Inuyasha (2000) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Master Hiten is very handsome but Master Manten is so dashing, too! Those black locks irresistible! With thick locks of hair I'm just as popular as Brother Hiten.
Huh?! Oh dear! What's the matter, everyone?! Where're you going? If only I had hair a thick head of hair! Huh?! Ever since I reached puberty all my dreams have been the same.
If only I had lots and lots of hair I may not be Brother Hiten's equal but I'd be quite popular.
Someday, I wish I could be like Brother Hiten with lots of hair and lots of girls It's time to hunt, Manten! Coming, Brother Hiten! Thunderbolt Attack! Watch what we can do! If I aim for there, I can bring him down! Huh?! What? My hair! How could you?! One thing seems true You have the fragments of the Sacred Jewel.
I'm gonna kill you and take 'em all! You'll be the sorry one! Hah! I wonder just how long you can hold out against my strikes? You have brute strength, at least.
This is gonna be fun! Thunder Brothers, huh? I'm getting tired of you! Hmm You want me to make sport of you, huh? Well, it's gonna be fun! Hah! Of all the fools who said the same thing none are alive today! Fine! Get a taste of my thunderbolt attack! Take that! Dodge it well or you'll die! Hiten's thunderbolt sword attack I can't let it touch my body or I'm dead! Inuyasha Finish Hiten for me.
I'm gonna save Kagome! Inuyasha! Go for it, Brother Hiten! I'll support you! Two against one is cowardly! Huh?! I did it! Huh?! Kagome! You can't afford to worry about a woman now! Kagome! Hang tough until I get there! How am I to hang onto anything?! Oww!! But I'm alive! You bitch! He's alive! Wait! Fox magic! Spinning screw top! Kagome, hurry over here! Shippo! Shippo, you know such great magic! Well You can't let your guard down yet.
I know Fox magic is actually trickery.
Trickery? Then what's that? Owweee!! It's all an illusion.
Damn! That fox tyke! Huh?! N-no! Gone! It's gone! My hair! How dare you take my last strand of hair?! It's as though we added fuel to the fire Damn! Where are you?! My hair potion candidate and that fox tyke! Where'd they go?! What'll we do? If we're found, we'll be killed.
I know that arrow! Perhaps I can use it again.
Shippo, c'mere! Are you here?! Huh? You bitch! Did you think you could elude me?! Shut up, you skinhead! What?! Look, hair that you love! Two women?! I'm taking back my arrow! Why you're a fox! I'm gonna avenge my father's death! Shippo, hold him down! If I hit the Scared Jewel fragments in the forehead I can beat him! Why you! I'll choke you to death! Inuyasha! Kagome! Stop looking away! Hah! You're not what they said about you.
I expected more of a fight! Weakling! How about I kill you slowly, one limb at a time? I can't concentrate on him.
I have to take care of Kagome first.
Look, Manten at this half-demon! He's given up! I'm having fun here, too, Brother! A woman on the verge of death is irresistible! Damn! Cut it out! Shut up! Angry, fox tyke? Well, just wait.
After I kill her, I'll fleece you.
Just like I did your old man.
Maybe I'll turn you into a hood.
I'll use father and son until both their fur fall off! Manten, you're becoming pretty clever with words! Brother praised me! Unforgivable! Hmmm? You fool! I won't let go even if it kills me! Fox tyke Release me! Release me! Or I'm gonna beat your head to a pulp! Manten Watch out or you'll soil his fur with blood.
Then he won't even make a hood.
All righty, Brother! Damn! I may not be the nicest guy around but you two are making me sick! Blades of Blood! Fun! Keep attacking! Fool! Where're you aiming? I did it! What?! M-Manten! Shippo! Tetsusaiga! I must get it to Inuyasha! Father Yes I must get Shippo's father's body.
Manten! Kagome! Hurry and get away from there! Damn! Manten! Brother Hiten My hair's all gone! It's no use living.
What're you saying?! Hang on and be strong! Your locks are just like Dad's.
I wish I inherited Dad's looks.
If only Mom was a little prettier with more hair.
I wonder what Dad saw in Mom when he married her Huh, Brother Hiten? It doesn't matter how you look! You're my dear, little brother! Thanks, Brother Hiten.
When I'm reborn, I thought I'd wanna be a fuzzy caterpillar.
With hair all over my body.
But I don't think so.
When I'm reincarnated even if I don't have any hair at all I still wanna be born as your kid brother.
Is that all right, Brother? Manten! Manten?! Hey, are you alive? Sorry, Inuyasha I couldn't get Tetsusaiga.
Is that what took you so long? Sorry After you rescued me.
Fool! Don't worry about such a thing! Even without a sword, no way would I lose to that beast! Manten Manten is dead! Poor thing! I'll always be with you! Is he eating his brother? No.
