Inuyasha (2000) s01e25 Episode Script

Episode 25

Stop, Kohaku! What's happened, Kohaku?! The threadof a spider! Why that! Damn! Sister Ko ha ku? I Sister! Kohaku! A white baboon?! Yes.
It's Naraku! Tell me in detail.
The slain bodies of countless villagers and the half-demon who attacked them His name is Inuyasha.
Inuyasha seeks the power of the Sacred Jewel to turn himself into a full-fledged demon.
Sacred Jewel? He must have believed that he would find the Jewel at the village and thus attacked it.
Sango! Give me my weapon! I will get the one who attacked my village I will kill this half-demon Inuyasha! A horse cannot make it from here on.
Sango is dead? No way! Until I get that Inuyasha, I'll not die! That's good.
But can you fight decently in that condition? Slaying demons is my profession.
So you can't be stopped? Well then, I will send Naraku with you.
He is my advisor.
He's very familiar with demons and should prove useful to you.
And when your mission is complete, come back here.
You have lost your family and all your fellow villagers I am much saddened for you.
I will never return.
I do not have much time left.
Pleasemy body hold up a little longer.
Until I complete my final task.
The cave where the Sacred Jewel was created? Yes.
We are headed now to the outskirts of the village to the limestone cave.
Actually, this village served as a sort of factory.
Factory? They made weapons and armor from the skins and bones of the demons that were slain.
And unused portions were disposed of in this cave.
Hence, this limestone cave is filled with the remains of demons.
And it seems that deep inside the cave was once full of carcasses of demons.
That's where the Sacred Jewel was? Yes that is the story that has been passed down in this region.
Good work, Myoga.
Thank you for the compliment! I did my best in the hope that it would be of help to you.
Really? When you stay by me, you're always in danger so I thought you just ran away.
Master Inuyasha, how could you think that?! Sorry about that.
Shall we go in? All right let's go.
Just a minute, Master Inuyasha! What is it?! A strong barrier has been placed at the entrance and one cannot just walk in.
Then say so earlier! S-sister! Kohaku! Sister! Are you in pain, Sango? Damn! Pitiful thing But you won't be able to rest in peace even if you died.
Would you care to try this? T-that's a Sacred Jewel fragment! Why are you in possession of it? Just who?! I have had this from long before.
I am willing to lend it to you.
To me? You may believe that the Sacred Jewel is used only for evil.
But there are good uses for it as well.
Inuyasha! Damn! It's hopeless.
There's no way into the cave and everyone who could've talked to us has been killed.
Not everyone.
What? The more skilled Slayers went to some castle.
That's right! If those men had been in the village they would easily have turned back an attack by the demons.
All right Let's go to that castle and talk to the men about the secret of the Sacred Jewel and find out how to get into that cave easy! Now then, let's get started.
Hurry, Kagome! Or we'll leave you! Wait! Myoga is the castle this way? Hmmm? Master Inuyasha, were you walking without knowing which way to go? Huh?! Err You didn't say a word so I figured I was going the right way! Inuyasha the castle shouldn't be too far.
Can't you sniff it out from here? Uh-huh I can't get a whiff of anything here.
Huh? What's the matter? You are Inuyasha? I will slay you! Just who are you?! Sango! Someone from the village? Master Inuyasha! You must not cross swords with Sango! Hiraikotsu! This ain't the time to say that! Tetsusaiga is losing! Inuyasha! Why do you come after me?! Silence, half-demon! I will avenge everyone from my village! Old Myoga! What's she saying?! I have no idea! Master Inuyasha, it's coming again! We must do something about that weapon! Agreed! Wind Tunnel! Got it! Look! Naraku's poison insects! No, Miroku! You suck them in, you'll be poisoned! W-why are they here?! It can't be! Naraku! Inuyasha, give up and let her slay you.
Why you! Not in a hundred years! I am your opponent! Why you! Interfere and I'll kill you first! Try it! You may have said those words when you killed my people?! But I'll not die so easily! She believes that Inuyasha attacked the village! She's being deceived by Naraku! She has a Sacred Jewel fragment in her back! Before that weapon returns! Poison Powder! A miasma! Demons with ears like yours have a weakness against strong scents! I can't get close! Leave it to a Demon Slayer.
Well, well if it isn't the monk.
Naraku die now! I can't.
Not until I gather all the Sacred Jewel fragments.
I don't know what you are scheming, but it's over! He did it! Kagome! This is not for the likes of you.
Now that I have the fragment in my possession I need not to linger.
Naraku why you! Farewell, Monk and Inuyasha.
- Why you! - You won't get away! Sango I await you at the castle.
