Invasion (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

Old Friends, New Frontiers

Am I normal?
Your pulse is irregular.
Brain activity, inconclusive
That's not what I asked.
I can feel it.
Their language.
It's filling my mind.
Let's take it one step at a time.
What do you remember from
your trip into the jungle?
I wasn't in the jungle.
I found you, Mitsuki.
You'd wandered out there all alone.
I wasn't in the jungle.
I was in them.
I remember following their voices,
digging for the light.
Looking over the world.
The mother ship.
That's where the portals go.
If I can learn to control them,
we can send people through.
I have to go again.
To be repeatable, an
action requires memory.
Can you honestly say yours is intact?
[CLARK] What the hell is this place?
Hell is definitely
the right word for it.
Can you hear me?
[CLARK] Is he family?
Something like that.
The General said that they
were returned this way.
Returned? You mean
[CLARK SIGHS] Are there
any more down here?
Nah, this is it. They're
just running tests on them.
To see why they were sent back at all.
To hell with that.
You're going home, Billy.
All of you.
Rose, they're not going home.
Look at them.
[SOLDIER] Dig deep!
Fortify position. Move out!
I'll keep watch. We need to move out.
I made a promise to everyone who
stopped by the station, who called.
I swore I would do whatever it took.
Every face on every poster.
Yeah, and now you know where they
are. And you're gonna tell them.
Tell them what?
That I left 'em?
But you know well as anyone
what it's like to live with loss.
Wouldn't you have given
anything to see your son again?
Not like this.
Right now, the people out there,
the people that you promised,
they got what I don't.
Hope. Something to fight for.
You can't bring their loved ones
back looking like this. All right?
And at the very least they can be here,
and somebody can figure
out and try to help them.
But in the meantime, you and
I, we need to go back out there,
and we gotta help the
ones who actually need it.
[SIGHS, WHISPERS] Goddamn it.
We are coming back here,
Trev. And when we do
They're all going home.
- [CLARK] Hey. We gotta move, now!
[SOLDIER] Drop your weapons!
On your knees!
- We don't want any trouble.
- Shut up! On your knees!
Slide 'em forward.
I got two escaped prisoners [GRUNTS]
[TREVANTE] Hey, back it up!
- [TREVANTE] Get on your knees now.
Come on, get on your
knees! Get on your knees!
- You good?
- Yeah.
Thank me when we're out of here.
[CASPAR] I've managed to go back
And each time I've gone, I've
gotten a better sense of it.
[BENYA] We were hoping
you could create a map.
[CASPAR] I tried to make one
by working with the other kids.
Everyone's experience of
the alien world is different.
- Can't be.
- [BENYA] But you think you now know
where you've been traveling to?
[CASPAR] Drawing it out
wouldn't make sense for anyone.
[TREVANTE] I'll catch up.
[CASPAR] But I was there
less than an hour ago.
Look, I don't know how, okay?
But I've I've been
traveling to the mother ship.
That's why I called
this meeting, General.
The information Caspar has gathered,
the maps he's made
with the other children,
all paint a picture of that ship.
The question is how do we strike it?
There's a light.
There's a light up there.
Brighter than the rest.
And they don't want me to
get to it but I can see it.
And I think it connects
them, all of them.
So if we hit them
We hit all of them.
the kid can get back there.
The portal here in Idabel
usually returns people
to the same place: the crater.
And as for picking them
up, how and where is random,
it's unpredictable.
Even if we could find it,
we wouldn't know how to control it
long enough for my men to enter safely.
I hope our team in the Amazon
can help answer that question.
One of them was up there with Caspar.
They'll be updating me shortly.
The areas of our planet fit for
human habitation have shrunk.
Hunter-killers are
decimating our forces.
There is nowhere else left
for us to run in our world.
So we need to take
this war to their world.
Caspar the Ghost.
I wanna see your hands
in the air, right now!
I gave you an order!
- Wait, w-w-w-wait. No, I I know him.
- General, who is this?
I'm Trevante Cole, former
US Navy SEAL, ma'am.
Current prisoner for
breaking into this base.
I'm sorry, Madam President.
We had an incident today
which is why Chief
Cole was in confinement.
Permission to return
the prisoner to his cell?
No. [STAMMERS] I know Trevante. Okay?
He He helped me back in London.
He took me to the hospital, and
he risked his life to save mine.
I wouldn't be alive
if it wasn't for him.
