Inuyasha (2000) s01e29 Episode Script

Episode 29

Now then let's check out the state of the world Hmm What's this? Foot-and-mouth disease is an infantile illness? Can't use this.
Hmm Have I used up all the illnesses as excuses when Kagome is in the other time? Hello Gramps! Mommy, are you all right? This year's colds are nasty.
I should've worn a mask today.
Huh? That's it! 'Bye Gramps! Okay watch out for cars.
Huh?! Hey Kagome! Where are you off to?! School where else? Dang it! I thought up a good illness! Impertinent child! What is Grandpa talking about? Oh no! I forgot my math book! What're you doing, Kagome? Hurry and borrow a book from the class next door.
I forgot my language, science and history books too! You finally come to class and you're a mess! My writing instruments are in the Feudal Era! Is Higurashi here? Kagome, they're things you forgot! Your younger brother just dropped them off.
He said to pardon you for being so hopeless.
Your younger brother is such a capable kid! It's been quite some time since I, an average middle-school student, began going to the Feudal Era.
In the Feudal Era I have Inuyasha, Miroku and old Kaede to help me.
But here, with high school entrance exams looming I have to manage on my own.
Wellnot quite.
I've been getting help in this world, too.
Eri, thanks for the notes.
They were a big help! Your brother Sota asked me to keep notes.
He said you tend to fall behind in math.
Huh? Sota said that? My sister forgot this.
May I ask you to give this to her? What?! There's a test coming up? Oh no! I'd better tell Sis! Thank you! Please keep me informed! That Sota! Good Sota! I see.
Inuyasha killed them with one swing of Tetsusaiga? Rather than sending send one he cannot kill.
Well, kill or miss I intend to use you.
Are you agreeable? Are you able to move your body now? Yes, Master Naraku.
Can you kill them? Yes, Master Naraku.
Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango.
Yes, Master Naraku.
Ready! Huh? Damn! How do I extract Tetsusaiga's ultimate power? Don't be disheartened.
Even if it was sheer luck, you saved us all.
Next time, just get lucky again.
Tetsusaiga! Hey Inuyasha! Do you want to kill me?! Is it luck, after all? Are you listening to me? Don't get lucky now! Shut up! And quit calling it luck! Naraku took the offensive.
If he's keeping a watch on us from somewhere it'll be hard to make a move.
It'll save us time looking for him.
That bastard, let him come and attack anytime, anywhere! Miroku, what're you laughing about?! Sorry I won't be able to use my Wind Tunnel for a while.
Hearing you talk with such confidence is gratifying.
Well, sit back and relax.
I'll slice Naraku in two with Tetsusaiga.
I don't care if it's luck or whatever.
If I have Tetsusaiga's true power, I can beat Naraku.
I swear to master this sword the Tetsusaiga.
Well Shippo? They're in deep conversation.
Really? Let's go and bathe in the hot springs now.
I understand about the monk but will Inuyasha take a peek, too? No way! He's so standoffish! Do you want him to look? Those scars Yeah they didn't heal completely.
Were they from the demons? No I got these scars from my dead younger brother.
If only I had realized it sooner, I could have prevented it all.
Kohaku was a weak, gentle boy.
Perhaps, he wasn't suited to be a slayer.
I'm sorry to make you remember such sad memories.
It's all right.
Before he died, Kohaku had reverted to his old self.
I'm sad, but that has somewhat eased the pain.
I'm a Demon Slayer.
It can't be helped.
Everyone else has a reason for being here, right? Kagome, why are you gathering Sacred Jewel fragments? Huh? Err well, I feel bad about my involvement You broke the Jewel?! I'm sorry.
I really did something horrible.
But you were trying to take it back from a demon so it couldn't be helped.
But you're the reincarnation of a priestess? Amazing! I don't even understand that part.
I can see the fragments of the Sacred Jewel.
So we've joined forces to collect the fragments.
With Naraku's appearance, things have gotten more complicated.
In order to break the curse of the Sacred Jewel we must first destroy Naraku.
Do you understand that you over there?! - Huh?! - A monkey? Hey! What's the ruckus?! For once, you were really talking seriously.
Why'd they have to suspect me, too?! So what? That was a wonderful sight we just saw.
Everyone has been drawn into the curse of the Sacred Jewel but I feel most sorry for Sango who watched as her father and younger brother were killed.
Now then, time to go.
Kagome, what did you bring?! It's much heavier than before! Uh-huh I have a test next week so I brought as many books as I could carry.
You have it rough, huh? Miroku says you should just "flunk" or something like that.
Not Miroku, too?! My brother Sota, who's only in grade school, says "If you repeat grades six times I'll be in the same grade as you and I'll help you study.
" What a cocky young brother, don't you think? Oh He acts tough and he's cocky.
Yet he cries easily and gets Ionely.
Isn't he a good boy, this brother of yours? Uh-huh Hey, someone's coming.
Huh? Inuyasha! Hurry! He's not breathing.
Seems like an ordinary villager.
