Inuyasha (2000) s01e66 Episode Script

Episode 66

The moon is about to disappear.
Huh?! A shooting star! I wish that I can stay by Master Sesshomaru forever and ever.
Rin Don't fall behind.
This strange feeling Evil spirit Why are you so restless? Tomorrow is a new moon.
Even the moon has days when it can hide in darkness.
But with Naraku holding on to my heart, there's nowhere for me to run.
What?! The demon spirits that Naraku kept around him They've gone through the barrier! Hey! Koga! Koga! Let's rest a bit.
My body won't hold up! Even the wolves are out of breath.
Koga! Damn you guys! If I had to wait for you, we wouldn't reach Naraku's castle even in a hundred years! Then Koga You weren't just running around here and there? I can smell it.
This foul odor.
It's close Naraku's castle.
This time I'll attack his castle and kill him! I'll avenge my comrades who were tricked and slaughtered.
Without fail! What's the matter, Inuyasha? Isn't it in this direction? Shaddup! Don't talk to me! I can't concentrate! Isn't it useless to sniff the ground to find Naraku's castle? Damn! Inuyasha's nose isn't working now.
Tonight is the first night.
Oh! The night of the new moon! Night of the new moon? That's right.
Tonight, Inuyasha loses his powers and becomes a mortal.
Inuyasha, let's not do anything rash tonight.
Even if we find Naraku's castle, without your powers, you can't fight.
Don't be ridiculous! We've come this far! But! We can't act hastily.
Huh? That's! A cyclone?! It's approaching! Hey! Kagome! You're here, too? K-Koga! That's what you get for sniffing the ground.
Hey, mutt! So you followed the smell, too? Why you wild wolf! I'll kill you! Sit! Koga, did you come to find Naraku's castle? Yeah I don't know what it is, but I'm getting strong whiffs of Naraku's foul smell.
It's never happened before.
That means! The barrier around Naraku's castle is weakened.
In any case, if I follow this smell, I'll find his castle.
Don't worry, Kagome.
I'll kill that Naraku I'm not the one you want No, Inuyasha! Don't stop me! I'm gonna settle it today, once and for all! Stop it! Huh? What's up, mutt? What's this? Somehow, you don't stink like you usually do.
Didja take a soak in the river? W-What?! Hey! Don't get close to my Kagome! Get away! If you're jealous, try separating us! Hey! Hey! Hey! Koga! Caught up with you at last! Oh yeah, I have no time for this.
See ya, Kagome! Hey! Running away?! Naraku's head is mine! Huh?! Hey, wait up, Koga! Oh, hello, Kagome! Hello! We're in a rush, so good-bye! Damn him! Shall we go after him? No, better not to do anything tonight.
What?! Are you crazy? He's gonna beat us to it! Calm down, Inuyasha! Besides Koga, do you want Naraku to see you in your human form? If he learns about the day that a half-demon loses his powers, your life will be in danger! And if Naraku is the enemy, you have to be even more careful! Damn! What a time when Naraku's smell is all over the place! Damn, this castle is stifling! All the vassals who were brought here to this castle have been exposed to Naraku's toxic barrier and died.
What is it, Kanna? Sneaking up from behind like that! This fellow He's Koga, the leader of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
Is he near this castle? Is it a coincidence or Kanna, does Naraku know about this? No He's not here.
That's right.
Naraku disappears once in a while.
Kagura I'll go and kill him.
No need to wait for Naraku's orders.
You'd better stop, Kagura.
I hate Naraku's way of stooping to trickery.
I'll kill anyone who has Sacred Jewel shards.
Who needs a plan of action? It's all in Naraku's hand life and death.
We are all Naraku's tools.
Who cares? He's not here now.
This is a weird fog.
I can't see a thing! Damn! The smell is strongest right here.
It has to be around here.
Koga! Up above! Skeletons with swords? Yo! Been awhile, Koga.
Why, you! W-What's that?! Those skeletons! They're the guards of the castle.
There're countless numbers of them.
Wind Sorceress Kagura! I haven't forgotten your despicable face, not for one day! After all, you're the one who killed my comrades! Prepare to die! It's payback time for all you did! You should talk! I barely missed taking your Sacred Jewel shards.
I'll get them this time, for sure.
It'll be easy shutting down Koga's speed.
I'll let him dance for me.
Dance of Corpses! Huh?! Still resorting to tricks! Dance of Blades! Ridiculous! Take that! Did it! Fool! I'll cripple you! Dance of the Dragon! - W-What?! - A whirlpool of bones! Damn! Now choose your fate, Koga.
Let the skeletons in the whirlpool cut you into bits Or jump out and be slain by me.
It doesn't matter to me.
Hey! Even Koga doesn't have a chance in that! - W-What'll we do? - But we're not strong enough Why, that bitch! She's enjoying it! If we can take away that powerful fan of hers maybe we can win.
