Invincible (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

It's Been a While

Time to push my baby bird
out of the nest.
[Séance Dog]
Mark Grayson, I need your help.
My name is Nuolzot.
I am from the planet Thraxa.
I have to go away
for a few weeks, to space again.
[phone beeps]
Amber, I, um, I love you.
[Carol] We're not that different
from other support groups.
[Louise] It's about time
someone cut through
all the red tape
and did something.
[Eve's dad] Your powers don't
make you a hero.
They make you dangerous.
- Donald?
- Wonder what that was about.
Just had half my body melted
helping you mutilate yourself. [grunting]
[Allen] Thaedus thinks there's a mole.
[Thaedus] Forgive me, Allen.
[Debbie] I can't heal
'cause he murdered Alana
and the other Guardians
and almost killed my son.
I didn't know who he was.
You should have.
[Nolan] Hello, son.
It's been a while.
[Mark groaning]
- Dad?
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[Nick Cave: "Avalanche"]
I stepped into an avalanche ♪
It covered up my soul ♪
When I am not
this hunchback that you see ♪
I sleep beneath
the golden hill ♪
You who wish to conquer pain ♪
You must learn ♪
Learn to serve me well ♪
You strike my side
by accident ♪
As you go down for your goal ♪
The cripple here
that you clothe and feed ♪
Is neither starved or cold ♪
He does not ask
for your company ♪
Not at the center ♪
The center of ♪
The world ♪
When I am on a pedestal ♪
You did not raise me there ♪
Your laws do not compel me
now ♪
To kneel grotesque and bare ♪
I, myself, am the pedestal ♪
For this ugly hump
at which you stare ♪
You who wish to conquer pain ♪
You must learn
what makes me kind ♪
The crumbs of love
that you offer me ♪
They're the crumbs
I've left behind ♪
[Thraxan captain] Wait!
I don't know who you are,
but we owe you our lives.
Won't you stay?
Tell us your name.
Uh, where you come from.
[wind whistling]
[Nolan] Hello, son.
- It's been a while.
- Dad?
[breathes shakily]
[grunts softly]
[sighs softly]
I missed you.
This was all you?
- Bringing me here?
- Yes.
The Thraxans told me
that they needed my help.
- They do need your help.
- Why?
It's complicated.
Come with me and
No, why would you
lie to me again?
- You killed thousands of people.
- Yes.
Why would you think
I'd ever want to see you again?
You called Mom a pet.
- [sighs]
- Mark, I need your help.
I can't believe
you put them up to this.
- Made them lie to me, too.
- Just listen.
I don't have to listen
to anything you say.
Mark. Look
I made a mistake.
And I've thought about you
every day since
- A mistake?!
- Son
No, you don't get
to call me that anymore!
What do you want me to say,
You could have started
with "I'm sorry."
You know what?
Don't bother, all right?
It wouldn't mean anything
I hope you like it here
with your new friends.
I guess they don't know you
the way that I do.
Fuck you.
You'll never make it home
on your own.
- Watch me.
- Mark, it's millions of miles,
and you don't know the way.
Navigation was never
your strong suit.
Come back and we'll talk.
And what are you gonna do
if I don't?
Knock all my teeth out again?
I'll get you a ship home,
but there's something
you need to see first.
Nuolzot wasn't lying to you.
His people do need your help.
Let me tell you why.
I don't care.
I know that's not true.
Five minutes.
For them, not you.
[indistinct chatter nearby]
[Mark] So, you conquered this
place instead of Earth. Great.
I didn't conquer the Thraxans.
They asked me to be
their emperor.
Emperor, conqueror,
what's the difference?
Mark, welcome to our home.
My husband's told me
so much about you.
What the fuck is going on?
Did I misspeak?
I know this comes as a surprise.
No shit I'm surprised.
You're married to Mom.
I can't go back to Earth, Mark.
Not ever.
- The life I had there is over.
- [groans softly]
[sighs] Oh, okay.
All right,
you're all done with Mom
and all done with Earth.
Good to know.
Super glad you got to show me
how great your life is
without us.
That's not
what I wanted to show you.
[inhales sharply]
What else could you possibly
- Who is that?
- This is your little brother.
Uh, you got to be

