Inuyasha (2000) s01e59 Episode Script

Episode 59

And there! What's all this?! I can't go home that often.
And girls have lots of shopping to do.
Here, this is for you.
Potato chips! And for you, Shippo.
Wow! Thank you, Kagome! This tastes great! Ohh? Kagome, it's spinning by itself! Here, Miroku.
Thank you.
Where's Sango? Not back yet.
I thought you'd all be together by now.
It's been a while since she returned home.
Besides repairing her Hiraikotsu, she probably has lots of things to do.
Maybe she won't come back.
'Specially 'cuz of the lecher who likes to stroke buns.
I am NOT guilty of that! I wonder 'bout that Since it's Sango, I guess there's no need to worry Not as good as Father's, but pretty good for me.
Father Everyone I'm home at last.
Forgive me for ignoring you for so long.
Sango, do you think you can continue as a Demon Slayer? Yes, Father.
I think I'm suited to this work.
I see I trained you until now, not just so you could take over.
I want you to live strong.
Father, what did you mean by that? Stop! Please let Serina go! Kirara! Just who are you?! Sis! What's wrong? We haven't had food or water for three days.
Isn't this good, Serina? Uh-huh! There's more.
Another serving? - Yes! - Please! I'm the elder, Serina.
And I'm Suzuna.
After leaving the village, we followed rumors in search of the Demon Slayers' hideout.
You attacked me knowing that I am a Demon Slayer? We just wanted to test your skills.
You're pretty good, sister! Please accept us as apprentices! Apprentices? You need a massage, sister! Teacher, please accept us! No.
Oh c'mon, Teacher! I said, no! Please, Teacher! I'm not your teacher.
And no is no! I'm in a hurry! We cannot return to our village until you take us in as your pupils and train us in the art of demon extermination! Please! There seems to be a reason for this.
We live in a village of farmers in a clearing in the mountains.
In order to expand the farms, we began clearing part of the mountain of our local deity.
Then all kinds of demons began attacking us.
Not just one or two! Many of our villagers have died.
It's fine if you're able to move to another village.
But the elderly and those with children cannot leave and each day is spent in dread.
Hmm The forest of the deity had provided a barrier for you.
We heard of a village of Demon Slayers.
As you can see, there are no Demon Slayers left.
Or I can go with you? Our village has no money for payment.
We didn't come here thinking we would hire a Demon Slayer.
And our village is so far away.
Thwarting them once or twice doesn't faze those demons.
So please train us! We'll do our best for everyone's sake! Suzuna! I'll do my best! You can't learn the Demon Slayers' art overnight.
But I can teach you how to deter minor demons.
Thank you! They'll wait for me even if I delay my departure one or two days.
Here are the weapons to slay demons.
Yes! Let's try it here.
Don't just look, help fan! W-What is this?! A powder mixture of herbs and medicines which demons hate.
We can exterminate demons with this?! You can protect the village, yes! This smoke is really something, but Can we really beat them off with this?! Sister I mean, Teacher Isn't there something more exciting? Learning tricks haphazardly can be dangerous.
It's late today.
Tomorrow, I'll show you how to make this powder.
Sango didn't come back.
Umm I'd like to ask you a question.
Yes? Will stroking a woman's bottom destroy mutual trust between two people? Trust is also respecting the distance between each other.
Is that how it is? If Sango doesn't return, it's all your fault! She WILL return without fail! He sounds confident, but he sure doesn't look it.
Serina, just leave it to me! So easy! Can't beat a ninja's skills.
You're so dependable! Look! It's just like Pa said The materials are the secret to the Demon Slayer's weapons! Materials? The fangs of demons, bones, hides No wonder Slayers can counter demon attacks.
Then if we have these, we can Become just as strong! Oww! Serina! What're you up to? You're no ordinary village girls.
Those moves Yup! We come from a village of ninja agents.
One day, the clan lord ordered us to slay a demon something we weren't used to.
We were able to use ninja skills to destroy the demon.
But other demons came seeking revenge! Our people who knew only ninja tactics were nearly all devoured by these demons.
Serina, it's safe now.
Pa! Father! Hang on, Father! Serina Suzuna At least you two be strong Father! Pa! Those were our father's dying words.
Be strong and restore our village to what it once was That's what he probably wanted to tell us.
Wait! Serina! I knew it! This is bad Some weapons haven't been exorcised of demon spirits yet.
Weapons which still have demon spirits also summon demons back.
Kirara! Hurry, Kirara! Those two are in danger! Please wait, Suzuna! Cripes! You're always like this, Sis.
I'll take more of the load.
I'm sorry.
No wonder Pa was looking forward to me as his heir.
Forgive me.
I'll train hard and become a strong ninja like Father wanted me to be.
Let's hurry.
What's that?! Both of you, get on Kirara! Go back to the village! We're not returning these! Forget those things! Hundreds of demons are coming in search of the demonic aura which those weapons are exuding! It's true! Hurry! It's too late! It's too late! I have no choice but to destroy those monsters, then try to escape! Serina! The time has come to show Pa our mettle! Yes! We are children of ninja! As long as we have these weapons of extermination! Serina Suzuna At least you two be strong I've trained you until now, not just so you can take over.
I want you to live strong.
Father Wait! You're wrong! Your father didn't mean for you to do this What would you know! There isn't a father in the world who doesn't wish for his daughter's happiness! Your father didn't want you to take over as ninja! He wanted you to be strong and to become happy.
That's Now get on Kirara and follow close to me! Serina Suzuna At least you two be strong.
He wanted you to be strong and to become happy.
Suzuna! What're you doing, Serina?! Sango is right! Sango! Hiraikotsu! Let's go! Don't interfere! Huh?! Suzuna! Suzuna! Suzuna! Serina Don't come near! Sango! Miroku! Wind Scar! It's unlike you to be bothered by the likes of them! Inuyasha! I'll take over now.
Wind Tunnel! Sango! We came for you! Everyone Let's go, Serina.
Be strong and live, both of you.
Miroku was so worried, we decided to come.
And just in the nick of time, too.
I'm glad we made it.
Miroku, you were that worried about me? Call it a premonition I kept seeing your face, Sango.
It wouldn't go away.
So Oh, thank you, Miroku.
Don't mention it.
Get a grip, Miroku! I sure don't wanna be a grown-up like that.
Uh-huh! Kagome! Naraku brought that evil priestess who fought long ago with Kikyo.
Oh no I can't figure it out! I can't follow the lessons! She's using the Sacred Jewel Shard to cast a spell on you! Everyone tells me I should break up with Inuyasha Hey, listen to me! Did you know? They call you the rough, two-timing, jealous boyfriend! What?! Why?! Next on Inuyasha: "The 50 Year-Old Curse of the Dark Priestess"