Inuyasha (2000) s01e164 Episode Script

Episode 164

It all started with the Sacred Tree.
Fighting and searching for our dreams and a strong bond is formed between us.
A new hope! A bright future begins now! Shippo has turned violent and is wreaking havoc! Our ultimate enemy is the one who is closest to us! Inuyasha versus Shippo! This unavoidable battle is destined to begin now! The final shard guides us! On the other side of the well, a new day awaits in the age of warring states! A Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! As we continued our journey in search of our arch-enemy Naraku, we went to the border between this world and the next.
Adamant Barrage! Why you! I can do it! Go! We were able to prevent Naraku from taking the final Sacred Jewel shard.
But Naraku went after Kikyo, and used Zushinezumi to try to lure her out of hiding.
That Kikyo.
Just when I thought I had lured her out.
The mayose tree is starting to rot! Kohaku! Give me the shrine! But Naraku would probably order me to do this.
To protect the shrine even if it means death.
Kohaku, wake up! We managed to destroy the rats, but Sango was terribly saddened that Kohaku was involved in this plot.
Sister! Kohaku! Do you regret protecting Kohaku? I don't know.
But if I hadn't protected him, I think I would regret it more.
And that's fine.
That is the way of the human heart.
And since then, Naraku has hidden himself.
But then, a crucial incident occurs which could provide a clue to Naraku's whereabouts! Who is it.
that disturbs my sleep? Let me down! Inuyasha! Don't be mean to Shippo! Yeah! You're being mean to me! But the one causing trouble is a fox demon, right? I can understand Inuyasha's strategy that it won't stand for a little fox to be mistreated, but still.
It seems too simple.
Get me down! What did I do to deserve this?! Just let Shippo down! No way! l-It's here! Please calm it down! Help! Inuyasha! You see? It came to rescue the little fox! l-It's going to eat him! Huh!? Help me! Don't eat me! Petty demon! I'll tear him apart in one swing! No! We just asked you to calm it down! Huh? Stay back, Inuyasha.
No doubt that's a fox deity.
Yes, but.
it's been bewitched by something.
Scent Beads! They're effective against demons with a keen sense of smell.
It seems to have worked on Inuyasha.
Huh? It came off! There it is! Great job, Sango! Is the fox deity.
? It's all right now.
The demonic aura is gone.
It will probably go back to its shrine.
What a relief! We will prepare a feast in gratitude! Please come to the headman's house.
Your companion seems to be in discomfort.
We'll gladly accept your hospitality tonight.
Hey wait! - Huh? - Huh? Oh no! Lemme down! Don't forget me! Shippo, hurry it up or we'll leave you! One day, I'll make you cry! Thank you so much.
That fox is the guardian deity of this region.
So we could not kill it.
Anyway, please make yourselves at home.
Thank you for the food! Hey you! I have a right to this! Yes, you do.
This meal is all thanks to Shippo.
Here Shippo, you can have mine, too.
Yay! But it bothers me.
that parasite demon.
You know about it? Yes.
It's a parasite chrysalis.
It's not much of a demon, but it attaches itself to a more powerful demon.
I never heard of one attaching itself to a guardian deity.
Shall we look into it? Hold it! - Huh? - Huh? We're looking for Naraku! We can't waste time on small-fry demons! I'm pissed off as it is that we don't have any clues on Naraku! You're always getting angry.
He's really angry today.
since he wasn't the hero.
I can tell.
Shaddup! Quit talking so big! He hit me! Inuyasha! It's Shippo's fault! I willmake him cry! The wind is so strong Huh? A bird? P-P-Parasite.
! A parasite chrysalis? It's still alive? Huh? Don't sneak up on me like that! If you're scared, be quiet and faint.
Whaa?! Not just one? Hah! Easy stuff! Inuyasha! Kagome, did I wake you? Shippo is missing.
Huh? I just knocked him out a while ago.
Behind you.
Huh? Those are my Scent Beads! When did he take them?! Inuyasha! Shippo! A parasite chrysalis! He's possessed.
We have to go after him.
If one as little as Shippo is possessed by the parasite chrysalis.
Kirara, we're going after Shippo! Please save Shippo! We will! Leave it to us! Is Shippo going to wreak havoc like the fox deity earlier? Most probably.
He'll give in to the demonic aura of the parasite chrysalis.
