Into the Dark (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Midnight Kiss

1 (EERIE MUSIC) - ALL: Ten, nine, eight, seven, - - six, five - (LAUGHTER, CHATTER) - Someone get her shit home.
- JOEL: Yeah, somebody wake - that bitch up.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You look like someone important.
("AULD LANG SYNE" PLAYS) (LAUGHTER, CHATTER) JOEL: What time is it? ALL: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Happy New Year! (CHEERING, NOISEMAKERS TOOTING) (BALLOONS POPPING, CHEERING) (ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) JOEL: Happy New Year, Ryan, mwah! Would you be my midnight kiss? I don't drink.
(LAUGHTER, CHATTER) - JOEL: Take a picture! - CAMERON: Take a picture, okay.
I'm not gonna remember tonight! Yay! - (DISTANT SIREN BLARING, DOG BARKING) - HANNAH: Oh my God, Turks and Caicos! RYAN: I know, I know.
- HANNAH: Jealous! - RYAN: Don't be mad at me, okay? Joel is already a little pissed, but I don't know, Joel's being Joel.
- HANNAH: But you really didn't know? - No, he surprised me with the tickets.
- HANNAH: Aww! - Yeah.
HANNAH: He's such a good sugar daddy.
- I know, he is.
- HANNAH: Ryan! It won't be the same without you.
I promise I'll come next year, okay? HANNAH: You better, be good.
All right, cool.
- All right, love you.
- HANNAH: Love you.
RYAN: All right, don't have too much fun without me.
HANNAH: Who, me, fun? Never.
- Bye! - HANNAH: Bye! MALE SINGER: calm down and let it go ("ANCILLARY COVE", BLUE BLAZER) So don't you worry now, I'll be your ancillary cove So sit back and look controlled I don't wanna live too light I just wanna feel it right Why don't you share with me, baby? I don't wanna live too light I just wanna do it right Why don't you let it go? I don't wanna live too light (WATER RUNNING) (OMINOUS MUSIC) (RYAN GASPS) (WHOOSHING SLASH) (COUGHING) (DARK CHUCKLE) Okay.
- Hey, Joel.
JOEL: I'm just checking to see how the packing is going.
CAMERON: Yeah, no, I'm all packed.
JOEL: So I guess I'll see you at brunch in a little bit.
Uh, yeah, sure, sounds good.
JOEL: Logan is very excited about his first time celebrating with us.
Oh, that's exciting.
JOEL: Can't wait to see you to to see everyone.
I feel like it's been forever, you know? CAMERON: Yeah, sorry about that, it's been a busy couple months for me, you know? JOEL: Yeah.
Well, just wanted to make sure everything was good.
Yeah, it's great.
JOEL: Did you pick a card for the new year yet? How does it look? (CAMERON CHUCKLES) CAMERON: You know, I'm actually in the middle of a reading right now, lemme finish it.
Hmm Okay, uh change is coming, we're in a transitional moment.
JOEL: Mm, out with the old, in with the new.
- CAMERON: Exactly.
- JOEL: I like it.
- I'll see you soon.
- CAMERON: All right, bye.
What the fuck? "Be my midnight kiss"? (SCOFFS) Okay.
- Oh, 'scuse me, sorry.
- MAN: Oh, 'scuse me.
- Sorry! Hi, sorry I'm late! - CAMERON: Hi! Oh my God, I always forget how long it takes me to pack, and then I'm like feeling so fat in my new bathing suit Oh my god, it's so - stressful packing! - HANNAH: It's just like, anxiety attack, - I hate it.
- You're the first one here anyway, - so it doesn't matter.
- HANNAH: What, Joel's not here? - Joel's not here.
- No.
- Yes.
- Did somebody die? - Did he die? - He didn't die, unfortunately, - he's just two minutes away.
- HANNAH: What a bummer.
I know, such a bummer.
Is it the apocalypse? How could he be late? Um, have you spoken to Ryan? HANNAH: He is being whisked away to Turks and Caicos with his new silver fox daddy.
- Oh shit, okay.
- Hi.
Can I have a, um, Bloody Mary? Two Bloody Marys.
- What do you want? Could I get a Bloody Mary, just one? - Don't look at me like that.
- CAMERON: Don't look at you like what? We're gonna be in a car with them for two hours.
You wanna be the drunk bitch in the car? I'm always a drunk bitch in the car.
- CAMERON: She's a drunk bitch in the car - I love them but did you see that itinerary? I did see the itinerary.
I didn't read the itinerary, 'cause it was a little too much for me.
- It's so extra.
- Couldn't even look at it.
I'm very happy that you're here before them.
HANNAH: Me too.
I'm not really looking forward to this weekend.
Don't be like that, you can't be like that every time they're around.
- I'm not like that every time.
- Logan is actually really nice.
- You don't really think that.
- I do.
I mean, he's kinda whatever, you know? HANNAH: You said you had news, what was your news? - I do have news.
- JOEL: Hi sorry, sorry, we're here.
