Inuyashiki (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Ichiro Inuyashiki

Tell me my hero what do we need
To end it all and to never let us bleed
So hit me on the ground
without a sound bring it on now
Till the day we take the lead
In the middle of the fake game
The same proclaims
Made by the liars from the lost age
Try to believe to know what you are
But you are not sure which side you're on
from the start
Take a look
All the junk we made
The last corner you'll take
will never lead you to the pearly gates
What else did we betray
Turn into a machine
We just gave it away to fit into the scene
Are you losing your way or are you lost
Where are you going?
Tell me my hero where you're going
What do I need to end my war
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Believe and rejoice
Fulfill and share
Let go of everything
and now is the time to stand up
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Oh ouch, darn it.
Come on, hurry up. Your father's waiting.
Hey, so why did you decide
to build a house now?
You know how he hates loans. Right, honey?
Well, whatever. Just happy to get my own room.
Best day ever.
-It's a left here, right?
-Oh, yeah.
For real?
This place is amazing. Good job, Dad.
Oh, you're the new neighbor who moved in behind us.
Nice to meet you. I'm Oda.
This way, this way.
Yeah, this is more what I expected.
It's freaking tiny.
Okay, shall we start unpacking?
Why did you buy land in such a secluded spot?
It's so dark in the middle of the day.
Might as well be an apartment complex.
Is everyone hungry?
You guys want to go out to eat?
I saw a Royal Host nearby.
-You guys okay with Royal Host?
Ouch, oh my.
Follow Up Examination Required
Hi, I'd like to order delivery please.
One order of zaru noodles.
Yes. Oh, a minimum of 1,000 yen?
Yeah, this old bitch threw out her back.
I just put it up on Twitter.
-Check it out.
-For real?
Seriously, is this for real?
What the hell?
The hell is your problem?
Hey, asshole.
You gonna punch him?
What's up? This geezer do something?
Just leave it. You'll get arrested.
What the hell are you doing?
Clean it up, idiot.
You guys wanna hit Disneyland?
Might still be able to see the fireworks.
What's with the dog?
It's kind of big.
-We're not keeping it, are we?
-We are.
What about a dog house?
Are you going to build one?
I can't do that to the poor thing.
We'll keep her inside.
No way. It'll make the house smell.
Okay, I'll keep her in my room, then.
Is it good? You like that?
You can take your time.
Your name is Hanako.
High blood pressure,
glycosuria, hyperlipidaemia?
Okay, take a deep breath.
-You certainly don't look 58.
-I get that a lot.
I see. You're 58.
That's unfortunate.
This is stomach cancer.
I'd say you've got about three months.
Oh, hey, you live next to Oda's house, right?
Oh, yeah.
Did you know that Oda's dad
is a famous manga author?
-Do you need to get that?
It's just my dad.
Have your parents to raise your allowance.
This is all he's got? So sad.
Life is so short
Fall in love, girl
Could we talk?
-Is that your grandpa?
There's something I
Hanako just pooped inside the house.
If you're not going to train her properly,
you have to keep her outside.
What? Is there something you want to say?
If I told them, would they even cry?
Would they cry for me?
Any damage?
No damage to our systems.
However, we did destroy two intelligent life-forms.
Restore them at once.
We only have weapon units available.
Stop. That would destroy this planet.
Not my problem. We need to leave
as soon as possible.
Was I asleep?
My mouth doesn't feel dry though.
I actually feel refreshed.
Oh, I forgot. I'm going to die, aren't I?
Let's go home.
What are you doing?
I was just feeling thirsty.
Properties for Sale
That's strange. My back doesn't hurt anymore.
I'm so sorry.
I'm okay.
I can see without lenses?
Okay, take a deep breath.
What is going on here?
What is this?
-That can't be it.
-Maybe the machine is broken.
What is going on with this?
I don't feel well.
I don't
What is this?
What is going on?
Steam? Oh, no.
What's wrong with Hanako?
She's fine! It's nothing!
That was scary.
My goodness, what was that?
It's okay, Hanako.
Are you okay?
It's okay.
It's okay, see?
Take Hanako outside if she's
going to be barking like that, honey.
Is that what I ate yesterday?
What is this?
What is this? What?
Oh, my
Oh, my goodness.
What am I?
Why me?
I'm so sad, but I can't even shed a tear.
I can't even shed a tear.
Oh, that's right. That young man.
I need to meet with that young man.
He must be going through the same thing I am.
Work? It's all right.
You heard of Big Issue?
I am going to take it seriously this time.
I promise.
So I was thinking, Toshie
So, Toshie,
do you think we could try?
Do you think you would be willing to,
you know, try again with me?
In call
Really? Are you sure?
It's like I'm dreaming.
Thank you.
I am going to work really hard.
I'll make you so happy.
Did you bring the fireworks?
Time to kill the cockroaches.
Where's the cockroach?
Are those kids' voices?
Thank you, God.
I am going to work hard and do my best.
I'm so happy.
I'm so happy.
-You gotta aim, idiot.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
-Don't let him get away.
-Hurry up.
Please, I'm going to be living
with my wife again tomorrow.
I even rented an apartment.
Please, I have a new job.
I will be working earning money.
He's saying something. Not sure what, though.
The hell kind of accent is that?
Hurry up.
-Got it.
Do it.
Let's go.
Yeah. Do it, do it.
Goodbye, Toshie.
Have a happy life.
The cockroach has a friend.
Shoot him, shoot him!
Hot! Hot, hot, hot!
Ow, that's so hot!
Stop this now.
Hey, he's coming closer.
Oh, crap, he's coming closer.
We're out of fireworks.
Stop. Stop this.
Take this!
Don't hit his head yet.
They stop moving when you hit them in the head.
Did you hear that sound?
That definitely broke his neck.
I told you not to hit him in the head.
-He's dead.
Are we gonna kill that guy too?
-Get behind him.
-Life is so fleeting.
Start with the legs this time.
They can't get away then.
Somebody, help me.
You do it, then.
Help me.
Please, God, save me.
Don't hit him in the head, okay?
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Roach Extermination Vulcan
School Killer: Time to go have some fun.
Time to kill some cockroaches.
-Where's the cockroach?
-Under the roof.
What's this?
That's awful.
Mari, can you come down here?
Something's wrong with the TV.
I bought that same fireworks set.
Found their ID's.
Haruto Takamura
Hiroto Yamamoto
Sota Kawai
Yasuhiro Nakamoto
What? We're on TV?
Dude, they have our pictures and names.
Who the hell took this?
It's over.
Our lives are over.
Oh, I'm alive again.
Are you okay?
I can take you to a hospital.
I'm okay.
I just blacked out.
You're my hero.
You came and risked your life to save me.
Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please, that's not necessary. You can stand.
I promise not to waste
this second chance you gave me.
I saved a life.
I saved someone's
I am a person.
I am still a person capable of feeling.
I feel alive.
I am Ichiro Inuyashiki.
This is my voice, can you hear me?
Is there a special person in your life?
They're closer to you than you think
But you probably don't see me
"Don't forget about me" You'd get worried
"Forget about me" So I pretended to be tough
And if I said I wanted you to notice,
You'd put on that uneasy smile
Don't say that you love the present days
Can't you see, I'm not there with you?
You said the small things made you happy
They always will
If wishes came true
If you could smile next to me
I want to see you again
You, the one who taught me love
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