Inuyasha (2000) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

A giant, centipede-like demon pulled me into the depths of the Hidden Well in the shrine.
I'm just a girl in her third year in middle school and nothing this strange has EVER happened to me before.
A youth was held fast to the Sacred Tree with arrows Inuyasha was his name, I think An eternal spell to hold him there had been cast.
But it was broken.
Demons now seek to possess something known as the Sacred Jewel.
This Sacred Jewel has appeared once again in the era of the Warring States.
Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer! Why was it inside my body? This jewel which can empower such a demon? If you don't want to feel the pain of my claws just give me the Jewel and get it over with.
You Kagome! Do not hand over the Jewel! The Sacred Jewel increases the power of these demons.
Could it be cursed? I show no mercy! Especially to women whose scent I dislike! Next it'll be you, split down the middle! You were serious just now, weren't you.
Shoot! Who you think I am, anyway?! Don't you dare treat me like some dumb Centipede Monster! Priestess Kaede! Perhaps that arrow sealing the spell shouldn't've been removed Oh, for pity's sake That troublemaking hellion! Prepare yourself! Prepare myself?! How can I? Now it's mine! What's this?! Kagome! Recite the Word to hold Inuyasha's spirit! Huh? What? Just say something! To subjugate the Inuyasha! Subjugate me, will you?! You fool! Subjugate him? But what do I say? S SSit!! Sit! Sit! Sit! It held him.
Wh-What's this?! Damn! It's useless, Inuyasha.
Your powers cannot remove the rosary.
Shut up, old hag! You're first in line! Tho' you look half-dead already.
The Word Sit! Now, then Let us return to the village.
How weird All I said was "Sit.
" Let's see I'll apply more salve on the wound on your belly.
Oww! They're fixing the houses destroyed by that Centipede Monster.
So much work! This does not bode well at all.
Now that the Sacred Jewel has reappeared there will be others who seek to possess it.
Like yesterday And not just demons but also humans, who have evil in their hearts.
With all the violence in the world it follows there will be those who seek the Jewel's power to realize their greedy ambitions.
Hey! Why are you here anyway? Give me the Sacred Jewel! It seems the holding power of the rosary is quite effective.
Even if he gets near the Sacred Jewel we do not have to worry.
Why do you want the Sacred Jewel? You're awfully strong right now.
You don't really need its power, do you? He is only half demon.
You old hag! Who do you think you are, anyway.
Don't talk as if you know all about me! Don't you understand? I guess it can't be helped.
I am the younger sister of Kikyo the one who put the spell on you.
I am Kaede.
Kaede? So You're that kid? Fifty years have passed.
And I have grown old.
And that means Kikyo must be really old now, too.
Humans age so easily.
That's the way it goes.
My sister Kikyo died.
On the same day that she shot the spellbound arrow at you.
Ah, so that's how it went.
She kicked the bucket, huh? What a relief! Inuyasha, it is too early to breathe a sigh of relief.
Kagome You are the reincarnation of my sister, Kikyo.
What? It's not just your appearance or psychic powers but the fact that you carried the Jewel within yourself that is irrefutable proof.
You must protect the Sacred Jewel, Kagome.
I must protect this Jewel ? That's ridiculous She's what?! High Priestess Kikyo's?? When you think about it, she does seem quite saintly What's up? The kid's the reincarnation of High Priestess Kikyo.
Watch your language! Show some respect for the young lady! The "young lady" is a reincarnation! They're worshipping me! So She's dead.
Here! I'll share with you.
What?! What's with all that food? The villagers' offerings.
Say, can't you come down? Let's eat together.
You're up to somethin', I know it.
Am not.
Only You do hate me, don't you? You've noooo idea how much! Look The one you hate is not me, but this lady named Kikyo.
I'm Kagome! I'm not Kikyo! So won't you be a little nicer to me? Are you stupid or what?! I don't care who you are! In order to get the Sacred Jewel, I have to be merciless! I see.
In case you should decide to get violent, then all I have to do is say "sit," and Oops, sorry! I didn't mean that.
Nnyagh! It's been two days since I arrived here.
Sota Mom They must be so worried.
I've gotta find a way to get back home.
They've followed the scent of the Jewel.
Nasty vermin The Inuyasha Forest The Dry Well I climbed out of there so shouldn't it have a clue about how to get home? Kagome? Kagome! She's nowhere to be found in the village.