(MIXED GREETINGS) HANNAH: Oh my God, I haven't seen you - in forever! - I know! I'm good with just water, but he will have a mimosa.
HANNAH: So good to see you, you look amazing! - Aww, you look amazing.
- HANNAH: Oh, thank you.
- CAMERON: Hi, Logan.
- Hey, good to see you, how are you? - Hey, how you doing? - LOGAN: Good.
JOEL: Uh, does somebody wanna tell me what the hell's going on? Because I've been texting and calling Zachary and he's not responding, and if he doesn't come, I'm gonna be pissed.
HANNAH: Don't be pissed, he's coming, everything's fine.
And anyway, Cam has news.
- What's your news, Cam? - CAMERON: Oh, I do have news.
So, couple of days ago, this, uh, gallery reached out downtown, and they wanna do an exhibition of my work.
HANNAH: Oh my God! - Wow.
- That's amazing! Yeah, it's not a you know, it's not a big place but it's cool, it's a good start.
- Like, a whole exhibition.
- Whole exhibition.
That's crazy, who runs the gallery? It must be, like, one of our friends or something.
Uhh, not one of our friends, it's, uh they found me on Instagram.
- Wow! - And then we started messaging, I went in for a meeting, they liked my work.
I love your work.
Yeah, me too, it's gotten a lot better over the years though, for sure.
We actually thank you have a little announcement of our own.
CAMERON: Oh, what's that? (HANNAH GASPS) - Oh, fuck! - HANNAH: Oh my God.
CAMERON: Oh my god, you guys! - JOEL: I know.
- Congratulations! - That's huge! - That's so nice! That is very elegant and classic, I love it.
- The same.
- Hey, we have a lot of good news, so cheers.
- Congrats to you.
- Congrats to you, congrats to you, I'm drinking to you too.
Eye contact! - That's awesome.
- I'm driving.
CAMERON: Oh, eye contact, bad luck if it's not eye contact.
Zachary, you cannot flake on me this weekend.
ZACHARY: Flake you are so rude! I'm coming, bitch, but there is a chance I have to leave early, okay? No, don't be a piece of shit.
If I have to spend the entire weekend with Joel and Logan because you fuckin' flake, I'm gonna be so pissed off, please don't.
ZACHARY: What are you talking about? Hannah and Ryan are gonna be there.
Ryan already fuckin' bailed.
Please just come.
I feel like that's all I ever hear.
Okay! But don't pick me up, I'll meet you there.
Gotta go now, gotta do my TM.
- Love you, bye! - ZACHARY: Bye! FEMALE SINGER: And then suddenly JOEL: So I doubt that you guys got a chance to look at the itinerary, but - There you go.
- JOEL: I figured we wanna sleep in tomorrow, so I didn't book brunch until 11.
And also, last thing, I created a shared album this morning and sent you guys invites, but you all haven't responded.
I figured we could just add pictures there.
And I already put some in from old New Years.
Oh, and playlists, sorry.
Oh, I got the playlists, babe.
I made the perfect road trip playlist for us.
Uh, you know, maybe later.
I just don't think that yours would be the right vibe for this crew.
But I love you, I love your taste, it's perfect.
HANNAH: Are there gonna be any straight guys at this thing? - CAMERON: Yeah, the bouncers.
- JOEL: Always the bouncers.
The go-go boys.
Oh, go-go boys.
Then I'm definitely playing.
Are we doing that again? Yeah.
Are we doing what? Did Joel not tell you? No, Joel hasn't told me tell me.
Oh my God, okay, I'm telling you.
Everyone shut up.
- No one's talking.
- HANNAH: You're talking.
Literally no one's talking, no one's talking, no one's talking.
You know, on New Year's Eve, when you're, like, hoping for that perfect kiss at midnight, and you're just, like, waiting for someone to come and whisk you away, you know, that special, magical moment, Yeah, I think I know the feeling.
HANNAH: Well, a few years ago, we got really sick of waiting and we were, like, "We're gonna take matters into our own hands and make sure it happens", and hence, the Midnight Kiss game was born.
'Kay, I'm game, that sounds fun.
- It's okay.
- HANNAH: But there are rules to the game.
Three rules.
Rule number one: It has to be one guy who's a stranger, can't be anybody in this group.
Rule number two: It has to be consensual.
Like, duh, obviously, do I even need to say it, you can't just walk up to someone and shove your tongue down their throat, 'cause that's cheating and it's too easy.
You have to, like, make them want it.
LOGAN: Okay, wait, wait.
What's, uh, the third rule? HANNAH: Rule number three is, after you get your kiss, you can decide either to let your guy go, or you can keep him for the night, but only until sunrise.
Between midnight and sunrise, you have free rein.
Anything goes, nothing can be held against you.
Do whatever you want.
And you're cool with this? (MELLOW MUSIC) He's the one who made it up.
- Wow, wow, wow.
- Ready? HANNAH: Right? It's one of the perks of marrying into a family of doctors.
Okay, same rooms as usual, and I put a little something in there for everyone.
- CAMERON: All right.