I thought I lost you.
Yeah, you almost did. [BREATHES SHAKILY]
- She found me.
- She made it too.
- Madam President, please?
- [BENYA] General,
tell your men to stand down.
Let us hear what he has to say.
How did you find our base in Idabel?
[TREVANTE] Caspar, he led me here.
His drawings, his book.
You still have it?
It's the only thing I
hung on to this whole time.
It kept me It kept me going.
It led me to this town, this base.
It was all in your book.
And everyone thought I was crazy.
And now you're there.
I'm here.
I knew it.
[BENYA] Knew what?
I knew this was all for a reason.
I heard you saying you're gonna
go to the mother ship with Caspar.
If you're sending soldiers, I'm in.
This is not Afghanistan, son.
This is no ordinary mission.
Exactly. If you send soldiers up there
who don't know how he
thinks or how he works,
you are sending the
wrong weapons to war.
Ma'am, I'm the one. The
only one for this mission.
[CASPAR] I trust him with my life.
I appreciate that. But I do not.
We've worked too hard, too
long to hand this mission
to someone we can't control.
[TREVANTE] You got a town full
of soldiers you can control.
And I got through damn near all of them.
[BENYA] That further proves your
lack of respect for authority.
So, you can go back to your
cell or you can go home.
Those are your options.
I'm not walking away from this.
[BENYA] Then you'll be walked
back to your cell. General!
No. No, wait!
[BENYA] Time is not one of our luxuries.
Say your goodbyes and say them now.
Guess we never did get to say goodbye.
Good luck.
[CASPAR] You too.
You, uh You all right?
He doesn't want me to go under.
He doesn't even want me to try.
Maybe he cares about you.
More than anything, even himself.
I didn't come all this way to stop now.
He needs me up there.
Yeah. And what if we need you down here?
Look, um, I'm just saying, right
[SCOFFS] I mean, look at the drawing.
[JAMILA] I've looked at it hundreds
of times. Thousands. What of it?
[MONTY] Yeah, okay, right.
That's supposed to be you. Yeah?
And Casp here?
He's on one planet and
you're on the other.
You told me Caspar knows what's coming.
drawings are the the answer,
or clue, or whatever. So,
why would this be different?
Why would he draw something
unless it was meant to be?
Sometimes, you stare at
something long enough,
you see what you want to see,
what you [SCOFFS]
what you wish it could be.
Doesn't make it real.
No matter how much you wish it was.
Look, I'm Look, I'm just
saying that we need you.
The world needs you.
That's all.
[HANLEY] So, you don't
know if Aneesha found Sarah?
[CLARK] We got separated.
But if I got out, there
is a chance she did too.
- Anything?
- We've tried all the bands.
Rachel, Rudi, Aneesha.
Keep trying.
- They could have their walkies off or
- I'm telling you we're the only ones left.
- Everyone else is either captured or
- You don't know that. Okay?
We just have to keep up hope.
Maybe we need to be
realistic here, Clark.
What we need to do is get outta Idabel.
We can't just leave
without Sarah and Aneesha.
- They're in the facility.
- And that facility is on high alert.
They're looking for us. Listen.
We got Aneesha here.
And we've bled to do it.
Best we can do now
is hope she's with Sarah
and figure out our next move.
I got this off of one of
those soldiers, all right?
It's a bit busted up but maybe
we can use it to listen in.
[HANLEY] I'll see if
I can get it working.
But just so you all know, when
the coast is clear, I'm gone.
Anyone who wants to join is welcome.
running out, Miss Malik.
We've got at best a handful of clues
as to what these aliens
are and how to beat 'em.
And that shard is one of them.
You did everything you
could to hang on to it.
You must know how it works.
Please, give me some help here.
Your men took my daughter.
see that you love her very much.
So, tell me what have you
done to keep Sarah alive?
- Excuse me?
- Since the invasion started.
Did you take from people?
Lie to them? Worse?
Yes. I did. For my family.
millions of families to keep alive.
And that makes it okay to take
a child away from her mother?
okay. Just necessary.
If it could mean winning a war
What I'm saying, Miss Malik, is that
when you're fighting with
monsters, and believe me, we are,
sometimes you have to
do things that seem
It kept me and my family safe.
That's why I held on to it.
But I don't know how it works.
It reacts when it's close to aliens.
It can wound them, kill them.
But I don't know if it'll work
against these new aliens out there.
your son? Does he know?