She couldn't have left the village alone? I ought to have explained to her in more detail about the evil ones who seek the Sacred Jewel.
Found it! The Dry Well I came out of.
Oww! Boss! I captured her just like you ordered! She really has some strange clothes on.
What's this flimsy wrap-around? Cut it out, you pervert! Well, you asked for it! Exposing yourself like that! You wanna marry me? Wh-Who are you guys? Give me the Jewel! Hey, wait! Hey Boss! Slice 'er in half in one swift stroke.
Let me go! Start praying! B-Boss! Made a mistake Boss, where are you aiming?! It's her! Aren't you gonna slay this girl?! There's something wrong with your boss.
Snap out of it or it'll be your turn next.
Don't you get it?! No! Will somebody tell me why is it that me, who hasn't done a thing has to go through this?? Oh, great.
That stupid girl! Where'd she go with the Jewel?! Are you all right?! The exit is blocked! Can you stand? Thank you very much.
Thank you.
The Jewel Give me the Sacred Jewel He wants this Jewel.
If I get rid of it, he won't come after me.
And not just demons but also humans, who have evil in their hearts.
All will come seeking the Jewel.
But why me?! Anyway, I have to get out of here! Hey-y-y! Huh I know! Take him! The Jewel The Sacred Jewel! Now! Let's all push against the wall! Boss! It's no good! I am not your boss! Inuyasha! Boss, we're going ahead.
Thanks again You came to rescue me? Is it safe? The Sacred Jewel! Huh? I'm asking you if the Sacred Jewel is safe! Well What's that smell?! That putrid smell! What?! His heart must've been torn apart a couple of nights ago.
Then it nested there.
He was being manipulated? I thought something was strange about him.
Corpse Crows aren't too strong.
They use dead bodies to fight.
Disgusting! It got away! Aren't you going after it? I can't go after every stupid demon.
There's only one of me, after all.
But Forget it! I'm the one doing the fighting! So I decide! Now what about the Sacred Jewel? Ahh! Is that the Jewel in its beak?! Why, you! I never said anything about having it on me.
Follow me! No way it's gettin' away.
What're you doing?! Hurry and shoot that thing down! Are you crazy?! I've never used a bow and arrow in my life.
The Corpse Crow survives by eating human flesh! With the Sacred Jewel, it might transform! It just swallowed the Jewel! I'll try it.
All right! Heh! Once that crow is shot down, I won't need a girl like her.
Make it one shot! Kikyo was a master archer! I am Kagome! But if it's okay, Kikyo, please lend me your power Hit it! You're not lying about her being a master archer, are you? Then you must be a klutz! Look, now it's gettin' bigger! Aim! Oww! Now I get it! No way you're Kikyo incarnated! Now I know not to expect nothin'.
Inuyasha! My son! Looking for food already? Well, you'd better think about running away from me first! You can't hunt if you're bein' hunted! No! Save the child! Yeah, right! Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer! Where is it? Where's the Sacred Jewel! My son! Shokichi! I'm glad I went to swimming classes.
How is she doin' that?! So fast! She must be a kappa! A water-imp! First time I saw one up-close! Help! Hang on! Relax The kappa is swimmin' on its back! IMPossible! I'll kappa you, you stupid Hey girl! Where's the Sacred Jewel?! Shokichi! Ma! I was so scared! Wh-What?! Thanks, lady! Thank you so much.
Thank you! It's okay, really.
Ahh! It's gettin' away! I guess this is no time to be fighting.
Aha! May I use your bow and arrow? Huh? But it's so far away No way she can get it.
This time, for sure I'll get it! She attached the foot of the Corpse Crow The crow's foot will be drawn by the power of the Sacred Jewel.
I did it! She got it? But what's that light? Priestess Kaede Up in the sky! I've got a bad feeling about this Are you sure it's around here? Yeah I feel it But I wonder what it was that light? Die! Could this be? "Could this be"what.
A fragment of the Sacred Jewel? Wh What did you say?! The Sacred Jewel is in pieces! Since even ONE piece can make demons powerful it's up to us to get them back! Of course Inuyasha will want them for himself What am I gonna do?! Isn't a girl who uses hair like wires bad enough? Next time.
"Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again" See you soon!