Inuyasha (2000) s01e127 Episode Script

Episode 127

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! A new battle is beginning.
Now, I'm going to return to my present world and study hard! That's what I intended, but what awaited me was a battle more frightening than fighting the demons of the Feudal Era! It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! It's all right for me to go back? Sure, there's nothing for you to do here anyway.
Okay then.
Sis! Welcome home! Nice to be back.
Welcome back! You were gone for some time.
It was hard coming up with excuses for your school.
But I'm glad you came back safely.
What's the matter? Tired? Not really.
Here you are.
A present.
They told me it's a kind of rare dried food or something.
I can't wait to try it.
I'll be resting in my room.
I won't ever leave you again! You're the type who'd go! And when you do go, I'll be upset.
That's to be expected, right? Kagome Maybe I'm getting weary of all this All right! Huh? Sis, aren't you eating too much? I'll be going to school tomorrow after a long absence.
I need to store up energy.
I think I'll be able to stay here for a while, so I'm going to switch gears and study hard to catch up in all my classes.
She's raring to go! Seconds, please! Certainly! What? Nothing.
I'll get a good night's sleep and forget all about the Feudal Era for a while.
I'm back to what I am a junior high school student.
What?! What's going on?! Oh, Kagome! Kagome! You're well enough to return to school? Y-Yeah.
You were absent a long time this time.
What did you have? A rare illness that made your ears cause hallucinations? Never mind me, what's going on? Nothing unusual.
That's right! Kagome's been absent for such a long time, she doesn't know.
You're right.
That's true.
What is it? It's the cultural festival.
Huh? Preparations for the cultural festival.
Cultural festival? But what about classes? Classes? We're too busy with all this.
We just have classes in the morning.
Why did I have to come back when classes aren't crucial? Kagome? I'm going home.
Hey! Besides, there's no sense in my being here or there right now.
Why're you so depressed? Shake it off, Kagome.
C'mon, let's cheer up.
Say, let's sing! Sing? Yes, it's energizing! Right! Kagome, you can participate in the festival, too! Huh? That's right! We sure need help.
W-What?! A reserve? Yes, like a stand-in or substitute.
All right? Do your best.
Fine then.
I'll do it.
So, what do you want me to do? Sing in the choir.
Sing? Present the dishes.
Dishes? Perform on stage.
Stage? As the heroine's friend, Brilliant.
Brilliant, huh? Now which do I do? - All of them! - Why?! - Because you're our reserve.
- And I want you to sing! We've gone through a lot of practice and preparation! But you'll be done with all this in a few days.
Three duties should be easy! Okay.
Begin! Kagome, sing louder.
From the heart.
I want to create something unique.
I'm good at outdoor cooking.
Like a barbecue? Grilling river fish over a wood fire.
Or grilling fern roots over a wood fire.
Don't say anything.
Just keep your hands moving.
All right.
Now then, we'll start with Brilliant's line in Act 2.
Ever since my grandfather collapsed from lumbago, I've been.
No, no! Outstretch your arms and be more appealing.
Once more.
My grandfather collapsed from lumbago.
! How does it taste? It's not bad, if I do say so.
Then I wanna taste, too! I'm home.
Sis is back.
Huh? What happened to all that energy you gathered up? I used it all up in one day.
Were your studies that hard? Even studying would've been better.
Kagome, this is good.
The dried food you brought back is perfect with sake! I see.
I'm glad.
Naraku's tried to use Kagome's eyes? Yes.
To use her to find the Sacred Jewel shards.
Which means Naraku doesn't know the whereabouts of all the Jewel shards? Yes.
And the fact that he went through the trouble of kidnapping Kagome, must signify that there are shards which Naraku himself cannot find alone.
Like which shards? Probably the ones in hard-to-find locations.
And that means he's having a hard time, too.
So you've come, Naraku.
I heard you coming from four leagues away.
Oh? Then that will make this quick.
Mimisenri, they say that you possess ears that are able to hear all things in this world.
You are right, Naraku.
And I have heard rumors about you, too.
Do you intend to take my ears and make them part of you? Rest assured.
Your filthy body doesn't interest me at all.
Then why have you come all the way here? Have you heard of the whereabouts of the Sacred Jewel shards? Hmm.
According to the demons, Naraku, you possess nearly all of the shards.
Just one.
I need just one more shard.
But its whereabouts has eluded even me.
I see.
Then let me use my ears.
All our shards are now in Naraku's possession.
Other than those, Koga has two in his legs.
And there's one which keeps Kohaku alive.
If Naraku succeeds in completing the Sacred Jewel, Kohaku will die.
Don't worry, Sango.
We won't let Naraku succeed, ever.
We'll find the remaining shards.
Uh-huh, that's what I intend to do, too.
I know there's no need to remind you.
but you must be more diligent about Kagome.
So that she never falls into Naraku's hands again.
I know that! Hey! What're you eating there all by yourself? This? The villagers and mountain priests we saved recently? They gave it to me in gratitude.
Some of their dried food.
Sheesh! We Demon Slayers keep warning them not to do it, but it's useless.
What do you mean? No, Kirara.
These are demons.
What? This is a hypha of a fungal demon called Shironyudo.
