Invasion s01e13 Episode Script


Invasion Hey, hey, hey, what you doing'? Getting movie times.
The theater is open.
Going to take Jesse and Rose if I'm still allowed to see them.
Why wouldn't you be allowed to see them? Because you threw them out.
Kira, we're just letting them stay with their dad for awhile.
It's not a big deal.
It's a big deal to me.
It was a big deal when you and Mariel got Married.
You made a real big deal about my new brother and sister, and then you just send them away without even asking me how I might feel.
Dad? Dad? - Lewis left a note in our mailbox.
- Lewis your missing deputy? He sounds crazy.
He thinks I betrayed him.
Isn't that what the guy that called last night said? He said more than that.
- What is wrong with everybody? - That's the question of the day.
Has Lewis gone through any changes lately? What kind of changes? You know what kind.
Oh, I see.
So he's one of us now, is he? Oh, god.
- A hybrid? - A hybrid? That's what Dave calls us Hybrids.
Half human, half whatever.
Fish, alien.
Light bulb, I don't know.
Maybe Lewis is upset you didn't give him the rule book I don't have a rule book.
You know, on how to harness our super powers.
I can stay underwater almost half an hour without taking a breath, so if I can do that, I must be able to do other things as well, besides giving up my children.
I didn't make you give up your children.
so either I give him the kids or you get rid of him permanently.
- I didn't say anything like that.
- You didn't have to.
I hate you for this, Tom.
You've lied to all of us far too long! I never lied to you.
I told you everything I knew when I knew it.
Nine years ago, nobody gave me a rule book.
I didn't have anything keeping me alive but you.
A lot of people have changed since the hurricane, Mariel, some for the good, some not, but what does it all mean? I have no idea.
All I know is that I love you.
How do I get you to remember that? Maybe you could start by telling me what you've got locked in our hall closet.
I'm leaving, if anyone cares.
Good night, Kira.
Hello? - Hello? - Is everything all right, sir? No.
Do you know where you are? Homestead Homestead Hospital.
And what day is it? Wednesday.
What day is it? How long have I been here? Can you tell me your name, sir? I need to see my wife.
Your name? Tom Underlay.
Where's my wife? Wait wait What are you doing? Your doctor will be in to see you shortly.
No, wait.
Most of the cellular towers are operational again, and Florida power and light reports that now have power back.
Since the hurricane, many, many people complained that the government officials were slow to respond, But folks have to be breathing a collective sigh of relief right now.
Hello? Somebody.
Hello?! Mr.
Underlay, I'm dr.
Who are those guys? It's all right, Mr.
What's all right? How are you feeling? You've been through quite an ordeal.
You're lucky to be alive.
Now can you tell me, please, what is three plus four? What? It's just a routine test.
Can you tell me what three plus four is? Seven.
Just testing your response to pain.
Are you allergic to any medications? No.
Now, Mr.
Underlay, if you would, please, Repeat these three words- "Snail, razor, napalm.
" Who are those people? They're from the government.
They'd like to ask you some questions.
- The government? - Yes.
Where's my wife? Where's my wife? We've tracked down your daughter.
She's on her way here now.
I need to see my wife! I'm afraid that's not possible.
Why not? Because your wife is dead, Mr.
Can I call mommy and daddy Tom To say good night? Can I, daddy? Ohh you sure can.
Here Just sit down right here.
Go ahead and call them, okay? So does she know her mother is not who she thinks she is anymore? No, and neither does Jesse.
Are you going to tell them? Not yet.
Why not? Because I promised Mariel I wouldn't.
You promised Mariel? Yeah.
So we're supposed to just pretend everything's normal? Larkin, did you put the napkins in a different place? Second drawer on the left.
I'm just saying, until we know exactly what we're dealing with here, I- I think we should we should take this slowly.
Did you know that in a lot of other places this happened, the hybrids killed themselves? Daddy, there's no answer.
Why don't you go ahead and leave a message? Hi, mommy, it's me, Rose.
I just wanted to s good night.
So good night.
And good night, daddy Tom.
And see you soon, Kira.
- Maybe they went to dinner.
- Yeah, maybe so.
Didn't these whatever they are didn't they also kill their children? Yeah, some, but that hasn't happened here.
Yeah, this guy Healy thinks there's something special about homestead, something that's helping the hybrids to thrive.
What if they stop thriving? Russell, we have to tell people about this, forget about the fact that it's my job.
We have a moral obligation.
And how can you even think about letting the kids be with Tom and Mariel now? They're not with them anymore.
They're with us now.
I know, but they're going to be with them again one day.