- HANNAH: A gift? Oh yeah, it's warm.
- CAMERON: Is it warm this year? - HANNAH: Yes, I'm going in.
- I'm going in! - LOGAN: Holy shit.
Sweetie darling! ZACHARY: Mama! Ms.
Thingy-Thing! (CAMERON LAUGHS) CAMERON: Yes, there she is! Come here, sweetie darling.
(NOISY AIR-KISSING) - CAMERON: Sweetie darling.
- Oh, thank you! God.
Joel's parent's haven't dealt with the reception situation, - have they? - No, no, of course not.
But the pool is open for business.
Ugh, maybe later.
I had to go to three places to find organic celery, three.
Oh, she's doing the celery juice cleanse.
I'm telling you, I feel amazing.
My insides are, like, flushed so clean.
CAMERON: Good to know.
Joel is really going all out this year, huh? Yes, yes.
ZACHARY: Speaking of, what is up with her? She was all up in my business this morning, called me, like, ten times, acting like I was gonna miss her wedding or something.
CAMERON: Well, actually, you did miss her big announcement.
(GASPS) - No.
- Yes.
- God! - I know.
Can you imagine, though, her wedding? CAMERON: It's gonna be a lot, yeah.
ZACHARY: Who would have thought the two of us would end up being perpetually single? I mean, you're always so cute - Aww - and I'm A goddess.
Right, just epic.
I mean, come on, yeah.
(ZACHARY SIGHS) In a different timeline, it would have been you getting hitched to Joel.
HANNAH: Baby bear! Mama bear! Come here, gimme a hug! (SQUEALING) Oh no, if only someone would capture this moment! - Stop! - No, please stop! CAMERON: Hey, look at the angles! - Cheekbones! - Stop, stop! - Can we swim now? - No, no, no, no, mama, mama; I gotta take a nap.
Last night was a journey.
I'm gonna be so checked out - if I don't get some sleep - Okay, but first, we gotta take a group photo before we get too drunk.
Joel, Logan, photo! I wish Ryan was here, he'd be drinking with me.
ZACHARY: Oh yeah? - Oh, I know.
- Oh, wow, look who made it! ZACHARY: Wouldn't miss it for the world! Mwah! Hi, cutie! How have you been, mm.
JOEL: Okay, careful, he's spoken for.
Uh, I heard! Congratulations on the engagement! Thanks.
Don't let him make you sign a prenup.
You're gonna wanna keep some of this - for yourself in the end.
- Oh my God.
(LAUGHTER) I don't care about all this.
I mean, it's great, obviously, but for me, it's all about this guy.
Well, that's cute.
ZACHARY: Aren't you just the sweetest thing? HANNAH: So romantic, all right! Photo time! You're the professional, Cam.
- Okay, I'll be professional.
- Do your duty.
The white envelope invitations were a nice touch, - home delivered and all.
- What? - Find the angle.
- You guys, focus! Sorry.
You know, Joel, I met the most amazing queens earlier, and they are having a party at their place tonight.
We should pop in and say hi.
What's wrong with being here? Will you get up here, please? ZACHARY: Oh, here in Palm Springs adjacent? We are always so far away from everything, and there's, like, this beautiful, decadent world just over those mountains.
It's time for our reinvention tour.
JOEL: I mean, come on, we're all going out tonight.
To the clurb? Boo, boring.
Okay, here we here we go, yes! You know, normally, I would be paid for - something like this.
- Oh, she's a model! - We're all models.
- Okay! Say Happy New Year? ALL: Happy New Year! (SHUTTER CLICKS) Woo, God.
Is it just me, or does Joel get more anal every time I see him? More anal.
Least he has good taste in champagne.
You know, Cam, I actually do wanna go see those guys later on.
You should come, change things up.
CAMERON: And risk the wrath of Joel? JOEL: Hey, don't forget to add that picture to the shared album! CAMERON: Oh my God.
I won't! You know, she doesn't own you, and she's got her new little boy toy to keep her warm and fuzzy.
You're not upset about that thing I said earlier? About you and Joel? No.
I'm fine! Okay, good.
Now, get out.
I need my beauty sleep.
You do.
Bitch, get out.
(CAMERON CHUCKLES) CAMERON: Okay, we'll be by the pool, - or napping.
- Goodnight! CAMERON: Bitch, you better be ready by 9, though.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) Cheers, queers! Cheers.
Any hotties? You haven't looked? No, I'm taken.
Oh, right.
Well, I can report that the landscape is very dry, there's no one for miles, so that's fun.
LOGAN: Does it make you nervous? - What? - LOGAN: I mean, just you know, hooking up with total strangers from an app.
You never hooked up with someone from Grindr? - No.
- Really? - HANNAH: What? - No!, I - HANNAH: Never? - Never, no, I just think that, um, something would be missing for me.
It can't be the same as a real life connection, I mean, there's no way.
CAMERON: Like the two of you have? JOEL: I'm sorry, how well have the apps worked out for you? I mean, when was the last time you were in a real relationship? Maybe I'm not looking for that right now.
