Invasion s01e05 Episode Script

Unnatural Selection

All right, let's take a look.
That's not bad.
That should hold for a while.
Where'd you get that door ? It's part of the original house.
I took it off when I added the master bedroom.
Thanks for your help, son.
Yeah, I don't know what I did, but you're welcome.
Hey, honey, do you remember a guy named Vince Teracona ? Sounds like a race car driver.
I met him when I first moved out here.
He was in the air force reserve.
Yeah, didn't you used to date him ? - He was more like a friend.
- Yeah, she had a lot of friends.
Stop it.
I was thinking about calling him.
Why ? You think he might know something about that guy I found ? Well, yeah-- Paxton, the downed helicopter, and that silver box I saw at the crash site.
You think this one guy is gonna know about all that ? I don't know.
It's a long shot.
- But I figured if I could ask him a few questions.
- Daddy ! Daddy, you have to come see.
What, honey ? One of the lights is in the water.
It was right there.
What--what kind of lights, Rose ? Like the ones I saw in the hurricane.
Probably like the ones I saw with Kira in the mobile home.
You know what they're talking about ? - You shouldn't be down here, okay, Rose ? - I was building a fort.
Well, let's build one closer to the house.
- Wait a minute.
- Later.
All right, why don't you draw up a plan for the fort, and we'll build it together ? - I wanna know about the lights.
- You know as much as I do.
- But if they're bad-- - Honey, honey, just please draw me a fort.
How long have you known about these things ? - Since the day after the hurricane.
- And no one told me ? Or him, and he could've gotten killed.
Hey, I was almost killed, too, okay ? I've been chasing around after the air force, trying to find what they're looking for, and all the while, you've known that there are lights-- we don't know anything.
Rose saw some lights during the hurricane.
- And Dave got attacked by something in the water.
- That wasn't a gator.
- And Jesse saw something, too.
- What are they ? - Fish.
- Fish ? - That fell from the sky ? - Bioluminescent fish, yes, that were tossed up by the hurricane.
Yeah, or extraterrestrial biological entity that the air force found and locked into a titanium box.
You decide.
What, Russell ? She said she saw them loading some mystery box into the back of a semi.
What do you think was in there, tuna ? - I just can't believe you didn't tell me about this.
- I was gonna tell you.
Dad, why didn't you tell me about this ? Probably could've saved mea trip to the hospital.
Russell, someone's here ! - Hey, Russ.
- Hey.
Sorry to bother you at home.
- I tried the radio, but there wasn't any answer.
- What's up, Carl ? I was wondering, are you going to flamingo today - to the damage assess meeting ? - I don't know.
Why ? Well, I kind of wondered if maybe we could have lunch or something.
Lunch ? Yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but, uh, I don't know who else to talk to here.
Lucy and I are having some problems.
And, uh, well, I know I mentioned it last week, but it's gettin 'kinda worse, and, um, - I know you and Mariel, you had-- - Mariel and I aren't married anymore, Carl.
Oh, no, no.
I know, I know.
But the thing is that-- - I'm going to see that guy, Russell.
- Honey, can you just wait a sec ? - No.
- One sec ? Look, Carl, is it okay if we talk later ? - Listen, are you gonna come in at all today ? - I don't know.
It's my day off.
Hey, Jesse, where are you goin' ? - For a walk.
- No, stay here.
I wanna talk to you.
Is that an order ? Yeah.
Hey, Larkin, please, can you just wait ? - Damn it.
- Daddy ! Instead of a fort, could we build a tree house ? This really isn't a good time, Carl.
- Yeah, but will I see you at flamingo ? - I don't know.
I don't know, but if not today, tomorrow, okay ? Yeah.
Morning, Father.
Meat loaf ? Yeah.
My attempt at a family dinner.
I've been meaning to talk to you.
I heard you had a rough night in the hurricane.
So did I.
We've started a survivor's group at the church if you're interested.
A survivor's group ? Yeah, it's for people who've had an especially traumatic experience.
This is a nondenominational thing, purely extracurricular.
