Inuyasha (2000) s01e46 Episode Script

Episode 46

It's so peaceful.
I'll say All the battles we go through seem like a dream.
Huh? I sense the Sacred Jewel.
What?! And it's getting closer! Hi! Koga! I caught your scent, Kagome, and came to see you.
How've you been? Whaddya want, wolf cub? Hah?! Inuyasha, don't pick a fight.
Shaddup depending on the way it goes, I'll kill 'im! Hah! You haven't changed a bit, mutt.
Every time I see you, you're always so angry and arrogant.
Kagome, don't you get tired with a guy like him? - Hey - Why you Hey, Koga! Don't be rude! Inuyasha is just nervous, thinking you'll steal Kagome away from him.
If you think he's always like this, you're wrong Shippo.
Wrong thing to say.
You're really wound up tight, huh? Tell me where Naraku's castle is?! Stupid! If we knew that, we wouldn't be in this bind! Don't you know then? Naraku has a barrier around his castle.
Why don't you let us avenge your comrades' deaths and hand over the Sacred Jewel fragments you have in both your legs and just go back to your nest! What's the matter, dogface? You seem awfully clumsy in handling your sword.
Damn! The Tetsusaiga is still too heavy for him.
Well, it won't become light so quickly.
Don't run away! Sorry, but I have no time to spar with you now.
Hey! Come back here! Dogface! I'll leave Kagome in your care until I kill that Naraku! Don't you dare lay one finger on her! W-what?! Even when he runs away, he's so confident.
Inuyasha! Don't get so riled up.
When did I get riled up?! I'm happy that he's jealous but he could at least be a little more kind.
This is so tiring.
W-wha! Does being with me really tire you out? Why are you so depressed? Don't worry about what Koga said.
He's worried about what you said, Kagome.
Uh-huh Huh? Huh? What's that? Insects? K-Koga! This is the smell! The same smell as Kagura! No mistake about it! Oh The young leader of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
You followed my scent before Inuyasha could.
You are Naraku?! The same smell as that woman Kagura.
He must be Naraku! I'll never forget the wrath of my comrades who were killed by you.
I'll avenge them right here! Too bad but you can be fodder for my new incarnation.
A cage? Ha! I don't know what you hauled over but you couldn't have timed it better.
I'll get revenge for my comrades! Koga he will be your opponent.
Come on out, Juromaru.
W- what is he ? Humph, so be it! I'll take him first! I'll beat the hell out of both of you! Naraku, what's wrong? Hurry up and take off his shackles! For you, he's fine just as he is.
Well then here I come! Take that! Why you! He's fast I'm afraid he might be faster than I am.
Nobut what's this chill in the air? Huh? The bit in his mouth It's Naraku's smell! Wait, Inuyasha! Don't go off on your own! Good grief! You can't even wield the Tetsusaiga sufficiently! Shaddup! It's not only Naraku I smell! I catch the smell of that pesky Koga as well! I'm the one who's gonna destroy Naraku! I won't let Koga get ahead of me! Koga! What're you doing?! Shaddup! I'm busy right now! What?! He's caught up with me! Koga! You're running away! Damn, he's gone! So you've finally come, Inuyasha.
Naraku! Naraku! Koga realized he couldn't win and ran off.
He's smarter than I thought.
Hah! Don't put me in the same class as that cowardly wolf! That is another one of Naraku's incarnations.
Juromaru, I'll remove your seal.
Fight to your heart's content.
- Huh?! - Huh? Just what is he ? Once the bit is removed Juromaru is unstoppable until he kills every living thing around him.
W- what is this Juromaru? He gives me the creeps! It's probably just a demon puppet, but he just slashed the head of Naraku who's supposed to be an ally.
Can't he tell the difference? That's why he was shackled and bridled.
Why you! What's with him? He's taking my blows straight on.
Is this a trap? No No matter how I look at it he's not capable of thinking up sly tricks to fight.
If that's the case I'll just deliver a finishing blow! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! They're evenly matched! Inuyasha! What was that just now?! He elongated his arms! He can transform his body?! Did you find Naraku? Why did you return? Or did you run away? Just my instinct.
Naraku is one thing but that thing he brought along looked so dumb.
I got a really bad feeling about him.
I trust my instincts.
Hah! But that Inuyasha is so stupid.
He's probably being beaten to a pulp by that Juromaru.
You saw Inuyasha? Well yeah Umm Koga we may be out of line about this But doesn't it mean that Kagome who's with Inuyasha is in danger? Huh?! Stupid! Why didn't you say so earlier?! You should've realized it yourself!! Why you! - He did it! - He cut off the arm! What's going on?! I didn't feel the arm sever! It just sort of separated from Juromaru The arm's intact! I knew it! That wasn't his arm that got cut off! Huh?! The ground! Inuyasha! W-what's that thing?! The fellow's guts tasted pretty good, Juromaru.
Damn! So there's another one! J-just what are you?! I am Kageromaru.
I was fast asleep inside Juromaru's belly.
Inside Juromaru's belly? Then! So the bit was to prevent you from coming out! Juromaru only listens to me.
Even if the opponent was Naraku What?! Now then, let's feast on the rest of them, Juromaru.