Kill Inuyasha without fail and return.
Naraku Can I really trust him? Kirara You're still alive! Kirara, follow him.
If he does anything strange, kill him.
You won't get away! Stop, Naraku! Inuyasha! I will fight you! You will die right here! Are you still saying that?! I must kill him now! Before my life wanes.
Cut it out! No! Without your weapon! Poison Powder! My poison shield mask! What is he up to?! H- he'snot trying to save me?! No, he isn't! He's the enemy who attacked my village! Inuyasha! You! Haven't you realized yet that Naraku is tricking you? And you're covered with blood.
W-what?! l-I didn't know it was this bad I didn't feel any pain.
Inuyasha, are you all right? I am.
Kohaku, are you afraid about becoming a Slayer? N-no Kohaku this is just between you and me.
There isn't a soul who's not afraid of fighting a demon.
Huh? Then, you too? Yup not only me.
Father and all the others.
But we're not fighting alone.
We're always together.
We fight together with our comrades.
So it'll be okay, since we're with everyone.
Kohaku! Sister I'm afraid.
Kohaku! Is she dead? She just fainted.
Inuyasha, she has a Sacred Jewel fragment imbedded in her back.
No wonder I knew from the scent of her blood that she was badly injured.
That Naraku He used the Sacred Jewel to make her fight until she died.
No way will I lose him! Thanks you're gonna give me a ride? Naraku! Don't take me lightly! W-why you! Sister! Sister! Sister! I have no voice! My body won't move! What's wrong with me?! Someone's back Warm.
Whose ? You! Conscious, are you? Put me down! What're you doing?! What?! We're going after Naraku.
He took our Sacred Jewel fragment.
Your name's Sango, right? Keep bothering me, and I'll leave you right here! What?! Inuyasha! You're so rude! No wonder people misjudge you! Forgive him.
He talks rough, but he's actually quite nice.
Hey you! Sango, Master Inuyasha and the others could not leave you to die with your deep wound.
Old Myoga Let's speed it up! Naraku You won't get away! Is Naraku's appearance a deception? Deception or not find out for yourself! Damn! No matter I slash them, they revert back! He'll impale me! Miroku! What're you doing?! You're hopeless! Inuyasha, behind you! Inuyasha, so you're still alive? As if a human can kill me! You looked to be losing to that wounded Slayer.
Shaddup! Naraku, you're the one, huh?! You turned the pack of demons on the village and annihilated everyone! I just told the demons that the guard on the village was down.
So he! Was your goal to get the fragments kept at the village?! Oh? Very perceptive of you! I must say where there's a Sacred Jewel fragment there's always a fight to be found.
For just that you killed so many?! Naraku! Sango? The demons in the castle the demon spider Were they all part of your trap? Trap? Is that what you call just simple games? I thought that the Slayer of this village could handle any sort of demon.
Why you! Sango! Fool No way I loan the Sacred Jewel to one who defies me.
Sango! The fragment suppressed the pain Damn! You should have believed Inuyasha was your sworn enemy and killed him then you would have died happily.
F- father! Kohaku! You always trample on people's feelings! Are you remembering Kikyo? Shaddup! You son of a bitch! Damn him! Too easy Could this really be the Naraku I was pursuing? A punk like this made Kikyo suffer as well as countless others.
Inuyasha, watch out! His body is moving freely! I will not die! His head is alive too! What's going on?! He's reverting back to himself.
He's using the power of the Sacred Jewel! Why didn't I notice it? I spent time with such a demon yet I sensed nothing at all.
In fact, even now No! I can't sense any demon spirit! Thenhe is Inuyasha! That's just a demon puppet! A puppet? In demon puppetry, the true apparition is hidden in the deepest part of the body.
His heart! Aim straight for his heart! Humph so you figured it out.
Take that! He did it! What's that?! This is demon puppetry.
This paper wrapped around the doll belongs to Naraku.
Then who was it that we fought all this time? A counterfeit Naraku.
Probably the real Naraku was somewhere safe controlling this puppet.
Young Lord Neither the girl-Slayer nor Naraku have returned.
Could they have been killed? That is possible.
Continue a strict guard around the castle.
Yes, Sire.
This castleand this body which hides my true identity I will use to great satisfaction my dear Kagemaki.
Sacred Jewel is also known as "Jewel of Four Souls.
" How did the souls form a jewel with the power the demons covet? Deep in the cave near the Slayer' village lies a priestess's mummy.
She was killed in a battle hundreds of years ago.
The Sacred Jewel's glint awakens a gigantic monster! Next, "Secret of the Jewel of Four Souls Revealed".
Look forward to it!