LOGAN: Okay, so you think that whatever it is you're looking for is gonna be on your phone? (JOEL CHUCKLES) Okay.
Uh, well it's not just about fucking, you know, it's, uh a different way of putting yourself out there.
Like with my Instagram, it gets my work in front of people who wouldn't otherwise see it.
- I agree.
- Thank you very much.
HANNAH: I think it's super healthy to look outside your immediate field of vision.
'Cause for a while, remember when you guys were just switching each other in and out of your bedrooms? - I do.
- HANNAH: It was like the sluttiest game of musical chairs ever.
If you guys broke up with girlfriends, you wouldn't be friends anymore or you'd have killed each other.
Okay, but we're not girls, it's like a totally different social context.
I mean, it worked for us, right? For a while.
I love listening to you guys.
I do, it's just your history with each other, it's so fascinating to me.
- Hm.
- Oh! HANNAH: I don't know if I'd call it "fascinating".
LOGAN: No, it is, it really is fascinating to me.
So, um, tell me, Hannah, who has hooked up with who? "Whom".
But you asked correctly, because she is the records keeper.
Let me draw you a diagram.
(LAUGHTER) Uh, Zach and Cam hooked up when they were closet case twinks.
We sure did.
Okay, what happened with that? CAMERON: Uh, Zach came out and realized he was pretty.
Too pretty for me.
But I was the first one to fuck Ryan, and then he had sex with Cam and Zach and Joel.
Well, yes, but I am the only one - that fucked him.
- Whatever.
CAMERON: There it is, he's a top.
Now he's moved on up the West Hollywood food chain.
CAMERON: Ouch, mean! And you guys? Oh yes.
That's why we created the game, so we wouldn't be incestuous anymore.
- Right, boo? - Yeah.
Joel's Mom.
Yes, God! (SMUG CHUCKLE) Brr! (DOOR CLOSES) Oh my God.
And who do we have here? Damn.
You want this? Oh! Stop, you're making me hard.
You know I think you smell better without it.
- LOGAN: No, no! - JOEL: Come on! - I just got dressed, come on.
- Come on.
We still have time.
He's a fuckin' weirdo.
("TERRESTRIAL", MODERNS) FEMALE SINGER: You say it all the time I'm worth the loss of mind If only I could find A single piece of mine (GRUNTING, PANTING) You know, we don't have to do this.
The game? Yeah.
No no, no, babe, I want to.
I don't want things to be different just 'cause I'm here.
You should go wash up.
- 'kay.
- And don't wear that cologne.
(KNOCKING) You got a minute? CAMERON: Yeah.
I got a minute for Ms.
Look at her! - She sashays.
- I sashay - Sashay - right into bed.
into my boudoir.
- How are you? - I'm good.
Nothing's wrong? - What would be wrong? - I don't know.
- Joel-Logan stuff? - Oh, that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm fine, it's just, you know the way that Joel talks to Logan, the way they are together, it just takes me back.
- Mm-hm.
- Not in a good way.
Yes, well, we all know how Joel is.
We do.
You accept your friends for the good and bad, right? And I think he's getting better.
I feel like Logan's good for him.
Yeah, I guess, it's just we were not just friends, you know? Yeah.
I'm fine, I am, I'm good.
I think it's just being back here, - it's just - Yeah, I know, I know it's hard.
But don't let it mess with you, because things are happening for you.
- Okay.
- You, like, are killing it, and you can just go out tonight and find a sexy piece of meat and fuck the pain away.
Is that your official advice, then? It's my official Band-Aid for the situation.
- Are you dressed? - Yeah.
- Are you wearing this? - Yeah! I look elegant and sophisticated.
I love you.
That's boring.
- No! - Yeah, you gotta wear something else.
No, it's elegant, and stuff is going for elegant.
- Is this stuff cleaned.
- CAMERON: Yeah.
- Oh! - HANNAH: Wear this.
- CAMERON: You think? - Colorful tank top, sexy.
- Trust me.
- Okay, yes, ma'am.
HANNAH: Also, wake up Sleeping Beauty.
- I've been trying.
- She's still asleep? HANNAH: Mm-hm.
- I think she took something.
- You think? HANNAH: Hurry up so I'm not drinking alone.
HANNAH: Don't make me drink alone! Don't make me drink alone! CAMERON: Oh, Zachary (KNOCKS) Zachy-poos, you awake? Coming in.
Zach? HANNAH: A sort of glittery sideburn.
Okay, just don't do too much, 'cause I don't wanna look like a sparkle pony, okay? Oh, like me? - No, you're amazing.
- HANNAH: Thank you, I know.
CAMERON: Has anyone seen Zachary? She's not in her room.
HANNAH: He probably went on a walk.
- In the desert? - HANNAH: Amazing, you're done.
CAMERON: I don't think so.
Okay, who wants glitter now? CAMERON: I think she abandoned us.
- HANNAH: Joel - No way, no! - HANNAH: Come on.
- Absolutely not.
I think she's too good for us.
- JOEL: Who, Zachary? - CAMERON: Yeah.
