Invincible (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out

It's about time.
Try it a little more like this.
Did you maybe push too far? Are you questioning me? No one else at scene of murders, only Omni-Man.
Put an A-6 surveillance team on the Graysons.
I was thinking finals are coming up, maybe we could go over everything together.
Works for me.
Today, we have lost Titans.
It is my pleasure to introduce the new Guardians of the Globe.
We have a benefactor, it seems.
I'd say I'll miss you, brother, but I can always make another one.
What are you doing in my house? Seeking clues.
Debbie? You all right? I'm fine.
Your men are too slow.
The desert is unforgiving, Zaeim.
Heh, not as much as what's under it.
Out of my way! Master soon, you will once again teach this world what it means to truly suffer.
Help me! My God he's resurrecting Ka-Hor.
Gain some altitude! You're messing up the desert.
Huh? Uh sorry.
And pick up the pace.
You need to push yourself if you want to build speed and endurance.
I can't believe I still have to exercise.
What, you thought being a Viltrumite was easy? Show off.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Okay, okay, let's take a break.
Now you're talking.
Last one to Mount Everest does the dishes for a week.
Go! Yeah! Wait where's Mount Everest? It's the high one! Whoa! Take deep breaths, buddy.
The air's thin up here.
No kidding What the fuck? Hi.
It's okay.
I'm Sometimes, I forget how beautiful this planet can be.
Too bad the human race is hell-bent on destroying it.
Good thing they got us, right? Huh.
Yeah, I guess.
So, is Viltrum that different? Oh, it's very different.
We've ended wars all over the universe, brought peace to thousands of galaxies, lifted alien races out of the mud and into the future.
It's why I'm here on Earth.
It's why you're here.
I still can't believe you left everything to come help a planet you'd never even seen before.
I told you, I was part of the world betterment committee.
Yeah, I know, but that's still not a reason.
Well, when your grandparents died, I was lost for a long time.
They were the only family I had.
Coming here felt like a chance to build something new.
You mean, like with Mom? Yeah, your mom changed everything.
She turned this place from a job to a home.
Then you came along and changed it all again.
I don't know if I could do that.
Do what? Leave everything behind.
Hey, keeping the universe safe, living up to our people's heritage, it takes sacrifice, Mark.
That's what I'm trying to teach you.
I get that.
All right, one more round, huh? Last one home takes out the garbage for a month Ha, ha, ha! Ha Ah, man Lies! The GDA are snakes.
They don't care about us, or my poor Josef.
Olga No Olga.
I am Russian, my dear, I know how governments work, and yours is no different.
Cecil's searching for the killer Is he? No one is in jail.
No one is on the news.
They know who did this, and they don't care.
Why wouldn't they care? I don't know, but I can tell when people are lying, and people are lying about this, which is why I'm moving back to Moscow, to my family.
You can help me sell my house.
Uh, yes, absolutely.
Olga Did Josef ever lie to you? Of course, all heroes do, but I only made the mistake of believing him once.
When he told me everything was going to be fine.
Boy, I am going to love not taking out the garbage for a month.
Yeah, yeah, quit rubbing it in.
So, I spent all day teaching our son to break the sound barrier.
Turns out the only motivation he needed was getting ready for a hot date.
A date? Hold up.
Tell me everything.
It's not a date.
Amber and I are just hanging out.
Hanging out? Wow.
Try not to sweep the girl off her feet too much.
Guess where they're going? Out.
Ooh, out.
Every woman's favorite destination for a romantic evening.
I don't even know what we're doing.
She planned the whole thing.
Oh, a take-charge girl.
I like that.
Are you both finished? 'Cause I have six time zones to wash off.
What say we go out, too, huh? Can't let a couple of teenagers show us up.
Olga wants me to sell her house.
Ah, the poor woman's barely holding it together.
She thinks there's a conspiracy around the murders.
Ah, she needs to quit drinking.
Nolan What? You remember last year's Christmas party.
She was a wreck.
Mm This is, like, all the best desserts in one.
Right? I ate way too many of them in the Philippines last summer.
What were you doing there? Helping build schools.
It was one of those group volunteer things.
How was that? It felt so good, and it just made me realize that we're in a total bubble that keeps us from seeing what the world's actually like.