Just neighbors reaching out to neighbors, trying to help them transition.
Transition to what ? Oh, thank you.
Who leness.
I'm sure you've hads ome conflicted feelings since your ordeal.
I know I have.
Well, thank you, Father.
Um, but I'd like to discuss this with my husband first.
Oh, Tom's all for it.
As a matter of fact, he's the one who suggested I invite you.
What's up, Lewis ? Owner got back from lunch, found a looter inside.
A looter ? You didn' thave to call me for this.
When we tried to gain entry, the suspect threatened to shoot.
Said he wouldn't come out unless he talked to you.
Really ? I wouldn't go in by yourself, sir.
It's all right, Lewis.
Just keep the car running.
Don't you want a flashlight, sir ? You wanted to see me ? Sheriff.
Put down the gun, Carl.
- No, not until you tell me what's goin' on.
- There's nothing to tell.
You're breaking and entering.
Put down the gun.
I need it.
The owner needs it more.
Put it down.
Why didn't you help me ? ! You could a helped me.
All right, you want a tree house, you are gonna get a tree house.
- But it's so close to the house.
- Well, we like close.
- Close is good, isn't it, Dave ? - Yeah.
Hey, so you got a plan for this thing ? You wanna go round, square, Um, let's go 2 platforms, a ladder and a rope swing.
- You want a rope swing ? - Sure.
All right.
You're gonna geta rope swing.
But you're not goin' down by that water anymore.
At least not until we figure out what's in there.
Right, Rose ? Right.
All right, uncle Dave, take over.
Uh, yeah.
Hey, Jess, it's dad.
Will you take those off ? Look, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you what was going on.
I just didn't want to scare anybody.
I wouldn't have been scared.
I woulda been interested.
I know.
- You really think it's a fish ? - Yeah.
Granted, one that probably doesn't belong here.
- You think it's an alien ? - No.
Me either.
All right.
I'm gonna get back out to work.
Hey, dad.
- Do I have to stay at mom's tonight ? - Yeah.
Well, I don't want to.
I want to stay here.
Well, you know I'd love to, but it's your mom's day.
- I know she's gonna want to see you.
- But I don't see her.
Since the hurricane, she's hardly ever home, and when she is, it's like she's not there anyway.
Hey, Russ, Russ.
Some deputy wants to talk to you.
They're inside.
I really don't know what he wanted.
He just drew the gun on me so fast.
- How did this happen ? - Maybe you can tell me.
Episode 5 Unnatural selection So you said he came over to see you this morning.
Yeah, he wanted to talk, have lunch.
Any idea why he might have done this ? He said he was having problems at home.
Have you talked to Lucy ? - Who ? - His wife.
No, not yet.
We have a couple of deputies on the way to the house right now.
Damn it ! - Were you close with the family ? - Used to be.
When Mariel and I were married, we hung out quite a bit.
Why didn't I talk to him ? Sheriff, here's your backup.
The gun that was fired has been impounded pending investigation.
- Will there be an investigation ? - Of course.
You had no choice, sir.
You always have a choice, Lewis.
You just have to be sure you make the right one.
All vehicles must display a D.
Security tag at all times.
Can I have some ID , Ma'am ? I'm here to see master sergeant Vince teracona.
Do you know what unit he's with, ma'am ? - Civil engineering offices.
- Okay.
Clear ! That'll be straight down on your right, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Larkin.
- Vince.
- How are you ? - Awesome.
How are you, mama ? Be careful.
You might get my breakfast in your lap.
You look awesome.
You don't look fatat all.
I-I'm so glad you called.
You know, nobody ever believes me when I tell them I used to date Larkin groves of the channel 7 I-team.
What does the "I"stand for anyways ? Is it like eye "I" or just I "I" ? Just "I" for investigation.
Oh, well, I hope you're not investigating me today.
Not unless you have something to hide.
Our chariot awaits.
the sheriff's office has confirmed it was indeed Tom Underlay in this officer-involved shooting.
Hey, Kira.
- Have you heard about this ? - Yes.
It's all over the radio.
- Has your father called in ? - No.
