Invader ZIM (2001) s01e12 Episode Script

A Room with a Moose

What's your home
planet's name, Zim?
Come on, Zim, tell me.
I'll find out everything
about you sooner or later.
I'll find out everything.
No, I don't think you will, Dib.
I don't think you will.
So, right around there,
a negative stigma was attached
to the idea of surviving
on human flesh.
Still, there were
isolated groups
of zombies that-- Yes, Dib?
Ms. Bitters,
Zim's trip to the rest room
has lasted a real long time.
I recall you spending
quite a long time
in there recently, as well.
That was corn and
mayonnaise day!
Ah, that's no excuse.
He's up to something.
I just know it.
My business
is done!
Who takes 3 hours
to go to the bathroom
before lunch, Zim?
Nonsense! I had much to do!
So much!
Greetings, children of Earth.
This is your new
school announcer.
A special surprise mandatory
field trip is happening
for the following
lucky children:
Morla, Flan, Red Rocky,
everyone in Ms. Bitters' class
except for Zim,
and especially Dib.
All these children get
to go to a special place
made entirely of food.
I like food.
Now, check it out!
Go. All of you, go!
What about Zim?
Why isn't he going?
I guess I'm just
not smart enough.
Yeah, heh, yeah.
It hurts me to see
all you dirty monsters
go off to have so much fun.
I guess I'll just have to
stay and study harder.
Watch him closely, Ms. Bitters.
Hmm? Huh? Huh?
When did they start
putting the driver behind a door?
Oh, man! He's sitting near us!
OK, I know what
you're going to say,
but I think there's
something seriously wrong
about this whole
surprise field trip thing.
You are so weird.
Now, open up your textbook
and begin memorizing
the copyright information.
You will be quizzed on this.
Ms. Bitters, I
have a mighty need
to use the rest room once again.
OK, but that's your
last rest room break
for the rest of the school year.
I shut it off, GIR. It worked.
Let's go home! Phase
two is underway.
That's my favorite phase.
Leave no evidence!
What is this?
We've been passing the
same stuff over and over again.
Look at that dog. That dog's
gone by 4, maybe 5 times already.
What's wrong with the dog?
Yeah, I like the dog.
Excuse me--
Go back to your seat, young man,
and keep your arms
and legs inside the bus.
Um, I couldn't help but notice--
Hello, Dib!
This wouldn't have
been as much fun
without you sticking
your smelly nose in here.
As you may have already
guessed, this is a trap.
You're really one of the only
people who can appreciate
the amazingness of this plan,
so I'll let you
in on what it is.
Actually, I'll let you see.
Look out the window, would you?
No! No!
Listen to him.
The weirdo.
My mission
might not be as exciting
without you around to annoy me,
but it will be more pleasant.
Your fellow busmates
all smelled their fates
the moment they stood in
the way of my mission of doom,
but you -- destroying you
will be the greatest victory.
You won't get
away with this, Zim!
Where are my walnuts?
I already got away with it.
See? Look out the window.
I would say I've gotten
away with it pretty nicely.
You're launching your
enemies into space?
That's your plan?
This is crazy!
Launching you into space is
just the first part of my plan.
Now is where the
fun really starts.
A wormhole?
Is that a wormhole?
Impressed yet?
Well, it's better than just
launching us into space.
Oh, it's getting bumpy.
That's a great dog.
The wormhole is only
phase two of my scheme.
There's more?
So much more.
I researched many different
wormholes with many possible outcomes.
It was very difficult deciding
which would be the
most horrible for you.
One wormhole would
have spat you out
into a dimension
of pure itching.
There, see?
You can't really tell, but
that stuff's really itchy.
Another would have
sent you to a dimension
of pure dooky!
But I chose this
particular wormhole
especially for the occasion.
You see, at the end
of this wormhole lies
a room
with a moose!
No-- Wait a minute.
Did you say a room with a moose?
Your fear is overwhelming, no?
Um, no.
What's so scary about a
room with a stupid moose in it?
I mean, yeah, that's a
big moose, but really--
Oh, I will show you!
Prepare your bladder
for imminent release!
Are those walnuts?
- Yes.
- My walnuts!
Now, watch the monitor, Dib.
Watch it carefully.
Oh, no.
No! No!
No! No!
Now, Dib, I leave you to your--
Moosey fate!
Say "moosey fate!"
Your moosey fate.
Everyone! We're in a wormhole!
Zim has launched
us into a wormhole,
and we're flying toward
something horrible!
Something just horrible!
Wait! There might be hope!
I can use my computer to plot
out the course of the wormhole.
I'm going to punch
you in your wormhole.
There! Just ahead --
a fork in the wormhole!
The left leads directly to
the room with the moose.
To the right
OK, Dib, before you really
try to think of a way out of this,
think about what
that would mean.
On one hand, you'd
be saving yourself.
On the other hand,
you'd also be saving them.
Look! He's talking
to himself again!
You guys are just
begging to face the moose!
My mission might not be as
exciting without you around to annoy me,
but it will be more pleasant.
No! Without me,
the Earth is doomed!
I can't let Zim run free!
Not while there's still hope!
Everybody! I think
I've got a plan!
If we all move over to
the right side of the bus,
we just might be able to steer
this thing clear of the moose room!
Come on!
We can go home!
If we go over there,
then we'd be near you.
That doesn't sound cool.
Do you see our dilemma?
Hurry! There isn't much time!
The moose! The moooose!
Now he's talking about a moose.
What a stupid field trip.
Almost as stupid as Dib.
Yeah, almost.
I'm going to miss that dog.
No! No!
The moose has failed me!
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