Inuyasha (2000) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Possession of the Sacred Jewel bestows tremendous power upon demons and others with evil in their hearts.
My sister Kikyo had died trying to seal its powers.
However, she was reincarnated as a young woman named Kagome and returned to this world.
And now, the journey begins for Inuyasha, a half-demon with a human mother and this young woman from the modern age.
All right Now! Hold it, Kagome! Huh?! Are you trying to escape?! What about the Sacred Jewel?! Move! I have a test tomorrow! I'm in the 9th grade! I've been missing all my cram classes for high school, too! At this rate, I'll miss too many classes to graduate! Hey, what're you doing?! Without this well, you can't return to that strange other world! I'll destroy it! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! SIT! I'll be back in three days.
So don't you dare follow me! Come home! Return to us! Gramps, will your chants really work? It will! This chant is an ancient one that has been passed down through generations of Higurashi priests! But you've been at it for three days and Sis still hasn't returned.
Good! I'm back! Oh, sacred rice wine! Bring her back! What's this?! Smells like sake! Kagome! My prayers have worked! Gramps, I appreciate your concern for me, but Sota, do you believe me now? Oh, yeah! You are amazing, Gramps! Then you must train hard as the next in line! I'm the next in line?! Naturally! No way! I'm going to become a soccer player! "Socker" player? You're going to punch people?! Never mind that! I have lots of things to bring up Help me! - Mom wants me to become a doctor.
- A doctor? A surgeon or a physician? I would recommend you to become What's the matter, Buyo? You're sneezing! Do I still reek of liquor? Here's your new school uniform.
I'll put it in your room.
Thanks, Mom.
Sis, didn't you bring that dog fellow? Of course not! It was difficult enough trying to lose him! Difficult enough Yup Life has become quite difficult.
I've lived at this Higurashi Shrine from the day I was born.
Gramps, my mom, my younger brother, Sota and me, an average ninth grader.
We have a secret well on our premises.
And demons are after the Sacred Jewel.
And suddenly, I've had this totally "unaverage"life.
Even today, I wake up wondering if this is all a dream.
This is reality All right! 'Morning! Good morning! Kagome! Is it okay for you to be in school? Huh? You've been absent a lot lately so we called your house.
This time, it was a strained back.
And before that, you had gone to the doctor for a diabetes test.
Are you okay? Gramps If you have to lie, make it believable! Higurashi! Huh? Are you feeling better? Huh?! It's Hojo from B-section! You're going through an awful lot for someone so young.
You have gout? No! I can't do much, but here.
What is it? Therapeutic sandals! Wear them, okay? Hey, Kagome! Have you been seeing Hojo? As if I have the time! But he seems to really like you.
What a shock!! Are you the least bit interested? Well! Kagome, do you? Do you have a boyfriend already?! No way! Really? You really don't have one? Then what kind of guys do you like? Well Someone who's not rough who's not spoiled who's not short-tempered who's kindand understanding Yes Perhaps I'd like someone who's the complete opposite of Inuyasha What's the matter with Kagome? I think she still has a fever.
Inuyasha, stop lying around.
Go out and get information on the Sacred Jewel.
Shut up! All that "sit" from her has given me a sore back! Damn that Kagome! Hurry back so I can teach you a lesson! Oww! Huh?! A fire! What's happening?! Why You've burned the talismans that have been in place for generations! Give me a body That mask! My predecessor several generations back was asked to exorcise this mask by a Noh actor! It was named the "Flesh-Eating Mask"! I did not know it had such enormous power! A body Give me a body! A body A body Is it looking for living flesh?! A body Give me a body! Damn! A body! Hey, the fire's at Higurashi Shrine! Let's go! Huh?! The fire is under control! Please do not worry! This road is closed! Do not push! Excuse me! Please let me through! Hey, you! You can go there! Thank you very much! Mom! Kagome! Mom, what happened?! The storeroom caught fire.
Grandpa was surrounded by the smoke.
Gramps?! He's all right.
He was slightly injured then fainted before he could inhale too much smoke.
I'm going to the hospital now.
Me, too! Sota's not home yet.
Please stay home.
All right.
A fire in the storeroom? There's no way a fire could start in there.
The fire started inside, huh? Watch out! There are holes in the floor.
Huh? What's the matter? Sis! It's all right! We're all safe! - Don't worry.
- Un-huh.
Stop! Hurry! Contact Headquarters! There's an out-of-control truck! And next on the news A runaway fire truck on the streets has been involved in many accidents.
There appears to be several injured but that has not been confirmed at this time.
It is unthinkable, but at every accident site people have disappeared.
It is totally incomprehensible! The flesh keeps rotting away.
