Invasion s01e07 Episode Script

Fish Story

Oh, we were so close, Russ.
We had the thing in our net.
- But we lost it.
- Yeah, but it was one of them.
You danced with a real live extraterrestrial, my man.
He danced with a fish.
Hey, Russell, it's Scott.
Are you there? Hey, Scotty.
What's up? - Have you seen Larkin? - Yeah, she radioed about an hour ago.
She said she's heading over to nine mile pond for a story.
Yeah, that's where I am, but she's not here.
Well, you check with the station? No one's heard from her, and Val was kinda pissed 'cause she missed a live shot.
All right.
Well, let me see if I can get a hold of her.
I'll call you back.
- Where the hell's nine mile pond? - It's way south in the glades.
Well, maybe she hit some bad road.
Honey? Larkin, you there? Honey, please come in.
Honey, if you can hear this, call me.
- Hey, could she be out of range? - Maybe.
'Cause she's, like, the queen of on time.
You know that.
She's never late.
You wanna go look for her, dad? Yeah, you know what? Maybe I'll take a ride down there.
Yeah, I'll go with you.
Jess, you mind stayin' here just in case she shows? - Sure.
- Thanks, man.
No, I haven't heard anything, Russ, and I've been on the scanners all morning, but I'll check with my dispatch for you.
Thanks, Tom.
I know you got your own folks down there, but if you need any help finding her-anything I appreciate it.
I'm sure she's just stuck somewhere.
Most of these roads still haven't been cleared since the hurricane.
All right.
You let me know if anything changes.
Jesse's at your house? Yeah, I'll take care of it.
Just go find your wife.
You know, uh, you might not wanna hear this, but did you know that Larkin thought she was followed the other day after she left that air force base? No.
I figured she didn't tell you.
She told me.
Why would anyone have been following her? 'Cause she was snoopin' around.
You know, I know you wanna believe the military has nothing better to do than to worry - about my wife and her little news station.
- Hey, it's my sister.
You know when she gets her hands on a story, she doesn't let up.
- Well, there's no military conspiracy.
- Russell.
You don't think they have better things to do? Isn't there a war going on? Hey, Russell, Scott again.
Are you there? Yeah, Scott, any sign of her? No, man, I'm takin' it pretty slow.
I went as far south as I could from nine mile.
I didn't see her.
So I'm-I'm gonna head back, okay? But listen, I told a couple fishermen to keep an eye out for her.
Keep me posted, will you? You got it.
Larkin? Honey, you there? Larkin, it's Russell.
Can you hear me? I'm here! I'm here! Come on, honey, where are you? you there, honey? Pick up.
Larkin, where are you? - Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you guys doin' here? - Well, your dad called.
He thought you might want some company.
- Don't you have to work today? - Yeah, but I can go in later.
- Have you had breakfast? - No.
Would you like some? We brought you some eggs, Jess.
Mom made 'em.
Yeah, come on.
I haven't eaten yet, either.
What? What is it? What is it? Dave! Get on the radio now! Larkin! Larkin! Russ, Tom's here.
- Anything? - She's not in the car.
Let me get the divers down here.
Just to be sure.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
I gotta go look for her.
- Where? - Anywhere.
She's pregnant, Tom.
She could be hurt.
Larkin! Larkin! Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Place mats.
Place mats.
Here they are.
Thanks, mom.
- Jess, you wanna help us set the table? - We don't need to set the table.
- Would you rather eat at the counter? - No, mom.
I want us to all eat together.
Come on, Jess.
Help us.
It's still kinda your kitchen.
Right, mom? No, Rosie.
- It was when you lived here.
- Yeah, but I don't live here anymore.
But it's still kinda yours.
Yours is kinda dad's.
'Cause you share.
- You guys using this hot plate, Jess? - Yeah.
- Will you turn on the generator for me? - I can eat my eggs cold.
I'll turn it on.
- You don't know where it is.
- Which is why you're gonna show me.
- Why are you being such a jerk? - I'm not.
Your mom's here because she's concerned about you, - and you're treating her like garbage.
- I don't want her here.
- Well, that's obvious.
- Larkin's missing, and all of a sudden, she wants to be my mom? - She always wants to be your mom.
- She didn't when she lived here.
Dad builds most of this place for her and she moves us out by the time Rose is 1.
- That has nothing to do with you.
- No, it had to do with you - and your dad.
- What? Nothin'.
No, wait a second.
You think it's my dad's fault that your parents got divorced? I don't know.
Why don't you ask him about it? - I had no idea you were this angry.
- I'm not angry, all right? I just I don't feel like playing house with her today.
It just feels like she's taking advantage of the whole situation, trying to win me over or something.
Why does she have to win you over, Jess? What has she ever done to you that's so horrible? Here's the generator.
If she did get out of the car, Russell, why wouldn't she wait close by? Maybe 'cause she couldn't wait.
- Why couldn't she wait? - She's pregnant, Dave.