It's all-you-can-eat! Wind Tunnel! Miroku! Hiraikotsu! Sango! Wind Tunnel! Just what are you sucking up? Are you above me? Too late.
And you think you can defeat us with that speed? Miroku! Why you! Miroku, are you all right?! I was more afraid of your sword! Then just pull over the covers and sleep it off! I'm coming! Inuyasha, you mustn't move! You have a hole in your belly! Shaddup! This is nothing unusual I'm taking this girl's life.
Kagome! Kagome! Huh?! Are you all right, Kagome? K-Koga? Dogface! What's going on?! How dare you put Kagome in danger!? Shaddup! You ran off with your tail between your legs! But I'll thank you for just now! Stupid! Was I in danger just now? Looks like it.
So what is that stupid looking demon? He came out of Juromaru's gut.
No wonder The cold I sensed coming from Juromaru It was him.
That Kageromaru is so swift, we can't keep up.
Just who do you think I am? There's no one who can outrun these legs.
It seems talk is all you have.
Well, that does it! I'll twist your head off! You're not worth your talk.
Is that as fast as you can go? Damn! Juromaru! I'm your opponent! Inuyasha! Shame on you, dogface! A stupid demon like that should be an easy prey! What?! You! What about you?! Haven't caught Kageromaru yet? Don't compare me to you! Whoa! I can see you now! Right here! He's anticipating Kageromaru's moves.
Amazing! Finishing blow! He did it! Gone! He escaped! W-what! From beneath the soil! Inuyasha! Damn! He went under again! No! With his leg injured, there's no way he can win! Inuyasha is still unconscious.
Now then I think I'll have that girl's liver.
W-what?! Kageromaru, don't you dare touch Kagome! I'll eat her bones and all! No way! Too late! Inuyasha! Why you! Inuyasha did the sword become light? He's wielding the Tetsusaiga with one hand.
He's so simple-minded.
He got so mad, he forgot how heavy it is.
Hah! Who's simple-minded? He heard me? Did he go under again? Inuyasha! Kagome, are you all right? Yes but look at your wound, it looks so terrible.
Dogface, he's still alive? Koga's leg has been injured.
Tsk! That guy is so useless! Just watch me, wolf cub! I shall defeat Juromaru Did it get heavy again? Earlier, he was so focused on protecting Kagome, but now What?! Coward Iost your nerve, huh?! What?! Shaddup! I'll finish you off, too Why you! Take this! I won't thank you! I demand a thank-you! If this fight continues, even Inuyasha can't hold up.
There's no way of knowing where underground Kageromaru will attack.
I know! If at least Kageromaru can be restrained Miroku, give me your staff.
Do you have a plan? This poison won't work too long but it should force Kageromaru out into the open.
The soil is turning red! You did it! Capture Kageromaru! The poison must have slowed him down! Why you! You! Shame on you, dogface! You gonna die this time? Inuyasha! Hang on! Don't panic, Kagome.
I can handle the rest all by myself.
W-what! Without Kageromaru's tricks this stupid demon is easy to handle.
I can destroy one of his kind! I don't sense Kageromaru's presence.
Has he hidden himself in the shadows? Or could he be?! Fool! Koga, come back! Stay back, dogface! Inuyasha, not in your condition Move, Koga! If you don't move, I'll kill you, too! Got you! What?! It's too late for you to notice.
Shaddup! Smithereens.
He did it.
It's over.
You got in my way! Why you! You meant to kill me, too, didn't you?! So you were serious! Who knows? I'll kill you! W-wait! You don't even give a damn You just flinging down your sword! Well, he knew that with your speed, you'd get out of the way in time.
Right, Inuyasha? Damn! He's just a pesky wolf cub! Listen up! If you get in the way again, I'll really kill you! Fine! Just try it! You stupid mutt! W-what?! Inuyasha, sit! Koga, please just go today.
Why'd you do that, Kagome?! You're badly injured! If you fight any more, what do you think will happen?! Koga, thank you for today.
You really saved us.
We're so grateful.
I don't think Koga will back off.
Kagome Huh? You're my woman.
I can't leave you in the hands of that incompetent dogface.
Huh? Damn, how dare he! Whenever you're in danger, I will come to the rescue.
See ya! - Huh? - He left.
You wait! Sit! You let Koga get away again! Well, Inuyasha, in your condition Do you think I'd lose to that scrawny wolf cub?! Look, let's just treat your injury.
Never mind! And what's with that attitude of yours? Trying to make him feel good and flirting with him! It was so disgusting, I couldn't watch! Besides, you're W-why're you looking at me like that? I'm going home.
Huh? I'm going home! Oh, go home! I won't stop you! Oh dear Now that that's settled, shall we go? We must tend to your wounds, too, Miroku.
Huh? You two have to grow up like them.
Naraku who had killed Kikyo once 50 years ago comes again to get rid of her.
Onigumo's heart which beats inside him yearns for Kikyo.
That's what has Naraku so vexed.
With Kikyo in danger there's no way Inuyasha can ignore it.
But why, Inuyasha?! Why are you embracing her like that? Next on Inuyasha: "Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku" Don't miss it!