Invincible (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Here Goes Nothing

Look at that place.
I mean, it's impressive, but, like, who needs that many rooms? It's not about rooms.
It's about power.
That building has one purpose.
To say, "I'm the Queen, and you are my subjects.
" Huh.
You think so? The Queen might look like a nice old lady, but she comes from a long line of tyrants who all thought they were better than the rest of us.
Dad! I didn't know they had Burger Marts here.
You called me Dad.
Go, go, go! Get in there! One team per casualty! -Move it! -Jesus Christ.
What the hell happened here? Applying aqueous sealant.
Is that part of her brain? It's the Green Ghost! Did you find all the pieces? I used to worship this guy as a kid.
Get those on ice.
Cut in the neck now.
Watch out.
Sometimes, it affects the spinal Beginning nano-suscitation.
Locking in neural stabilizer.
Omni-Man's alive! Get out of the way! Hurry up! It's all we can do here.
Get ready for transport.
Go, go, go! Careful.
Don't bump her.
Never seen anything like this.
Goddammit! Hey, Mom.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Just missing your dad.
He didn't come home last night.
Mom, stop worrying.
He probably got buried under a mountain again or something.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time.
Don't be late for school.
Nolan's receiving the absolute pinnacle of care.
As the Global Defense Agency, we have access to medical technology far beyond any normal hospital.
[Mark, quietly.]
Whoa Ah, that's one of our threat-response teams.
They're able to get anywhere We're not in the mood for the tour, Donald.
Sorry, Debbie.
My dad never mentioned you guys.
That's the idea.
We work with superheroes like your father to keep the world safe.
Who knows, maybe someday, we'll even work with Oh, my god, Nolan! Dad! He's gonna be okay, right? We hope so, and our doctors are doing their best, but we don't get a lot of Viltrumites in here.
Who did this? We have no idea.
Not yet, anyway, but we'll find out, and when we do, they're gonna look a hell of a lot worse than your dad right over there.
Cecil Steadman.
Director of the GDA.
Deborah, I'm so sorry.
Cecil, you've got a lot of nerve.
Someone murdered the Guardians of the Globe last night.
Oh, my god.
All of them.
Tore 'em limb from limb.
Now, we tried like hell to bring 'em back, but Nolan was the only survivor.
How is that even possible? We don't know yet.
We also don't know why your dad was at Guardians' HQ.
Now, working theory is, whoever killed the Guardians lured him there, tried to wipe 'em all out at once.
-Why? -Why? Well, that's the easy part.
There isn't a super-villain alive who doesn't want Omni-Man and the Guardians six feet under.
Now, we're keeping this all hush-hush for now, but news will break.
I wanted you and Mark to know first.
Cold towels, and ice water, and have a cot brought in here for me.
Deborah, we've got the best-trained I've patched Nolan up for 20 years, Cecil.
I am not leaving.
Of-of course, Debbie.
Sir There's some kind of attack happening downtown, it seems.
Numerous contacts.
Heavy weaponry.
Multiple casualties.
Now? We're a little understaffed in the hero department.
Holy shit.
Get it together, Mark.
Get it together.
Get in there.
Stop! Get away from those people! Oh, shit.
Get it together.
Help me.
No! It's okay.
It's okay, I'm here.
Are you hurt? Brax moy! Oh! Oh, shit! Oh, my god -Huh? Huh? I don't know who you are, but it's time to go.
Eve, two and a half seconds after this sentence, three enemy tanks will align 50 degrees to your right.
I got it.
Rex civilians in danger to your left.
Uh, yeah, I got eyes, too, Robot.
Dupli-Kate Keep doing what you are doing.
You! Get her to a hospital! We can handle this.
You're Atom Eve What? Just go! Admirable intention, Eve, but I am not positive we can handle this.
Ha! Huh Oh.
Uh, guys? I'm down to pocket change here.
They're killing me faster than I can keep up.