Hiten is synthesizing the Sacred Jewel fragments into his own body.
Master Inuyasha, you must be very careful.
He now has the power of five Jewel fragments.
I got that, Myoga.
But where were you until now? Err Probably hiding out in a safe place.
You only appear when it's convenient! I've been thinking about smashing you one day! Oh Stop quibbling about minor matters.
Watch out! You dared to kill my dear kid brother.
I won't let you get away with it! The power in the thunderbolt sword is increasing! Five fragments combined into one is a formidable force! Kagome, take Shippo and get as far as possible! Inuyasha! Hurry! 'Kay! I'll avenge my kid brother! Prepare yourself! It's too powerful! I can't repel it! Master Inuyasha, use the sheathe of Tetsusaiga! The sheathe of Tetsusaiga?! It will repel the bolt without fail! Now use it! Are you sure?! What?! Th-this is Just as I thought.
This is a sheathe that keeps Tetsusaiga's power in check.
It should be able to repel thunderbolt power.
My hunch was right.
You mean, you weren't sure?! Well That was a close call for me since I couldn't get away.
Look, we got away with our lives intact.
Let's make our escape! Don't be ridiculous! I can use this! Die! If I attack right to the core, I can beat him! Who's core?! Inuyasha! Father's fur Shippo, you're conscious.
Kagome Where's Manten? Inuyasha killed him.
But now, his brother Hiten Wanna be burned to a crisp Or chopped up like salad!? Inuyasha is tired.
His opponent can move through the air with ease.
Hiten has wheels That's it! Due to the Sacred Jewel fragments even his speed is picking up! If only I had a bow Leave it to me! I must repay my debts or my father will scold me.
You can transform into a bow! Or are you a snail? A bow! What's the matter? Shoot quickly! I only have one arrow and my shots haven't hit too often.
I'll lend you my power, too.
Thanks, Shippo! Die! I got him! Now! Are you stupid?! Impossible No matter how strong Master Inuyasha is what can he do by grabbing hold of the thunderbolt sword?! Myoga, when'd you come here? Oh goodness, let go, fool! This sheathe is only in the way! No! You stupid fool! Who told you to let go of the sheathe?! This way's better! Did you feel that, you imbecile?! He slugged the guy?! Simple, but amazing! Leave it to Master Inuyasha! Now it's a duel of physical strength! Give 'im the one-two punch! Weren't you just calling him a fool? It's the first time someone's hit me in the face! - He's about to explode! - He's in such a passion! This is the end, you! The sheathe has a crack! Just because this half-demon caused so much trouble! No! If the sheathe breaks in half even the powerful Master Inuyasha Will lose?! I must get Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha! All right! I'll go! Shippo, don't move! It's too dangerous! Wait, Shippo! Dang it He can use Manten's power as well! Watch out! Run! Kagome! Serves you right! Kagome!! Looks like they're dead, both the kid and the woman.
Why you! Unforgivable! Why you! You're just a half-demon! Yet he's fighting like a real demon! I refuse to die until I kill you! Has the blood gone to your head since the woman has been killed? Stop acting so stupid over some silly woman! I'll teach you the pain and sorrow of one who has lost his only dear, little brother! It's going to break! I've won! Tetsusaiga! The sheathe has summoned the sword! Tetsusaiga! I've lost! To a half-demon Lost Master Inuyasha The Sacred Jewel fragments.
Damn If only I had defeated Hiten earlier Inuyasha Kagome Inuyasha Thanks for everything.
I'm happy that my father's murder has been avenged.
Ohh Those are the souls of Kagome and Shippo.
They've come to bid a final farewell.
What?! Wait! Don't go! Kagome! Huh?! Yes? Huh?! You're alive? Go where? Father He protected us with fox fire.
Hmm From what I saw that was undoubtedly fox fire that shot out from the fur.
They weren't the souls? Well, err That was that and Umm Besides, why'd you get so sappy on me?! If you're gonna die, die! If you're not, don't die! Just be clear! Inuyasha What's the matter? Why're you so angry? He's embarrassed that he misunderstood something in the heat of passion.
Master Inuyasha is still very naive.
Oww Shippo, why don't you go home already?! What?! Why can't I stay with you?! Let him stay, Inuyasha.
Shippo is all alone.
Yes, yes! I'm actually a very cute kid.
Hah! You only act the good kid when it's convenient.
Shippo, when're you going home?! Kagome, he's being mean! - Inuyasha, be nice! - Ha! Sit! Still so young! Higurashi Shrine where I live is very, very old.
I never took Grandpa's omens and exorcisms seriously.
But the old hidden well rumored to lead to another dimension to the Feudal States Era is full of old stickers and charms to ward off the spirits.
But an old Noh mask that had been locked up in the storeroom burns through the charms and comes after us! Next on Inuyasha: "Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask" Don't miss it!