Inuyasha (2000) s01e156 Episode Script

Episode 156

It all started with the Sacred Tree.
Fighting and searching forourdreams and a strong bond is formed between us.
A new hope! A bright future begins now! At the border between this world and the next, Naraku plots to take possession of the shard.
And Sesshomaru also appears at the scene of the final battle.
And now, in front of theirfather's grave, the two brothers face each other.
The final shard guides us! On the other side of the well, a new day awaits in the age of warring states! A Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! In pursuit of Naraku, we came to the borderbetween this world and the next.
And here we met Hosenki, who had been dwelling inside Inuyasha's father.
There's no mistake that Hosenki possesses the Sacred Jewel shard, but it seems he has no intention of giving it to us.
And not only that, influenced by the shards that Naraku possesses, the shard Hosenki has inside him is beginning to turn black.
What are we to do?! Wind Scar! I know! If I can purify that shard My arrow will probably work Go! I got it! Hmm.
That was pointless Huh?! It didn't purify the shard! Kagome, aim for that spot once more! B-But.
! Hurry up and shoot! A-All right! Just because Kagome's arrow didn't reach the shard, doesn't mean it had no effect at all.
I'lljust cut it here! Wind Scar! It broke open! Awright! Now I can get the shard! You.
fools! Huh? Inuyasha! You and I.
All of us were just made to dance by the black jewel.
Inuyasha! In this Land of Fire is a gate that connects to the "other side".
By "here," do you mean here? Lord Sesshomaru, can we really trust that Kagura? She may be luring you into a trap again.
Settle down.
Huh? Not you.
I mean, Tenseiga.
Huh? T-Tenseiga? Let us go.
H-Huh? P-Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! He's come! The one who possesses the black jewel.
Inuyasha! Go down a bit.
I'm going to look for Inuyasha.
Please! Go after Inuyasha! Kagome.
! Kagome! Kagome! I sense an evil aura! Huh? The Sacred Jewel shard.
is coming! So have you met yourend, Inuyasha? I witnessed it all.
What? Naraku! Uh-oh.
this is awful! Even if I'm brave, I don't think it'll help.
Naraku! If you've been watching all this time, you should know.
Inuyasha was not killed! Humph! No way! It didn't have any effect at all! Even Kagome's sacred arrow cannot break through the barrier.
So you are the one who possesses the black jewel.
What is this rock? It's very stifling in here, isn't it? Okay.
That's as far as I go.
I don't want to get involved in this.
Huh? What do you mean, Kagura? Is it dangerous up ahead? Will you shut up?! You're the one who asked me to show you the way.
H-Huh?! And I told you, I wouldn't guarantee your safety.
L-Lord Sesshomaru.
! The gate which connects this world with the next.
Do you wish to pass? Huh?! Huh? Huh?! D-Did the stone statue speak?! Do you wish to pass? Or do you not wish to pass? O-Of course we want to pass! That's why we're here! Then you shall pass.
The only way to pass this gate is to allow yourself to be killed by the guardians Gozu and Mezu and become dead.
Go! Even if Gozu and Mezu are beaten If you force the gate open, you will be bathed in a strange light that will turn you to stone.
What?! Now what will you do, Sesshomaru? L-Lord Sesshomaru.
Dammit! Tetsusaiga.
Be quiet! I can still fight! Naraku, I won'tgive in until I destroy you! Hosenki.
It seems you are quite weakened.
He went right through the barrier and Naraku! I see.
I understand you were a great demon when you were alive.
I'm quite impressed, that you still have the power to resist me.
The Sacred Jewel shard will be taken! I won't let you! - Huh?! - Kagome! Hiraikotsu! Kagome, are you okay? Y-Yeah.
Thank you! The light from the shard is jet black! The impurity from the shard is spreading through Hosenki's body! It's all due to yourhard work.
The Sacred Jewel shard that was hidden deep within the adamantine armor and protected by demon powers was too much for even me, Naraku, to corrupt.
Are you saying that it's because we shattered Hosenki's body?! You broke open Hosenki.
and Hosenki wounded Inuyasha.
In reaction to that hatred, the Sacred Jewel shard became even more tainted.
So you're trying to tell us that this is exactly what you planned? Yes, and indeed, it has come to pass.
The Sacred Jewel shard wants to become whole.