We gave people time to escape.
That's what matters.
Uh, no.
Me living is what matters.
Then I have bad news.
Ah! I don't know what just happened, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say I never want it to happen ever again! Y'ah! Indeed.
Help! Anyone! I need help! Freeze.
She needs a doctor! He's covered in blood.
Come on! Give her to us.
Clamp that vein and get a drip started.
-Prep operating room six.
Yes, doctor.
He's clear.
Mark! I tried my best.
I tried to be like Dad.
It's okay.
Hey! Hey Watch it! Dick Hey, Mark.
Mark! Whoa.
Are you okay? My dad, um he got attacked.
What? You're kidding.
Oh, god, you're not kidding.
Is-Is he okay? What happened? He's in the hospital.
They're doing, uh They're doing their best, but it's It's messed up, William.
He's really hurt.
Jesus, Mark.
I'm so sorry.
Did they catch who did it? No, not yet.
Speaking as someone who's been attacked in this stupid city, I'm here for you.
Whatever you need.
You wanna talk, I'll listen.
You and Debbie need a lasagna, I make a good one.
Actually, I make a great one.
Eve Wilkins What? Um Yeah, that's her.
I need to talk to her.
You and all the other straight boys in a ten-mile radius.
Good luck with that, and didn't you just get your ass kicked last week for Amber Bennett? Eve? Hi, uh Oh, hey.
Mark, right? Grayson, yeah.
Um thanks for saving my butt back there.
Y-Yesterday, I mean.
Yesterday? Oh.
Oh! That was you? In the blue and the yellow? Yeah.
That was me.
I'm, um Invincible.
God, that sounds dumb when I say it like that.
It sounds a little optimistic maybe.
I'm Atom Eve, but the rest of the team just calls me Eve.
So does everyone else.
Right, since it's kind of a normal name, and not something like Invincible? Invincible, yeah.
Do you want to talk about yesterday? You look like you need to talk about yesterday.
I heard he just let Todd hit him.
Like 20 times.
He didn't flinch or anything.
Todd got so freaked out he stayed home for three days.
Are you talking about Mark Grayson? Duh.
Of course, Amber.
You're the reason Todd beat him up again.
I never recognized you before.
No one does.
It's a psychology thing.
If you don't expect to see a superhero in your school, you don't see a superhero in your school.
I even follow Teen Team on Instagram.
That's us.
Everyone's fourth favorite superhero team.
I like you guys way better than Fight Force.
Oh, we're definitely better than Fight Force.
Those guys are the worst.
They got their asses kicked by the Lizard League last year.
Oh, I remember seeing that on TV.
So you're new to this, right? Uh I just got my powers.
That was my first big fight.
Ah, okay.
Explains a lot.
Still, not bad for a rookie.
Are you kidding? I froze out there.
People got hurt.
People escaped because of you, and everyone freezes their first time.
I used to throw up before every fight.
Barf my guts out.
Really? Like a fire hydrant.
You'll get used to it.
The fights, not the barfing.
Ah I just It wasn't what I expected.
I figured I'd punch some aliens, and they'd go home.
It's not how it looks on TV.
No shit.
I charge 250 an hour.
Now I'm kidding.
You are new at this.
Why don't you come by and meet the Team after school? Teen Team? I dunno I heard they were only everyone's fourth favorite.
Meet me out front after class, Invincible.
You kids did good, Robot.
Thank you, Cecil.
It's an honor to assist the Global Defense Agency.
Though your use of the term "kids" might be considered condescending.
But a victory? No.
Do you know how many people died here yesterday? 338 and it only stopped there because whoever the hell those assholes were, ran away.
-The Flaxans.
-What? They call themselves the Flaxans.
I reverse-engineered their language using recordings from the battle.
Any idea why they left just when they were kicking our asses? I have six ideas but I believe that narrows it down to one.
Oxidized and corroded.
For an alloy like this, that should take years.
