Inuyashiki (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Tokyo no Hito-tachi

Tell me, my hero
What do we need
To end it all
And to never let us bleed
So hit me on the ground
Without a sound
Bring it on now
Till the day we take the lead
In the middle of the fake game
The same proclaims
Made by the liars
From the lost age
Try to believe
To know what you are
But you are not sure which side you're on
From the start
Take a look
All the junk we made
The last corner you'll take
Will never lead you to the pearly gates
What else did we betray
Turn into a machine
We just gave it away
To fit into the scene
Are you losing your way
Or are you lost?
Where are you going?
Tell me, my hero
Where you're going
What do I need to end my war?
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Believe and rejoice
Fulfill and share
Let go of everything
And now is the time to stand up
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
-Hey, hey, hey.
-What is that?
Look, look!
-What is it?
-Over there.
People of Tokyo
No! Mama!
We're going to crash! I love you!
Mr. Inuyashiki! Mr. Inuyashiki!
Hiro. What has he done?!
I'm on my way!
has he done? What has he done?!
It's too late, I couldn't save them.
Mr. Inuyashiki! Here comes the second wave!
You have to stop them this time!
Goodbye Goro.
Mom. Da
Mr. Inuyashiki! Just remember how you
remotely controlled those cars!
I know! I know, but I can't concentrate!
Mr. Inuyashiki!
Please land them in Haneda Airport!
No! I can't! I can't!
Mr. Inuyashiki, are you all right?
-Wait, wait!
-Mr. Inuyashiki?
Mr. Inuyashiki! Are you all right?
Yes. Somehow.
Who's doing this? Who is this guy?
Don't mess with me!
Thank God!
We're saved!
I'm okay! Yeah!
I did it.
I did it
Mari, what's wrong?
Dad, help me! There's a fire!
Mari, where are you?
Help me! Some of the men are
trying to break the window open!
Ready? One, two
Aren't the buildings closer than they seem?
I think we can make it if we jump.
We'll survive with just some broken legs.
What are you saying?!
You're saying nonsense!
No! Look!
Dad! Help me, Dad!
Calm down, Mari!
I'll be right there! Where are you?!
In the city! The observation deck in Shinjuku!
The airplane crashed below us
so the elevators aren't working!
How could this happen!
Hold on! I'll be right there!
It's you.
Who are you?
You're the same as me?
I was in that park,
at the same time
as you.
Why are you getting in my way?
Aren't we the same?
I only feel truly human
when I save the lives of others.
So I'm the villain
And this old man is the hero?
Do you only feel human
when you take the lives of others?
How horrible.
You're the same as me!
Don't get it wrong!
We only care about ourselves!
Both you and I
Please, my daughter is about to die
Please stop killing people.
Why am I
The villain.
When an old man like this
Please let me go to my daughter.
Old man!
Dad. Dad.
Mari! Mari!
Please tell Mom
that I love her.
I love all of you.
I love you so much
No! This can't be real!
No! No!
I'm going to save you!
No matter what!
Take that!
Take that! Old man!
Old man?!
Old man!
Let go of me, old man!
Mr. Inuyashiki!
Mr. Inuyashiki! Higher!
You have to fight at a higher altitude!
Hey, come on.
Let's live together in Hawaii
with your grandma.
No? Why?
The people you killed. Those people
were each unique to this world!
They don't matter to me.
But you and your grandma are different.
I want you guys to live.
Even if you get cancer, I can cure you.
Wait for me.
I'll come and get you guys
the day after tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow.
Mari! Mari! Mari!
Mari! Mari?
Mari! Mari!
No. No.
This can't be. No!
Mari! No! I'll save you!
I promise, I'll save you!
Mari! Mari!
Please, God.
Mari! Mari!
Please, God. Mari
Come back.
Mari. Please.
I'm sorry, Mari.
I'm sorry.
Mari. Mari! Mari! Mari!
Come back, Mari!
Come back! Come back!
Come back, please! Mari! Mari!
Mari! Mari! Mari!
Thank you.
Thank you.
There! Just now!
Mari! Mari! Mari!
God! God!
Dad, you came for me?
Hold on tight.
It's okay.
I was so scared!
Wait right here.
I'm going to look for others.
Nao! Nao!
Huh? Mari.
Hey, I heard the trains are running.
It seems like the trains are running again.
Can you ride them home?
What about you, Dad?
I'll be back by morning.
-Is he a god?
-Did God come down?
-He's going around healing the injured.
-Check YouTube.
Look at all the views.
This is so moving.
That's so crazy.
He keeps healing people.
Even the people with broken legs.
God has arrived.
Mr. Inuyashiki.
You're incredible, Mr. Inuyashiki.
Please take a look!
Is this really Tokyo?
There are pillars of black smoke
all over the city.
We are still unsure of the connection
between Shishigami and the airplane crashes.
Mari is home!
I was so worried about you.
Did you see your father out there?
He said he'll be home by morning.
What is that supposed to mean?
What is he doing out there?
Maybe his generation is really
pumped up about this?
That spirit of the best generation.
It looks like it's going to take a while.
But I have to help
as many as I can.
Every last person.
I kind of feel like I finally know
the reason I was born.
After living for 58 years,
I know why I turned out like this.
And why I treasure people's lives.
Why I can't forgive the things
I think are wrong.
All of the things I experienced
weren't for nothing.
I was born
all for this moment.
I became a machine,
for this moment.
Oh! That scared me. What is that?
Is it a doll?
-It spoke!
What is that?! What is it?!
Sorry, is juice okay?
This is my voice
Can you hear me?
Is there a special person in your life?
They're closer to you than you think
But you probably don't see me
"Don't forget about me"
You'd get worried
"Forget about me"
So I pretended to be tough
And if I said I wanted you to notice
You'd put on that uneasy smile
Don't say that you love the present days
Can't you see I'm not there with you?
You said the small things made you happy
They always will
If wishes came true
If you could smile next to me
I want to see you again
The one who taught me love
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