How about you? You done any traveling? Uh, well I've been to Mount Everest.
What? You're kidding.
No, I, uh, visited with my dad.
A father-son trip thing.
That's unbelievable.
How did you like Nepal? Or did you go through China? Uh Wow, those are cool boxes.
They're called "bauls.
" Um, "b-a-u-l" baul.
I wanted to bring one home from the Philippines, but they don't exactly fit in a backpack.
Maybe this is your lucky Oh, my God, look at how cute those are.
Those are rice separators.
And so reasonably priced.
Just imagine all the rice you're gonna separate now.
What exactly do you separate it from? Wondered if you'd come.
You were in my house.
You frightened my wife.
You murdered seven people.
Maybe it was you.
Maybe you came to finish the job you started with the Guardians.
You're the demon after all.
Hmm and demons know evil when they see it.
If you threaten my family again with your conspiracy theory bullshit You'll kill me? I won't have to.
Who do you think they're gonna believe? Me or you.
Won't give up, Nolan.
Can't hide truth.
Wife already suspects.
How long until son does, too? Go fuck yourself, Darkblood.
This'll do.
Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Don't-don't-don't- don't get captured Ca-ca-ca-captured Don't-don't-don't don't-don't-don't Don't get-get-get Get-get-get-get-get Good day from the house of the haunted Get a job, get a house get a coffin Don't stray from the path Remain where you at That maximizes our profit Is that blunt? Oh well, hell, so's this boot We live to hear you say Please don't shoot A pure delight c'mon, make my night till your last sane thought take flight What a great sight what a job, what a good life The more we act wrong the more we are right There you are.
Some call it work but it's more like an art We just paint the walls with your heart And we better not catch you He in here, me in here we in here Don't get captured No cryin' here Just do your dirt and disappear Don't get captured Then lay it low take it slow, and reappear Don't get captured Hello, brother.
You must be hungry.
Don't get captured Don't get captured See you soon.
Hey, Tin-man! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, were you napping? I was defragmenting, Rex.
Okay, well, quit it.
You don't want to miss this.
Welcome to our new digs, baby.
I can't believe I'm actually here.
Good to be home again.
If I have to hear one more time about how you're an original member of the Guardians of the Globe You'll do what, exactly? I dunno, probably explode something.
Ooh! Maybe your nuts? Is it weird that I'm nervous? No.
I am, too.
Pick up your jaws.
You're not tourists.
This isn't a holy site.
This is your job.
The sooner you get up to speed, the sooner people stop dying.
Hey, Cecil.
Uh you missed a spot? Left that one there as a reminder.
When you prove yourselves worthy of the heroes who came before you, it'll get cleaned off.
Until then, stare at it whenever you think you're hot shit.
Sir, Omni-Man is here.
He's asking to see you.
Settle in.
We'll talk later.
We're cool, right? What? Oh, you mean after you knocked out three of my teeth and gave me a concussion in front of the entire superhero community? Mm, you did kinda ask for it.
Yeah I guess I did, but you know what, all those other heroes, total assholes anyway.
Huge assholes, right? Oh, yeah, gaping, dirty, filthy assholes Okay, that's fine.
Rex, please do not allow your personal and professional lives to intersect.
Alienating Atom Eve was the direct result of your lapse in judgment.
Do not repeat it with Monster Girl.
Tell you what, when you grow a pair, Robot, you can tell me how to swing mine.
This isn't relationship advice, Rex.
This is an order.
What, are you crazy, man? She looks like she's 14! Besides, now that I'm a Guardian, I can bang anyone I want.
I'm glad we have an understanding.
Ow! What the hell? Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have pinched a nerve.
I forget how soft humans are.
Hey, you've been working all night.
You're one to talk.
Where were you? Eh, the usual.
Teaching someone a lesson.
How about we go to bed? Nolan Okay, what's going on? Nothing.
Just work stuff.
Come on, you're the wife of the most powerful man on Earth.
You shouldn't have to deal with work stuff.
Did you seriously say that? What? I'm not just your wife, Nolan.
That's why I deal with work stuff.
I like dealing with work stuff.
Yeah, and I love that about you Oh, please, don't give me that shit.
Shh Don't you dare shush me Nolan! No Nolan.
