Inuyasha (2000) s01e153 Episode Script

Episode 153

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! In the castle where Naraku's baby sleeps, Sango reunites with her younger brother, Kohaku.
Guilt that cannot be erased, as well as tragic memories and heartache are about to be reawakened.
The birds are dwindling.
My lady, please bear it for just a bit longer.
Thank goodness! My lady, we will be saved, won't we? Kohaku, it is because of you that we were saved.
And this child is without a single scratch.
You're just a kid, but you did a fine job, Kohaku.
You will be rewarded later! Huh? Kohaku, is something wrong? K-Kohaku! My lady! This way! What's going on?! What do you think you're doing?! Kohaku take the child.
And kill everyone around you.
Answer! Kohaku! Why must I kill these people? Why you! Have you gone mad?! I don't want to.
What is this terrible feeling I have? Take the child.
And kill everyone around you.
No I don't want to.
Why are you doing this? Why?! I don't want to.
I don't want to Who.
Who is controlling your heart? My heart? Kohaku! It's that lady They weren't killed by the birds.
Kanna? You were in this castle? Huh? That's That's Hakudoshi's counterpart.
What? You're telling me to get Kohaku? Huh? Kanna's gone.
Half-demon! I'll put an end to you! Hah! I'm gonna kill you on this spot and put an end to your evil! Take this! Is her barrier just as strong as Naraku's?! If even Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga can't break through it, it must be.
Well, we have to do something! Silly girl! Kagome! Save me, too! Stay back! I can handle her by myself! The birds are starting to gather! It must mean that they've sucked all the blood from the humans in that castle.
I expected more resistance from a castle that is connected with Naraku.
But it seems it was just an ordinary human castle.
Ordinary human castle? But Kohaku is in this castle No doubt under Naraku's orders.
I'm withdrawing for now.
Your life has been extended for a while, half-demon.
What the! Quit fooling around! Shut up! Taking the human blood back to the nest is more important! I'm not letting you get away! Get lost! Wind.
Scar! Wha! Dammit! She got away.
Where's Sango?! Kohaku.
You did it again, didn't you? Again? What does she mean? Kohaku.
Again? W- What was that just now? What Kohaku.
? Who? Who is she? Who am I?! l- I Kohaku! Kohaku! Kohaku! That's right I killed my father and everyone else with these hands.
Sister! Hey! I remember everything! I killed my father and the rest of the demon slayers with my own hands.
And I even hurt Sister.
I'm supposed to have died on that day.
But he Naraku Kohaku, you're trembling? You want to forget the terrible thing you've done? Forget then.
Forget everything.
And work for me.
Why you! Cripes! What do you think you're doing?! Do you want to die? I don't care if I die.
What? Naraku.
! Even if we both die, I'll get him! Kohaku - Sango! - Sango! W-What happened?! This is.
It's not the work of the birds.
did this.
Did Kohaku go away again? Yes.
But I couldn't go after him.
Kohaku You were covered in blood Even if I did take Kohaku away from Naraku I don't know how to free his heart from Naraku's grasp I could I could with my very own hands kill Kohaku Huh? The birds are gone! Are we saved? There are survivors! Kohaku! - Kohaku, where are you?! - Hey! You know Kohaku? Oh yes.
He worked with us.
We were saved by Kohaku.
Huh? He protected us and fought off the demon-birds.
He looked like such an innocent.
Thanks to him, we're alive.
You know Kohaku? What happened to Kohaku? Is he okay? Huh? Kohaku is a kind boy.
He really isn't one who could do something like that.
? It's okay.
Kohaku is alive.
Sango, I know it's difficult, but can you describe exactly what you saw? Since Kohaku was there, Naraku must be connected in some way to that castle.
When I rushed to him, Kohaku was about to kill a woman holding a baby.
A baby? Huh?! That baby.
Iooked like Naraku's child.
What?! That's right! That baby looked just like Naraku's infant! So that's the connection between Naraku and the castle.
But why? What were you doing at that castle? Why was that baby at that castle? So was Naraku hiding his baby at a human castle? Whatever the case, one thing is certain.
That baby is very special to Naraku.
Kohaku, weren't you given even a clue about who that baby is? No.
I see.
Who is that? Huh? Don't you know anything? That's Hakudoshi.
The counterpart of that baby you were with.
Hold it! But why was the baby split in two? With one hidden in a human castle? I remember! This one doesn't have a heart! That baby is Hakudoshi's heart.
Or maybe Naraku's heart? What's the matter, Kagura? Is there something on my face? Is this the right way? This is the direction that Princess Abi went.
But I don't even pick up the scent of the birds.
There's no sign of them in this village.
Let's keep going.
Yes, the sun is still high in the sky.
Let us go a bit further.
Yeah! Sango.
Let us go.
Y-Yeah! Right.
What will we do from now, Inuyasha? Huh? If Princess Abi has turned traitor, even if we find the nest, there's no guarantee that it'll lead to Naraku.
Sure it will.
Naraku is after the human blood that Princess Abi is collecting.
You're right.
Naraku intends to use human blood to cross into the other world where the Sacred Jewel fragment is.
We still don't know how he's going to do that, though.
Say Inuyasha.
Is it okay to leave Sango alone? Huh? Sango's been so down.
She must be worried about Kohaku.
The next time I see Kohaku If he has committed more sins what will I do? Can I save Kohaku? Miroku.
Can I stay by you? I don't want to see you suffer.
Is there something I can do for you? Can you.
just stay here with me? Sure thing.
Oh, he casually put his arm around her shoulders.
Shoulders? He's not stroking her butt? Nope, her shoulders.
You are so ignorant, Inuyasha! Miroku may be a lecher, but even he knows there's a time and place.
But didn't they promise to marry? Sango wouldn't get mad any more.
You are really dense! Why? Even if you love someone, you fall out of love if that person keeps being insensitive! Hah! But if Miroku stops acting like a lecher, what's left? Maybe just his Wind Tunnel.
Don't worry, Sango.
I won't stroke your butt.
Yes, keep your hands off for now.
Mother, I attacked the castle, but Naraku did not appear.
So instead, the birds sucked all the blood out of the humans there.
Yes, thanks to you, the poison in my body has been diluted.
But do not let your guard down, Princess Abi.
I'm certain that the castle you attacked is connected to Naraku.
And the proof of that is.
the barrier around this nest is gone.
Barrier? Yes, Naraku had hidden this nest by putting up a barrier.
Even though we never asked him to do it.
You think he's going to try something? That half-demon? Sister Kohaku I smell the birds! Are we close to the nest? They are Kikyo's shikigami! You two.
is waiting.
Huh?! I reunite with Kikyo, but she has not completely healed yet.
That's impossible! You wait here! Then give this to Kagome.
But whether she can use it depends on her.
One arrow is entrusted to me.
But what does it mean? And Naraku battles Princess Abi's mother, Tekkei, and opens the path that connects this world to the next! Next on Inuyasha: "The Demon Linked with the Netherworld" The broken barrier is a trap laid by Naraku!