fucking kidding me!
[Blondshell: "Olympus"]
I'd still kill for you ♪
I'd die to spend the night
at your belonging ♪
All my friends think
that I've lost it ♪
Up at Olympus,
miss your house still ♪
Sounds like birds
and smells like vodka ♪
You're always
off your rocker ♪
I want to save myself ♪
You're part of my addiction ♪
I just keep you
in the kitchen ♪
While I burn ♪
Burn, burn ♪
Burn, burn ♪
Why me?
You could have taken Earth
whenever you wanted.
Why did you marry me?
Was it just to be cruel?
Just to hurt someone?
Everything we built, 20 years,
and none of it was real.
None of it.
You weren't real.
Only Mark.
And you almost took him, too.
I never knew you at all, did I?
I never even fucking knew you.
Why me?
[Maulers grunting]
Welcome to the world
of the living, clone.
Not this time.
No, no, no. I was there.
I remember the machine,
Angstrom, the explosion.
Of course you do.
You have all of my memories,
my experiences because
I'm the clone.
For the first time, we know
exactly who's the original
- and who's the inferior.
- [groans]
This is going to be
so much better.
[dog barking in distance]
[doorbell rings]
Debbie, it's-it's Donald.
[sighs heavily] Hmm.


[grunts softly]
[William laughs]
And the craziest thing is,
the prof doesn't even
take attendance.
You can show up, not show up,
sleep in.
- It's like they're
- Treating us like adults?
You know you're paying
to be here, right?
You sure know how to take
the fun out of skipping classes.
[Eve] Amber!
Hey, William!
Oh, my gosh, Eve.
- [Amber chuckles]
- Hey, it's my favorite non-superhero superhero.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, it's okay.
Hey, I-I tried texting Mark,
but they're not going through.
Do you guys know where he is?
About that.
Remember Séance Dog?
Turns out, he's a talking
alien bug from another planet.
Who knew? Not this guy.
Mark's away on a mission
or something in space.
He was in a hurry, so I didn't
get much of an explanation.
That was a week ago.
Perils of dating a superhero,
right? [chuckles]
He's lucky he's cute.
You sure you're okay?
It's [sighs]
It's been a long week.
Come on. Let's go grab
a coffee and catch up.
Hey, don't you guys have class?
William was just telling me
that the best part of college
- is skipping it.
- It totally is.
It's super freeing, like
wearing pants with no underwear.
Amber, William, you guys coming?
No, I'm fine.
You guys should go.
Tomorrow morning, brunch. Okay?
Do not tell us no.
- Meet us at the dorms, like 9:00?
- Sure. I'd like that.
Your tree house is,
like, miles away.
Do you need somewhere to crash?
No, I keep a place in the city.

I-I don't
I don't even know what to say.
A new wife, a kid.
You just replaced us,
except, you know, bugs.
That's not true.
Mom's going through hell
back on Earth,
and you were getting it on
with a grasshopper
- two seconds after you left.
- It wasn't like that.
He's way older than six months,
which means you were
Thraxan biology is
different than ours.
I didn't replace you, Mark,
or your mother.
I was lost when I left Earth.
I found these people.
I saved lives.
It was like I had a purpose
It felt right to stay
and help them.
Oh, so now you're a good guy,
Here, not on Earth.
- You don't have to forgive me.
- Good.
- But he is innocent in all this.
- [cooing]
- Innocent in what?
- The Viltrumite rules
of interbreeding are
not complicated.
Rules of Oh, Jesus.
We're only allowed to procreate
with genetically
similar species.
Humans, for example.
Look at you.
You are a Viltrumite
in almost every way.
Except I'm not a monster.
By now, Viltrum knows
I've left my post.
They'll track me,
and they'll find this planet.
And when they do,
they'll see your brother
as inferior and kill him.
And I can't stop them alone.
But we can stop them together.
You almost killed me,
then lied to me to get me here.
And now you want me to
risk my life to save some kid
you had with another woman
while still married to Mom?
He's your brother, Mark.
You don't get to put that on me,
not after everything you did.
What I did on Earth was
But your brother
and all these people
will die without our help.
This is bullshit!
You're the reason
they're in danger.
You signed their death warrant,
not me.
And now I'm asking you
to help me save them.
Fuck you.
I mean just fuck you.
They're good people.
[sighs] How can I help?
I couldn't even beat you.
We can start training
right away.
Get you ready for what's coming.
I'm thinking.
[loud bang]
[panicked chatter]
What-what was that?
[panicked chatter,
No, it's too soon.
We need more time.
Nolan? [mutters]
Oh, shit. Are those?
[Nolan] Viltrumite soldiers.
Mark, get Andressa
and your brother to safety.
Andressa will show you.
Go. There's no time.
Um, sorry. Dad?

