Inuyasha (2000) s01e49 Episode Script

Episode 49

I was so worried I thought you weren't coming back anymore, Kagome.
I'm sorry, Shippo.
Hey you, Inuyasha! Did you ask Kagome for forgiveness?! Shaddup! I wonder how those two made up? Well probably Kagome gave in.
What?! You mean, she forgave Inuyasha's indiscretion with Kikyo? I can't believe it! How can she endure it? Inuyasha was quite depressed about it.
I guess she didn't want to back him into a corner.
Well, he's usually in some tight spot.
What're you looking at?! He seems to be repenting just a bit.
This is where Naraku's castle used to be? Traces of Naraku's miasma still remain.
So there's no mistake.
But there's nary a hint of the remains.
Was Naraku's castle really here? You're right.
When you think about it, we've been lured to a fake castle before.
Was what we saw just an illusion? No, you're wrong.
Huh? Sango! There's no mistake.
Naraku's castle was here.
Huh? Sango, what's? What's up? Found something? My father's armor.
That day, we slayers were lured to Naraku's castle.
Hiraikotsu! Me, too! And my father and all the others were slain.
They were killed by my younger brother, Kohaku.
His mind was being controlled by Naraku.
Huh?! Sister! Kohaku! Their bodies were buried in the corner of the courtyard.
So this is Sango Miroku? We must not leave your father and the others in this tainted ground.
Miroku We will find another burial ground for them and offer prayers.
Is that all right? Yes, thank you.
So this is where Naraku's castle was But what of its occupants? Sango's brother, Kohaku who was controlled by Naraku.
Did he perish with the castle? Here, at least, wild dogs won't dig up their graves.
Let this be your resting place for now.
Someday, I promise to erect proper graves for you in our village.
The village is abandoned now.
But Kohaku and I are still alive.
If we both watch over the graves But Kohaku is Here! Ohh! Kid, you're pretty good! You're amazing! I'll say! You've totally entertained us.
On top of which, you helped cut firewood.
Nothing to it! You must be tired.
Come inside and rest.
Well? Did you remember anything? Uh-uh I don't know.
Where'd you come from? Or at least your name? Maybe, you used to live close to the castle? Castle? About ten days ago Lord Hitomi's castle suddenly disappeared into thin air.
And we found you unconscious the next day.
Maybe something terribly frightening happened to you and you lost your memory.
Well, never mind.
No need to rush.
Yes, yes.
Just stay as long as you like, until you remember.
Look, there's lot more.
Eat up.
Thank you.
Castle Yes, the castle.
I have a feeling I was there.
Huh? Huh?! Gramps! Granny! Huh? I have to go! Go where? I can't stay here! It's dangerous, so don't go out! Thanks for everything! - Hey! - Hey you! That's it! I remember! I ran away from the castle! That night when the castle disappeared Kohaku, keeping you alive is no longer necessary.
You can join your father and the others.
Kohaku? My name is Kohaku? What's the matter, Kirara? Demons nearby? I sense a Sacred Jewel fragment! What?! Kagome, this way?! It's near! Beyond this forest! Naraku's poison insects! Damn! So are they after the Sacred Jewel fragment, too?! Kohaku, you can't get away! Huh! Now, obey and return the Sacred Jewel fragment in your back.
Sacred Jewel fragment? Hand over the fragment! Die! Kohaku! That demon is trying to get the fragment in Kohaku's back! What?! The Sacred Jewel fragment in Kohaku's back is his lifeline.
If the fragment is removed, he'll die! Kohaku! You were under Naraku's mind control and you were in Naraku's castle.
So why are you ? You know me? Huh? You've hurt your arm.
Let me see.
Ah Hmm? Have we met before? Uh-huh.
Kohaku You really don't remember anything about before you escaped from the castle? No I'm sorry.
Even about Naraku? Naraku? Kohaku Keeping you alive is no longer necessary.
Join your father and the others.
Could that have beenNaraku? I don't like it! That kid is just putting on an act.
It doesn't look it.
You trust him? No! But the Kohaku who appeared before us that time was like a puppet a human without a soul.
But now Huh? Is it safe to leave them alone? Sango wanted it that way.
