Inuyasha (2000) s01e119 Episode Script

Episode 119

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha loses his demonic powers in the sacred grounds of Mt.
Hakurei and is pursued by Jakotsu of the Band of Seven.
And what is the source of the eerie presence that Miroku and Sango come across deep inside the mountain? It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! I'm not going to get purified! I'm gonna make it! You're in a hurry, aren't you? But if you go any farther, even if you're only a half-demon you'll be purified.
Is that it? Then go! Y- you see? I'm still Huh? My demonic powers are gone! And it's not even the night of the new moon! Damn it! It's this barrier's fault! So, you're Inuyasha? You're pretty cute even as a human.
Jakotsu! My, my.
This makes me so happy! I've been waiting for the time when I could fight you again! Miroku! Yes, let's go! Who'd have thought this would lead to a place like this.
? This.
looks like a mountain temple.
This level of purification This must mean we're at the heart of the sacred grounds! It's a living Buddha! It's Saint Hakushin! Who are you?! You're alive?! Who is it who comes to violate my sacred territory? The mummy is alive.
? You're Saint Hakushin, aren't you?! Correct.
My name is Hakushin.
Has Naraku brought him back to life.
? Saint Hakushin, in life you were a man of high morals and saved many people! So how is it that you are working to help Naraku?! You have the powers enough to lay down this strong, pure barrier! I can't imagine that you are assisting Naraku because you can't see through to his real self! I know what he is.
But whether he's a demon of great wickedness or not is not my concern.
I'm doing only what I want to do.
Shippo! Kirara? Is the barrier hard on you, too? Inuyasha! I hope you're all right If it's too hard, just hurry back here! I wonder what's happening? He's taking so long.
Even a half-demon would find the sacred grounds a strain.
I wonder if he's met his end.
Inuyasha has.
?! Listen, you two.
! Hey, what's that for?! We were just worrying about him! Just keep your mouths shut! Kagome? I'm sure Inuyasha's all right.
Thank you, Shippo.
Dammit! Keep trying to get away.
I want to have my fill of fun.
I can't tell you how often I've dreamed of cutting you up.
You were cute with dog ears, but your human form is so luscious it makes me want to hug you.
What a pervert! Everything you say makes me gag!! Damn it! Even the Robe of the Fire Rat has lost its power?! It's not serving as armor anymore.
I'll cut you up, piece by piece.
And when I do, even a smart-mouth like you will become soft and pliable.
And in the end, you'll be on your knees, crying and begging me: "Jakotsu, please hold me gently in your arms.
" Feh! Any more of that and I'll separate you from your head! That's the spirit! I can't wait to see you cry! That sword! If I don't counter his blows right I won't be able to read his moves and I'll be in deep trouble! Go on, run away some more! I adore chasing fleeing prey!! Damn it all! The barrier you created is hiding and protecting the evil Naraku and yet you still.
When I was alive, I never hesitated to help people.
I entered Nirvana after several years of great famine.
Disease was rampant and corpses were everywhere.
It was a time like that.
Holy Saint, that is a bad man who attacked our village! You needn't save a man like him! No, no.
All men, both good and evil, are worthy of salvation.
Saint Hakushin Th thank you May you rest in peace.
Saint Hakushin! Please help us! There's nothing to eat in the village! We have nothing at all! Saint Hakushin! Saint Hakushin! I, also, while tending the sick, became ill and collapsed.
The people gathered around, lamenting.
If you're gone, Saint Hakushin, what will we do?! Who will save us?! I had to give them an answer.
Never fear, all ye people I will become a living Buddha and will look after the folks of this land forever.
As I promised, I was buried alive in front of all the people.
So that's how you became beatified.
My only connection to the outside world was a short piece of bamboo so I could breathe.
In the pit, I rang a small bell continuously.
When the bell fell silent, it told those outside that I was dead.
Outside all were praying that I would enter Nirvana magnificently.