But they're safe to eat? Yeah, it's safe.
But if you put it in water and heat it.
Meaning, if you boil it? A new Shironyudo is born.
Is that what that was? Well, I prefer that they be thrown out.
It was so tasty.
That's why they're such a nuisance.
Forget about the dried food! In any case, finding the Sacred Jewel shard will solve everything.
Yes, that was the start of it all.
Wherever Naraku is hiding, he's sure to appear where the Sacred Jewel shard is! All right, next pitch.
Huh? I'm sorry, Ayumi.
I caught a cold.
Huh?! I'm so sorry! It's all right.
It can't be helped.
- Kagome! - Huh? You'll sing her alto solo.
What?! What solo? Okay? Hand me that tape, will you? Here! Thank you.
Maki, are you all right? It hurts! Take her to the infirmary.
- How is she? - She has a sprained ankle.
She won't be able to move around for a while.
- Brilliant.
- Huh? Yes? From this moment, you are no longer Brilliant, but Escargot Pudding, the female lead! What?! Now let's continue with rehearsals! Escargot, get on stage.
That's! Isn't that terrible of both of them?! This isn't being a reserve! Right? It's no good.
There aren't any good recipes.
Honestly! Isn't there something that packs a punch.
? Something with impact? That no one has tasted? - Nope.
- Then can you find one? What? I.
I have individual practice for the choir.
- Then I have stage rehearsals.
- I'm counting on you! Don't count on me!!! You've really recovered, Kagome.
I hear you've taken on a lot of work.
Not "taken on"! Forced to! At first, it was just helping out.
Then it got more and more.
You haven't been back in a while, so everyone wants to give you a big role in the festival.
- Think so? - Yes.
Say, Hojo, do you know any unusual dishes? I'm not really into cooking.
I guess I have to depend on Mom.
- Oh! - What is it? I think I have an idea.
Say, Kagome.
Now that you're playing the heroine, we'll have quite a lot of scenes together.
So how about we practice together? Huh? Kagome? I'm back! Here it is! Sorry, Grandpa.
I, Escargot Pudding, will neither run nor hide! Great! What's this? Something that packs a punch and has impact.
yet is not familiar to anyone.
I'm off.
Yeah, we need to start looking for the Sacred Jewel shards.
Got that right.
Kagome takes her sweet time when we leave her alone.
Hey Inuyasha, ask Kagome for more ninja food! He's so impatient.
These dried foods are tasty, but a bit tough.
Maybe I can boil it.
Oh? A festival.
The economy, huh? Huh?! Oh, it's been a long time.
What're you doing?! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! What's wrong? So that was the Shironyudo Sango mentioned.
Where's the rest? Rest of what? The rest of the dried food! Oh, the one in the pot is the last of it.
I ate the rest.
That's okay then.
Oh, welcome! Inuyasha, did you come to have some fun? I'm not here for fun! But you'll have dinner with us, won't you? Wait just a bit.
Huh? Sure.
I'm home! You're here! Hey! We're goin' back after we eat.
Hold on a minute! You never said anything about my returning early.
Shaddup! You know we can't find the shards without you! Really? 'Course! Is that all? Huh? Whaddya mean? Forget it.
I feel like my old self again.
I felt like seeing you.
Got a problem with that? Nope.
Boy, you're selfish, Inuyasha.
I'm sorry, but I can't go back just yet.
Huh? It's not another one of those "tests"? No.
A cultural festival.
Cultural festival? Sis, what're you doing? Oh, this and that.
Singing in the choir, cooking, performing on stage.
Can family members come to watch? Sure.
Then we'll all go.
You don't have to.
No! I must see my granddaughter perform! - Hey, can I go? - No! Why not? Because! Imagine the uproar if people find out about you? Hah! I have a lot to do, so I'm going.
Let's get ready, too.
I'm so excited.
I'd better dress up for this.
Oh yes, my suit.
Inuyasha and Kagome are taking a long time.
Gee, it's tough.
Fox fire! It smells so yummy! What is it? Hiraikotsu! Are you okay? A demon in an area populated by humans? That was a reconstituted demon of a Kurotengudake fungi.
A demon fungi? We're going to get rid of all the dried food we received.
You still had them? Geez.
They're so tasty, too.
Shironyudo, Kurotengudake, Yumenamazu, Waraiazami, Hamadaruma, Kamitsuki-suika, and the Esedaikoku.
You had so many! Is this all? Kagome took the rest.
- Kagome? - Back home?! Well, Inuyasha is with her.
You're right.
It'll be fine since Inuyasha is there.
But I heard that Inuyasha can't really do as he pleases when he's in Kagome's country.
'Scuse me! Okay then, let's put the baked goods out on the table.
On the day of the Cultural Festival, the Home Economy classroom is in a shambles! Darn it.
That's the demon Kurotengudake! Demons terrorize the school! Where did they come from?! I'll exterminate them with Higurashi Shrine sutras! Kagome, you have an important presentation to make! I'm scared, but I'll help too! This is it! Prepare to die, demons! On the next Inuyasha: "Battle Against the Dried-Up Demons at the Cultural Festival!" What're you doing, Hojo?! They're for real!