Time runs faster wherever they come from.
They ran off because they Because they were dying of old age.
Well, if they come back, maybe I'll just evacuate the area and wait till they get cancer.
How did that new kid do? Invincible? He has promise, but he seems unprepared for the more realistic aspects of super-herodom.
Well, he'd better toughen up.
We're gonna need his help.
Why? From one giant shitshow to another.
Give me some good news, Donald.
Whoever did this cut the power and the backup.
They killed the cameras and the security systems.
Forensics, frankly, is stumped.
I told them to start over and try harder.
That's not good news.
That's not good news at all! I asked you for some good news, Donald! Get the hell out.
Come on, you heard the director.
Move it! Come on out.
I know you're there.
Wasn't hiding.
Sir, who the hell Damien Darkblood, demon detective.
Huh Seven superheroes murdered.
Strongest man on the planet almost dead.
No suspects.
No leads.
How does he I don't know.
Demon magic or something.
If you're asking if we need your help Wasn't asking.
Knock yourself out.
Help us solve the case, oh, Great-horned Holmes.
Sir are you sure? You got a problem with the demon? I thought you were an atheist, Donald.
I heard you took a few on the chin for me again.
Oh, hey, Amber.
Uh, yeah, but don't worry, I've got this amazing new strategy for dealing with Todd.
I let him hit me until he gets bored and goes home.
Hmm nice.
He'll never see it coming.
Unfortunately, neither will your face.
Eh, people always told me I was too pretty anyway.
I gotta run.
Catch you later? Ready? Try to keep up.
Eve? Eve! Whoa! Shit! Oof! Okay.
Let's try this again.
Follow me.
Now what? Oh! Cool.
Ha! Babe.
Oh, hey! It's the iceman.
Rex Couldn't have won that fight without you.
Oh! Except we did.
They got old.
And ran away.
Still counts.
Welcome, Invincible.
My name is Robot.
Apologies for Rex Splode.
He's Unbelievably awesome.
And rude.
And bored of this.
I'm Dupli-Kate.
Which one of you do I look at when we talk? Hey, Robot, find anything at the site? The Flaxans come from a dimension with a faster temporal rate.
As a result, the tachyons they emit spin more rapidly than our own.
I've created this detector to warn us if they return.
Ah, because we almost missed all the explosions and the screaming and the chaos.
It should give us a few minutes of early warning.
Cecil and the GDA have also requested to call on us for any possible emergencies.
Since the Guardians are apparently indisposed, Invincible, may we count on you in the future? You sure you want my help? Yeah, I mean, of course.
Just text me, I guess.
Oh, right, you need my number.
I know you don't like teams much, but they were all pretty cool.
Except Rex Splode.
I do not know what that guy's problem is.
I think he and Eve are a thing maybe.
Who's Eve? Uh No one.
Just-just a friend.
Did you find the dinners in the freezer? Yeah.
Thanks, Mom.
Oh, Mark, I'm sorry.
I've been so focused on your dad that I've forgotten about you.
Are you okay? Donald said you saved a lot of lives.
It was just, um harder than I thought.
Dad didn't talk about this part of being a superhero.
Your dad's good at a lot of things.
Talking about his feelings isn't one of them but we can talk.
Is, uh is she okay? Her name's Maya.
Doesn't she have any family? We've contacted them, yes, but this is a secure facility.
She's not strong enough for us to transfer her to a normal hospital.
But she'll be okay? Well, it's too soon to tell, but I hope so.
Whoo! Is this supposed to be doing that? Huh? We're just friends.
Will you stop saying that? It's like you're trying to jinx any chance you have of dating Eve.
A day ago, you said I had no chance! That was before everyone saw you leave school with her yesterday.
Everyone saw that? It doesn't matter.
She already has a boyfriend.
So? You can be more awesome than him and take his place.
That's how dating works! Why are you so intimidated by her? Other than she's amazing and you're kinda basic? Thanks for that, William.