They are wishing for my death No!! For the first time I was overcome with regret.
Between my attachment to life and my fear of the great darkness.
No! I did everything in my power to help people out and still! Why do I have to die?! And so I died.
My remains were sanctified as a living Buddha, but my soul was left behind in the darkness, with no hope of salvation, for a long time.
And then came his voice.
Hate! Hate them! It's all right to hate.
How sad! Even though they revered you as a holy saint, they never allowed you to have doubts or to suffer; they never thought of you at all.
He was speaking of things I'd never dared to say.
! Don't deceive yourself any more.
You wanted to live.
So come with me.
Come with me and live.
Do you blame me? Can you revile me? I am no saint myself.
I have no intention of judging you.
But I cannot allow to stand a barrier which protects Naraku! My barrier is impenetrable! Miroku! I'm all right! That mutt! .
Causing Kagome all this worry! And I wonder what he's up to.
Where are you going? That mutt is taking too long! I'm going to go check on him.
That's crazy! I know it's crazy! No! What? Let's just trust Inuyasha and wait for him here.
So! You can't move as you'd like to, can you?! This is no fun.
Let's hear a little louder crying from you.
Good! Now you're panting very satisfactorily.
That Inuyasha! I hoped he'd be able to at least wound Jakotsu Damn.
! He can hardly move He's going to be tortured to death by Jakotsu It's almost time for our embrace.
all slippery with your blood.
Dammit! My vision is going Give it up, Inuyasha.
I won't kill you yet.
I want to spend a lot of time on you first.
Now! That was close.
This little punk was aiming for my jewel shard! I don't have time to spend playing with you.
Hmph! Threatening me with that dull old sword! You don't scare me! Inuyasha.
Don't lose consciousness.
I want to hear you cry! Damn! I've lost too much blood! I thought I could try to catch him off guard Cry! Cry for me! It's no fun if you don't cry! Take that! So foolish.
Miroku! Place some sutras on my Hiraikotsu! Okay! Go! No good? It's useless.
The powers of a novice monk like you can't break my barrier.
So it seems.
In that case.
Forgive me, but I have to get rid of you! He can withstand the Wind Tunnel?! If you're going to kill me, then get on with it.
There's no need to rush things.
That's Miroku and Sango? Mt.
Hakurei is.
! What on earth is going on there? The barrier is broken! Saimyosho?! Mt.
Hakurei? The power of the sacred ground is weakening Something is getting away! As you wish, I'll finish you off.
At least give me one sweet little scream of agony at the end.
What is this?! The demons are starting to go crazy What?! These guys.
They're not supposed to be able to pass the barrier!! Take that! They're still coming! The presence of the barrier is dissipating! Miroku.
You must be safe! You've taken down the barrier! I came to rescue you and you ended up rescuing me! So, you've gotten your demonic powers back, have you? Jakotsu, you're so stupid! Because you didn't just get rid of me, it'll cost you your life.
I couldn't help myself.
I only get excited when I can cut you up slowly.
And I've already died once.
Being unexpectedly brought back to life and being able to meet a sweet thing like you was a real bonus! I guess you and I can never have a serious discussion.
Well, things are heating up around here, so I guess the fun's over.
But I'll take those dog ears of yours as a souvenir!! Like hell you will! All I have to do is pull on this sword and you'll be in pieces! Bye-bye, Inuyasha.
Of all the men who've died by my sword, I liked you the best.
! Kikyo comes into contact with Saint Hakushin's soul and takes an unexpected course of action.
Inuyasha, whose demonic powers have returned, brings his battle against Jakotsu to a climax.
Forgive me, Jakotsu.
But I need every Sacred Jewel shard I can get my hands on.
What the heck.
It was a lot of fun.
After losing all his comrades, Bankotsu explodes.
Next on Inuyasha: "Fare Thee Well: Jakotsu's Requiem" Band of Seven, let this be our final battle.