Your daughter here said that he
was the one that found that shard,
that he could speak to it.
If we could talk to him.
Get a hold of him
Take us back to our cell.
You already have one of my kids.
You will not have the other one.
[BENYA] You said you were able
to access the alien portal before.
Assuming that we can find this portal
that's been taking people in Idabel,
can you access that portal
and keep it open long enough
for us to send through
a team of soldiers?
Miss Yamato?
Sorry, Madam President.
My mind
We'll be ready, Madam President.
[BENYA] Good, because a young
man is braving great risk
to meet our soldiers on that ship.
Assuming that the portal
can lead the soldiers
to where you say it does,
it's the best shot we've got.
So, yes, be ready.
I can control it. It can't control me.
I can control it. It can't control me.
I can control it. It can't control me.
[RYDER] Hanley and his damn
radio is driving me insane.
- [RYDER] Luke?
Luke, what's wrong?
[LUKE] Aliens. I can feel them.
- They're out there.
That's why they're coming.
- [ON RADIO] All units be on alert.
- Wait.
- It may be looking for a portal.
- Listen.
[ON RADIO] All units are to be on
alert for a flying alien entity.
Just received intel there may
be a portal somewhere in Idabel.
All units are hereby
advised to stay alert
for any signs of an alien portal.
That thing they've been
talking about on the radio.
- Luke.
- The portal.
It's here and there's
aliens coming to protect it.
That more than settles it. Let's go.
What? No. We have to help the soldiers.
- Since when?
- [CLARK] Luke, listen.
We took a vote and Ryder
and I are gonna stay
to make sure your family's
safe, but everybody else is
We're leaving Idabel. Now.
- You're running away?
- We've lost enough lives.
I thought you were
all about saving them.
[SERGEANT] Attention,
members of The Movement!
Drop your weapons and exit
slowly through the doorway.
Noncompliance will be seen
as an act of aggression.
You have 20 seconds.
I'm not going down without a fight.
[CLARK] Everybody stay calm.
[RYDER] Luke! What are you doing?
I know what you're looking for.
[SERGEANT] Son, I need you
to get down on the ground now.
The portal to the mother
ship. You need my help.
I don't know how you think you can help,
but right now I need
you to clear the doorway.
[CLARK] Don't shoot! We're complying.
- Aren't we, Luke?
- All of you, get down now!
- Listen to me.
- [RYDER] Luke.
- [CLARK] Don't
- What's he doing?
- What's wrong with him?
[SOLDIER] Watch it.
- [SOLDIER] On our 6:00.
This is how I can help.
You? You're doing this?
You can stop them?
[CLARK] If there's one, there's
more. They travel in packs.
We heard you're looking
for some kind of portal.
Whatever that portal is,
they're coming to protect it.
So, what do you say we
set aside the bullshit
and we help each other?
Get me General Mitchell.
He's gonna wanna hear this.
[SOLDIER] Go! Move, move!
Clear the area!
Mom, what's happening?
It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay. It's nothing. It's all right.
[ANEESHA] What's going
on? Are we in danger?
The aliens have breached
the gates of Idabel.
Why are you telling me this?
We've been looking for a
portal, an entity, in this town.
Your son says those aliens
are here to protect it.
- Where is my son?
- He's with my men.
Where are they taking him?
Ma'am, it's a dangerous
situation out there.
Listen, if you take us
to him, keep us safe,
I'll help with anything you need.
Luke trusts me.
[SERGEANT] Kid, are you sure the
aliens are here to protect this thing?
[LUKE] I can see what they see.
They're moving fast.
Where? Which way are they going?
They're going to town.
General, the kid says the
hunter-killers are headed for town.
Get ready. Whatever prep
you need to do, do it now.
[MAYA] Every step, I'll be right here.
You are not alone in there.
If you remember anything, remember that.
We'll be monitoring your systems
and maintaining your
levels if you start to drop.
I I don't know what
will happen up there,
but I know this, Caspar,
what I've known for a long time,
you're a fighter.
So you find ways to survive.
We'll be here to help.
Okay, yeah, this is some
straight up exorcist shit.
If heads start spinning, bro, I am out.
[SERGEANT] I don't see anything.
You still sensing them getting closer?
[TREVANTE] The hell are
they doing with a kid?
What? What is it?
- General, we've got something.
[DISTORTED] Get up. Get
up. Get up, my friend!
They're here.