[shower running]
[water shuts off]
[loud clattering nearby]
All right, man. Come on.
Come on.
Should've packed your bags
better, Robot.
[power shutting off]
- [Eve] Killcannon.
- Hmm? [gasps]
Did you ever pick the wrong
night to rob this place.
Atom Eve.
Thought you ditched this dump.
Guess they left you behind, too.
Ha. It's been a long week,
so put Robot's thing back
and I won't beat the living shit
out of you.
- How's that for a deal?
- You want this back?
Come and get it.
Wrong choice, asshole.
[Mark] I don't see anything.
[Andressa] Keep going.
What is this place?
The Caves of Roclaine.
Who's that?
Some kind of explorer?
I'm not sure.
Uh, my people have used
these caverns as a refuge
in times of trouble
and violence.
- We'll be safe here.
- [cooing]
I, uh
You never told me
what his name is.
We allow children
to choose their own name
once they come of age.
Thraxan lifespans aren't
like humans.
Only one of your years.
One year? Seriously?
It's never seemed short to me.
From what Nolan says,
we do certain things
quicker than your kind.
Growing, learning, loving.
It seems your father's genes
have slowed our son's aging.
Still, we expect his first words
any day now.
Nolan and I
I want you to know
it's not how you think.
What do you mean?
I didn't knowingly try
to replace your mother.
Yeah, I-I did
I didn't mean that.
Your father saved my life
and the lives of many others.
At first,
it was hard to know him.
He was so
hurt, so closed off,
after what happened on Earth.
I fell in love with him
before I knew his story.
By the time I found out
about you and your mother,
I was, I was already
What's the human phrase?
Head over feet?
Head over heels.
I know none of this
is your fault.
But it still hurts.
Nolan loves and misses you.
Even if he can't say it to you.
He said it to me
So it's true.
The great Nolan fathered a child
with an Earth woman.
What do you want?
[Lucan] You.
If you fight well,
we may allow you
to join the empire.
If not, you'll die.
Stay back. I'm warning you.
[baby fussing]
- Maybe I wasn't cl
- [grunts]
- [pants]
- [Lucan] Nolan made another child?
With these disgusting creatures?
[Lucan scoffs]
Run. Run!
[both grunting]
[Lucan] Are you sure
you're Nolan's son?
[Mark panting]
And not an insect
like these creatures?
Stay away from my children,
You knew the consequences
when you had them.
[both grunting]
[baby crying]
[Andressa gasps]
[Mark straining]
You've dishonored your people.
[both grunting]
You deserve death.
I know.
[labored breathing]
- Andressa?
- [rumbling]
[coughs] Dad!
[baby cooing]
Are you okay?
[pants] We're fine.
Mark sheltered us.
Good. Good.
go deeper into the caves.
Mark, come with me.
- [groaning]
- There's two more.