Hold on, Shippo! He gave us the slip! I will make him cry! Now! Still groggy? The Scent Beads are really strong.
Please take care of Inuyasha.
We'll try to find Shippo.
Please do your best, Miroku.
Let's go, Kirara.
The fox deity has calmed down.
We can get back to work.
Are you okay? Huh?! What happened here?! It looks like something huge was dragged around.
Huh?! Huh?! l-It got me! W-Who did this?! Huh? Who's there?! Is someone there?! H-Help! H-Help! Good for you! There! Shippo! Sticky rice cakes! Miroku and Sango haven't returned.
Let's ask them! What's happening anyway?! A new demon has appeared! Please help us slay it! Huh? This one's not a deity.
We'll destroy it! Just a minute! Get the bows and arrows! We have spears, too! This is bad! We have to find Shippo quickly.
The villagers are really mad.
Cripes! My head is still throbbing.
Shape up! We have to find Shippo before the villagers, or it'll be too late.
Over there! Huh? Looks like we're already too late.
Inuyasha! 'Kay! I get it! Don't let it get away! Throw the spears! Stop it! Calm down, Kagome.
! That's a double.
Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Chestnut! Dammit! He's not gonna give up so easily.
We have to find him before the villagers.
- Huh? - Huh? Huh? Clever of you to recognize me.
Just come on down! I'll take that parasite chrysalis off your back.
Huh?! Why you! Take this! Fox Fire! Your Fox Fire is nothing! Smashing Top! First Fox Fire.
Now it's Smashing Top? I can see right through your fox magic! Inuyasha! Kagome! I still have more tricks.
You twerp! You wanna play, huh? Your tricks won't work.
! Inuyasha! Ouch.
- Huh?! - Huh? Inuyasha! Shippo! Inuyasha! Geez! This is terrible.
Shippo is tougher than we thought.
- Huh? - Huh? Inuyasha? What're you doing?! Don't ask! Kagome.
Everyone! Shippo ran away again! What a problem.
We can't be too rough on him.
Hah! Why hold back? I'll wake him up with You don't have to hit him Don't say such violent things.
Sango, what are those dumplings for? They contain numbing medicine.
You're scarier than I am.
Tadah! Is the drug working? I'll get you now! Chestnuts?! Shippo will get away again! Inuyasha! I'll kill 'im! Prepare to die! Why you! You dare kill your companion?! Shaddup! You're really mistaken if you think I'll go easy on you 'cuz you're a kid! Huh?! It broke off! Shippo! Shippo! Shippo.
Thank goodness! You're not hurt.
What're you doing?! Shippo was possessed by the parasite chrysalis! She's right! Oh yeah? You agreed quickly there.
Maybe you remember everything that happened while you were possessed? Uh-oh I wondered why you kept targeting me.
Hah! Shut up! It's because you keep sticking your nose into things! Why you! You do remember! Okay, that's enough.
We're going after the parasite chrysalis that got away.
It's looking for a new host? If we let it get away, it'll find another victim.
W-What's this?! What's going on, Sango? These parasite chrysalis usually latch onto big demons.
But with so many of them.
it must mean their host died or.
In any case, we'd better clean this up.
Wind Tunnel! Parasite chrysalis Strange I've seen many of them lately.
What's wrong, Sango? The parasite chrysalises have been exterminated.
Are you still troubled by something? Well.
Judging by the number of parasites, the host demon must have been quite enormous.
It's only natural to think that the host has died, but.
Huh? We found nothing resembling the remains of a large demon.
I didn't pick up any scent either.
What does it mean? If their host didn't die, then what? The host couldn't stay there anymore.
Sango, are you perhaps.
thinking that Naraku is somehow involved? I'm not sure.
But this isn't normal.
I agree this is odd.
Kikyo is closing in on an important secret about his body and falls into a heinous trap that Naraku has set.
It's been a long time, Kikyo.
Since Mt.
Hakurei, I believe.
What's wrong, Kikyo? Didn't you want to see me? I didn't notice that he was standing right behind me.
What does this mean? Hold it, Naraku! I'm your opponent! Kikyo and Naraku and the rest of us! Fate brings us all together in one spot! Next on Inuyasha: "The Ultimate Key to Defeating Naraku" Inuyasha, there is only one way to defeat Naraku!