The victim was ranger Carl mckittrick, a native of homestead, a 12-year veteran of.
your friends with his son, aren't you ? Yeah.
What am I gonna say to him ? Sorry my dad killed your dad ? Tom ? - Tom, is that you ? - Sorry, it's just me.
- I came by to get some clothes.
- Clothes, for what ? Come here.
For what ? I want to stay at dad's tonight.
Tonight's our night.
Mom, it's not really gonna be that great of a night, is it ? What does that mean ? - Have you seen the news ? - Yes.
It kinda sucks.
Jesse, come here.
Come here.
Now I want you to be here.
Under the circumstances, I think we need to be together as a family.
- I don't want to be here tonight.
- Why ? Hey, Kira.
- Jesse ! - What ? ! Jesse.
I'll talk to him.
Oh, Lucy.
I'm so sorry.
do you want some coffee ?It's still hot.
The deputies just left.
Honey, do you remembermr.
Varon ? Hey, Gage.
I'm sorry about your dad.
It's sweet of you to come by, Russell.
I'm sure a lot of people must have-- must have called, but with the phones out.
yeah, Lucy, uh, Carl came to see methis morning.
Why ? Um.
I guess he wanted to talk.
He said you two were having problems.
- Was he sober ? - I think so.
He didn't own a gun, you know ? - I'm sure that's why he broke into that place.
- To steal a gun ? Things with us haven't been good for a long time, Russell.
But since the hurricane, it has just been insane.
Carl was drinking a lot, he'd gotten very abusive-- physically abusive.
I-I can't believe that.
He was very depressed, angry.
I just don't think he wanted the burden of a family anymore.
Last night I told him I wanted a divorce, and he went crazy.
I finally had to call the sheriff.
Sheriff Underlay ? If he hadn't shown up, I don't know what might have happened.
The sheriff said he didn't know you.
I mean, if Carl had a gun last night, I don't know, I just.
you wouldn't have recognized him.
He wasn't the same person.
I couldn't.
Jesse, will you just wait for me a sec ? I waited all night for you, Kira, while you and that.
I hope it was worth it.
- Nothing happened.
- Yeah, right.
Is that why you don't want to be at our house, 'cause of me ? I just wanna help out my dad, okay ? - What about your mom ? - What about her ? - She's really upset.
- She'll be fine.
Look, I know she's not perfect, but she's doing the best she can, okay ? We all are.
At least you have a mom.
You're right.
will you come with me to see Gage ? I wouldn't know what to say to him.
I don't know what to say to him either.
All right.
Shoot ! - Hey, Russell.
- Hey, Mariel.
What's up ? - Did you hear about Carl ? - Yeah.
It's awful.
Come in.
You all right ? Yeah.
actually, I should go grab a band-aid.
Is Tom home ? No.
- Have you talked to Lucy ? - I just saw her.
How is she ? Not good.
You know, apparently, she and Carl have been having problems.
Sorry, Russell, can this wait ? - Can what wait ? - Where have you been ? I've been trying to reach you all morning.
I've been trying to reach you, too.
You're on the wrong channel, honey.
just dropping offt he kids, Russ ? No, I just saw Lucy mckittrick.
Honey, can you give us a minute ? Tom.
- I need to talk to you.
- Just a minute.
I'm sorry if this is a bad time.
It's a bad day.
What's up ? Why didn't you tell me you were at Carl's house last night ? I asked you if you knew Lucy, you said no.
- What difference does it make ? - You could've arrested him.
She said he was beating her up pretty bad.
Russell, do you know how many domestic dispute calls I've had since the hurricane ? People are comin' apart at the seams.
No water, no power-- if I arrested every guyt hat looked like he was about to go off the deep end, that would be about half this town.
I made a judgment call last night.
I thought the situation was contained.
Obviously, I was wrong.
But why are you the one that seems so guilty ? He was my friend.
Your friend tried to kill me.
And we both had a chance to help him, but we didn't.
The only difference is you knew how dangerous the situation was.
I'm sorry I called you.
- I'm not gonna leave this alone, Tom.