I meant to teleport to your front door, but this thing isn't exactly Swiss in its precision.
I almost killed you.
Yeah, I noticed.
Didn't expect you on me so fast.
Yeah, I'm a little jumpy.
Maybe you can understand that.
Why are you here, Cecil? That was the best night of my life.
I mean, no one's done a study yet, but I feel safe going out on a limb here and Too much? Yeah but I like it.
I expect to feel the same way next time.
When you plan the date.
That sounds like a commitment to a second date? Let's do this right let's do this right Let's go to paradise This shit feel like Friday nights Goodnight, Mark Grayson.
Feel like we in paradise Paradise Yes! Whoo-hoo! But I swear I've never loved you more Hey Uh, what's going on? NASA's about to launch the first manned mission to Mars.
Yeah, I saw that.
It's cool.
I need your father to shadow the mission and make sure nothing goes wrong.
Only, he won't do it.
I'm busy training my son, Cecil, and with the Guardians gone, I'm needed here on Earth.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to get rid of me.
It's because of the Guardians' massacre that I want you on this mission.
The planet needs a win right now, and this is it.
You think people are gonna care about Mars if there's an attack on Earth, and I'm not here to save them? I think they're gonna care if the first four people to walk on another world end up dying there.
My priority is to my family and this planet.
End of story.
I guess this is the part where I volunteer? I mean, that's what happened last time you came here asking Dad to go to space.
Yeah, that was the moon, Mark.
That hardly counts as space You were just teaching me I've got responsibilities.
Isn't this one of them? Your responsibilities are bigger than four astronauts, and Cecil didn't ask you to go.
He asked me.
If the kid wants to go, he'd be doing humanity a favor.
Debbie, help me out here.
I don't like Mark missing school, but I can't think of a better reason than keeping people safe.
How much school am I really gonna miss? I can zip up to Mars and be back tomorrow.
The fact that you don't know how far away Mars is, is exactly why you shouldn't be missing school.
It's a two-week mission.
Two weeks? Dad's right, I'm not ready.
Things with Amber are going really well.
Sweetheart Lots of people are going to tell you how to use your powers, but it's up to you to make these decisions.
You need to decide what kind of hero you want to be.
I'll do it.
Well, pack a lunch, kid.
You leave tomorrow.
Sir, we wanted Nolan off-planet so we could investigate him for the murders without arousing his suspicion.
What does sending Mark away get us? A chance to see what this kid can do, and more importantly, if his heart's in the right place.
And if it isn't? One nightmare scenario is enough to worry about right now, Donald.
I don't want to lie to Amber, but I can't tell her the truth either.
This is why dating regular people is a pain in the ass.
Sure, but it's not like dating Rex worked out Changing the subject now.
As much as I'd love to help with your very special crisis, I've got my own crap to deal with now.
I'll make you a deal.
You help me with my Amber stuff, I'll help you with your Rex stuff It's not just Rex, Mark.
It's everything.
It's my parents, and school, and college, and I don't know if being a superhero is what I want to do right now.
But what else would you do? I don't know.
That's the problem.
I guess If you need anything or want to talk about it, I'm here.
After I get back from Mars, I mean.
Look, once you tell someone your secret identity, that's it.
So if you're going to tell Amber the truth, you'd better be serious about her.
Are you serious about her, Mark? the weather continues to hold and we've been told everything's looking good as we enter the last few minutes before the launch of the Mars mission shuttle.
Mark? I figured you'd need something to store your rice separator in, and I found some extra change in the couch, so That's very thoughtful.
Thank you.
Come on in.
Listen, um, Amber.
I'm, uh I'm You're what? Volunteering, just like you.
I'm-I'm going away and helping people for two weeks.
What? Like far away.
Well, that's great.
When? just under 60 seconds to launch Um Any minute now.
-For real? -More or less.
Where are you going? You know, it's desert-y.
Hardly anyone goes there, um There's almost no buildings or anything.
You don't know where you're going? I signed up last minute.
the firing sequence is armed and ready Amber, you're incredible, and you make me want to be a better person, so at the risk of sounding totally desperate, please don't lose interest in me while I'm gone.
I figure you've banked about two weeks of interest Ten, nine, eight, seven Maybe three.
six, five, four, three I'll bring you back a souvenir! two, one And we have lift-off of the Mars mission.