These scarsaren't from a sword.
He's not the only one who was killed.
Huh? The wind is carrying the smell of blood.
Not just a few Many have been killed.
The entire village? Hey! Anyone here?! We must find out what happened.
Let's split up and search.
Good idea.
Hold it! Don't move! Traps are everywhere! If you make a move, your legs may be blown off! What?! Even underground?! Then even around the bodies? Probably.
What a cruel thing to do?! Someone tries to help, and they're also blown up.
So heartless! Well, let's find out what this guy is planning?! Inuyasha! It's dangerous to move! As if I know how to stay still! Is he the one?! A mere child killed all the villagers?! Impossible! That chain and on his body there's blood splattered all over! He's a vicious kid! Why'd you do this?! What're you up to?! Kohaku! That attire is the same as Sango's a slayer's.
Kirara is But how ?! Kohaku are you?! Sangowhat did you just say?! Halt! Damn! Kirara! W-what?! A barrier! Kohaku I thought you were dead! Kohaku I thought you were dead! Damn! We're here! Hurry and get off! The two of them went through this barrier? Yeah Kagome, what you said earlier is that really true? No mistake about it.
Sango called him Kohaku.
Sango told me that her younger brother was killed in that castle occupied by Naraku.
And he had a Sacred Jewel fragment imbedded in his back.
We've heard that one before.
It's Naraku's same old trick forcing Sango to fight when she was in total anguish.
Then Naraku is manipulating Kohaku this time? Sango is probably aware of it.
The barrier allowed only Sango to go through.
I have bad feelings about this.
Let me see your face.
Kohaku You are alive! Kohaku! Are you happy to see your brother alive? It's been quite some time, Sango.
Naraku! Aren't you going to thank me? What?! I salvaged your brother's life.
When he was killed by those arrows at the castle Kohaku's life should've ended.
But I saved him.
You should know this well the power of a Sacred Jewel fragment.
When you had it inside you you fought Inuyasha better than evenly matched.
Shut up! So it is now with Kohaku.
He is able to stand before you because of the Sacred Jewel.
If it is extracted, he will die.
Understand, Sango? Kohaku's life is in your hands.
Bring me the Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha's sword.
Then I shall let Kohaku have eternal life.
Don't underestimate me! Kohaku, Why?! Why protect Naraku?! I've made him forget I've erased all memories of you and of himself.
A fighting machine has no need of feelings.
He slaughtered an entire village.
Kohaku has become a fine slayer.
Why you! Miasma! You will bring me the Tetsusaiga.
I will be waiting Sango.
Sango! That boy your brother He wasn't Kohaku! Sango Well, the main thing is that you returned unharmed.
Sango The one who laid this trap the one behind the barrier was it Naraku? Uh-huh.
Then you must be exhausted.
Let us return to the village and get some rest.
Monk Please hold a service for the villagers.
This is the last.
Amazing Kirara her experience in a village of slayers paid off.
She sniffed out all the traps.
We'll have Sango destroy all of these later.
Now then, let's go tell everyone about Kirara's good work.
Huh?! Kirara Where are you? Kirara! Kirara! What do you think, Miroku? About what? She said she met Naraku.
I wonder what happened to Sango behind the barrier.
Probably that Naraku is the one manipulating her brother, Kohaku.
He tried to get Sango to fight Kohaku! Naraku is unforgivable! Sango can't slay her own brother.
Let's leave her alone for a while.
Until she's ready to talk to us about it.
How can you be so nonchalant?! He may be Naraku's puppet with a Sacred Jewel fragment Kohaku's the one who slaughtered this entire village! If Sango can't kill him, I'll do it in one swing! Hey Sango! Any complaints?! Inuyasha! You are sooo insensitive! Sango, wait! But, pratically speaking, what will we do? Kill him? Of course! No matter what? Of course! Think about it! Naraku sent Sango's brother believing that we wouldn't be able to kill him.
No way will I fall for that! Don't try too hard.
Shaddup, will ya!? Damn! I hate my role but I'll have to do it.
Though I feel sorry for Sango I did it! Weakling! Look at you! Stop it! You! How's the wound? Sister! Rough, huh? Can't be helped.
I have such a long way to go.
But Father said that you're getting better and better.
Really? Really.
It's the first time Father praised me! Feels kinda awkward.
I made him forget I erased all his memories.
Kohaku didn't react at all when he saw me.
Has he truly forgotten all about me? No He doesn't even know that Naraku is our sworn enemy and it vexes me that Naraku manipulates Kohaku! I want to take Kohaku back away from Naraku's evil grip! Bring me Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha's sword.
Then I will give Kohaku eternal life.
Steal Tetsusaiga In order to save Kohaku! Steal Inuyasha's sword in exchange for her brother's life?! That Naraku is so rotten! Kohaku is being thoroughly manipulated! But we can't fight and risk killing him! We have no choice but to attack the castle shrouded in miasma and destroy Naraku once and for all! Even I even I'm hopping mad! Next on Inuyasha "Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle!" Don't miss it!