Oh, please.
HANNAH: She's an Instamodel now.
CAMERON: She's an Instamodel.
We're not cool enough for her anymore.
HANNAH: No, we're too cool.
- Oh my God.
Why am I not surprised? - - HANNAH: Oh! - I told ya.
- Zachary already left.
- HANNAH: I'm not surprised either, I don't care, honestly.
She's missing out on all the fun.
(ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC) (CHEERING, SCREAMING) - Joely! - What? I know it's not on your itinerary, but Molly.
CAMERON: Yay! Why am I not surprised? - Woo hoo! - Whoa.
HANNAH: Open your mouth.
Mm, mm, mm, mm.
Little more, little more.
Are you sure it's not cut with anything? Yeah, it's pure, baby! I'm I'm good, I don't wanna do anything.
JOEL: Oh, come on.
- No, babe, I'm good.
If you wanna play the game, this is how you play the game.
- Aww, little baby! - Yeah! Drink up.
Oh my God, Cam, what the fuck? Would you get off of that thing? All the guys are in here right now that are on that app.
Right now, look up.
- It's like an ocean of men.
- HANNAH: Okay.
We're gonna get a drink.
Drink, drink, drink! Are you ready to play the game, babe? - Are you? - Oh yeah.
- Be good.
- You be good.
I'm watching you.
HANNAH: Hey, don't worry about him, he's just jealous that you're single and you can go home with whoever you want whenever you want.
I know.
HANNAH: What are you drinking? - Vodka soda.
- Boo, you're basic! - I'm not, I'm skinny! - You're basic and skinny.
I'm so skinny! HANNAH: Can we get a vodka soda and a whiskey ginger, please? You think Zach's gonna come? I don't know, I haven't heard from her.
- Where is she? - I don't know, it's sad.
Is there anybody you're into? Um there might be some potential.
- Ohh! - Oh, okay, you? - Here? - Yeah.
- No! - No? Too gay? Extremely gay! I could make out with someone, but, like - Sure.
- what's the point? Yes, I guess that's yeah.
There's not much in it for me.
No, no I guess yeah, I guess that's fair, yep.
You guys are gonna go home with all your dates and I'm gonna be alone again at the end of the night, - like usual.
- Oh, it's not that bad.
- Every time it's like that.
- No! - Yeah.
- No, it's not.
Yeah it is, you're not there.
I'm there by myself, like it's whatever.
Have you ever in your life gone with me to a straight bar? No.
What would I do there? What? Hello! Cam, seriously! Are you serious? I just don't wanna always be a wingman, you know what I mean? I want stuff, I want to hook up with people.
Like, not trying to perpetuate a stereotype or anything, but, like, you guys can be selfish as fuck, you know? Okay, so that guy is really looking at me, right? Yeah, he is.
Yes, it's fine, I'm fine, go have fun.
Prove you don't need an app.
Oh! Okay! Logan? - Hi, Cam.
- Hi.
Feel this.
- You okay? - LOGAN: Mm-hm.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
You wanna join us? (MEN MOANING) Come on, I'm not gonna tell Joel.
It'll be our secret.
I'm good.
Have fun.
- Be safe, okay? - LOGAN: You be safe.
All right.
Woo! (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) JOEL: Hey, have you seen Logan? Uh, no, no, I haven't.
- You feelin' it? - Mm-hm! Come here.
(MOANING) Come here, I wanna show you something.
Oh oh oh, fuck What are we doing here? It's been a while since you've been my midnight kiss.
No one in the group, remember that's the rules.
Fuck that.
I made those rules up, like, seven years ago, I think I'm entitled to break 'em.
Wouldn't your fiancé be upset if he caught us here? God, what makes you think he's gonna catch us? Does he know where we are? Do you want him to know? Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, wait.
- What? - This is weird.
Consider it an apology for earlier.
It's not an apology unless you say you're sorry, Joel, and feel sorry.
My God, Cam.
Look, I know that we sprung this whole engagement thing on you, but did I do something to you? You have been off all day, something has been off.
Don't you think it's weird that you're pushing Logan to play this game and the first person you try to hook up with is me? JOEL: I'm not pushing anyone, all right? Logan wants to play, we talked about it.
I'm sure you talked about it.
I'm sure he said yes to everything you said.
One day, Logan's gonna wake up and he's gonna realize that most of the things he said yes to he doesn't really want.
Then he's gonna resent you, and then he's gonna leave you just like I did.
- Hey.
- Hey! - What's up? - I'm Cameron.
You, uh, you here with friends, Cameron? They're over there somewhere, I lost 'em.
I'll be your friend.
Okay! DJ: Hey, hey, hey, this is your captain speaking.
Club Sylvester, how are we feeling? (CHEERING) That's what I like to hear.
Yes, yes, it is almost that time.
We are arriving at that very special time of night when the past and the future merge.
(CHEERING) That's right, when all the baggage of yesterday is forgotten and tomorrow shines bright.
(CHEERING) Oh, and if you haven't found someone to kiss yet, now's the fuckin' time to do so, okay? All right, y'all, count down with me.