An international exploration of the red planet that will broaden humanity's knowledge in ways we can only imagine.
Cutting it close, kid.
I'm here, aren't I? Yeah, you are.
Okay, first thing, stay out of sight unless something goes wrong.
This is supposed to be a win for human spaceflight.
I'm a ghost.
Second, the main reason you're on this mission is the Martians What, there are Martians? Where'd you think Martian Man came from, Jupiter? Uh, I never thought about it.
We don't know much about 'em, but we know they live underground and keep to themselves.
You shouldn't have any trouble.
Just keep an eye out.
Way to bury the lede, Cecil.
Actually the lede is "Make sure our astronauts get home safe.
Humanity's counting on you.
" Ugh.
It's a waste of Mark's time.
It was his decision, and I'm proud of him.
Isn't this what superpowers are for? He doesn't understand his responsibilities.
He's 17, Nolan.
He hasn't had responsibilities before now.
You know, ever since Mark got his powers, you've been different.
I'm trying to teach him.
You've been distant, annoyed at everything, and you've been mean.
I've been under a lot of stress! You've been talking about home.
You never talk about home.
I want Mark to know his people.
I don't even know your people.
I've never even met another Viltrumite.
I've told you You-you've told me stories, yes, but that's not the same.
You're hiding something from me, and it hurts.
Okay, I'm-I'm sorry.
I didn't I'm not You're not what? I never thought I would have a family, and then you came along, and I love you and Mark so much, but when I see Mark with his powers, and after what happened to the Guardians, I'm terrified I could lose everything.
Me too.
So what do we do? Well, Mark's gone for two weeks.
And? Remember our first trip together? Nolan, I I told Olga I'd sell her house.
Her house will still be here when we get back.
Hey, you asked me what we do.
We do this.
Pack a lunch, my ass.
Sweetie L'Osteria Donato! I can't believe it's still here! Oh, we'll never get in.
I made reservations.
You never make reservations.
Whoa We are down, Houston.
It's a beautiful day on Mars, and a beautiful accomplishment for all humankind.
[Astronaut #2.]
Nice job, Hank.
Did you guys see that? See what? Eh, never mind.
Ah, maybe not the best color scheme for this mission.
Gah this sucks.
Maybe they have a charger in the shuttle? What? Shit Julius Caesar, one of Earth's greatest conquerors, reduced to that.
I think Caesar's doing just fine history-wise.
Yeah, I suppose.
God, this takes me back It was only a few years ago.
Our first date was 20 years ago, Nolan.
Mostly, I remember you dumping me right after.
Well, yeah, because you were a dick.
Come on, I flew you to Rome.
Yeah, and you expected me to worship you because of it.
I was new here.
I got better.
You know what, you only got a second date because I saw you save those kids on the news.
I'm glad we came.
But you still feel something's wrong.
Don't you? I don't know if it's what happened to the Guardians, or Mark, or if it's just us, but I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, and I'm the only one of us who can't fly.
I haven't been honest with you, Debbie.
About what? About the murders.
Nolan? Cecil thinks I had something to do with what happened to the Guardians.
But you didn't.
I'm the only survivor, and I'm not human, and Cecil's never liked me.
You have to talk to him.
I've tried.
This could get bad.
Oh, god What do we do? We stay together as a family.
You, me, and Mark.
All you have to do is trust me.
Nolan! Do you trust me, Debbie? There's-there's a dragon behind you! Please.
Do you trust me? I trust you.
You have no idea how much I needed to hear you say that.
Okay, now do something! I'm on vacation with my beautiful wife.
Let Cecil earn his paycheck.
Hmm Hmm Hmm You can come out.
I'm not hiding.
Nolan warned us about you.
Shouldn't have any trouble.
Martians live underground.
Hmm No, no, no, no! Ah, Jesus The hell? Huh? Do not move, human.
Whoa! Hold on! I'm-I'm not here to hurt anyone, okay? I'm just here looking for, uh You guys need to keep your dogs on a leash! I assume those are, like, Martian dogs, or something? You are unaffected by the sequids? No, I am very affected by them.
I can still taste them.
The other humans, in white, are they like you? The astronauts? I mean, kinda, but not exactly.