The slayers' village? Yes that's where we used to live.
Then was I also a demon slayer? You were an apprentice.
Rest a bit.
We have lots of work ahead.
All right.
Kohaku, be prepared, too.
Huh? Me? You're eleven years old.
It's time you got some real experience.
Uh-huh Sister Huh? Do demons really spit fire and poison? Sometimes.
I see Kohaku, are you afraid? N- no such thing! But Don't worry.
We only slay oversized snakes and spiders.
Father always says the demons to fear most are the ones pretending to be humans.
If such demons get ahold of Sacred Jewel it'll be terrible.
Hmm And then that day when we were summoned by Naraku that was Kohaku's very first battle experience.
Say Tell me everything you know.
Huh? I feel so empty I don't know why I'm like this.
He's just like the Kohaku of old.
Quietand a bit cowardly.
Huh? Just try to remember little by little.
We'll be together from now on.
Huh? Ah Hmm? This is embarrassing What're you so shy for? We're siblings.
Kohaku has come back to me.
He's escaped from Naraku's grasp That's what I want to believe.
Give 'im a couple of knocks and he'll show his real self! Inuyasha, you! It's not that simple.
Whether it's a trap or not, her dear brother is back.
Yes if this is a trap, Sango will be so hurt.
Naraku loves to play with people's feelings.
Inuyasha? If you won't tell her, I will! W-wait! Stop, Inuyasha! What's the matter? Say About Kohaku This has to be Naraku's trap! I believe in Kohaku! That's Naraku's aim.
What else can I do except to trust him?! It's a trick Naraku is likely to use! If we hadn't come to his aid his Sacred Jewel fragment would have been removed and he would really have died! Listen that's the trap! It's not a trap! I feel as though that kind woman will become unhappyall because of me.
I must not stay here.
You're being blinded by love for your kid brother! Shut up! What would you know?! Open your eyes! Farewell Inuyasha, you! Shh! They're coming A huge number of them! Naraku's poison insects! His advance guard.
They're not after Kohaku?! Sango, you! Kohaku! Kohaku! Sango, I sense the Sacred Jewel fragment moving.
Let's go, Sango! We must protect Kohaku! Uh-huh! Kagura! Whaddya want?! You're hiding Kohaku, aren't you? Let me have him.
What?! Don't act innocent! The kid Naraku's kept.
Kohaku ran off amidst the confusion with the Sacred Jewel fragment in his back.
And that's why you've come for him? Naraku always goes overboard.
Just because he wants the fragment he sends out this army.
So you're after the Sacred Jewel fragment? Yes although once that's removed, Kohaku will die.
We're under orders to let Sango have him after that.
W-why you! You're okay! Why? Why did you come?! They're after me! Huh? Kohaku! Don't go anywhere anymore.
Why? Why go through all this for me? You're my brother.
You're my one and only little brother.
Kirara! Kagome, watch Kohaku.
I'll stop those demons! All right! Kirara! Kohaku! You must live! Let's go! Uh! - If this keeps up - Don't worry! I'm out of arrows.
We'll hide in that hole.
We'll wait until Inuyasha comes.
That woman Huh? I wonder if she's all right.
Oh Sango is really strong.
Don't worry about her.
Kohaku You still don't remember? That Sango is your older sister? No But she She seems so familiar.
Sango had always worried about you while you two were apart.
She's always so cheerful but once in a while, she looks very sad.
So I'm glad that you've returned.
Is it Is it okay to stay with her? Of course! Then you'll start to remember about Sango.
Uh-huh I want to remember about her and everything else.
Butwhat's this feeling? I feel scared something I don't want to remember Kill her Kill Kagome.
Inuyasha He's so late.
You're all out of Sacred Arrows.
Huh? Kohaku! Kohaku, who has lost his memory, is still being controlled by Naraku! He is about to carry out Naraku's order: "Kill Kagome!" Sango finds out and resolves to kill Kohaku, then herself.
Miroku realizes the trap and uses his Wind Tunnel to suck in the demons, poison insects and all! Hurry, Inuyasha! You must stop Sango! Next on Inuyasha: "That Unforgettable Face!" Don't miss it!