[SOLDIER] Move! Spread out! Go! Go!
- Move out!
- [TREVANTE] Go! Go!
- [SOLDIER] Move it!
- [SOLDIER 2] Come on! [SHOUTS]
Go, go, go, go!
Trev, stop! Where are you going?
[SHOUTING] Go, go, go!
- [GROANS] Get back.
- No, let me go!
- Get back. Get back.
- Let me go! Do something!
Can you hold them?
[PRISHA] We are with you.
[SERGEANT] Did you do that?
They did.
[BENYA] They have a visual
on the entity in Idabel.
The team is ready. Is she?
Mitsuki? Can you hear me?
They found the portal.
Can you see it? Feel it?
They're everywhere.
- [BENYA] Look for destruction
- [MAYA] Look for destruction
- [BENYA] soldiers, dead aliens.
- [MAYA] soldiers, dead aliens.
I see it.
[MIRA] Her heart rate's more erratic.
EEG's phasing all over the place.
Sphenoidal and suboccipital.
[BENYA] I thought you
said she could do this.
If she can't stabilize herself,
she certainly cannot
stabilize that portal.
This is our chance.
Dr. Castillo, is she ready?
Mitsuki, do you hear me?
I hear you.
I can keep her stable.
Turn my voice to maximum
volume in her ear.
Mitsuki, we can't rely on your
long-term memories to keep you grounded.
I don't know enough about them.
Details, specifics.
But I know all about our memories.
Every moment.
Remember our first time in the Amazon?
I told you to touch the earth.
Remember the feel of the soil?
The way you smiled when the
sun came in through the trees.
The feel of that sun on your skin.
And you said, "When I was
a child, the sun was my "
Favorite star.
Remember the feel of the earth
in your hands and the smell of the rain.
Remember the cool night air
and the sound of the
wind through the trees.
[MISHA] She's at flat baseline.
She's stabilizing. I It worked.
can you still see that portal?
[MAYA] Good.
Now, can you send a signal to open it?
What's it doing?
What's happening?
[CLARK GRUNTS] You okay? You okay, Luke?
[RYDER] How do we stop this?
[SIGHS] Jamila.
You don't need to say anything.
You'll need all your strength
for whatever's up there.
You're not coming?
I done what I set out to do.
- [JAMILA] I found you. Got you here.
The Xylon Queen's gotta
protect her planet, right?
[JAMILA] I'll be with you. Always.
Just like you were with me
when you were on the other side.
Well, I guess I'll
see you in your dreams.
[JAMILA] Yeah.
I'll see you.
I wish things were different.
Make them different.
Go raise some bloody hell up there.
Come on, Casp.
Let's take it to these bastards.
[ESMEE] He's under.
Now it's the WDC's turn.
[IN JAPANESE] Communication
stay with me. I'm here.
[MAYA] Mitsuki, can you still hear me?
- [MISHA] We're losing her again.
- What's happening to them?
- Mitsuki?
Talk to me. Mitsuki?
I, uh I
- Mitsuki?
[PANTING] I can't control it
with you.
You have to let me go.
No more memories. No baseline.
I was the only thing
keeping you grounded.
It's the only way.
To think like them. Be like them.
Let me go.
How is this
W-What's happening?
Are you doing this?
[CLARK] Then what is?
[IN JAPANESE] Let go of the past
Let go of this world
been dormant since the entity died.
I don't understand how
they're back online.
There's no alien consciousness in there.
Yes, there is.
[IN JAPANESE] Let it all go
and go in.
Someone can go in.
We don't know what's in there,
what's up there.
They know what's down here.
[ROSE] Trev.
What's down here is worth saving.
[MIRA] She's on the same frequency.
These readings.
She's accessing its mind.
And losing her own.
We're going to attempt another entry.
Can she keep it steady for this?
Is she stable?
I don't know what she
is, Madam President,
but she's the only chance you have.
So take it now.
You're gonna have to kill me if
you want me to stand down, sir.
You might need this in there.
Are you all right?
I am now.
don't know where you have been
for these last few months.
I have known suffering most of my life.
And I have never asked for your help.
But I am asking now
help us.
We have not always deserved your grace.
We have not always deserved your world.
But we are fighting for it now
all of us, together
And we cannot win
this fight without you.
Please, deliver us this miracle.
You're here.
You made it.
Yeah, I did.
Guess we're partners again, huh?
A little different this time.
You ready?
Let's find out.
Follow me.
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