Wait, you know where they are? And you speak English? We speak Martian.
Welcome to Mars, Earth-man.
Thanks for having me Mars-man.
Your Highness? What is your purpose here? It's funny, uh, I was sent to protect some of my fellow Earth-men on a mission to your lovely planet, and if they don't get back in one piece, I'm really gonna look like a dick.
Oh, hey, guys.
Uh, yeah, we don't know who that is.
It was a secret mission.
Well, you suck at it then.
Mistakes were made, but everything's back on track, so if you don't mind, we'll get out of your, um, hair, and maybe keep your little squid-dogs under control this time? The sequids are the very reason I captured your people.
They are a world-destroying race who left a trail of destruction across the universe, before crashing onto our planet.
Alone, their group mind is scattered and weak, but with an appropriate host, they become unified and unstoppable.
Our shape-changing abilities let us resist them, but if a single sequid fuses with one of your people, they would rise up as one and savage Mars, and soon after, Earth.
Tell me, Earth-man, how are you able to resist them? I'm part Viltrumite.
Ever heard of us? I am the Emperor of Mars! Of course, I've heard of you! Okay, well then, you know we like to help out wherever we can, which is why I was sent to protect these astronauts, so if you're all good, we'll finish our science and head home Impossible! The humans are scheduled for immediate execution.
We cannot risk them coming in contact with a sequid.
I understand.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Grab hands! Move, move, move! -Coolant levels.
-Check! -Oxygen levels.
Fuck it! Let's do this.
Ha, ha, ha! Huh? Um, okay.
Can I lift that? I think I can lift that.
Ow! Shit! Ow! Ow! Come on, guys! No hard feelings, right? I'm gonna take a rock if that's okay.
Yeah? I've been wanting to go to Mars since I was a kid.
Now I never want to go back.
Never would be too soon.
the world's spirits were raised as the first men and women to walk on another planet returned home after a by-the-book mission Oh, hey, you're back early.
Uh how was Mars? By the looks of it, less eventful than whatever was happening here.
We'd love to hear more over dinner.
Sweetie? We're having chicken.
Mark! That's the response I was hoping for.
Wait, you were gone? So, how was it? Well, mostly boring.
Encountered some local wildlife.
Met the king, kind of a jerk.
Oh, but I did actually help people.
Not sure how grateful they were, but whatever.
That is a strangely non-specific story.
Check it out, I got you something.
Ooh, I've always wanted one of these.
It's, um Ugh! What do they call them? A Rock.
rock? And not just any rock.
A M-earth rock.
It's an Earth rock.
Whoa even more impressive.
Yeah, just make sure you never show it to any geologists, or anyone who knows anything about rocks.
They might tell you something crazy.
Well, thank you.
For the beautiful, regular Earth rock.
Guess what Donald found when we searched your office? Hmm Disappointment? Dried blood.
Not much, but enough to run for DNA.
The Guardians.
Didn't kill Guardians.
Didn't try to kill Nolan.
I know.
But I have to do this anyway.
Why? Because you didn't listen to me when I told you to drop the goddamn case.
Can't excise me.
Destroyed the book you need for ritual centuries ago.
The Demonius Ex Mortum? I had a few of my guys reconstruct it.
They used artificial intelligence to figure out the missing words.
Technology, am I right? "Dominari daemonium meam.
Mitte ad inferos" Never thought you'd be the one to protect him.
See, that's the problem with demons, you only see good and evil.
Black and white.
Well, I need to keep things gray until I can figure out why Nolan killed the Guardians and how to stop him.
Say I'd see you in Hell, but there's a worse place waiting for you.
daemonium meam ad inferos Um Oh, now you care about the demon? He's not dead, he's just back in hell.
Isn't Isn't that worse? This place is amazing.
Why did they decide to sell? The wife had an opportunity abroad.
Oh, that's nice.
I think we want it.
I'll start the paperwork.
Finally, phase one begins.
I know.
Two more sales and I'll break the monthly record.
If anyone can do it, it's you.
Oh, did you talk to Cecil? Yeah, get this, some new evidence came up, and apparently, I'm in the clear.
He even apologized.
Cecil never apologizes.
I know.
So nothing to worry about.
Everything's fine.
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