Shooting, shooting, shooting.
I guess when your arm's a gun,
you really only have one trick.
It's a good trick.
Not tonight, it isn't.
[panicked chatter, gasping]
Oh, what's the matter?
You done already?
Get up.
That's right. Come on.
- We're not done yet.
- [whirring]
Not by a long shot.
[tires squealing]
Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh
[whimpering, screaming]
[groaning, gasping]
- [screaming]
- [Eve] No!
[Killcannon laughs] Yes.
[both grunting]
Now who's done?
[both grunting]
[yells, groans]
[breathing heavily]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[sirens wailing]
[tires squealing]
- Help!
- [gasps]
I need help here!
Check for breathing and pulse.
[Eve] Are they okay?
Please just help them.
[insects chirping]

[Art] Debbie?
Are you home?
[door opens]
Can I come in?
[door closes]
I called,
but you didn't pick up,
and I, uh, just wanted
to see how you're doing.
You okay?
I'm fine. I just
I'm not fine.
Me neither.
After all these months,
I still can't
wrap my head around it.
Was all of it a lie?
All of it?
I don't know.
[Debbie] Right after
I took this,
Nolan had to fly off
to fight some monster
or alien or God-knows-what.
I ended up teaching Mark to ride
by myself.
I don't even know
why I miss Nolan so much.
He was barely around.
I always thought
you were the strong one,
to handle your life
the way you did.
You thought I was strong?
Nolan has superpowers.
He's indestructible.
That's not strength.
That's having it easy.
You, you've got strength.
Living with Nolan,
standing up to him,
raising Mark the way you did.
Hell, you're the real reason
we're all still alive
and not slaves, or worse.
You said it yourself,
Nolan was always off
fighting something,
and you made things work
without him.
Now it's just official.
You don't need the bum.
[scoffs] You never did.
[quiet chatter]
[elevator bell dings]
[light buzzing]
Run now!
[employees panting, whimpering]
[Donald grunting]
[gasps] It's been an honor, sir.
[Nolan scoffs] Who are you
talking to?
[breathing shakily]
[Mark sighs, gasps]
Oh, no.