- You do what you have to do.
I'm not gonna let this go.
So how's married life ? You've been hitched now, what, almost a year ? - Yeah, a year in november.
- And it's great ?It's all great ? It's pretty great.
What about you, Vince ? You, uh, you where you wanna be ? Well, I'm a senior master sergeant now, so I'm pretty much in charge of this place.
- You run the base ? - No.
No, no, no.
That'd be the air base wing commander.
But anything maintenance related, every structure, all operations--that's me.
Hey, you wouldn't know anything about a downed helicopter, would you ? Or a missing weather plane, anything like that ? Downed helicopter ? You tryin' to give usa bad name ? Hold on now.
We're entering a special clearance area.
What goes on in there ? Oh, that's an O.
Officeof special investigations.
They don't let mere mortals anywhere near there.
But if you'd like to see the weather facility, I could arrange that.
And they got a great little lunch spot right next door.
- Sound good ? - Yeah.
Where you going ? To see the priest.
Isn't that what you want ? The priest ? Yeah, I bumped into Father Scanlon at the market this morning.
He said you wanted me to join his survivor's group.
Be nice if you had talked to me about it.
But maybe you discussed it with Russell instead.
I've been worried sick about you all morning, Tom, and you come home and just dismiss me.
I didn't dismiss you.
I--what-- how do you feel aboutwhat happened ? I feel confused and.
by what ? - You killed somebody.
- I know.
- So why aren't you more upset about it ? - I am.
Doesn't seem like it.
You don't seem upset at all.
- Why aren't you upset ? - Because I knew it was gonna happen.
You knew what was gonna happen ? From the moment I walked into that place this morning, I knew that that guy was gonna be dead.
I don't know why, I don't know how, I just knew.
Like I know a lot of things.
Do you know how your wife is feeling right now ? Alone.
Hey, Father.
Our meeting's not until 7:00.
I was.
in the neighborhood.
I heard about what happened this morning.
Is Tom all right ? I think he will be.
Did you know mr.
Mckittrick ? I know his wife.
It's very sad.
Who lives and who dies-- it all seems so random, doesn't it ? It's not, of course.
Are you sure ? Who are you talking to ? What's wrong, Mariel ? I, um.
I'm worried about my family.
My son Jesse-- I don't know if you remember him.
I don't think he wants to live with me anymore.
Since the hurricane, I.
haven't beenas attentive.
I've been very distracted.
And Tom is just so.
hard to reach sometimes.
Did I tell you I was from minnesota ? Did you know that ? No.
Well, I am.
When I was a kid, I used to do a lot of skiing, but I was never very good because I was always so busy trying to hang onto the mountain.
Don't fall down, don't fall down-- that's all I kept telling myself.
So, of course, that's all I kept doing.
I can't let go of my family.
You don't have to.
If Jesse wants to live with his dad for a while, let him.
Russell's not perfect.
Jesse may start to appreciate you more if he has some time away.
And Tom ? You're never going to lose him.
Does he come here ? No.
But I'd be happy to invite him if you'd like me to.
if that meat loaf will keep a day, I hope you'll join us.
Are we going to have to do this all by ourselves ? Yeah, I guess we are.
I thought daddy and Jesse were going to help.
Well, they were a little bit busy.
But you know what ? - We can do it on our own, right ? - We can.
Yeah, we can.
Hey, what was that, uh.
what was that spanish song you were singing earlier ? "Señora santana" ? Yeah.
What is that ? Señora santana, por qué llora el niño ? No, I mean in english, what does it mean ? It's about a boy who's crying 'cause he lost his apple.
How'd he lose his apple ? I don't know, but señora santana tries to give him a new one, and he doesn't want that one.
He wants the one he lost.
I think a lot of guys can relate to that.
Keep singing that song.
Come on.
oh, yeah, keep that rhythm strong.
Here we are.
This'll just take a second, Larkin.
See ? It's weather world.
You can plan your next vacation here.
Just give me 2 minutes, okay ? But you gotta stay here.
You got it.
Take it to the pine island visitors' center in the park.
