) (CONTINUES PRAYING IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE) (CONTINUES PRAYING) (WORKER GRUNTING) MOON: You know what they say about a red sky at night? Well, maybe the gods are smiling on us.
Back to work! (THUNDER RUMBLING) (PRAYING IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE) (WIND RUSHES) I don't have time to indulge in your personal concerns.
(RAIN PATTERING ON ROOF) (MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) (INDISTINCT SCREAMING) This was your doing, wasn't it? - Blood falling from the sky.
- Ah.
Red rain.
An entirely natural phenomenon.
(CHUCKLES) Indeed.
This was a warning.
No one else needs to die.
And I suppose you would tell Pilgrim to call off his dark eyed ones? I would tell him that in you we have found a kindred spirit.
One with whom we can forge an everlasting peace.
Even if I believed you, that decision is not up to me.
You have put your trust in a fraud.
Pilgrim will be merciful.
The Widow will kill us all.
Was it merciful to slaughter all of the abbots? Or to kill a child who looked up to him as a father? I have no time for the kind of mercy you peddle.
This is your time to choose.
Well, I'm afraid I've had a better offer.
Lock her in the brig.
Rest of the convoy must be stuck in the snow.
This storm will pass.
Nothing can stop Pilgrim now.
Can you believe this? It's finally happening.
The Widow's never faced an army like this.
No one has.
You know, she used to be like us.
She had the Gift? TILDA: It's M.
Her Master put her to sleep.
Makes me almost feel bad about killing her.
(CHUCKLES) (GUN CLICKS) What are you doing? Correcting a mistake.
's Pilgrim's now.
If you're thinking about saving him, you can just forget it.
If we lose the element of surprise, we lose the battle.
You're not with Pilgrim anymore.
And you're not on your own.
You're with us.
Start acting like it.
So what was it like killing the Master? (M.
GRUNTS) I looked her in the eyes.
I wanted her to know that I was the one to take her life.
ELI: Gonna get some shut-eye.
Rest up.
You'll need it.
- (WIND RUSTLING) - (BIRDS CAWING) BAJIE: Ah! Does that look like the Badlands to you? Kannin, where are we? Where we need to be.
What did I say to you? She's been leadin' us right back to 'em from the very start.
Why are you doing this? Why help free us just to lead us here? Those are the boats that Magnus used to sack Azra.
We can use one to escape.
- Escape where? - Escape from them.
From the Badlands.
To a place where you'll be safe.
(SCOFFS) Hey, unless we can defeat Pilgrim, there is nowhere that is safe.
And I'm not going anywhere without Henry.
Your son and your allies are probably already dead.
My son is alive.
I can feel it.
Now stop your bullshit and unlock my Gift.
Sorry, but that can never happen.
She was holdin' out on us from the very beginning.
(SCOFFS) I've had enough.
Oi, goodbye.
What are you saying? You told me you can unlock my Gift.
I didn't show you everything you need to know.
I can awaken your Gift, but If I do, the only one who can turn it off is Pilgrim.
And when he does, you'll both die.
I don't care what happens to me anymore, just as long as I can save my son.
My mission to protect you, and I'm not gonna fail again.
That's not your choice to make.
I'm afraid it is, brother.
Either way I'm dead, because the only way you'll get me on that boat is by killing me.
Bajie, wait.
I said wait.
Yeah, I heard what you said.
Let me ask you something.
You ever hear anything I say? Hello? - I know you're mad - No, no, no, no.
You know shit, my friend.
Listen, I don't work for you.
I do this 'cause I enjoy it, and it keeps me out of trouble.
But trying to get you to listen to anything but that angry little voice inside your head, my friend, that shit is getting old.
She's my sister.
I thought I could trust her.
Like you thought you could trust, hmm, Quinn? Uh, Pilgrim? - Even M.
- All right, I get it.
No, you don't get it.
You blunder blindly from one drama to the next, trying to find answers, when in fact, you have no idea what the question is.
I am doing this for Henry.
You know what? When Henry's old enough and he asks me about you, you know what I'm gonna say? I'm gonna say "You dad was a good, brave man.
"But he died because he wouldn't listen.
" What do you want me to say? Okay, for starters, "I'm sorry, Bajie" would be nice.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
: Everybody out! Let's go to war! - Come on! Come on! - (CLAMORING) Move! Move! Move! Maybe they ran.
Cressida awaits.
Let's move! (CREAKING) Return my Priestess! Surrender! And I will be merciful.
(FIRE RUSHES) (MACHINERY CLANKING) The blood of your people will be on your hands! (ALL YELLING) (ARROWS WHISTLING) (ARROWS WHISTLING) (PILGRIM EXCLAIMS) (SOLDIERS YELLING) Guess you're too much of a mama's boy to take me on without your Gift.
(BEEPING) (BEEPS) (GASPS) (MOUTHING) (GROANS) (PEOPLE GROANING) Vengeance! ALL: (SHOUT) Vengeance! Vengeance! Thank the gods.
The Widow's mine.
Kill everybody else.
(ALL SCREAMING) Sound the alarm! (ALARM BLARING) Go get Henry.
Kill the witch.
- I'll take care of Pilgrim.
- No.
The people need a leader.
You have to survive no matter what.
He's right.
We'll keep 'em busy while you get everyone out.
Stay alive.
(LOCK CLINKS) It's time for you to die.
You may have killed, but you are not a killer.
I am today.
You can do it on your knees or on your feet.
(SPEAKING ANCIENT LANGUAGE) (GASPS) (GASPS) May you be welcomed onto Azra.
Stay with me.
I need to get you to a healer.
Come on.
- It's too late.
It's too late.
- No, no, no, I can't lose you.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I was wrong.
About everything.
Everything but you.
Throw your sword in the ocean.
Get out of the Badlands and live a life of peace.
Oh, my beautiful Nathaniel.
Carry this with you.
Know that you were loved by me.