I gotta go.
Go? Go where? You know what, I don't care.
It's probably somewhere you'll be alone forever.
Is Mark dating Eve Wilkins? I wish! I-I mean, no.
Definitely not.
She's got a boyfriend.
He is super available.
Want his number? I'll write it down for you.
Uh, where are you guys coming from? Um, we go to the same high-school, Rex.
Oh, you do, do you? Um, yeah, we do.
Must be nice.
You know who never got to go to high school? Me.
We know.
It shows.
I'd appreciate everyone's attention on the matter at hand.
Guess who's back.
They're not getting old, Robot.
Why aren't they getting old? They seem to have discovered a way to resist our time stream.
In three days? Three days for us.
Decades for them.
Who cares? I bet their bones still break.
So do ours! Ready for this? Yeah.
I think so.
Ah! Orep udea! Hey, don't do that! Run! Whew Y'ah! Ah! Ugh! Xopa moy.
They seem to have spent their time wisely.
Eve! No, don't! Don't.
Don't! No! I said, no! Brax moy! Invincible! Eve! You okay? The wristbands protect them from our timestream.
Destroy their wristbands.
What? All of them? Y'ah! Y'ah! 49,000 kilohertz.
Keep them off meeee eeeeee Right back 'atcha, buddy.
Way to go psycho there, Invincible.
I take back everything I said about you before, and I said a lot.
I don't know what happened.
I got mad I guess? Don't get me wrong, that was amazing, but also the scariest thing I've ever seen.
Just don't ever point that at me, okay? Don't listen to Rex.
You did great.
That's what I said, Eve.
God, my back.
Can I get a massage? Anybody? Just a little rub? Everything okay? I gotta go.
Oh, no, that's fine.
We'll handle the clean-up.
Asshole! Oh! Mark! -Hey, son.
-Dad! Ow! Ribs Careful! You're going to put him in a coma again.
You're okay! No, he's not, but he is okay enough to come home.
Mom says you've been keeping the planet safe for me.
Mom's exaggerating.
Tell me everything.
What hospital did they move Maya to? No, they said she'd recover.
It's part of the job.
Come on, let's go home.
I'm dying for some real food.
Hey, I need my costume back.
I don't care how torn up it is.
It's classified, and I want it back.
Go get it.
Where are the Guardians of the Globe? There's been no sign of the iconic heroes for over a week, leaving the local champions to pick up the slack.
It's like you're not even trying.
And now you're trying too hard.
Slow down.
Don't hit me where I am, hit me where I'm going Thanks for the tip.
You know, you have to be able to take a hit, too.
Nolan! Oh, great.
We picked this up near Mars an hour ago.
Moving fast.
He's back.
15 minutes till he's breathing our air.
I wouldn't ask, Nolan, but with the Guardians gone I'll stop him.
Who's he? Nolan's been home a week, and you want to send him to space? No.
No way.
He doesn't work for you.
Sweetie There's no one else, Debbie.
I'll go.
-Sweetie -I said, no.
You're still injured.
I'll go.
-What? -Why not? He's not that tough.
Mark can take him.
Oh, wonderful.
That's your solution? Could you define "not that tough"? Just knock some sense into the guy and throw him back where he came from.
How do I breathe in space? That's the neat thing.
You don't.
12 minutes.
Okay Hey, you're early! And you shaved your mustache.
Stay away from my planet! Not bad, but if you're trying to tackle me into something, your moon is that way! Why can I hear you in my head? Where else do you keep your brain? That's what you call protecting your planet? I am sad for your people! Are you sure you're the same guy I fought here three years ago? What? No, I'm not the same guy! Well, sucks to be you then.
Ah, my eye! Really? -You tried this already.
-Huh? Ha! Maybe you'll do after all.
What are you talking about? Wait! Stop! I Hold on, I just wanna I wanna talk! Are you using your time out? I get a time out? Why do I get a time out? Hey, I didn't invent the rules.