What about our baby? Russell, we're having a child.
Do we want our child to grow up in a place like this? If it's not safe, of course not.
I just don't know enough about this yet.
I'll get it.
Hello? Rose, is Jesse there? Kira, what's wrong? Just put Jesse on the phone, okay? Kira.
Daddy? Ohh.
Oh, my god.
I'll leave you two alone.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I was looking for dr.
I'm dr.
I'm dr.
Feld's associate.
I'm Tom and-And this is my daughter Kira.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
And if you need anything, we're here all night.
Doctor? Hey, baby, I have to ask the doctor a question.
C- Can you wait for me right outside? Okay? O okay.
Right there.
May I see your paper? Do you have any idea how you survived? I met you.
- Met you.
- Tom.
Don't let me die.
You're going to be okay.
Keep talking to me.
Look at me, Tom.
Look at me.
Just keep talking.
You're going to be fine.
I'm right here, baby.
I'm right here.
Underlay! - Where are we taking him? - Exam one is ready.
We're having a temporary power outage.
Main power should be back up soon.
Okay, I'm here, Tom.
- Russell! - Yeah?! - Daddy, I want to go, too! - We're going to be pretty late! - Why don't we all go?! - Okay! I'll take them with me! - Yeah? - It's Healy.
Where are you? Healy? I'm on my way to the hospital.
I'm with my son.
Then all you have to do is listen.
He's got three G.
S to the abdomen.
His pulse is thready.
He's been in and out of consciousness.
Keep looking at me, Tom.
Stay with me.
C- Spine, cst, abdomen and pelvis.
All right, guys, line him up.
- I'm right here.
- My count, One, two, three.
I'm right here.
Start a central line and give a bolus of 2 liters of saline, wide open Tom.
And type and cross Right away.
Uh, no, on the blood.
Underlay Type and cross.
Give him o-Neg.
He's o-Neg.
Are you sure? Yes.
Okay, do it.
Hang a bag.
Hurry, over here.
What? I need I need you.
I know.
I'm right here.
We're going to get through this together, okay? Just stay with me.
Just keep talking to me, Tom, Okay, baby? I'm right here.
Underlay, the men out there would like to have a word without- I don't want to talk to them.
But they're from the national transportation- I- I know where they're from.
I'll talk to them later.
Maybe Tomorrow.
All right.
Do you mind if I change your dressing? No.
There's a lot of press outside, a lot of people are eager to see you.
Where's your little girl? With her aunt.
It's going to be rough for her.
We're going to have a lot to work through All of us But everything happens for a reason, right? I wouldn't be here unless I wasn't supposed to be here.
You're healing remarkably fast.
These stitches should be able to come out in just a few days.
Do you know how this happened? Well, I assume in the crash.
It must have been after.
I know you were bleeding when they pulled you from the water.
Then I must have cut it on some wreckage.
How do you think I survived this? Do you have any idea? No.
Me either.
You know, you say some things that are very unsettling.
I'm sorry.
I just feel like I know you, like I've been in this situation before.
You ever felt like that? You know, when you met someone you just knew you were destined to be in their life forever? That's how I felt when I met you.
May I have that, the-the vase? Sure.
You give me hope, Mariel.
Hey, excuse me.
Uh I'm working.
I'm sorry, honey, I know.
I just, uh, I called your office- Um, Mr.
Underlay, this is my husband Russell.
How do you do? H- How do you do? You've been working search and recovery at the crash site, am I right? That's right.
Would you take me there? - Um, Mr.
Underlay - Tom, please.
Tom I don't think I know the N.
People would like - Tom.
- Tom.
Um, I think the N.
Men would like to talk to you.
I don't really want to talk to those guys, but your husband here could help me.
How about it, Russell? Would you take me there Tomorrow? And then afterwards, I'll tell the N.
People everything I know.
I'll be working, Mr.
How about you, doc? Would you mind taking me out to the crash site Tomorrow? I don't think that's a good idea.
Why not? The N.
Wants answers, so does the press.
I mean, as a medical professional, aren't you curious about how I survived this? Would you help me out here? Hey, Russell, could you ask your wife to help me out? Help me.
You're going into surgery.
You're going to be okay, Tom.
Mariel, I have to talk to you.
Now? I'll be right back, Tom, okay? It'll be okay.
I'll be right back.
Be right back.
What? How is he? He's terrible.
He's bleeding to death.
We're about to take him into surgery.
You can't let him die.
I've talked to somebody who knows far more about this than you do.
He told me in other places where people like you have been changed during a hurricane, entire communities have turned in on themselves.
