Invader ZIM (2001) s01e21 Episode Script

Game Slave 2

Stupid blood pig.
Come on,
Bigfoot would never say that.
Why do you have
to read that in here?
I'm trying to play a game.
Mysterious Mysteries
is on in 5 minutes.
The Vampire Piggies are back!
And this time they're back
by the awesome power
of the Game Slave 2.
Check out these
actual game screens.
Are you still playing your old,
obsolete Game Slave 1?
Why? What's wrong with you?
Have we offended you somehow?
Huh? Huh? Huh?
On sale midnight tonight
at all Digital Funpit locations.
Lines are forming now!
Where do you think you're going?
To the mall.
Game Slave 2 goes
on sale at midnight.
I need one.
Oh, OK, then. Have fun.
Just one thing --
take your brother with you.
It can be dangerous out there.
That's what the bat's for.
I've been waiting
all night to see this.
She can wait to
get her stupid game.
Son, video games develop
hand/eye coordination
and make kids into
better human beings.
OK, but only after
the show is over.
You stink.
It was a really good episode.
Hey, Dib. I think I saw
a chupacabra or something
going into that parking garage.
A chupacabra?
But there isn't a goat
to feed on for miles.
Hey, is this the
line for the GS2?
As probably the
best gamer in the city,
I had to get the Japanese
GS2 a few months ago.
But I needed this version
because they included
a new level for the
American release:
The zombie hog level.
My name's Iggins. What's yours?
That's a funny name.
You're gonna love
the new Piggy Hunter.
OK, guys,
no loitering after you
get your Game Slave 2s.
As soon as you
make your purchase,
one of our clerks will assist
in attaching you
to this pulley cable
that leads to the exit.
Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee.
There's no chupacabras in here.
Gaz should leave the
paranormal sightings
to the experts.
Now, where's the exit?
Man, this place is
bigger than I thought.
completed more miniquests
than are even in the game!
That's how I know
I'm pretty much
the master of all reality
and all that encompasses it.
Because, you know
and then, all of a sudden,
everyone is clapping
when I beat the final boss.
You know, I didn't
think it would be so easy,
but it was -- It
was totally easy.
It was, like, completely easy
but I've always
remained true to myself.
You know, I've
just got to be Iggins,
you know what I mean?
Oh, thank you, supreme being.
Thank you.
That's all.
We should be getting
more GS2s in stock
in maybe a month or two.
Thanks for coming!
They can't all be gone.
I sat through
Mysterious Mysteries
for this?
There must be one left.
Well, someone ordered
one but never picked it up.
Clarence Wong doesn't show up,
it's yours.
Clarence Wong!
Ha ha! That's me!
You're no Clarence Wong.
You stole my Game Slave.
You said, "you
got to be Iggins."
I saw an opening,
and I went for it.
That's how I beat Gachoogablork
in Battle Battle Footy Kick,
and that's why I'm
the superior gamer.
That one is rightfully mine.
I'll buy it from you,
but there's no way
you're keeping it.
Not without invoking
my wrath, anyhow.
You know, you need help.
A colony of horrible rat people!
Hey, do you know
the way out of here?
There is no way out.
We all got lost here, too,
and we've been here ever since.
Ever since.
No way out.
There's no way out!
Oh, come on.
Getting lost in a parking garage
did not turn you all
into horrible rat people.
I was once a man.
But you're a woman.
You'll be just like us, soon.
I don't think so.
I think I see the
exit over there.
See ya.
Don't forget to lock the door
and go straight to bed.
All right, Mom.
Have fun at work.
So we meet again, Ultra Pigulon.
Prepare for destruction.
I-- I must be tired.
The new level,
I'm almost there!
"The gammy is mine."
Hey, wait, how
did you write that
if you're out-- Huh?
The front door.
The Game Slave 2 --
give it to me.
No. Power low.
But I haven't reached
the save point yet.
I have to see the zombie hog.
Need batteries.
Must find!
No. No!
Looking for these?
I need those.
Save point so close.
What you need is to give
the Game Slave to me,
or I will plunge you
into a nightmare world
from which there is no waking.
But I'm a better
gamer than you.
I hope you like nightmare world.
It's madness!
Where are the batteries?
50th floor.
Give me the Vampire Piggies.
You're crazy.
It's mine. Mine!
All right, all right!
All right, take it! It's yours.
Just leave me alone.
The rightful order
has been restored.
You'll never be a
better gamer than me.
Play all you want.
I'll always be better.
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