Invader ZIM (2001) s01e02 Episode Script

Parent Teacher Night

Ah-ha ha ha ha!
and you, Mary,
right where your head is,
before the big bang,
there was nothing there!
And outside, where
that squirrel is,
there was nothing!
And under your
chairs Nothing!
And by that tree,
where that dog is
Don't forget that tonight
is Parent/Teacher Night.
Everyone is required to bring
their parents to the cafeteria.
I never agreed to attend
this Parent/Teacher Night!
Yes, you did.
No. You lie! You liiiiiie!
Zim, are you going
to bring your parents
to Parent/Teacher Night?
Yeah, sure, whatever.
Why would you tape that?
Putting up a lot of
fight for something
as simple as
Parent/Teacher Night, Zim.
I bet he doesn't even
know what parents are.
Of course, I do.
Welcome to life, Irken child.
Report for duty.
I love
you, cold, unfeeling robot arm.
You will be here tonight, Zim.
You and your parents!
Yeah. See you and
your parents tonight, Zim.
Yes! Oh, I will bring my parents
and they shall be the greatest,
most parental parents everrrr!
Welcome home, son.
Um oh, is the uh
lady of the house in?
That's me!
I am house lady.
Brush your teeth.
I'm selling makeup
and I just know you'll
find something great--
I said brush your teeth!
I'll see you and your
parents tonight, Zim.
By the way, it's not called
Parent/Teacher Night
It's called Zim doom parent
Zim doom Zimmy doom
Heh heh heh heh.
Watch out for that puppy.
Ah! Ah ah ah!
Wait! Come back!
I need stuff!
Welcome home, son.
You want some
dinner, sweetheart?
What am I going to do?
I only have a few
hours before this
Parent/Teacher thing.
The parent decoys aren't
ready for that kind of service.
Their interactive
skills are too limited.
Yes, sir.
GIR, we have to
program the parents
to learn human social behavior
if they are to join me for
Parent/Teacher Night.
Yes, sir. Right away.
Failure to rotate
stock destroys merchandise
Ooh! This is my favorite show.
Wait, this is my favorite show.
Look! It's my favorite show.
My spine!
I love this show.
No, GIR, the robot parents
must learn proper parenting
from this video program.
Make sure they watch
the entire video, GIR!
The fate of our
mission depends on it!
We sure
are proud of our little boy.
We sure are.
Are you plagued by grass stains?
I like burritos,
but they sure don't like me.
Who does your hair?
We return to our
movie in progress,
Poke of Doom!
I love this show.
Are you ready, dear?
Well then, we ought
to be on our way.
We sure are proud of you, son.
We sure arrrrre.
I love this show.
Hey, kids, your dad.
I never knew he
was a floating head.
Oh, he's not.
My dad's just really busy and
he couldn't be here in person.
He's transmitting live
from his lab across town.
Hey, my dad was like that, too.
You know, I understand.
It's nice to meet
you, professor!
I'm Mr. Elliot, huh, your
daughter Gaz's teacher.
I'm sorry, but I'm
very busy right now.
We're testing some
highly unstable
Hah! No! You have
the mixture all wrong!
These are my parents. I
love them with all my heart.
I must have punch now!
When you were my students,
I said you'd amount to nothing,
and I was right.
You're nothing!
Hello, Zim.
Dad, there's somebody
I want you to meet.
This is Zim. You
know, the alien.
And what country is
the little green boy from?
Yes, yes. That's fascinating.
So, what's goin' on?
My mom won't shut up about me!
It's really embarrassing.
At least she's not
showing the pictures.
Ooh, and you just
gotta see these pictures.
Now, here's Billy
crying when he was
kicked off the soccer
team for crying too much.
Hee hee hee.
Grass stains sure are tough to
get out of those soccer uniforms.
Sports aren't everything.
I'm sure your boy will find
something he's good at.
That's true.
Try one of these cookies.
My wife made them.
Thanks, Ted.
Oh, no.
Honey, is it?
I have just the thing for that!
Who does your hair?
Ah! Ah ah! Ow! My head!
Mom, I think we
should go home now.
Don't tell me what
to do, young man.
You go to your room!
Hey, is your dad feeling well?
Yes, he's perfectly fine.
Nothing to worry about.
My dad lost his
arm in uh the war.
That was my squeezin' arm.
They took my squeezing arm!
Why my squeezing arm!
Quit pokin' my mom's head!
Look, Mom, we really have to go.
Please now, please!
Honey, you're upset.
Yes!, and I want to go home.
I know what'll cheer you up.
Look, everyone, look!
Can't you see that
this woman is suffering
from severe pokey trauma?
Mom, Dad! I think
I've broken my spine!
My spine. Aaaahhh!
Aw, honey. I think it's
time we took you home.
Lemme guess
Nobody saw that, right?
Hey, that kid's throwing punch!
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