Rotting away! If I can absorb a little more I'll be able to mold a complete body.
A little more Oh, if only I had a fragment of the Sacred Jewel! Mom, how's Grandpa? The doctor says he's out of danger but Grandpa is still unconscious.
Huh? I don't think we need to be overly concerned but he is getting on in age.
Mom, what's all that? When they rescued him he had these plastered all over his face.
He had even stuffed some in his mouth.
The Flesh-Eating Mask The Mask The Flesh-Eating And so, Mom's going to stay at the hospital another night to watch over Gramps.
Huh? Sis, can I stay in here tonight again? What are you saying?! You're a boy, aren't you? But You're such a weakling! Sleep in your own room tonight! I have another test tomorrow! Gramps had talismans in his mouth and even sacred rice wine all over him.
I'll bet something happened in the storeroom! The Flesh-Eating Mask Something's different.
Until now, everything was normal.
So has somethingchanged? This! Is it because of the Sacred Jewel fragments? Watch out for the Flesh-Eating Mask! A Noh mask? The Flesh-Eating Mask that Gramps was mumbling about The Jewel The Sacred Jewel The Jewel The Sacred Jewel! Sota, don't just stand there! Run! I must I must get Inuyasha! Sis! You're bleeding! Don't cry! I just cut myself on the glass.
Give it to me Give it to me Ithas a Sacred Jewel fragment in its forehead! It's after this bottle of fragments Sota will be safer away from me.
Sota, run to the hidden well and get Inuyasha! Tell him there are Sacred Jewel fragments in this world and he'll gladly come running! What?! All by myself?! Understand? Hurry! The well is linked to the Feudal States Era.
Jump and throw yourself in.
Let's go, Buyo! Owweee! I couldn't go through! Why?! Please take me! I have to or Sis will Sis will die! The dog fellow What's up? You look troubled.
Don't fall off! I couldn't get through the well.
You should be glad.
On the other side, there are dozens of demons who love to eat little boys like you.
Huh?! Do you know where Sis is? My nose works real good.
I just have to follow Kagome's blood scent.
Sis cut her hand I could smell her from the well.
I'll find Kagome and save her without fail.
This Inuyasha is rough and spoiled and he isn't kind at all! It's such a chore keeping up with him.
I wonder He seems much kinder and dependable than Sis made him out to be.
Not yet? Isn't Inuyasha here yet? Give it to me The Sacred Jewel! Iron Reaver Soul Stealer! Inuyasha! Sis! Sota! Sis! Huh? Kagome! You look just fine to me! We'll be okay now.
Inuyasha will destroy the demon for us! I don't mind helping you But first, apologize for the other day.
What're you talking about? Sit! I won't let you say you've forgotten! You shout incantations to your heart's content and now you want me to save you?! Oh that Sorry, sorry! I remember and I apologize! Damn You don't sound repentant at all! Maybe I'll just go home.
What're you saying?! That mask has a fragment of the Sacred Jewel! What'll you do?! Hah! I'm not sure if I'm imagining it but he's smitten I'll bet he's smitten in love! Inuyasha! Why you How dare you take my body! Inuyasha, the core of the demon is the Noh mask! I am the Flesh-Eating Mask.
Several centuries ago I was carved out of a giant katsura tree which had a fragment of the Sacred Jewel imbedded in it.
Since then, I have craved flesh and devoured humans.
Now, I want a good body that will not rot! And for that, it needs more power from the Sacred Jewel.
I don't know how many humans you've eaten to date but you're definitely too fat! What?! You fell into my trap.
Now you won't be able to escape! - Huh?! - Inuyasha! What a rotten trick! Huh?! Sis! If I don't do something, the fragments will! Sota, take this and run! Hurry! Yeah Sota, run! That mask is after this bottle.
I know! If I throw it away! No! It can't have this bottle! Listen! Don't move! You did it! You did it! Yeah! Are the Sacred Jewel fragments safe? Uh-huh! Inuyasha Kagome, not hurt? Huh? No.
Huh He's sorta nice.
What's happening? It's just a littlebut Inuyasha seems sorta dashing.
Huh?! It's morning?! Oh no! I have a test today! Hey, Kagome! Oh See you, Inuyasha! Make sure you return to the other dimension! Sota! Pick up those fragments and bring them home! Inuyasha! Don't take them! Umm You were real cool! Think so? Yup Scout's honor.
We know that the Sacred Jewel fragments exist even in the modern world.
The search for the fragments has become more complicated.
Huh?! Accompany Sota to the next town? Inuyasha is enough of a headache! Please spare me! But there's a little soul there that I cannot ignore.
And I'm going to keep her from going to hell! Next on Inuyasha: "The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul".
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