ALL: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Happy New Year! (CHEERING) Woo! May I? ("AULD LANG SYNE" PLAYS) DJ: It's 2020, everybody! Happy fucking New Year! Y'all better be making out with somebody.
Come on, here we go.
Yes, bitch! (ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC) We're gonna keep the party going, y'all! (MUSIC TURNS ECHOED) Oh shit, my friend.
Hey hey, hey, are you okay? Look at me, you good? I'm good, I'm all right.
DANTE: It's time for someone to go home.
CAMERON: Should I get him some water? Yeah, that'd be great, thanks.
(ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC) Are you good? You're good? (LAUGHTER) WOMAN: Whatever you say, girl! (LAUGHTER) CAMERON: Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- BARTENDER: Hold on.
Happy New Year! (LAUGHING) Hi.
Can I get some water for my friend, please? - It's an emergency.
- BARTENDER: One sec.
Where is everybody? I don't know where they are.
Thanks, man.
Um, I have to go help someone, they're sick.
You gonna be here? - HANNAH: Mm-hmm.
- CAMERON: Okay.
(CHEERING) Where are you going? Nowhere, apparently.
HANNAH: Did you make out with that cute boy? - Yeah! - (HANNAH GASPS) HANNAH: Not that you asked me, but I had a very sexy midnight kiss too.
Was it that very sexy go-go boy? (HANNAH LAUGHS) Yeah.
I'm hungry.
(DARK MUSIC) (BEEPING) (GATE OPENING) (ENGINE REVVING) JOEL: What is the point in me talking if you're not even gonna fucking listen to me? All I'm asking you to do is check in with me.
Why is that so difficult for you to understand? LOGAN: What do you want me to say? It's your game, Joel.
JOEL: Fuck you, don't throw that at me.
- LOGAN: Oh, fuck me? - JOEL: Yeah! - HANNAH: I want snacks! - LOGAN: Fuck you.
Fuck you.
CAMERON: I'm still pretty high, guys.
HANNAH: Me too! Did anyone else get a New Year's text from Zachary? - No.
- No, I didn't either.
I bet he's blacked out somewhere.
You know how he is.
LOGAN: I'm gonna go for a swim.
Is that okay with you, Joel? (GLASS SHATTERING) - JOEL: Fuck! - HANNAH: Joel, it's okay! I'll clean it up.
I have not seen him that mad since you guys were you guys.
Guess I'll clean this up.
HANNAH: Hello? - (DOOR OPENS) - Can I come in? For what it's worth, I don't think it meant anything.
I think he was just high.
You know, I just I feel like I go out of my way to make everyone happy, and no one cares.
It's not just Logan, like, I plan this weekend every year and I make sure everyone's taken care of, and it's like you all I don't know, you all take it for granted.
It's like no one appreciates it.
HANNAH: What? Yeah, we do.
We're having so much fun.
Okay, well, then, maybe we shouldn't have played the game this year.
Maybe now you kinda know how Cam felt when we started the game.
You know, I was hurt, too, when we broke up.
Hannah, God.
God, why does everyone else get a free pass when they're hurt? You know, he left me, you remember that part? - Yeah.
- JOEL: And you all took his side.
- I - Don't.
Just don't, all right, because it's true and you know it.
I mean, you don't think that I felt it? We don't talk anymore, Hannah.
- That's - JOEL: We don't! You know what, maybe this should be the last year that we do this.
(SIGHS) (WATER BUBBLING) (DOOR SLIDING OPEN) Joel, can we talk about this tomorrow please? (SIGHS) I don't want to fight.
This is either super charming or really creepy.
DANTE: Oh, can't it be both? (LAUGHING) How did you even find us? - Did you follow me here? - DANTE: No.
I was pretty sure I knew which house you were talking about earlier.
I worked here before.
You worked here? Mm-hmm.
I cater-waiter sometimes.
(CHUCKLES) How's your friend? DANTE: He passed out, but I wasn't ready to call it a night, so CAMERON: So (CHUCKLING) DANTE: You know, this place doesn't seem very you.
Mm, yeah, it's, uh, it's not mine, it's it's my friend's house.
We, uh come here every New Year's.
Like a tradition kind of thing.
You don't seem very thrilled about it.
It used to be more of a thing.
(CHUCKLING) Now it's just, uh, I don't know, always the same.
A lot of pressure to have fun in a certain way.
You know, not that fun.
You're a Taurus, aren't you? How'd you know that? Kinda my thing.
CAMERON: What are you? Pisces.
CAMERON: Yes! I knew you were a Pisces? (LAUGHING) DANTE: Well, then you know that we're a good match.
(CHUCKLES) What? I'm not used to sexy boys following me home.
- DANTE: Oh, yeah? - CAMERON: Mm-hmm.
- DANTE: Am I sexy? - CAMERON: Mm-hmm.
I really want to photograph you.
Is that weird? (LAUGHING) Well, I'm just not used to sexy guys wanting to take my photograph.
What kind of photos? [WHISPERING.]
