Inuyasha (2000) s01e27 Episode Script

Episode 27

Even a large castle can be difficult to find.
Since we have no clues to its whereabouts.
Look, you're fully recovered, aren't you? Your goal is also to beat Naraku.
Why don't you keep us company for awhile? You sure don't look enthusiastic! We know much more about Naraku than you! You'll only benefit from coming along.
Yes So let us take it one step at a time For now, we'll gather the Sacred Jewel fragments.
If we keep gathering them Naraku will come for them eventually.
I understand that you want vengeance now.
But you must be patient.
All right.
I do understand how you feel.
Thank you.
But Monk why do you keep stroking me as you speak? Owee! He was holding back until you were better, Sango.
Miroku, control yourself! Did you find something, Shippo? Just over yonder is a large lake and there's a huge shrine smack in the middle of it.
A huge shrine? Is it Naraku's castle?! A flood? How terrible Huh? It's the procession of the human sacrifice.
It was a bad flood this time.
Whose child is it this time? A child for a human sacrifice?! How disturbing.
Headman, please reconsider! What are you saying? To protect the village it's only natural to give up our children.
What's natural about that?! Some water god, huh? I'll bet it's just some weird demon.
A demon who's gotten stronger from a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Don't hide it from us.
Who are you?! Doesn't look familiar.
Look at his ears! A demon?! This is a peaceful village protected by the Water God! Demons, be gone! What?! You old fart! Stop it.
What're you doing, Miroku?! We are not suspicious folk.
We travel around the country coming to the aid of those in need.
We heard of your misfortune.
If you will allow me, I will exorcise this village.
Huh?! Can you really do that? I think that's a good idea No, do not be deceived! They are fakes! But headman Just listen to them If we rely on shady characters and raise the ire of the Water God who knows what will happen to our village? Besides, how can I approve an exorcism now when it's my own son's turn to be sacrificed? How will I answer to the other children who went before him? Is that the child to be sacrificed? Before the sun sets, we must deliver the sacrifice! Now hurry! That headman is fishy.
He acts like he wants his son to be sacrificed! He was quite upset with our interference.
Well, what'll we do? Leave em' alone? What are you saying!? We're going to save him! Right? Yes.
Are you serious? Then come with me! Hey! Wanna be left behind? What's with that kid? You can have 'em.
Take your pick.
What're these? Oh quite valuable.
Fine silk, too.
You chosen? Good, you are hired! Hired? You were telling the village men just now helping people is your business.
So I wanna hire you to defeat the Water God.
Got it? What're you doing?! Inuyasha, he's just a boy! He needs to be taught who's stronger.
Hey, apologize even if you won't mean it.
Inuyasha can be just like a kid.
The human sacrifice is taken to the shrine in a boat.
So we'll follow the boat and attack just when the Water God appears to devour the sacrifice.
Got that? These are stolen goods.
I just know it.
Oh, that's okay.
It's not okay! Are you listening?! Just whose child are you? Humph! It's none of your business.
I'll bet you're the real son of the headman.
Oops! Now that you mention it the eyebrows look just like that headman's.
Even his cocky manner.
Then the one in the palanquin was a stand-in? Yes I am Taromaru, the headman's heir.
I thought so.
Why is the headman's son so eager to do this? The Water God began demanding human sacrifices half a year ago.
Heavy rainsflooding He said in order to lift the curse human sacrifice was necessary.
When a child from the village was selected Please bear it for the village's sake.
Yet when the white arrow landed upon our roof he told me to hide.
And he found another child to take your place? Such a foolish, doting parent.
Foolish, period! That's why you want to save him He and I grew up together.
I won't let him take my place.
And? I hope you have a boat.
If this human-devouring Water God is allowed to live my reputation as a Demon Slayer is mud.
I'll take care of him alone.
Alone? You're still recovering, so stop acting so tough.
I'll bet you can't even wield that heavy weapon yet.
Want to try me? Anytime! Inuyasha! Oh well We received payment for our services.
So we must work hard.
Inuyasha, stop alienating people! Tell her that! She doesn't want to be part of us! That's The Water God's shrine gate! It's the shrine that I saw this afternoon.
The human sacrifice has entered.
Hide! Gate guards! Why should we hide? You're in the way move! Hurry up! We're goin' in! He's strong! My master, we brought the human sacrifice.
Come closer.
Look at those dirty, calloused hands! You are not the headman's child.
What is the meaning of this? You dare deceive the Water God? Please, oh mighty God! Please eat me! You have dishonored me! I will tear you from limb to limb and send you back to the village with the rains.
Hey! Move, move! How dare you! This is a sacred house! Shaddup! A crab! They're all bewitched fishes and crabs! There you are! So you're the Water God that devours humans.
T-Taromaru! Suekichi! Calm down! Aha You appear dirty, but you're actually the headman's son.
