Invader ZIM (2001) s02e10 Episode Script

The Frycook What Came from All That Space

Wa ha ha ha ha ha!
Ah. OK.
Let's try this again.
OK, so
Zim is an alien!
Why do I even have to
try to prove it this much?!
Come on, just look at him!
I sure like TV
And wearing pants.
He likes wearing pants, Dib.
Aliens don't like wearing pants.
[other kids agree]
That's so right
It's so true
Ye-heh heh heh heh!
OK, if you'd all watch
this little play I put together
to better explain why Zim's a
horrible monster from beyond.
My fellow hideous
inferior human pig smellies
are insulted by this
constant slander!
Would a human call their
own kind "pig smelly", huh?
Huh? Huh?
We're not pigs!
Hey! You watch what
you say around Pig Boy.
[sobbing loudly]
You see, Dib, I'm as
normal as any human,
and nothing you can
say can make me--
Creature: Sorry
about that. Now
Back into outer space!
OK, that!
Did anyone just see Zim
get snatched up into space
by a giant alien monster?
Hey Dib's got a bird
doody on his jacket!
[kids laugh]
You've just made the
biggest mistake of your life.
I demand that you-- Uh
wait a minute.
This is an Irken ship.
What the
What's going on?
Retribution, Zim.
The moment I've
been waiting for.
But I
Escaped from me.
Yes, escaped from
your exile on Foodcourtia.
I don't know what you're--
Wait a minute! It's
all coming back to me!
Irken Invader Zim, for
single-handedly ruining
Operation Impending Doom.
Ruined? I blew up more
than any other Invader.
You blew up all
the other Invaders!
You will be re-encoded.
No longer an Invader,
you will forever be banished
to the Irken snacking
planet of Foodcourtia.
Zim needs no vacation.
New help. Excellent.
I can take over
from here, soldiers.
Well. Heh heh heh.
Heh heh heh heh!
Ah heh heh heh heh!
If you've just tuned in,
you're watching live
as the crowd gathers
on Conventia to watch
the Great Assigning
for Operation Impending Doom II.
Looks like the crowd is
being treated to nachos.
Impending Doom II?!
I'll be late! I've
gotta get out of here!
Nobody escapes from Sizz-lorr.
I will find you, Zim.
I will search all of
space's dark corners
to hunt you down
and I will find you!
How can you remember
something I said if you weren't there?
Uh anyhow
After your escape,
the Great Foodening began,
Foodcourtia's most
horrible food rush
that lasts 20 years!
The gravitational pull
from all that snacking
makes it impossible for
anything to leave the planet.
I was trapped alone
without help!
20 years?
But I haven't been
gone that long.
Uh-- There's a time-warp
thing involved -- I don't know.
I am an Invader
on a secret mission
from the Tallest.
Just call them and they'll
Your pack still has you encoded
as a food-service drone, Zim.
The Tallest lied
to get rid of you.
Don't bother
trying to call them.
Any transmissions
will be blocked.
GIR, I've got a
secret mission for you.
Yes, my master!
I need you to call the Tallest
and tell them I've
been kidnapped
and am being held
prisoner on Foodcourtia.
Hey! I said no messages!
But I wasn't
calling the Tallest!
[sounds of struggle]
[gasps] My master's in trouble!
No. No!
Ah! No! No! Never again!
Eh eh!
That's more like it, Zim.
I've got a surprise for you.
Giving me a robot death monkey?
What? No.
No, it's something else.
Your first assignment.
You get to clean up booth 12.
I've left it uncleaned
for you, Zim,
for the day you came back.
Now get to work!
Thinking about escaping? Ha!
The entire restaurant is
equipped with a perimeter scanner
programmed to recognize
your bio-signature.
If it senses you
trying to escape,
it will make you explode.
And the robot monkey?
You're still not getting one.
Oh, yes.
- Nooooo!
- Yes!
And that's not all, Zim.
In one week, the
Foodening begins once more,
and you'll be trapped
here for 20 years
Just like I was.
Hah hah! One week?!
But my mission! 20 years!
No! No!
I have to get out of here!
Look, mama, he's gonna 'splode!
Hoo hoo heh heh heh heh!
Break's over, Zim.
Go man the register.
The register! Gashloog
is taking his break!
Now move it!
[ding ding]
Gashloog gets to take a
break without exploding,
why not me?
Because I hired him.
You're here as punishment
for almost annihilating
our civilization!
Am I the only one who
was impressed by that?
[people shouting]
These are cold.
I'm not paying for this!
My plooka is not squirming!
I ordered live plooka!
You hear me?
Live! Live! Live!
That means it's still moving
when it gets on my plate!
Do you understand?! Huh?!
Where's my splaghdoodykoo? Huh?!
I want my splaghdoodykoo!
My splaghdoodykoo!