- [growling softly]
- Dad?
- Why?
- [groans]
Why do I care about them?
They were weak, short-lived,
barely a species.
They shouldn't matter to me.
That doesn't mean
they should die.
You don't understand!
I'm not supposed
to feel this way!
How is this better?!
This is how
you should have felt on Earth.
[Mark groaning]
[Vidor] There's the great Nolan.
Lucan found you first, I see.
Glad you haven't gone too soft.
Lucan was weak.
Now he's dead.
Then he deserved his fate.
Like these insects.
You barely touch them
and they die.
I'll kill you for what you did
to these people.
Then do it.
Wait. We don't have to
Because you're Nolan's son,
I'll make this quick.
[both grunting]
You should worry about yourself,
[Mark groans]
- There.
- [straining]
I promised I'd make it quick.
[both groaning]
I never break my promises.
Why so worried, Nolan?
If your son dies,
he never deserved to live.
Talking won't keep you alive,
Mark, what are you doing?
She's tearing you apart.
[groaning softly]
Yeah, I noticed.
You're fighting
like you're on Earth.
This is different.
Stop holding back, or
you're gonna get us both killed.
I'm not holding back.
Yes, you are.
She's trying to kill you, Mark.
If you're not trying to
kill her, you're going to die.
Don't think. Act.
You need to fight
like a Viltrumite.
No. I don't kill people.
If you don't do this,
we're all dead.
You, me, your brother,
and every single Thraxan
on this planet.
[loud rumbling]
Remember what I told you.
[Mark groans]
[grunting, groaning]
[Thula yells]
Finally. [grunts]
[all grunting, groaning]
I'd say you fought well,
but, uh
Do you regret attacking
my family now? Do you?
[Mark] Dad!
[Thula grunts]
[both grunting]
[groaning, choking]
[panting] Are you okay?
[chuckles] Don't worry.
It's over. Let me have a look.
[Lucan grunting]
Dad! [groans]
[breathing heavily]
Next time you kill somebody
make sure they're dead.
- [device beeps]
- It's done. [groans]
[birds chirping]
[Cecil] Debbie, think this over.
[Debbie] I have thought it over.
I've been thinking about it
all night.
I don't want
Nolan's book money
your money any longer.
The survivors in Chicago need it
more than I do.
And if you can't find a way
to get it to them, I will.
of course I can find a way
to get it to 'em.
I just think that
you're making a mistake.
I'm thankful for what you did
for Mark and me.
We were struggling,
and you helped.
But you don't get something
for nothing in this world.
And you especially don't get
something for nothing from you.
You wouldn't be protesting
half as much
if the money wasn't a way to
keep a hold on Mark and on me.
We take it, we feel we owe you,
and I'm done feeling that way.
If you change your mind
I won't.
Dad. Dad.
Mark. [groans]
Don't forget the good I did,
- my work
- [groans]
my deeds, my books.
[groans] Read my books, Mark.
[breathes heavily]
[Zoe Boekbinder: "I Am Yesterday"]
[door opens, closes]
[singer vocalizing]
[car door opens, closes]
[engine starts]
Why are you always
on my mind? ♪
[phone buzzes]
Spend all day and night
like you're doing time ♪
You're saying
I'm the one doing crime ♪
Writing the worst thing
I ever said in neon lights ♪
Dragging my name
through the mud ♪
If I did something to offend ♪
Tell me what it was ♪
Saw you walking tonight ♪
Streetlight on your face ♪
Saw you walking
with your head high ♪
I could not look away ♪
Saw you out
with your new guy ♪
I am yesterday ♪
You didn't even say goodbye ♪
I am yesterday ♪
[grunts, groans]
I am yesterday ♪
[knife clatters]
[singer vocalizing]
Thank God.
Whatever you say is
what they see ♪
- Whoever you say I am ♪
- [gasps]
They will believe ♪
I know you know that's not me ♪
[Cecil] Donald,
where the hell are you?
We've got a situation.
[Mark groans]
[Kregg] Good, you're alive.
[sighs] My dad,
what are you doing?
Don't speak. Listen.
My name is General Kregg.
You've survived
your first true battle
in proving yourself worthy
of your Viltrumite heritage.
Go fuck yours
Your father will be executed,
and you will return to Earth.
You will assume his mission
and prepare the planet
for our rule.
I know this may not appeal
to you, given your sympathies,
so I'll put it like this.
You can kill a few humans
to convince them to capitulate,
or we will kill millions
if we arrive to find you
or your planet
still defiant against us.
We will check
on your progress soon.
And unlike your father,
we do not change our minds.
Good luck on your mission.
[ship whirring]
[Run the Jewels: "The Ground Below"]
[sighs] It's about time.
Messy wiring.
Sloppy welding.
Obviously the work of a clone.
But it'll do.
Yes, King Mauler.
I don't know why
I didn't think of this sooner.
Why stop at one idiot clone
when I can have so many more?
Oof. I hope one of you is
better in the kitchen.
No wonder
your bourguignon is terrible.
You can't even make
decent lemonade.
My bourguignon is exquisite,
you jackass.
And so is my lemonade.
When it's not laced with
a modified mycotoxin, that is.
And sometimes things are
the way they are
for a good fucking reason.
Born from the ether ♪
I just appeared
out a cloud of reefer ♪
Screaming "Fuck the world" ♪
It can drink what's
coming out my urethra ♪
I'll slap a dying child ♪
He don't pronounce my name
correct ♪
Rules have gotta be rules,
any exceptions ♪
And I'm not a leader ♪
Think in the box,
I'm not gettin' my fix ♪
Then shit is iffy ♪
Fellate a doughnut hole ♪
Wife don't get to the crib
and quickly ♪
I'll watch my mouth
when I'm finished ♪
Watchin' y'all suck clout ♪
Don't doubt you put an ounce
of that evil on me ♪
I'm flippin', Ricky,
I give an inch to you simps ♪
I'll never forgive me,
not sayin' it's a conspiracy ♪
But you're all against me ♪
You see a future where
Run the Jewels ain't the shit ♪
Cancel my Hitler-killin' trip ♪
Turn the time machine
back around a century ♪
You say that
you don't love me, hey ♪
I'm guessin' I'm-a be okay ♪
You say that
you don't feel me now ♪
I feel like
I'm-a live somehow ♪
Your love never
meant much to me ♪
Love never meant much to me ♪
Love never meant much to me,
uh-uh ♪
Love never meant much ♪
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