Any kind of photos you want.
Fuck yeah.
How about the nude kind? Yeah, we could do the nude kind.
That sounds fun.
(LIGHT MUSIC) (MUSIC DARKENING) You got any condoms? Oh, they're already on.
(LAUGHING) I'm kidding, dummy.
No, I don't have any condoms.
So I guess you have to go get some.
CAMERON: I'll be right back.
DANTE: Good.
I am on PrEP though.
We can have both.
(SIGHING) Hello.
Do you happen to have any condoms? What?! You naughty dog! [CONFUSED.]
Wait, I don't The guy from the club is in the backyard.
- He's here? - CAMERON: Yeah.
Where? CAMERON: Through there.
Oh my God! So, do ya? Please? (SIGHS) I don't know why - Do you? - I continue to bring them.
- Yes! - There's no point.
- Yes! - (HANNAH GROANS) - Come on! - HANNAH: Someone's gotta use 'em.
Oh my God, you're so excited! Oh my God, give me the fucking condoms.
- Have you seen his dick yet? - CAMERON: No.
- I'll send you pictures.
- Promise? CAMERON: Give me the fucking condoms! HANNAH: Okay, calm down! Okay, I brought you something else.
CAMERON: What did you bring me? - Is that lube? - HANNAH: Yes.
- Yeah! - HANNAH: I'm so prepared for my night alone.
CAMERON: She came prepared! Somebody had to.
CAMERON: I'll send you videos.
I'll put 'em in the spank bank! CAMERON: Yes! HANNAH: I'll be here by myself.
(WATER RUNNING) (SPITS) (SPITS) (WATER TURNS OFF) Dante? Do you want me to come find you? Dante? You like a game, huh? Am I hot, am I cold? (SOFT MUSIC) (CHUCKLES) Are you here? Dante? (DARK MUSIC) Dante? Han? HANNAH: Yeah? Did my guy come this way? No.
I can't find him.
I think he left.
Was he, like, really fucked up? No.
Then he's probably still here.
(CAMERON GROANS) You better make sure he doesn't steal anything 'cause Joel will kill you.
(KNOCKING) (DOOR OPENS) Uh Did my friend come in here? What friend? CAMERON: Uh This guy.
He's really nice, came back from the club.
Why did you think it was okay to invite someone over to my house without asking me? CAMERON: Right, yeah, sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
I just, uh I just found his clothes in the garage, so I think he's around here somewhere naked.
- Have you seen him? - I don't fucking know, Cameron, all right? I can't keep track of your tricks.
CAMERON: Okay, sorry.
Why did you make these? JOEL [DISTRESSED.]
: I told you, I didn't make those! (SIGHS) CAMERON: You didn't? JOEL: No.
Well, then who did? December 31st, 2013.
Seven years ago.
Okay, so that's the first time we played the game.
Uh, did Hannah get one of these? JOEL: I don't know.
(PHONE CHIMES) Who is this? Cam, look.
- CAMERON: What? - JOEL: Look.
(SIGHS) I think this is from that night.
ALL: Happy New Year! (CHEERING) (HEART BEATING) CAMERON: This was the black and white Glitterball thing.
Do you remember, there was a guy - Uh - JOEL: Who? I don't know.
I don't know, I was so high that night.
It was just a guy, he had I think he was wearing this (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Get a picture! CAMERON: "See me".
Hannah! (DOOR SLAMS) Hannah! Hannah! Oh, fuck.
What do I do, what do I do? Uh - (SLAMS PHONE) - Fucking piece of shit.
- CAMERON: Oh my God.
LOGAN: It's me.
(UNINTELLIGIBLE) CAMERON: We have to get Joel and Hannah and get the fuck out of here.
LOGAN: It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, hey, look at me, look at me.
We're gonna get out of here, okay? - CAMERON: Okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
I'm so sorry about earlier with the club.
I didn't want to make things worse.
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.
- It doesn't matter.
- I'm sorry.
CAMERON: Okay, okay, wait.
Logan, wait, wait! Logan, wait.
Logan! Come on, come on.
(SNIFFLES) I'm so sorry.
(METAL SCRAPING) HANNAH: The fuck? Guys? Cam? Cam, did you get this fucking message? Guys? (KNOCKING) Joel, did you get these texts? They're not real, are (PANTING) - Are Joel, are you - He's dead.
What's going on? (JOEL TREMBLING) Are you okay? Oh! (PANTING) (EERIE MUSIC) Joel? (OMINOUS MUSIC) Cam? Han? HANNAH: What are you doing out there? [SHOUTING.]
Oh my gosh, your leg.
We gotta do something about your leg.
We gotta deal with that.
It's really bad, it's really bad.
HANNAH: Oh my God.
Oh my God.
(PANTING) CAMERON: This is gonna really hurt.
Okay, I'm so sorry.
I gotta stop the bleeding.
- Ready, one, two, three - HANNAH: No okay.