Yes! Now that you know, release Suekichi! I am your human sacrifice! Hey, why'd you hire us then? You talk big as Water God but you stink! You reek of demon! The Tetsusaiga's power has been thwarted! A demon's sword like yours is no match for my sacred weapon, the Trident of Amakoi.
You have committed a grave crime in defacing my shrine! You will pay with your lives! I'm underwater! Kagome! Kagome! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! He intends to eat the boy! I must do something! Now's my chance! Hit the mark! l-impossible How can this body succumb to a human arrow?! Will you snap out of it?! Thanks Are you all right? Yes! - Suekichi! - Young Master Taromaru! Hurry! Keep running until Inuyasha comes for us.
How dare a young wench like you injure my arm! I shall impale you! Sango Sango! Get a hold of yourself! She's swallowed too much water.
I must breathe air into her.
You misunderstood my intentions.
W-where am I?! Outside the Water God's shrine.
When I came to, I found myself here, too.
Is that Inuyasha? Thanks Did you save us, too? Yes.
From your appearance you seem to be in the service of the Water God.
The Water God is an imposter! He used to be a water sprite like us that lived in the lake.
But he resorted to trickery sealed the true one in the crag over yonder And he took the sacred weapon, the Trident of Amakoi and declared himself the Water God! I understand now.
We must rescue the real Water God.
Fool! How can you be so easygoing! I'm goin' back to the shrine! Saving Kagome comes first! The footsteps have ceased! I will kill you first! Are you going to leave Inuyasha to deal with the Water God alone? Inuyasha alone will be more than enough.
Is he that strong? He's also very shrewd.
Knowing the state of your emotions right now he normally wouldn't act so hostile.
But Inuyasha knows that fighting is what will ease your pain right now.
That's why he's acting the part of the vengeance seeker.
But maybe I'm reading too much into his behavior.
Inuyasha! Damn! Kagome Is everyone safe? Yes! The Water God is escaping! Where are you, Water God?! Inuyasha! So you've shown your true self! Fake Water God! Without that trident, you're just a lowly creature! Why you! Where is the cave in which the real Water God is held captive? I believe around here Is someone there? Huh?! A young woman's voice.
Who is there? Could it be the Water God is a goddess! Hurry and unseal this cave and free me! Right away! Goddess? Here.
Huh? So beautiful but you are so tiny I couldn't even if I wanted to Wanted to what?! Nothing.
All is vanity.
Damn! I can't breathe! Inuyasha! He's not coming up! Kagome! You're all okay?! Inuyasha was dragged underwater! Let me down! I shall subdue this fake Water God.
Yes, Water Goddess! Water Goddess? Parting Waters! Hmmm? What? T-that's! The waters have parted! There's Inuyasha! Watch out! To think you freed the Goddess! Well now, I'm the real Water God! Without her sacred trident, even the real Water Goddess is powerless! Now you shall all die! Why you! Kirara! Fool! Now you shall feel the power of the Trident of Amakoi! The sacred trident is calling forth rain clouds! Now! Sango! Die! Sango! Are you all right?! Inuyasha! I'm sick and tired of you, Fake Water God! Inuyasha! Enough is enough! The twister is heading for the village! The village will be hit! Calming a twister is a simple matter.
Really? Then please hurry! I shall so hurry and retrieve my trident! Inuyasha! Don't worry! I won't get killed by the likes of him! Stop bragging! Hurry and get the trident! Dang it I thought she'd worry at least a little about me.
Awright! Take it! I got it! Taromaru! I am the headman's son! I must save the village now! Or I won't be able to face all those killed by the fake God.
Young Master Taromaru! Pretty fancy stuff, Sango.
It's nothing.
I'll aim for its head.
All right.
Let's go, Inuyasha! Leave it to me! Eat this! Tetsusaiga! I shall deliver the final blow.
Here you go! Water Goddess, please.
She's grown! Dispersing Clouds! Have they all gone? Yup.
I couldn't even thank them properly.
They risked their lives to save the village.
Cripes! We went and fought a stupid snake who didn't even have a Sacred Jewel fragment! So what? We came to the aid of the needy.
What's all this anyway? Well that is When I mentioned to the headman perhaps we should tell the villagers about his son's brave deeds for some reason, he gave us all That's blackmail! Does he always do such things? Sometimes When I grow up, I wanna be like them.
We'll sell these off and celebrate! Ahhh! I'll never help humans again! Funny.
Miroku is gone since this morning.
Old Myoga says he was staring at the Wind Tunnel in his right hand last night.
Those Poison Insects appear again! It's Naraku's trap! The Wind Tunnel is damaged, and he's surrounded by hundreds of demons! Hurry, Inuyasha! Miroku intends to give up his life! Next, "Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap".
Look forward to it!