Hey, deputy.
Were there cameras inside ? Was there a generator, by chance ? No, sir.
So no one witnessed the shooting ? No, sir.
At the suspect's request, the sheriff went in alone.
Carl asked to see Underlay ? Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Gage ? - Hi.
- Hey.
What are you doing here ? - Whoa, wait a second.
- What do you want ? To apologize.
I had no idea what was goin' on in your house.
You still have no idea.
Yeah, well, maybe not, but.
I'm sorry.
You know, your dad was always a good friend to me.
If you ever need to talk, about anything You know what my mom told you about my father abusing her ? It's total garbage.
She was the one beating on him.
If he needed a gun, it was only to protect himself.
Ever since they pulled her out of the water, she's been like a completely different person.
We lost mom the night eve hit.
Red cross found her, but she didn't come back the same.
He just wanted her to be the same.
You following me ? - I came to talk to your mom.
- She's not here.
Where is she ? I don't know.
Probably at the church where she always is now.
The church ? Hurricane survivors group.
Her new family.
- Where you goin' ? - To my uncle's.
My mom doesn't want me here anymore.
Wait a minute, you're movin' out, today ? She didn't want my dad, and now she doesn't want me.
Say hello to your son for me.
Man, you are a dog with a bone today, aren't you ? - What are you doing here, Tom ? - Selling bibles.
What are you doing ? You know, I talked to your deputy today.
I know you did.
I also know you talked to the kid.
Tell me, are you working as an official ranger detective now ? Carl asked to see you this morning.
Was it because he was concerned about his wife? About what happened to her in the hurricane? Like I said earlier, there'll be a full investigation into the shooting.
I'm not talking about the shooting, Tom.
I'm asking you if you know-- specifically--what happened to Lucy.
I mean, you protected her at Carl's expense.
Why ? Why, is it because she's part of this ? Is that what it is, because she's a survivor ? What the hell does that mean, Tom ? What is happening to all these people ? Oh, no.
She shouldn't be here.
She belongs here.
I take care of my loved ones.
Maybe you oughta think about doin' the same.
Well, thanks, Vince.
Really appreciated the tour.
No problem.
I'm just glad we're able to see each other again - Take care of that baby, huh ? - Yeah, I will - All right.
Bye now - Bye.
As those of you who've been with us before know, this is a place where people come together to tell their stories of survival.
And hopefully, find greater meaning in our lives.
But with the blessings of a second chance come greater responsibilities.
And nobody knows that better than sheriff Tom Underlay.
Did you know your husband was gonna talk tonight ? No.
Unlike most of you, who've endured the trauma of a hurricane, my story goes back a few years.
It's a story that some of you know.
but for those of you who don't, in 1996, my wife and I.
my first wife-- were on a flight to atlanta to visit her sister when I heard a loud, popping sound.
It was 2:10 in the afternoon.
In the next 3 minutes, the plane banked and headed back toward miami.
But the cabinfilled with smoke.
53 seconds later, the plane dropped 6,000 feet crashed into the everglades and spread debrisover a solid square mile.
At this point, I-- I really don't rememberwhat happened.
They tell me that they immediately called off the search for survivors, that it was impossible for anyone to live through the crash.
They also tell me that 19 hours later.
2 rescuers pulled me from the water.
On this horrible day, over a hundred people died.
But not me.
I was the sole survivor.
And it took me a hell of a long time to figure out why.
And I know a lot of you be asking yourselves that question.
But ultimately, it doesn't matter because.
I don't know why I lived.
I don't know how I lived.
But I do know that I emerged.
stronger and with a clearer purpose.
And that's the promise that hurricane eve holds for all of you.
Whether you believe it's God's gift or, no offense, Father, just sheer luck.
you have all been given a second chance on life, and I encourage you not to squander it or dwell on why you were chosen.
We make choices every day.
Some that are clear, and some not so clear.
But I believe that we have been chosen to rebuild this community as we rebuild ourselves.
Some of us will rise to the challenge.
Others won't.
But we will all ultimately.
Because we already have.