What rules? I don't even know who you are! Oh.
You don't? All right, um I'm an evaluation officer for the Coalition of Planets.
I drop by little dirtballs like yours to make sure there's someone capable of defending them against, you know, planet-conquering monsters, things of that nature.
I literally have no idea what any of that means.
Well, I don't know what to tell you, man.
Your planet signed up for the program.
See? Request from Urath for evaluation.
Urath! This is Earth! Earth? Yes! Not Urath? No.
Is that with an "E" or a "U"? "E"! Oh, I'm in so much trouble.
Well, thanks for letting me know.
I'm Allen, by the way.
Oh, yeah? A little optimistic, isn't it? Yeah, I know.
I just fought you, and I think you're quite "vincible.
" Okay, well, as long as I don't get fired, I'll see you around, Invincible.
Sorry about all the you know.
What the hell was that? Wow.
Before I go I already told you everything I remember.
Right, just go over it for me one more time.
I got a distress call from the Guardians, but when I arrived, everything seemed fine.
Then the lights went out and someone attacked me.
I fought with them until I passed out.
Woke up in your hospital.
That's it.
That's it? Hmm.
Must have been a pretty tough bastard to take you down.
I've never seen you lose like that before.
Do you have any leads yet? Someone thinks they're too clever for us.
They all think that at first.
Oh, my God! Ow! Oh, great.
Excuse you.
Look, Todd.
Why don't we just Shut it, Grayson! -I'm sorry.
-What? I'm sorry I kicked your ass.
I don't know what you're saying.
I'm sorry I kicked your ass, okay? Oh.
Thanks, I guess? Amber Bennett also wants to know -if you'd like her number.
-What? Do you want Amber's phone number, nerd! Yes, but why are you Because she found some old photos of me, okay? Photos she said she'd delete if I did this one stupid thing, and then never talked to you again.
Have a crappy life with her.
You both suck.
Photos of what, Todd? Don't push your luck, Grayson.
Amber? I-I mean, uh, hello? Brax moy! I have bad news.
Oh! Robot's got bad news, everybody.
Did ya hear that? Hey, Robot, what's the bad news? There are too many of them, their technology has advanced too far, and they've rendered themselves immune to our time stream.
We should consider the city lost.
I will contact Cecil and suggest a nuclear response.
What? No! No way! We're not nuking anyone, Robot, and we're not giving up.
What are we, Fight Force? I love you, man, but sometimes, you've got a screw loose.
I don't use screws.
My fastenings are all magnetic interlocks.
Oh! Invincible! Ah! Help.
Are you okay, Mark? My turn.
H'ah! H'ah! Juti urec! Laji moy! Dad! Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! Omni-Man's your dad? What happened? Dad saved us from the Flaxans but he went into one of their portals.
So he'll be late for dinner? I was worried before because I've never seen your father so badly hurt, but taking on aliens in another dimension? That's just Tuesday.
I'm sure he's explaining nicely why they should leave us alone.
You don't seem to understand.
Earth isn't yours to conquer.
I need a shower.
Dad! I'm-I'm at a loss for how to report this, but the Guardians of the Globe are dead.
Get an extraction team out there now.
Tell the French President we have it covered.
I need the room.
Now! Well? Enlighten me.
Know one thing for sure.
No one else at scene of murders.
Only Guardians.
Which means killer must be one of them.
One of them? There's a hundred super-villains who don't leave a trace.
Who turn into smoke, or living electricity, or only exist in dreams.
I know.
You don't listen to me.
You listen! Now, you mention your idiotic thoughts to anyone, and I mean anybody, I'll make sure they're the last thoughts you ever have.
You understand me? Now, get out.
Get out! Before I send you back to hell myself.
Blind old man.
Put an A-6 surveillance team on the Graysons.
Sir? The killer's still out there, Donald.
Might decide to finish the job.
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