There's been mass murders, suicide Well, who is this person? Somebody who's seen it, who's seen the worst.
He thinks Tom may be what's making the difference here because he's had so many years to adapt, he may be acting like a stabilizing force for the others.
That's crazy.
What isn't crazy? He's not living in the body he was born in, neither are you, but he has survived, far longer than anyone else we know of.
Please, Mariel, even even if I'm wrong, until we know more about this, then you have to do everything you can to save his life.
He's my husband, Russell.
What else would I do? What else would I do? So is Underlay going to make it? I don't know.
Did you tell Mariel what Healy said? Yeah.
And? I have to go to work.
Val just called.
She wants me to do a profile on Tom at the 11:00.
What are you going to say? What I know.
You know a lot.
Well, what if Tom got shot because of what he is? What if that means that there are other people that are in danger now, too? Mariel might not want her secret out, but I'm thinking about the whole community.
So am I.
Then let me go on television and tell the truth.
It could be that that's what's best for everyone.
What about them? We're talking about their mother, Larkin.
They have to find out at some point.
You know, Larkin might be right, Russ.
This could be too big to keep quiet.
Hell, I mean, Kira could be one of them.
One of what? What are we talking about, here? What? Come on, Dave, yeah, fine.
These people have changed, okay? But what have they done? Until I know for sure that they're a threat to us, I'm not going to start hanging everybody.
All right.
Listen, can you stay here and watch the kids? Where you going? Healy wants to see me in person.
What? Hey, what if Tom doesn't make it? Well, then maybe none of this will matter.
His temperature's spiking.
It might be better if you waited outside.
No, I want to stay here with him.
Pulse ox is 80.
He's having a reaction to the blood.
Pressure's dropping.
Stop the transfusion.
He's not getting enough oxygen.
No! It's not-Not- We can try autologous transfusion with a cell saver.
No! No! No! No! Give him my blood.
Yours? We're the same type.
But what difference- Please.
Just do it.
- I- I really have to go.
- No, Mariel, please.
Please, wait.
When are you coming home? When I can.
You've been here for almost 16 hours.
Your son misses you, I miss you.
Just tell me what's wrong.
I have told you.
I've been telling you for so long, but you're just not hearing me.
I know.
You're unhappy, okay? I'm sorry.
I'm unhappy.
But we can work this out.
Killing yourself at work isn't the answer.
If you would just-Hey- Come on, come on.
Come with me.
Let's talk to father Scanlon.
Okay? I love you, Russell, and I love our little boy more than anything, but I haven't been happy for a really long time.
And right now, I would just really rather be here, I'm sorry.
When I first heard the news, I thought you might be the shooter.
Wouldn't be the first time the ex-Husband has gone after the new guy.
You want some coffee? No, thanks.
What happened to her? She's dead.
You know who killed her? His name is Eli Szura.
He used to do contract work for the C.
With me.
We were sent down to Cuba right after hurricane Charley to find out about these lights in the water and see how we might manage them.
Manage them how? For national security.
So the government knows? Of course, and I'm sure there aware of what happened here.
Well, why aren't they doing anything to stop it? That's a good question.
Szura and I were hired so that the military could keep their hands clean.
It's like they want to keep tabs on this.
They want to stay on top of it, but if it blows up in their faces, then they don't have to take responsibility for it.
That's the reason why I think Underlay is so important.
Now he seemed to have found a way to take care of things, to control things- He's kept his wife at bay, he started that survivors group, he might have even convinced the military that they need him.
But if this turns into Cuba or brazil then a lot of good people are going to be dead, but the government'll still have deniability because they didn't do it, the aliens did.
Oh, my god.
I've got to get my family out of here.
Where are you going to go? You think this is going to end here in homestead? If these hybrids become the majority, this is just the beginning.
No, as far as I see it, you have only one choice- Your choice is to stay here and fight this.
You kill these things in the water, stop this from growing and find out what the military's real agenda is.
What about my ex-Wife? What about her? What, are you suggesting I kill her, too? Russell, I don't think you're hearing me.
We're in a fragile situation here.
That could explode at any time, and if Szura has his way, that's exactly what's going to happen.
Well, whose side is he on? His own.
He got taken when we were in Cuba and he's been hunting me ever since.
He'll kill anybody he views as a threat to his own safety, that may even include Underlay.
But Underlay's a hybrid.
So? Doesn't mean they're the same.
Szura was a sociopathic son of a bitch before he got taken and this h only empowered him.
If Underlay is Saddam, Szura is Zarqawi.
He's not going to sit back and let the military run things.