(POUNDING) (GROANING) (SOBBING) (BREATHING HEAVILY, SOBBING) (GLASS SHATTERING) (CHOKING) (INTENSE MUSIC) Who's doing this? Why are they doing this? I have no fucking idea.
(PANTING) We need to get outta here, now.
Can you walk? - I don't know.
- CAMERON: Let's try.
- Okay.
- CAMERON: Okay, here we go.
Okay, ready? (HANNAH GROANS) - No? - No, no.
- I can't.
- CAMERON: Okay, okay.
HANNAH: I can't, I'm just gonna slow you down.
- No.
- HANNAH: You have to go.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- HANNAH: Yes.
Not happening.
He'll be back here before then.
(HANNAH PANTING) (LAUGHING) HANNAH: Oh, the first time any of you stay with me through the night is when a psycho's trying to murder us.
What? There is a fucking gun in the office.
- No.
- CAMERON: I'm gonna go get it.
No, he's still out in the house.
CAMERON: Do you have a better idea? I know exactly where it is.
it'll take me two minutes, five tops.
But what if you don't come back? (SOFT MUSIC) Then I love you.
Okay? Okay? It's gonna be okay.
Wait, Cam.
Just, like, be safe.
No, no.
Joel! Oh my God, oh my God.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! (FIRECRACKER POPPING) Get me the fuck outta here! He's still in the house.
(PANTING) CAMERON: Got a knife, got a knife.
Other side, other side.
You fucking coward.
INTRUDER: Now you want to see me? It was you that night.
(SOFT MUSIC) Did you know I wasn't even out yet? I was so embarrassed that I had to I had to put a mask on so people wouldn't see my face.
And then I saw you.
You were so free, you were so uninhibited.
And something magical happened.
You kissed me.
You remember that? You did.
You kissed me.
But it didn't mean anything to you, did it? Do you know how bad it felt to be ignored like that? Do you know how long I waited for you to see me? To notice me? And then you did.
You're insane.
(LAUGHING) LOGAN: I think we've all gone a little crazy tonight.
Right, Joel? I saw what you did.
: Logan, Logan (PANTING) I do see you.
I do.
Wait, what do you what do you think you see? (CAMERON SNIFFLING) I see loneliness.
I see pain.
I see someone who cares too much about what other people think.
You you don't need to do this.
(SOBBING) JOEL: That's not what I see.
I see a fucking psychopath bottom who doesn't know what the hell he wants.
You know, it's not our fault that it took you seven fucking years to become interesting.
Are you happy now? What are you gonna do next, Logan? Find some other group of friends to destroy? LOGAN: God, can you shut the fuck up? I fucking hate you! [SOBBING.]
What did you see in him? He didn't treat you right, he didn't fucking care about you.
He's an asshole.
He's a fucking asshole! Even I can see that! Did he hurt you? Did he ever hurt you like this? - (SCREAMING) - JOEL: Logan, stop, stop! (INDISCERNIBLE SHOUTING) (SCREAMING) I need to know, I'm just curious, did it hurt more or less? Because he's really good at hurting! He's he's really good at hurting.
You could ask your Pisces boyfriend about that.
(DARK MUSIC) What was his name? Dante? Stop.
(WHIMPERING) Please Please don't.
LOGAN: Cameron, Cameron.
You were my first midnight kiss.
And now I'm gonna be your last.
HANNAH: You're breaking a rule.
(SCREAMING, SLAM) (GROANING) It has to be consensual.
(GROANING) Hannah, get the knife! Hannah, get the knife.
Get me out.
(HANNAH PANTING) Get my feet.
HANNAH: I can't get it.
(GRUNTING) (MUSIC INTENSIFYING) (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) (STABS) (PANTING) (DARK MUSIC) (WHEEZING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (GUNSHOT) (INTENSE MUSIC) (GROANING) (GASPING) (TRANQUIL MUSIC) Makes you think, doesn't it? I mean, how well do you really know anybody? How could I not know what a monster he was? Oh, Jesus.
Are you all right? I'm so glad that you're safe.
Listen, Cam, I, uh I know that things haven't always been easy between us, but I I've always loved you.
I don't think I ever stopped loving you.
I just I just need you to know that.
What do you think he meant by that? About my Pisces boyfriend? What? CAMERON: He said he saw what you did.
(DARK MUSIC) JOEL: What? Did you see him tonight? Who, who? Dante.
I (SPUTTERS) Please please.
Let me go, Joel.
(JOEL SNIFFLING) What did you do, Joel? I'm so I'm so sorry, Cameron.
I'm so sorry.
(GENTLE MUSIC) We're gonna be okay.
Why aren't the cops here yet? When we get back, we're gonna go out together, and I'm not gonna bail.
I'm gonna stay with you all night.
(SIGHS) It's a date.
("LOOKING FOR KNIVES", DYAN) DYAN: I went looking for blood And they're giving me bone And I wanted a map And I got directions back home I went looking for knives And they're giving me blooms I went looking for knives And I was looking for you And I wanted a race And I got a parade And they gave me a picture Of the mess I'd make I went looking for knives And they're giving me blooms I went looking for knives
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