Yeah, you're right! So get up close and steal it away! - Who? - You! Stupid! She'll notice me before I get close and I'll be cut into bits! But to fight Kagura and that wind Wait a minute! Wind! There IS a way! Hey, Ginta! Don't be hasty! Koga's actions are proof that Naraku's barrier has become weaker.
I think we should at least verify the castle's whereabouts.
But we can't take Inuyasha in his state.
So Miroku and I can go.
And if Inuyasha won't listen, we'll have Kagome make him "sit," then we can knock him out to keep him quiet.
Not that again? Like I said Koga likes to be complimented.
So l just thought if I flattered him, he wouldn't become curious about your sense of smell.
Still, your eyes were all sparkly! You tend to get too chummy with that wild animal.
I do not! You do! Inuyasha! What? Kagome! That voice! Kagome! They're Koga's men.
Inuyasha, hide! What's the matter? The Wolf Demon Tribe are here again.
This is a bad time.
Kagome! Something terrible's happened! Huh? Koga and Kagura are fighting?! A-And it doesn't look too good.
Inuyasha, you must not show yourself.
Damn! Don't worry! I don't intend to go help Koga.
Still if Kagura's appeared, that means Naraku's castle is nearby.
But Naraku had put up a barrier to prevent us from getting close.
This bothers me.
I guess we have to go and check.
Sango! Inuyasha, you stay with Kagome.
You want to keep your mortal state a secret, don't you? Damn! No way! What're you doing?! Stupid! Now listen here.
If you reveal what you see, I'll kill you! O-Okay! A-All right.
Inuyasha Well, he shut them up.
So shall we go? I can smell blood in the air.
Go twist and turn harder! What's the matter, Koga? Too scared to come out? Or Are you already dead? Damn! That bitch! It's useless No matter how many bones I destroy, there're countless more.
And my strength won't hold up against these blades.
What'll I do?! Hmm Maybe I'll let him out.
If he's in too many pieces, I'll have a hard time finding the shards.
No need to worry about that! Huh? Above? Why, you! Pretty persistent.
Is what I'd like to say Prepare to die! Damn! I can't move! Fool! You can jump or run but you can't escape my wind! Fujin! My Sacred Jewel shards! My Sacred Jewel shards! Now then I'm taking the two shards from your legs.
Now you're just an ordinary demon.
So it's time for the finishing blow.
Damn! Kagura! Your life's been spared, Koga.
She got away! Miroku Koga is Koga! Your! The Sacred Jewel shards were removed from your legs! Koga! You're badly wounded.
I'll tend to you right away.
Leave him alone, Kagome! He's gonna die anyway! Why, you! Inuyasha? You're hopeless, Koga! Getting cut up by the likes of Kagura!? What about you? Looking so weak! I suspected Inuyasha was just a half-demon He was one, after all.
I heard that half-demons fear for their lives And when they're in the mortal state, they never appear before an enemy.
You're pretty gutsy coming around me looking like that.
Now that you know my secret Wanna fight?! Shaddup! I'll finish you off right here! Koga! This is an ointment I brought from my country.
It works well on sword cuts.
Thanks, Kagome.
Why, that Kagome! Serves him right! Still Not only Koga, but even Inuyasha approached the castle.
That means Naraku's barrier is weakened.
That's right! Naraku is not here! What a relief.
Yeah why should I hand them over to Naraku? Now is the time to escape Now when Naraku's barrier is weak.
But Naraku has That's! Don't ever forget, Kagura.
Your heart is in my hands! Damn! I can easily turn you back into mere flesh.
Kagura Do not forget.
You are merely a part of my flesh.
I created you out of me.
Do not forget that.
Damn! No! No! I cannot escape from his grasp.
Huh? A shooting star! There is someone! Yes! That one! He has the power to sever the bond between me and Naraku! Kagura So you escaped.
It sparkled! A star just sparkled! Did you see, Lord Sesshomaru? Lately, Lord Sesshomaru does things that even I, his vassal, cannot fathom.
I'm so lonely.
This child She is ignorant of my concerns And sleeps away.
Lord Sesshomaru? It's his scent.
Huh? This is The smell of that fellow who was so rude to you That Naraku! Is he nearby? W-What is this?! Ohhh! Yo! "Yo"?! Why, you! Sesshomaru Did you follow Naraku's scent, too? Lord Sesshomaru! This woman is the one Naraku created from his body Wind Sorceress Kagura, I recall? I'm glad you remembered me.
Take your hand off your sword.
I didn't come here to fight.
Sesshomaru, I want to make a deal with you.
A deal? You know what these are.
I'll give these Sacred Jewel shards to you.
In return, kill Naraku.
What?! Free me from his grip.
My name is Kagura.
I am the wind.
I live freely.
So you'll betray me, Kagura? Silence, Naraku! So you're also a half-demon who loses his powers at times.
Foolish woman Did you think you could escape my clutches? I am Kagura.
I will live freely like the wind.
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