Inuyasha (2000) s01e52 Episode Script

Episode 52

Damn! Found some sake, Chief.
Hey! Come over here and pour! Half-demon, you've weakened considerably.
Serves you right.
Siding with humans and attacking like that.
Nothe barrier isn't going to hold much longer.
Damn! Hurry and serve the Chief! Are you afraid, woman? I like your face.
He is a demon.
Every woman the Chief had disappeared mysteriously.
We used to wonder about that.
Why you bastard! Are you all right, Inuyasha?! Hang on! The poison has traveled throughout your body.
You can watch me until you die, half-demon! As I devour these women one by one.
If he gets the sword, we will all be saved.
Huh?! Hey, old man! Tetsusaiga! Please save the women! Huh?! What do you think you're doing?! Stupid old fool! It's over for all of you! Damn! Old geezer trying to act smart.
Gramps! Huh? Gramps! Noisy kid! Gramps! The sword Huh? Please give it to him! Tetsusaiga? Where is Inuyasha?! Where is he?! Hmm a delicious-Iooking woman.
Get her.
Yes sir! You bandits! Don't resist! Are you all right, Inuyasha?! No! The barrier is! What's with you?! It's the Chief's orders! Come here! No way! You won't touch a hair on Kagome's head! Sango! You ain't getting away! Darn there's too many of them! Get 'em! The barrier won't hold anymore.
Inuyasha, are you all right?! Hang on! Inuyasha what's?! What's this?! Inuyasha! He ripped through my poison cocoon.
Inuyasha Inuyasha's face! He's transformed! Kid Don't make me laugh! You're only a half-demon.
No way can you beat the demon Gatenmaru! Take this, kid! Why does he carry the scent of demon blood? So he's melted.
After all, he was just a half-demon.
Did you say something?! You pesky moth! You ain't getting away! Inuyasha Lord Sesshomaru Lord Sesshomaru, have you gone away again? Lord Sesshomaru, where are you? Lord Sesshomaru How could you leave your vassal and go?! It's all because of that Rin! Damn! He should just abandon that human child somewhere.
Huh?! Could it be that Lord Sesshomaru in order to confirm what Bokusen-Oh said has gone to Inuyasha! Hmm? What kind of person is Inuyasha? Hmm, thanks for asking.
It's a long story, but one which must be told in order to understand.
Ahem! Inuyasha is Lord Sesshomaru's younger brother.
However, in demon rank in demon dignity there's no comparison.
And that is because Huh?! What? Hey! Wait! Where are you going? It sounds like a long story.
Let's go, A-Un! There's nice juicy grass over there.
A-Un?! Why be so mean to me? You ain't getting away! Kagome! Kirara! Protect those people! Inuyasha! H-help! W-we were just following the Chief's orders! Spare us! Stop, Inuyasha! They're begging for mercy! Even Kagome can't reach him.
He's laughing as he's about to kill! Kagome, give Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha and calm him down.
I can't stand to see his face like that! Uh-huh Inuyasha, take Tetsusaiga! Return to your old self, Inuyasha! - Huh?! - Sesshomaru! Why is he?! Hmm A monster who only knows to fight.
But the pure demon blood of his father is too strong for a half-demon.
After repeated transformation Inuyasha will eventually lose his soul Come at me, Inuyasha.
I'll test you to see just how strong you are when you transform.
Inuyasha! No, Inuyasha! Sesshomaru's Tokijin can slay an enemy with the slightest pressure.
You will be killed before you even reach him! He punched away the sword! Huh Pointless! He's full of lacerations! Stop already! Inuyasha! Inuyasha you feel no fear nor even pain.
The demon blood has devoured your soul.
You don't even recognize who you are.
You will continue fighting until you die.
Just to make sure if Bokusen-Oh's words were true I have come after you Pathetic I understand fully now.
You are not a full-fledged demon.
All you areis a half-demon.
So know your place! Inuyasha, a half-demon should act like a half-demon and crawl on the ground! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Please stop! He finally stopped moving.
Stay away, stupid! Watch out! Kagome, you'll be! If you want him to stop, use Tetsusaiga to undo the transformation.
Huh?! If he revives as is, he will fight again.
Doesn't he intend to kill ? If you wanted to, you had a chance to bisect Inuyasha earlier.
But you only threw Inuyasha off with the sword.
Why did you stop there? You despise Inuyasha.
I can't believe you suddenly found brotherly love.
I will kill him, in time.
But now when he doesn't even know himself there's no point in killing him.
It's as ifhe came to stop Inuyasha running out of control.
Huh? Inuyasha! You've come to! Lord Sesshomaru! You're back! Rin, have you been good? Uh-huh! Rin and A-Un were very good.
But Jaken seems a bit depressed over there.
Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru, why did you go off alone after Inuyasha?! Err Oh! I'm sorry.
That was uncalled for.
Hmmm? Lord Sesshomaru Inuyasha, you mustn't move.
Did I do all this? Huh? He doesn't remember? Huh? My claws reek of the bandits' blood.
Inuyasha Inuyasha, you did it to save everyone That's why you did it.
Uhh He's a monster! If you get close, he'll kill you! T-that's not! I don't care if he's a monster! He he saved Gramps! He defeated all the bad men! Noall I did was hunt men.
The demon that I wanted to become the power that I desired isn't like this! Each time Inuyasha transforms into a demon, he loses himself.
Today, not even Kagome's voice could Miroku even if Inuyasha fully transforms into a demon I want to stay with him.
Sango Though I caused so much trouble over Kohaku all of you stood by me, like it was the natural thing to do.
That's why, I Uh-huh Damn! I can't wash away the smell of blood! It's sickening! Here, a towel.
No thanks.
You don't have to force yourself to stay by me.
What?! Everyone's been tiptoeing around me! Now get this! It doesn't bother me! I don't give a damn what I did! Inuyasha It must be hard.
Inuyasha I understand.
Kagome I don't remember a thing while I was transformed.
This has never happened before.
The next time I transform I may use these claws, Kagome to tear you up.
Inuyasha cannot suppress his violent demon blood! But he doesn't want to become a monster who only kills.
There must be a solution! If he defeats Ryukotsusei, Tetsusaiga will become light.
Inuyasha bravely faces the challenge posed by Totosai but that Naraku is up to no good again! Next on Inuyasha: "Father's Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei".
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