Inuyasha (2000) s01e151 Episode Script

Episode 151

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! Kikyo turned out to be St.
Hijiri, after all.
As I pursued the Soul Collectors, I came upon Kikyo.
Kikyo, are you alive? Or Are they telling me to follow? Huh? A waterfall.
Huh?! Kikyo! Everyone was dead? Yes.
Everyone who was in the birthing room.
According to the men who found them the following morning, there was something very strange about their deaths.
Was it the work of demons? I don't know.
But it is a blessing that our lady and her newborn were unharmed.
Buddha must have protected them.
A fine babe.
a fine babe indeed! My lord.
Hmm? What is it? No.
It is nothing.
Do not worry.
Security has been tightened.
Demon or whatever, it will not get near this castle.
I finally have an heir! I shall protect him with my life.
Is that babe really mine? That white child Was she just an illusion? I don't know I'm sorry for the trouble, son.
It's no trouble.
I hate growing old! Spraining my back carrying firewood.
How embarrassing! You mustn't overdo it.
What's your name, kid? Huh? Your name.
Do you have a place to stay tonight? Then come to my home.
At least I can offer you something to eat.
Thank you! My name's Kohaku.
Kohaku? That's a fancy name.
Think so? Hiraikotsu! Sango, I think that's the last of them.
Kirara, you did great.
Huh? Are there more left?! So there were demons here, too? It's only Inuyasha.
Don't scare us like that.
where's Kagome? What happened to her? Kagome went after the Soul Collectors.
Soul Collectors?! And she just.
It was probably a barrier.
Where's this barrier?! Take me there! Kikyo.
Are you alive? Or.
Her life is fading.
The miasma is spreading.
Miasma? Please choose.
Whether you will save her or not.
Huh? What do you mean.
"choose"? What's happening to Kikyo? After Mt.
Hakurei was destroyed, she was struck by one of Naraku's tentacles and fell into a dark river of miasma.
But because her body was made of sacred bones and dirt from her grave, the miasma could not dissolve it.
the miasma that entered through her wounds spread throughout her body.
The wound in her chest still has not healed, and the miasma is eating away her body.
The only one who can save her.
is you.
Only I can save Kikyo? Right now, you hold this lady's life in your hands.
So they're telling me to choose? What must I do? What must I do to save her? You choose to save her? Of course! I'm the only one who can, right? So.
All you have to do is touch her.
And the miasma will be purified.
Just touch her? Please hurry.
The Soul Transfer Doll has been broken and it is very difficult to hang on to her soul.
If we don't purify the miasma before the sun sets, her soul will disappear.
All right.
This water hurts.
Naraku's miasma is oozing out.
Huh?! Is this the miasma that has seeped into the water? Is all this from Kikyo's body?! I'm sorry but I need to take a look.
It looks terrible You poor thing.
Why? They said all I had to do was touch her.
What must I do? What must I do to awaken Kikyo? What? What is it? That is soil from her grave.
Your hand purified it.
Please rub that into her wound.
All right.
The miasma is pushing out the soil! The power of the miasma grows stronger with the darkness.
You must save her soul before the sun sets.
l- lt hurts so much I feel like I'm going to be thrown backwards.
It's pitch black I can't see a thing.
What's this? Kikyo? Isn't that - I'm late! - the Sacred Jewel? - So what I'm seeing - That Inuyasha.
- are scenes from before Kikyo died? - Maybe he overslept.
Scenes from fifty years ago? Watch out! Even if you try to pretty yourself up with this, you can't hide your true nature! W-What?! This rouge doesn't become you at all! Demon blood is good enough for you.
Inuyasha? That's not him.
Hah! You idiot! It's not him! That's not Inuyasha! Inuyasha would never say such things! I never wanted to become a human.
Why don't you realize it?! Thanks for the Sacred Jewel.
I'll have to make it suck more blood filled with hate.
Kikyo! That's Naraku! I'll slaughter the villagers.
Curse you.
Can't you see?! Curse you! She will not make it in time.
Kikyo's soul is fading away.
Here! This is where Kagome disappeared.
Where? Where is she? Why is it? Kikyo's shoulder and chest injuries are the same as the ones she has now Curse you! Curse you! This is Inuyasha! I trusted you! I really trusted you! Inuyasha! K-Kikyo.
Why you! Sister! Kikyo! Kikyo! Listen, Kaede.
Take this Sacred Jewel and burn it with my body.