Even if she isn't hurt, she'd want to get to a hospital and make sure the baby's okay.
Okay, but what road would she take, Russ? There's, like, 8 million acres out here.
What are you lookin' at? What, are you lookin' at tracks? Those are tracks? Yeah.
How long you been tracking her for? I picked 'em up about 50 yards back.
So that's good.
That means-footprints is good.
That means she's okay, right? It means she got out of the car.
Larkin! Come on! Gosh.
How far could she have gotten? Shouldn't we have found her by now? She's out here somewhere.
Larkin! Maybe she's hiding.
Why would she do that? To torture me.
She used to do it all the time when we were kids.
About a quarter mile from our old house, there was this grove of mulberry trees and Larkin would just disappear in these things for hours.
My mom would send me to go get her for dinner and she'd hide and then she'd attack me.
She'd just be sittin' up in one of these trees eatin' these berries, and she would attack me.
She would just pelt me with the things.
It was like- it was like mulberry paintball.
I'd be purple from head to toe.
You should plant a mulberry tree, Russ.
Never lose her again.
Oh, god.
Oh, man.
Larkin! Larkin! Hey! Hey, wait! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Wait! Wait! Stop! Thank you.
Thank you.
Um, I need a ride.
I've been in an accident.
You have got to help me.
I have to get to a hospital.
I'm pregnant.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
No! I'm sorry.
I don't care what you're doing.
But whatever it is, it's not as important as this.
- Wh-what's that smell? - Fish.
- You're a fisherman? - I'm a lot of thing.
I can take you no further than the main road.
After that, you have to find someone else.
Sir please - I'm worried about my baby.
- I understand.
You- look, once you get to the main road, the hospital is just a few miles.
I can take you no further than the main road.
We're about a mile and a half from you back on a paved road.
Her tracks end here.
I think she may have gotten a ride.
Well, that's good.
Yeah, look, we also found a hurricane victim just east of you in a station wagon.
Copy that.
Are you gonna stay on foot? Well, I'm having my truck brought to me now.
In about 10 miles, this road's gonna lead out of the park.
So if you could have a deputy and an E.
On the other end, we could have her covered from both sides.
You got it.
Thanks, Tom.
- This is really good, Mariel.
- Thank you.
Jesse? Very good.
Can we call daddy, mom, to see if he's found Larkin yet? That's a great idea.
Russell? Mariel, is that you? yeah, I'm here with the kids.
- Where? - At your house.
We were wondering if there's any word on Larkin yet.
No, I think we're getting close.
Well - That's great.
- What are you doin' at the house? Well, I brought Rose over, and Kira's here and Jesse and we're all eating breakfast together.
You don't mind, do you? I- I just thought until you guys got back that-that they might need me.
Do you mind? Uh, no.
Uh, actually, I appreciate it, thanks.
Keep us posted, okay? Yeah, will do.
I can talk to him.
No, you know what? I-I'd better go talk to him.
Boy or girl? Wh-what? Are you having a boy or girl? I don't know.
Better that way for the surprise.
My wife, she had a difficult time.
My boy, he's 9 now.
He's very strong.
You have a name for the child? No.
But my husband's Cuban so maybe a Cuban name if we- aah! What-what? What is it? What is it? What is it? Okay, okay, we stop here.
Please, no, I have to get to a hospital.
We-we stop here.
They may have a bathroom.
- Aah! Oh! - You are sick.
You must rest.
Please don't leave me.
Excuse me.
Uh, have you seen a car pass by here in the last five, ten minutes, or a truck, maybe? We're lookin' for a woman, brunette, about 5'5".
She-she may have been on foot.
We think she got a ride from someone, though.
I did see a car with a woman and a man.
I believe the woman had brown hair.
- What type of car? - I don't know.
Blue sedan.
- Yeah? How long ago? - Just a few minutes.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Hey, you want us to, uh, radio in the tow? - No, thanks.
I almost have it fixed.
- All right, thanks, bud.
- W-were you talking to someone? - No.
But I thought I heard a car.
I wish.
- What? - The truck.
It won't start.
I'm afraid we're stuck here.
- Jesse, open up.
- I don't wanna talk.
- Well, we have to.
- No, we don't.
If you don't want me here, I understand, but I'm not leaving until we talk.
Thank you.
Jesse, I came here because I was worried about you and I miss you and if anything happened to Larkin, I didn't want you to be alone.
Your room's changed a lot.
It looks pretty cool.
Yeah, well, I'm not 7 anymore.
That's a pretty nice view.
You keep these doors open a lot? Yeah.
I love you.
Just tell me what I can do to take this pain away, and I will.
Will you tell me the truth? I do.
I've had this view for a really long time.
What do you mean? I saw you with Tom.
You saw me when? Here.
It was, like, just after Rose was born.
I was on my bed, and I was waitin' for you to get back from work, and I looked out and I saw you.
I saw you kiss him while you were still married Jesse.