Where is it, my
splaghdoodykoo? Huh?!
I am an Irken Invader!
You'll all know the true
meaning of vengeance
when the Tallest hear of
this! Aagh! Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!
[doorbell rings]
Yeah, OK, you can have that.
Um I noticed Zim's
been gone for 3 days.
Do you know where he is?
Oooooh, yeah!
I was supposed to
call the Tallest for him.
He's in trouble. Whoa!
Call his leaders? Can I watch?
Me. Me! Do you believe
that? Of course, you can't.
I hate this place.
And the mission.
My precious mission!
What about that? Huh?
Give me some of those!
So, I say, "you
want some of this?"
And she says-- She
says, right back at me,
she says
Who are you, and why
are you talking to me?
And that huge blob thing,
he's here every day!
He takes hours
ordering every time!
I can't stand him! Every day!
But soon my pain will end,
since my mighty robot has
already contacted the Tallest
and arranged for my rescue.
And then my master
flew to the moon
in a rocket of flaming cheese!
I like cheese!
Can I ask you something?
What are your species'
main weaknesses, huh?
Huh? Huh? Huh?
Huh? Huh?
Who's that large-headed kid?
I don't know.
But his head is large.
Excuse me, alien scum,
give me your
planet's coordinates!
Sizz-lorr, there's only--
What did you call me?
Eh-- my apologies, my Fry Lord.
But there's only one day
left until the foodening begins.
I must return to my
mission before it is too late!
Now put on this happy
Shloogorgh costume
and fill the customers with joy!
But it's filled with
white-hot grease.
Makes you dance better.
Get goin'!
Customer: Whoo!
Doo dee doo dee doo! ♪
Oh, hey all you out there!
I hope you're having a good time
eating our
life-sustaining matter!
Yahoo! I'm so happy!
Oh, it hurts so bad!
The grease!
[things slowing down]
Sizz-lorr: Try to escape
and you'll explode!
Go cheer up Eric, that blob guy.
He's our best customer,
'cause he's a blob.
Doo dee doo doo ♪
[in pain] Ohhhh!
Doo dee doo dee doo! ♪
Doo dee doo dee doo ♪
Dee doo dee ♪
[Crying in pain]
Hey, little sizzly!
You look sadder than me.
It's this job! I hate it!
And I can't leave
or the security system'll
make me explode!
Child: He's gonna 'splode, mama!
That horrible kid.
Ooh, that's a Vedken
splodey system. I know those.
I helped install one
of those in a vort prison
till they were discontinued.
Prisoners were escaping by
hiding deep in garbage tanks.
The scanners can't
read the bio-signatures
if it's surrounded
with enough thickness.
Isn't that interesting?
Yes, yes, that's great.
The whole escaping thing? Heh?
Well, I better take my
thick self on outta here.
See ya tomorrow.
[ding ding]
Wait! I have a plan!
Heh heh heh heh!
[everyone starts laughing]
[ding dong]
Where are you going?
The Foodening is about to begin!
Can't you feel it?
Vacation. With you here,
I'll be taking this
Foodening off.
You can be in
charge for this one.
Laugh now, Sizz-lorr,
but you will know not to
mess with Invader Zim!
I wasn't laughing.
[ding dong]
I haven't laughed
since yesterday.
Fry Lord! Permission to
trade stations with Gashloog!
If he takes the counter,
I can work in the kitchen
where my pain and suffering
is even more unbearable.
Pain, huh?
Welcome to Shlooghorgh's!
My name's Gashloog!
May I take your order?
I'll have a deep
fried mooshminky
and a jumbified
sack of Vort dogs.
Rrrgggh! So painful
And delicious!
Zim! You got customers
waiting for their orders! Pick it up!
Has anyone seen
Zim? He's missing!
[ding dong]
Where is he?
He couldn't have escaped!
Sizz-lorr: Ziiiiiim!
P.A.: Thank you
for flying Snacky Cab.
In just a moment, we'll
be shutting down service
for the next 20 years
during the Great Foodening,
which is about to begin.
No! No! Not while I'm here!
Sizz-lorr: I'm coming, Zim!
No use running!
Heeey! Over here!
I'll pay you triple!
[Sizz-lorr grunts]
The Foodening
It's beginning.
Snacking so powerful!
Curse you, Zim!
Curse you!
Now back to Earth!
Back to my mission!
Have fun, Sizz-lorr!
Enjoy your defeat at
the Zim hands of Zim!
P.A.: Snacky Cab
station is now closed.
Any cabs not docked will
explode for no apparent reason.
Doo dee doo doo doo ♪
Uh I was um
That's normal, you know.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
A sweet victory for Zim!
It is good to be back.
Good to be Zim.
Hey! Get outta my house!
Get out! Get out
of the house of Zim!
Leave! Get out!
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