I get it.
- That's what happened! - so that it will never pass into the hands of evil again! Kikyo's soul cannot get past this moment in time.
Sister! Sister! Inuyasha Time stopped for Kikyo at this point.
Huh? What happened to me? Was I dreaming? A dream? But what kind of dream? My mind feels so muddled.
Huh? The wounds are closing! Just a little more! Hang in there! Hang in there, Kikyo! Inuyasha really wants to see you again! So hang in there! Inu.
Y- You can do it.
You want to see Inuyasha, too Right? Huh? The water is becoming clearer.
The miasma has been purified! I'm so glad Soul Collectors.
? Kikyo.
! Why did you save me? Huh? Well.
You're the one who called me here, aren't you? You had a choice.
To save me or not.
You know, it really wasn't a matter of choice.
If there's a person before me whom I could save.
and I'm told that I'm the only one who can save her.
naturally I would choose to save her! Then.
I won't thank you.
Since you made the choice.
Huh? Cripes, she's so difficult.
Did you see something while you were in the water? Huh? Something? If you don't remember, so be it.
Wait! Where are you going? Inuyasha will be here soon.
Iooking for you.
Huh? I will go into hiding for a time.
I must restore my strength.
Why won't you see Inuyasha?! Hey! Kikyo! Inuyasha is.
Inuyasha has only had thoughts of you since hearing about St.
Hijiri You are the one Inuyasha longs for even though that upsets me.
This sound.
What's the matter, Inuyasha? I can hear it! A waterfall! Hey, Inuyasha! Let us go! Perhaps the barrier is down.
Yes! Please choose whether to save her or not.
Geez! Those two talking like they were testing me Yet why did they? Could this have been about Inuyasha?! Did she think I wouldn't have saved her because she's in the way?! That's the only reason I can think of.
That's so belittling! How could they think I'm such an awful woman? - Huh? - Kagome! She's all right.
Kagome! Kagome! Thank goodness you're all right! What're you looking around for? Kikyo's gone.
Why don't you go after her? Kikyo was here? Yes, but she already left.
Even though I told her to stay and see you.
I knew it, he's happy.
Inuyasha, what'll you do? Will you go after her? Kagome, did something happen between you and Kikyo? I felt so determined back then I never thought I'd feel like this now.
Hey, Kagome.
Hey you! What's with your long face?! Oh be quiet! Huh? It's all your fault! I hate you! Huh?! K-Kagome.
! She looks so scary! What the hell did I do?! Just cut it out 'cuz you're making me mad! Sit.
What do you think, Miroku? I don't know what happened, but it's probably Inuyasha's fault.
After all, Kagome said so.
Apologize? For what? Well, look at her.
Have you ever seen her look so sad? Well.
Inuyasha, let me ask you one question.
Aren't you going after Kikyo? How can I with Kagome looking like that? Then if Kagome had sent you off with a smile, you'd have gone? Huh.
? Boy, I'm so awful! I was upset and took it all out on Inuyasha.
Maybe I've made him hate me.
Huh? What is it? Are you still upset? Aren't you going after Kikyo? When I was up there alone at the base of the mountain.
I met St.
But it turned out to be a puppet of Kikyo.
I learned that the real Kikyo was overcome by Naraku's miasma and that her life was nearing its end.
So he knew How was.
Kikyo? She was hurt and asleep.
But I was able to purify the miasma, so I think she'll be okay.
You did that? Yes.
I see.
It's only natural that he would be worried.
Inuyasha, go to her.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not going! Huh? You're the one who shouldn't worry! You saved Kikyo, didn't you? Uh-huh.
Well then, she's okay.
I won't go after her.
Are you sure? Yeah.
So take back what you said earlier.
Huh? Don't pretend you forgot! You told me you hated me! Did I say that? Huh? Sorry, I forgot.
Do you realize how hurt I felt when you said that?! So it did bother him, after all.
So sensitive.
There was no doubt in Kagome's heart If there had been, the wound in my chest would not have closed.
It still feels warm.
Around the time St.
Hijiri appeared, Princess Abi's mother noticed a spot which demons avoided.
I will kill Naraku.
Nothing good has come of my involvement with him! Princess Abi sends her birds to attack the spot.
And among those defending the spot is Kohaku! I seem to remember doing this a long time ago.
joining with my comrades to fight.
Next on Inuyasha: "Protect and Plunder!" Kohaku, you will protect the infant.