And don't try and tell me that it didn't happen because-because I saw it, and I'm- I'm sure it happened a lot.
Jesse, I didn't leave your father for Tom.
Tom had nothing to do with it and if you saw something one night I don't know.
We'd been friends.
The bottom line is, your father and I had grown very far apart, Jesse.
We were kids when we got married.
We were just a few years older than you.
It doesn't matter, mom.
It was wrong.
What you did was wrong and dad dad didn't want you to leave.
Dad didn't want to lose you, Jess.
He still doesn't but neither do I.
Divorce sucks, Jesse and I'm sorry.
And I just hope that there's some way you can learn to forgive me.
Tom, have your guys keep an eye out for a dark sedan.
Larkin may be in it.
Where did you get this information? A fisherman we just talked to said he may have seen her.
He said he saw a couple in a dark sedan.
What fisherman, Russ? Some guy whose truck had broken down.
You got it.
I'll let my people know.
If you can hear me, answer.
In Haiti, we call a child a "grande bénédiction", a great blessing.
When I depart from Haiti, I took the last boat just before Clinton sent in the troops.
The boat was full, but they made room for my wife because she was pregnant.
You see, a great blessing.
She was pregnant with your son? He save our life.
And now he's 9? Yes.
Clinton sent troops in '94.
Of course, he's 11.
It goes by so quickly.
You'll see.
I think the engine was flooded.
I'll try now.
I should have given that guy a radio, in case he sees her.
Well, if we haven't found her by the time we get to krome avenue, we'll double back, okay? Okay? Hey, we're going to find her, Russ, okay? No, we are.
She's good out here.
She learned from the best.
She used to be so afraid of this place.
What, the glades? You know, when I first met her, she was still living in Miami.
I gave her a tour of the park.
She said it was like no place she'd ever seen.
It really scared her.
Why? It was unknown.
Plus she's so driven to get to the truth of things, and the unknown really scares her.
Well, she's not scared out here anymore, is she? No.
Sometimes I wish she were.
Russ, hey.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Anything? Just a couple of insurance adjusters.
They got lost on their way to Florida city.
- What about you? - No.
All right, we're going to double back.
All right, we'll stay on it.
I have to go.
Wait, wait! It's almost fixed! - No, can't wait.
- You're not going to make it.
- You have to stay here.
- I have to try! You're freezing.
Go inside.
Okay, okay, five more minutes, five more minutes.
I promise.
Take my jacket, here, here.
Put the jacket on and go inside.
Guys? Hey.
Hey, I have to going to work now.
Kira, do you mind sticking around for a little while, - just until Russell gets home? - Sure.
Let me know if you hear anything about Larkin, okay? Bye, sweetie.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, mom? Hey.
Leaving? Yeah.
I didn't know where you were.
I'm here.
You know I, uh I just don't want to lose you.
That is never going to happen.
Miss, the truck is ready.
I want to you tell me-tell me who you really are and what you're really doing here.
I told you who I am.
I don't believe you.
You didn't even know your son's age.
I made a mistake.
You you wouldn't take me to the hospital, and you take me here.
Who the hell are you? Stop it, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! - Come with me.
- No.
Come with me now, or your baby will die.
Tell me who you are.
Come with me.
I will show you.
My secret.
I am a fisherman, but I was hired by the military to catch this beast.
It doesn't belong here in these waters.
I think it came up in the hurricane.
- It looks like a squid.
- It is.
Deep sea.
But the military- I think they were afraid it was something else, because when it swims, it makes a light.
They pay me a lot of money to catch it.
I was supposed to deliver to the air base an hour ago.
If I'm late, I'm afraid they're not going to pay me.
All this for a fish.
I have to leave you.
I'm sorry.
- That truck, it will stop here.
- No! They are looking for you.
They will stop here.
They are looking for you.
I'm sorry.
Good luck.
I'm sorry! Oh, my god.
Larkin! You okay? Let's type and cross her for a match and start heron packed cells.
I called your doctor.
He's on his way in.
Is is the baby is the baby okay? We're going to find that out right now.
We're oxygenating your blood, which is exactly what the baby needs.
Sometimes it takes a minute.
Here we go.
Sounds good, huh? I'll leave you two alone for a minute.
Russell I was so scared.
Yeah, I know.
I was, too.
I know what's in the water, Russ.
You should pay me double for what I've been through today.
This wasn't what I wanted.
I was at that pond at 5:30, sitting with that stinking thing in that back of my truck.
Then you call and say, "she had an accident".
"See if you can find her.
" So I found her.
You should have taken her to the hospital.
I was going to, but then you said, "stall.
" I had to figure out who those people were, - see if they were trying to kill her.
- And? And they're air force.
They've been tracking her for a few days.
So they're the ones that pushed her off the road.
She saw something at the base that she wasn't supposed to, and they got nervous.
They won't bother her anymore.
Well, I showed her your fish.
I hope it gets you what you want.
So just between you and me, these lights in the water, if they're not squid, then what are they? Fish.