He's going to want to take charge.
How is it that you weren't taken? I got spit out.
I'm not a well man, Russell.
I haven't been for a long time.
They don't take you when you're sick.
Survival of the fittest.
My wife is about to go on the news at 11:00 to blow the whistle on this whole thing.
Then you need to find a way to stop her before szura does it for you.
I don't want to play this like an obit.
I want us to find something that underscores Tom's commitment to the community and his years of service.
We have a lot of footage going all the way back to '96.
This is his first press conference right after the plane crash.
I thought you wanted me live outside the hospital.
I do.
We'll run a hero piece and then you can do the wrap up from there.
He should be out of surgery by then.
You're very close to Tom, aren't you? He's helped me tremendously.
Since the hurricane? I can put someone else on this if you don't think you can be objective.
I can be objective.
I'll want to see it before it runs.
Thank you for bringing me here.
I have to go.
I know.
I want you to remember this.
No matter what happens in the future, remember this.
Remember how it was when we first met.
Tom There's going to be a lot of rough days ahead, a lot of changes.
The only way that we'll get through it is if we remember.
You're here? So are you.
You saved me again.
You saved you.
The doctors say they've never seen a body fight so hard to live.
You're already healing, Tom.
You gave me your blood? How did you know that's what I needed? I didn't.
Where's my clothes? They're in my office.
My keys Should be with them.
Get my keys and go home.
Why? 'Cause I want you to get me something from the closet.
What's in it? Everything.
Their report is two minutes, and then we go live! All right! Hey, he made it, you know? Underlay.
Just came over the wire, he made it through surgery.
I think you might want to lead with that Yeah.
Larkin! Go set up, I'll catch up to you.
Look, you can't do this.
I have to.
No, I just got back from Healy's.
Russell, I don't even know who this Healy person is.
Okay, it doesn't matter, all right? The bottom line is if you go public with this, no one's going to believe you because no one's going to back the story.
You were right all along.
The military is involved.
So you're not going to be saving any lives by talking now, Larkin, but you might be killing us.
There's a guy out here that doesn't want this story told.
I understand how important it is to you to protect Mariel, I do.
No, it's not about Mariel anymore.
But I can't worry about her anymore.
I have to worry about us and our baby.
And I'm sorry if this means that the kids are going to get hurt.
It's going to hurt all of us, not just the kids, Larkin.
I have to do this.
I'll be right outside.
Thank you.
I was so scared, daddy.
I know.
I'm sorry for everything.
You look amazing, Tom.
I can't believe you were shot.
I appreciate you guys hanging' around, but it's getting' kind of late, you know? Maybe you ought to be getting' home.
Sheriff, Mr.
Varon would like to see you.
Send him in.
We tried to find you.
Can you guys give us a minute? Everybody was just taking off.
All right, good night.
I'll see you all soon.
Good night, babe.
Good-Bye, Jess.
Good night, Tom.
Tom, I need you to do something for me.
My wife's about to go live with a story i don't think you want told, a story bigger than your shooting.
And for now, it's a story I'm willing to keep to myself, but I'm going to need your help.
Is that the background you want? - Yeah, this looks great.
- All right.
And so we're good, two minutes or so.
Did you hear Tom's going to be all right? Yeah, it's great news.
Larkin, look he's a good man.
I know you've probably heard a lot of strange things about both of us lately, but he's a good man.
- Russell still here? - Uh, he's inside.
Mariel? I was going through some video footage tonight, and I and I saw you here, about nine years ago with Tom.
I didn't realize you two went so far back.
You were still Married to Russell then, weren't you? I was.
He's a good man, too.
You know I had a secret about who I am, I begged him to keep for me but he wouldn't do it.
He told you because you were more important.
Hey, Larkin.
We're going to go live in about ten seconds.
I'm sorry.
In eight, seven, six five four, three, two, one.
Russell came by and asked me to call Val at the news station to try to get me to convince her to pull the plug on Larkin's big Story.
I couldn't reach her.
Did you find the box? Yeah.
I don't suppose you opened that, did you? I did.
And what did you find? Hope.
In recent weeks, since hurricane eve has hit us all so hard turning so many lives upside down.
We've all had to reassess reassess what's really important, and what's really important is family and the people we love.
And maybe that's what Tom Underlay understood all along.
And maybe that's what got him through all these years.
This is Larkin Groves with the channel 7 I-Team, reporting live from homestead hospital.
And we're clear.
I love you.
I don't know if I can stay here, Russell.
I don't have to tell the story, but I don't know if I can stay here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come on.
Let's go home.