Just now.
wasn't that the Wind Scar? Did you say Wind Scar?! Inuyasha! - Oh, Inuyasha! - Thank goodness he's all right! Naraku! Humph! So you're still alive, Inuyasha? Although from the looks of you, Hosenki battered you quite a bit.
Hah! Naraku, you were too rash.
Got overconfident and came crawling out of yourhiding place.
This is the moment I've been waiting for! The Red Tetsusaiga! He plans to draw Naraku out of his barrier.
Prepare to die! Master Inuyasha.
Is there any chance of victory with that attack? That's right I'll cut you down! Even the Red Tetsusaiga It's the barrier-breaking Red Tetsusaiga! He did it! He couldn't break through Hakudoshi's barrier.
You don't get any stronger, do you, Inuyasha? And you still don't understand that even the Tetsusaiga has no effect on me? That dull sword is totally useless! Huh? Shaddup! Wind Scar! Don't you understand that it's futile? He used that technique on Mt.
The one that bounces back the Wind Scar! Take this! Wind Scar! Kagome! Inuyasha, you fool! Letting Naraku's taunts get to him! This is bad! Everyone, get away from here! You can be sliced to bits by the Wind Scaryou produced! I've still got one more trick I haven't tried! Feel the swirling of the demonic aura! Take this! Backlash Wave! Did I get him?! Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha! Master Inuyasha! lmpossible! The Backlash Wave didn't work?! Inuyasha, it's all over for you.
D-Dammit! Only the dead can pass through this gate.
Those who wish to pass shall first die at ourhands.
H-He did it! Leave it to Lord Sesshomaru.
Huh? It's futile.
l-It can't be! So not even Sesshomaru can pass.
We cannot be killed by a sword of this world.
Tenseiga Humph.
Is that how it is? Then I should use Tenseiga to destroy them Huh? He's in danger! If he's bathed in the light of the gate, he'll turn to stone.
Ye who wields the sword of the otherworld.
T-They're kneeling.
That is a sword that cuts down those who do not belong in this world.
It is as if we have been cut.
So you will notengage in a needless fight? Very admirable.
I knew it! Only Sesshomaru can kill Naraku.
Your Wind Scar, the barrier-breaking Red Tetsusaiga, and even your Backlash Wave were all useless against me.
You have nothing else you can use.
You cannot kill me with yourTetsusaiga.
Hah! Quit sleep-talking! This match ain't over yet! Huh?! He's trying to get the Sacred Jewel shard.
Hiraikotsu! You did it! Great job, Sango! So he's vulnerable outside the barrier! Wha?! A miasma! Did he say miasma?! This is notgood! The toxic fumes of a miasma will be especially bad for Inuyasha right now! It is finally within my grasp! The last shard of the Sacred Jewel! L- Last shard?! I have no use for you anymore.
We won't let you get away! Saimyosho! Miroku, you cannot use the Wind Tunnel.
Hah! You can choose.
Will it be a quick death from sucking in the Saimyosho? Or will you choose the stay here in this graveyard and live for eternity? Foreternity? In this graveyard?! What do you mean, Naraku?! The river of blood which you and I crossed has already stopped.
There is no way foryou to return to the world of man.
Huh?! Didn't I tell you that you may not be able to get back?! If the path is closed, then Naraku, you cannot go back either! But, I shall.
I alone.
It worries me Naraku's smug demeanor.
Naraku! Don't think you're gonna get away! Don't you understand, Inuyasha? It's all over.
Huh? What? What is that? Sesshomaru.
Sesshomaru! Wha! How the hell did he get here? Humph! Sesshomaru.
Did you rush overto save your little brother? Such a kind brotheryou are.
Sesshomaru! Why'd he come here?! Huh?! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Why you! What the hell do you think you're doing?! How dare you, a worthless half-demon, taint Father's resting place! Vermin! Lord Sesshomaru.
Dammit! Hey.
Huh? Do you still have the strength to fight? Huh? Each time you cut me, the miasma will increase.
And eventually, everyone who is here will die.
I am not so sentimental as to hold back my sword forthe sake of humans.
I guess not! The miasma is coming! Cut me! Hosenki! You will cut me, in order to break through Naraku's barrier.
Next on Inuyasha: "Destroy Naraku with the Adamant Barrage!" With this one blow, I'll put an end to all this!